Low and no minimum payout Paypal surveys – . It also list no minimun payout ptc sites in case you would like to earn with this method as well.

Is there anything like no minimum payout sites when it comes to surveys? I have heard of “paid to click no minimum payout Paypal”, get paid to click no minimum  payout or PTC no minimum payout Paypal but have never heard of Paypal surveys with no minimum payout.

At least not until it was demanded by some of this blog visitors.

For this reason, we have done all we could to find all the no minimum payout Paypal surveys and also that of PTC sites in case you need extra no minimum payout sites to complement the ones you have. But to tell you the truth, no minimum payout Paypal surveys are almost impossible to find. But there are lots of low minimum payout surveys that you can use. When we said low minimum payout Paypal surveys we mean $1, $2 and $3, which we believe is reasonable and best for people looking for no minimum payout Paypal surveys. Why?

Here is the point. Most of these survey sites payout minimum of $1 per survey or &$3 per survey. So when they set their minimum payout to $1 or $2, it is almost the same as saying they have no minimum payout because any one paid survey you complete, you have already reached the minimum payout of $1.

Although there are some sites that payout $0.5 per survey. Which means you will have to complete two surveys to reach the minimum payout requirement.

The reward sites that make use of no minimum payout system are PTC and Paid to Read Email etc. This was made possible because most of their tasks and offers pay as little as $0.01 to $0.2. So, when they say no minimum payout, they know it will be impossible for members to withdraw $0.2, because it makes no sense to even try it. Every earner prefer their earnings to reach at least $1 or $5 before they cashout so the fund will be useful to them.

Enough said! Here we have listed all the no minimum payout Paypal surveys, at least low minimum. And also PTC sites with no minimum payout requirements.

Low & No minimum Payout Paypal Surveys:


1. Superpay.me

Superpay is a reward site that operate very low minimum payout Paypal surveys. They are a very reliable paid survey site with lots of earning ways. You are also paid as soon as you ask for payment without delay. Their survey pay round $0.5 to $5. Superpay.me has paid offers that will pay you around $2 to $10while the free offers pay between $0.5 and $2. The paid video section allow you to watch video for 2 minutes or less and usually pay around 5 points. You will have around 5 videos to watch per day.  The PTC section have nothing to write home about, the earning is very low and a waste of time.

You can also use their referral program which is very lucrative. You will earn lots of money if you know how to refer many users. PayPal, Skril, Bitcoin are the payment method and $1 is the minimum payout. Visit them HERE


2. Offernation.com

Offernation is another place with low minimum payout Paypay surveys. It is one of the top reward website that pay users to complete surveys, do offers and visit websites. They accept members all over the world and also provide payments that suit each country. Offernation like superpay, has various ways to earn money such as surveys, paid offers and paid to click. All these are enough to earn you up t0 $20 per day if you put more efforts.

They also have good referral program. And payment methods such as PayPal, Payza, Skril, Bitcoin etc and the minimum payout is just $1 which you can get within 30 minutes. Visit the site HERE


3. Rewardingways.com

Rewardingways is a reward program to consider if you are looking for low or no minimum payout Paypal surveys. It is a reward site where users can be able to earn money by doing small tasks such as surveys, offers and also referring people. They have been online and paying members since 2010 without problem. They have over 300k members and has payout over 500k since established. The minimum payout $1 through PayPal, Skril, Amazon, Payza etc. Visit HERE


4. Prizerebel.com

Prizrebel is a site filled with lots of earning potentials. You are given the chance to give your opinions on paid surveys and be rewarded with free cash as well as gift cards of various online stores. They have been online since 2007 and paying their members consistently. They accept all countries to participate and earn money however, you will only complete surveys and offers that are available to your country. The minimum age requirement is 13. The minimum Paypal payout is $2. Visit them HERE


5. Instagc.com

Instagc is a reward site to earn PayPal money with no minimum payout. This website has more than 400k members and still growing. The minimum PayPal payout is just $1. You can also redeem your points for gift cards such as Amazon, Walmart etc. or request for direct deposit. It offers various money making ways such as taking surveys, watching videos, clicking ads etc. Visit HERE


6. Surveysavvy.com

This is also offer no minimum payout Paypal surveys. Here you will earn $1 for every survey you complete and you can cashout as soon as you get credited. However,they only payout through Check which is not a good place for people looking for no minimum payout paypal surveys. But if you feel like adding them to your list, good for you. Visit HERE

The Reasons why No minimum Paypal Payout is very important

As you may know, earning money through paid surveys is one of the best ways to put extra money in your pocket. Unfortunately,  some survey sites make it very difficult for you to reach their minimum payout threshold because of their low paying surveys or high minimum payout threshold they set for cashout. It makes it take a very long time to reach the minimum payout requirement.

This can be very frustrating because one of the reasons we take online surveys is to give out our opinions and feedback on products and services with the hope of having extra cash in our pocket. And waiting for weeks, months and even years to reach the minimum threshold to earn little pocket money can be very annoying and frustrating.

This also makes us give up on continue taking surveys and start wondering if it is even possible to make money through paid surveys.

Also, no or low minimum payout make it quicker for you to know if a website actually pay or not. So, if you have been working with paid surveys, you know this a major problem in your quest to join new survey sites and you will want to ensure that it the website is paying for investing more time and effort in them.

Therefore it is encouraging when we get our money quickly as soon as we complete surveys.

Personally, we prefer low and no minimum payout Paypal surveys, and the survey sites with this feature know fully well that they have enough to offer their members, and not necessary to keep them stuck to their website for months all in the name of reaching the minimum threshold. They allow you to cashout your earnings as soon as possible in order to convince you that they actually pay and to motivate you into taking more surveys with them.

So, low or no minimum payout paypal surveys are very important.

Tips and warnings:

  1. Do not pay to join
  2. Make sure to read through the FAQ, privacy policy and terms of service before joining.
  3. Create separate email address specifically for surveys
  4. We shall continue to update you with more low or no minimum payout PayPal surveys on this page, so make sure to visit regularly for more.
  5. Join more than one website if you really want to make money through paid surveys.
  6.  Make sure to complete your profile info when you sign up for any website. Surveys are sent based on your profile info.
  7. Check your email regularly for survey invites and take the surveys as soon as they come.
  8. Try to make use of the referral program. There is earning potential here.
  9. Cashout your earnings are soon as you reach the minimum Cashout requirement.

Hope this helps, wish you all the best.

Do not hesitate to let us know what you feel by using the comment box below or contact form.

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