In this post, we are going to share with you the TOP PAID ONLINE SURVEY SITES that really pay you and also where you can make huge amount of money if you put more effort into it.

We are not going to waste your time trying to write a full and long article on this. We have used and still using these websites and have been successful on each of them. Out of over 200 online survey sites we have used online since 2010, these are the only top paid online survey sites we have great success with.

Please, understand that you are not going to get rich taking paid surveys online however you can be able to make money enough to take care of most of your needs or supplement your income. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen people who make a huge money per month via paid surveys.

For example, I have made a lot of money on just alone which is enough to buy me a car and take care of all my needs. See the image of my earnings since 2014 and also my earning for this month (November 2021):

You may as well message the support to verify from them. This is just not the only top paid survey site I use, but it is the one I have most success with.

Below are the top paid online survey sites that make me the most money:

1. Superpayme

Superpayme is the top paid survey site I have the most success with. You will have a lot of survey available to you especially if you are from any of these countries such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia.

Here you will have different payment methods to choose from such as Paypal, Skrill, Bitcoins etc. You may also choose to redeem your money or points for Gift cards. So, the choice is yours, you can convert your points to real cash or redeem them for gift card. Personally, I always convert my points to cash.

Another nice thing about Superpayme is that you will receive your money instantly without delay and the minimum cashout limit is just $1. The lowest in the survey industry. And Superpay is absolutely free to join

Visit the website here:

2. Prizerebel

Prizerebel is among the free top paid online survey sites you can make cool cash from. They have been online for a very long time with a lot of people signing up to make money everyday. Prizerebel has different ways you can make money but the favourite is through paid surveys.

Here you will receive so many surveys on a daily basis. And you will get paid through Paypal, Checks, Direct bank deposit and get Gift Cards. The payment is made within 24 hours or less.

Visit the website here:

3. Rewardingways

Rewardingways is also a good place to be if you want to make more money via online surveys. Just like Prizerebel, Rewardingways has different ways to make money online. And you are such as make a good amount of money if you put more effort and take the surveys on a daily basis.

There are different payment methods to choose from on Rewardingways such as Paypal, Bitcoin, Skrill, Payoneer and also through Gift Cards. And all the payment are made instantly without delay.

Rewardingways is free to join for everybody and you will not be asked to pay any fee whatsoever.

Visit the site here:


These are the top paid online survey sites that pay the most money out of the over 200 websites used so far since 2011. And all these sites are free to join.


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