Best paid online survey sites – You probably know that you can make money online by simply answering survey questions. If you didn’t; now you know.

Companies know that they have to get and act on consumer insight if they are to stay ahead of the competition. So, the big companies readily pay to get the opinion of as many persons as possible. However, these days, companies do not engage customers directly. They pay survey sites to help with this, and the survey sites will give survey takers a portion of what they received.

Thus, by simply taking surveys in survey sites, you’re able to earn, as well as affect future products and services.

However, there are so many Survey Sites out there that deciding on which one to join can be a problem. More so, not all of them are legit. Some are simply scams – maybe not in the sense of actually stealing your money, but in the sense of wasting your time.

That is, you may spend time to complete surveys in the site but not get paid. Thus, before joining any survey site, it’s important to make sure that it is the best site where you’ll actually earn money when you take the surveys and actually get paid when you request payment.

However, we’ve done the hard part (closely looking at the myriads of Survey Sites out there). So, in this article, we are able to give you 10 of the best survey sites out there. That is, the following best paid online survey sites.

1. comes with a striking name. Who does not like the sound of “super pay”? However, does not just have a name that talks paying, it is one of the best paid online survey sites that does pay. As of writing it has paid out $3,456,913.58 to its members.

Members are getting paid every day in, and you can be among those who’ll get paid next. Simply visit the website, register and start taking surveys. even gives a $0.20 join bonus. So before taking any surveys, you’ll have $0.20 in your account. works with a lot of survey providers, so it has lots of surveys that can be taken for money. For each survey that you complete, you should earn $0.20 – $1.00.

Interestingly, while taking surveys is the most popular way to earn in, it provides other earning opportunities. It has an Offerwall where you’ll find offers to earn by downloading apps, playing games, watching short videos, signing up for product trials, and more.

You can also earn in by finding promo codes in its social media pages and redeeming this in the site. You can also get serious cash ($10 – $350) from its quarterly contests. Lastly, you can earn a 25% referral commission if you can get people to join using your unique referral link. With this, you only have to share your referral link, then you can go to sleep; as people join through this link and use the site, you can watch your earnings grow.

You’ll also like when it comes to payment. First, it supports a variety of payment options. You can request payment via Amazon Gift Cards, Tango Cards, Payza, PayPal, Skrill, and Bitcoin. Also, the minimum payment threshold is only $1.00. Once you have earned $1.00, you’ll be able to request payment.

Thus, it should not take very long before you can request payment. Most importantly, when you request payment, it’ll come fast. offers fast payments. Most payments are received within 24 hours, while many persons will even receive their payments instantly.

  • Website:
  • Year Established: 2012
  • Operated: 99 Ventures Limited

2. RewardingWays

RewardingWays is the last of the trio of popular rewards sites owned and operated by 99 Ventures Limited. As its name suggests, RewardingWays rewards its members in many ways. However, the name is not just some bait to draw you in and rip you off or waste your time. RewardingWays is a legit Survey Site that pays. As of writing, it has paid out $1,698,548.11 to its members. This is one reason its membership base keeps sweeling (462,478 as of writing).

When you can get the rewards, you don’t have to miss out on them. Visit the RewardingWays website, sign up and start earning. It is absolutely free; you are not charged for accessing the website or using its service. Registration is also as simple as ABC. Upon registering, you’ll be rewarded with a $0.20 join bonus.

When you’re ready to take surveys and earn, you can choose from a variety of surveys – Daily Paid Surveys, Live Paid Surveys, Wannad Surveys, etc. A large number of surveys are provided throughout the day, every day of the year. For each survey you qualify for and complete, you’ll typically earn between $0.20 and $2.50. There is not limit to how many surveys you can complete if you qualify.

There are many ways to make money online in RewardingWays (this much is in its name). This is on fine feature of a Survey Site. If you are tired of answering survey questions, instead of closing the site and stop earning, you can switch to other activities and continue earning. In RewardingWays, you can also earn when you: click and view Paid-To-Click adverts, watch short and interesting paid videos, complete paid trial offers, and more.

It also posts promotional codes that you can redeem to earn; and there’s also a quarterly cash contests where the top 20 earners in the site in each quarter gets cash rewards.

Lastly, like its sister sites ( and Offernation), there’s a referral program which allows members earn 25% of what their referrals earn in the site. RewardingWays uses the points and cash system. This means that for some tasks you complete you’ll be paid with cash, and for other tasks you complete, you’ll be paid with points which you can later convert to cash

After accumulating some earnings, it’ll be time to get paid. When you get here, you cannot but love that RewardingWays and be happy that you chose it. First, RewardingWays supports different payment options. You can get Tango Gift Cards which can be used at a variety of known retailers such as Amazon, Starbucks, Nike and many more; and you can request cash payment using PayPal, Skrill, or Bitcoin.

Secondly, the payment threshold is also $1.00, so within a short time in the site, you can reach the payment threshold and be able to request payment. Thirdly, payment is fast. RewardingWays is able to give same day payment. In fact, if you qualify, you’ll get instant payment.

  • Website:
  • Year Established: 2011
  • Operated: 99 Ventures Limited

3. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is a rewards site that has prizes for members. It works with market research companies who need your opinion or would like you to join their website. For your time and participation in the website, you’ll earn points which you can later redeem for cash and other prizes.

PrizeRebel is a top legit site that pays. It has paid out over $22 million to its members. In fact, the day of writing this review, $1,275 was paid (though a third part of the day was still remaining). That PrizeRebel pays is one reason it is hugely popular; as of writing, PrizeRebel had 10,716,817 members.

PrizeRebel has a lot of survey opportunities. When rounding off this article, we visited PrizeRebel and saw that there are $743 worth of surveys available. To take a slice of the pie, register and complete your profile. Registration is free, and the process is very simple. However, there’s no join bonus.

If you’re one to just breeze through surveys without paying much attention, PrizeRebel is not for you. Advertisers need only quality response; and PrizeRebel has developed a “Quality Score” feature to identify persons not paying attention when taking surveys.

If your Quality Score decreases, you’ll have fewer surveys to take. Thus, PrizeRebel is not only a legit survey site, it is an advertisers’ delight.

However, PrizeRebel gives members many other ways to earn. There are many paid offers available in its Offerwall, which include watching videos, playing games, signing up in websites, and more. You can also redeem promo codes, and take part in contests and raffles.

Lastly, there’s a fine referral program which allows members earn up to 30% of what their referrals earn.

When it comes to redeeming points and getting paid, you’ll find great payment options. You’ll find gift cards of top stores like Amazon, Target, Starbucks, and more; you’ll find games codes for popular games; you’ll find cash options like PayPal and Direct Bank deposit. Importantly, payment threshold is also low.

With $2, you can request gift cards; but for cash options, you’ll need a minimum balance of $5. All payment requests are processed and issued within 24 hours (in fact some members receive payment instantly). However, shipped items will take 7 – 10 business days.

  • Website:
  • Year Established: 2007
  • Operated: iAngelic Inc

4. Offernation

Offernation has a name that says it has a lot of paid offers that you can complete to earn money online. Offernation is also operated by 99 Ventures. Thus, it’s a sister site of If you are already a member of, you may want to pass on, as Offernation is very similar to it in its offering. However, like its sister site, Offernation is very legit and one of the best survey sites in the industry. It has over 115,000 members; and as of writing, it has paid out $943,142.13 in cash to its members.

Offernation pays over 1000 members every week. Will you want to be among the 1000+ persons that Offernation will pay this week? Very simple, visit the website, register and start taking surveys and completing other tasks. Registration is very simple and shouldn’t take more than a minute. Interestingly, there’s also a join bonus.

You’ll be credited with $0.25 immediately you register. Offernation works with a host of Survey partners (which includes: Tap Surveys, Revenue Surveys, and more). Thus, you’ll find that Offernation has many surveys that you can take. Surveys typically pay between $0.50 and $5.00.

True to its name, Offernation has a lot of offers that you can complete to earn money online. Taking surveys is just one of these. You’ll find an Offerwall which lists Offers from popular providers like PenutLabs, OfferToro,, and more. These offers are a variety of simple tasks that you can complete to earn money.

These include: clicking on PTC ads, downloading apps, watching short videos, playing free games, and signing up for product trials. There’s a quarterly cash contest where the top 20 earners in the site in each quarter are rewarded with cash prizes ($350 for the first – $10 for the 20th). There’s also a referral program which gives members a 25% referral commission, so you can earn 25% of whatever your referrals earn for life.

In terms of payment, Offernation is loveable. First, is that it offers a low payment threshold of just $1.00. Thus, you are not tasked with building a large balance that you cannot reach. Interestingly, Offernation processes payment requests fast and issues payment throughout the day. Thus, after requesting payment, you’ll receive it fast.

Most verified payment will be issued in less than 8 hours. It supports both cash and non-cash payment. Cash payments are made directly to your online account of choice – PayPal, Skrill, or Bitcoin. If you prefer gift cards, you can request Amazon or Tango Gift Cards, which are delivered within 24 hours. 

With only $1.00 required to get paid; and with $0.25 account boost given to you via its join bonus, you’ll have only $0.75 to earn before you can get paid. Not forgetting that Offernation offers fast same-day payments; thus, you really can get paid in Offernation the same day you create your account.

  • Website:
  • Year Established: 2013
  • Operated: 99 Ventures Limited

5. Points2Shop

What does a name like Points2Shop reveal? That it is a top survey site where members earn points with which to shop? That’s on point. Points2shop is a reward site. However, it is different from the rest. Unlike the others, the points earned in Points2Shop from taking surveys and doing other tasks cannot be converted to cash; they can only be used to shop in

Unfortunately, when redeeming points for Amazon items, these can only be shipped to the US, Canada, and the UK. This does not mean that only persons in these three countries can use Points2Shop. The reward site accepts members worldwide.

However, members outside the US, UK, and CA can only take surveys and offers that pay in cash (not those that pay via points). Points2Shop is definitely among the best paid survey sites. It also boasts of over 10 million members and has paid out about $13 million.

Points2Shop has a lot of survey opportunities. Importantly, you’ll find these surveys paying relatively better than you’ll find them paying in other survey sites. Points2Shop offers other earning opportunities, as it allows members earn from watching videos, playing games, shopping, online, and more. There’s a weekly lottery with sweet cash rewards up for grabs, and there’s a monthly contest where you can win up to $35.

Points2Shop has one of the most generous referral programs in the Paid Survey world. It offers a 3-level referral program where you can earn 15% of what your direct referrals earn, 3% of what your second level referrals (the referrals of your direct referrals) earn, and 1% of what your third level referrals earn (those referred by your second level referrals). Before taking any tasks, you’ll want to pay attention to whether it pays with cash or points.

It’ll be a waste of time to take offers that pay with points if living outside US, UK, and CA, as there’ll be no way to receive your reward (you cannot use points to shop Amazon products as these do not ship outside the US, UK  and CA, and you cannot convert points to cash to cash-out).

That said; members in US, CA, and UK who love amazon will love Points2Shop. After earning points in the site, you can proceed to redeem points by shopping in Amazon. You’ll have access to a variety of products and at great prices. If you’ve earned cash in the site, you can either convert these to points for shopping or cash-out via PayPal Payza, Dwolla, Balanced, or Check.

Points2Shop has its payment threshold as $1, which means that you can request payment once you’ve earned $1 (in cash or points). Payment also comes fast. Most cash payments are received in 24 hours; with some even coming instantly. However, when you redeem points in the store, you’ll receive your Amazon item 5 – 7 business days.

  • Website:
  • Year Established: 2007
  • Operated: Points2Shop LLC

6. InstaGC

InstaGC is Instant Gift Cards. With its name, InstaGC announces that it is a rewards site where members can receive free gift cards instantly for doing simple online activities like completing surveys, watching videos, shopping online, and searching the web. It is not just a catchy name, InstaGC does pay. As of writing this review, 1,319,100+ gift cards have been redeemed.

Want a free gift card today? Visit the website and register. That’ll take only a few seconds. Also, it is free to sign up. In fact, you even get a small pay for signing up – a join bonus of 10 points ($0.10). Then you can proceed to complete surveys and other tasks to earn more points, which you can later redeem.

You’ll find different surveys to take. The surveys typically pay 20 – 150 points ($0.20 – $1.50). Know that you get the pay-out only when you qualify for the survey and take it to completion. As you’ll know, that is not always the case. Sometimes you’ll be disqualified from surveys after spending a good amount of time on it.

Unlike the other survey sites we’ve mentioned so far, InstaGC gives some compensation; so the time you’ve already invested in the survey is not wasted. For every survey disqualification, InstaGC will give you 1 point ($0.01), up to five disqualifications a day. Thus, you can get $0.05 a day even when you do not qualify for, and therefore do not complete any surveys.

However, InstaGC is not simply a survey site. That is, you can earn from the site from many other online activities. It also has an Offerwall where you’ll find additional surveys, and Paid Offers where you’ll earn points for activities like watching videos, listening to music, downloading apps, searching the web, and more.

There is also a weekly bonus, where you can earn up to 5% bonus each week. InstaGC has a referral program that you’ll love. It gives 10 points when someone joins using your referral link and confirms their account; and you’ll also earn 10% of what the referral earns.

Unlike most Survey sites where you can only earn from your referrals if they are active in the site, the InstaGC referral program means that you’ll earn even if your referrals do not proceed to continue using the site for earning. However, the 10 points earn when referrals sign up and confirms their account apply to only referrals from the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia,

InstaGC was started with only gift cards as its payment options. It continues to offer gift cards to members wanting to redeem their points. You’ll find over 330 gift card options, including those of favourite stores like Amazon, eBay, Starbucks, Walmart, and more.

However, InstaGC has introduced cash payment options. You can now redeem points and get paid via Prepaid cards, PayPal, eCheck, Direct Deposits, and Bitcoin. Also, the minimum payment amount is just 100 points ($1). This is the low amount everyone wants; you’ll be able to request payment in a short while. However, for cash payments, the minimum threshold is 500 points ($5).

However, members resident in the US, UK, and Canada will need to have redeemed a minimum of 2,500 points ($25) via gift cards before they can request PayPal payment. InstaGC does excellently in terms of payment speed. The “insta” in its name means instant; and it is serious about it.

All gift cards (electronic) are instantly delivered; you’ll find the gift card code on your screen immediately after requesting payment. However, cash payment will take between 1 – 7 days depending on the cash option used.

  • Website:
  • Year Established: 2011
  • Operated: Day Online Solutions LLC.

7. Get-Paid

Get-Paid has a name that is music to many ears. In the site, you’ll get paid – get pad for things that you’re probably doing online already for free. Do you fill out surveys online, watch online videos, transcribe text online, and more? Why continue doing these for free, when in Get-Paid, you can get paid doing them. Yes, Get-Paid is a legit site that pays. As of writing, it has paid out over $372,000 to its members.

You can add to that figure. Simply follow the 1,2,3 process that starts with registering. After that you can proceed to take surveys and complete other tasks in the site to earn “coins” which you can later convert to cash and other prizes. You’ll find that Get-Paid has many surveys, from Daily Surveys to Fast Paying Surveys and more.

Get-Paid is not just a survey site, it can be thought of as a Get Paid To (GPT) site where members get paid for doing a variety of things. The Offerwall of Get-Paid makes sure of this. You’ll find many earning opportunities from a host of third-party providers that include: AdGate, AdGem, Wannads, AdscendMedia, Pollfish, Personaly, and more.

The Offers include additional surveys, short quizzes, typing displayed text, downloading files, watching TV, viewing PTC ads, product trials, and more.

There’s so much that you can do to earn that everyone will find something doing. There’s a generous referral program that pays massively. Simply get people to join Get-Paid via your referral links, and you will get 30% of what they earn, as well as 10% of what the persons they refer earn.

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Apart from earning coins, you can also win coins in Get-Paid; this is via contests and sweepstakes. The monthly contests reward the top ten earners from offers; with the first placed person getting 25,000 coins ($50), and the 10th placed person getting 500 coins ($1.00). While the sweepstakes are monthly lotteries where a lucky member is selected at random to receive a “10,000 coins” ($20) prize.

When it’s time to get paid, you’ll find that Get-Paid supports a variety of payment options. You can cash out via PayPal, WebMoney, PerfectMoney, and Bitcoin. Alternatively, you can select an option from the reward store which includes gift cards, Western Union payment, prepaid cards payment, and more.

Also, Get-Paid has arguably the lowest minimum payment threshold in the industry. You can cash-out as little as $0.50. However, for members in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia, the minimum cash-out amount is $1.00. Get-Paid also does fine in terms of payment speed. It pays within 24 – 48 hours. This is not the instant payment that some survey sites on this list offer, but it is relatively fast.

8. SurveySavvy

Arguably, no other survey site on this list is as dedicated to rewarding members for taking surveys as SurveySavvy. As it advertises “your opinion matters”, and it will pay for simply airing that opinion. This very legit survey site has over 1.5 million members, and has paid out over $20 million to its members.

SurveySavvy is a survey site in the true sense of the phrase. The only thing you can actively do to earn in the site is taking surveys. However, there are many survey opportunities, as it partners with a host of survey providers. Also, SurveySavvy has well-paying surveys.

Unlike many survey sites where most surveys pay less than a dollar, in SurveySavvy surveys generally pay $1+; with a few paying as much as $20. The more surveys you take, the more money you earn. Interestingly, when you are disqualified from surveys, and do not complete it, SurveySavvy gives some compensation. For each disqualification, you’ll get a ticket to a sweepstake.

While remaining true to surveys, SurveySavvy is able to offer players ways to earn passive income. The first is the SavvyConnect (available to only US members). It is a browser extension which you only have to install to your device, then go about your normal Internet use. It’ll collect data as you surf the web which is fed back to advertisers for market research purposes.

However, your privacy is not compromised, as only aggregate data is shared to ensure that you remain anonymous. You can earn $5 a month by simply installing the SavvyConnect. You can have it on 3 different devices (Computer, Phone, and Tablet); thus, you can score a neat $15 every month. Remember the SurveySavvy sweepstakes which you get entry tickets to when disqualified from surveys?

These are organized monthly, and 50 lucky members are randomly selected to earn $10 each. Lastly, you can earn from SurveySavvy if people join the site using your referral links and proceed to earn from the site. It’s a generous 2-level referral program that allows you percentages of what your direct referrals, as well as your indirect referrals, earn.

To get paid, you only need to have $1 in your account. This is a low minimum threshold amount; and with surveys paying $1+, you’ll be able to request payment after completing a survey. However, SurveySavvy pays only via Checks – it mails a Check to your address when you request payment.

While SurveySavvy is a legit Survey Site that’ll mail you a Check when you request payment of money earned in the site, it is not for you if you want instant payment. From the date of requesting payment, it’ll take 4 – 12 weeks to receive the Check.

  • Website:
  • Year Established: 1999
  • Operated: Luth Research LLC

9. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is the “big dada” of rewards sites. That is, it is the biggest Get-Paid-To website. There is hardly any list of “survey sites” that you won’t find Swagbucks (be it best survey sites, top survey sites, legit survey sites, etc). Swagbucks has over 10 million members. While some other survey sites can match that number, there’s no survey site (or GPT site) out there that matches Swagbucks’ total pay-out of over $453,870,220.

Swagbucks issues thousands of payments daily. To be among those paid, fill out the simple registration form to join its ranks, then you can start earning by completing paid surveys, and doing other simple things. Swagbucks pays with virtual points called SB points, but these can later be converted to cash and other prizes. Registration is free; and you also do not have to pay to make money using Swagbucks.

There’re even bonuses for registering. Once you create your account, you’ll receive 2 SB points; and after verifying your email address, you’ll receive another 5 SB points. There’s another $10 bonus available to new members, but this can only be activated by making a purchase worth $25 or more at a partners’ store.

If spending money to get paid isn’t for you, then you’ll make do with the welcome SB points, then proceed to start taking surveys. Swagbucks has mobile apps to give you a great experience if you’ll want to use the site on your mobile.

Swagbucks has a lot of surveys for members. Logging in, you’ll find Daily Polls that you can complete for 1 SB. For the actual surveys, you should get 5 – 250 SB points (that’s $0.05 – $2.50) for each one you complete; but occasionally, there are surveys that pay 5,000 SB points (that’s $50).

However, Swagbucks is many peoples’ choice because it offers many different ways to earn. You can earn from Swagbucks doing just about anything. These include: watching videos, searching the web, playing games, signing up for product trials, visiting other sites, printing coupon, shopping online, and more.

Swagbucks runs regular sweepstakes (Swagstakes), where lucky members are randomly selected to earn thousands of SB points. You can also earn decently from referrals if you can get people to join Swagbucks via your unique referral link. You’ll get 10% of what your referrals earn.

In addition, you’ll get 300 SB points as a bonus if your referrals earn 300 SB points within their first 30 days. It’s also possible to earn 100 SB points (if your referrals install and uses the Swagbutton).

When it’s time to get paid, Swagbucks allows you request gift cards of some of the biggest stores like Amazon, Walmart, and more. PayPal payment is also possible for all those that want cash payment. You can also donate your earnings to charity. The minimum threshold is amount is $3.

But that’s for gift cards; for PayPal payment, you’ll need a minimum of $25. However, payment is not fast. You’ll have to allow up to 10 business days to get your gift cards, and up to 14 days to receive your PayPal payments.

  • Website:
  • Year Established: 2008
  • Operated: Prodege LLC

10. Unique Rewards

Uniquerewards is a rewards site with a name that everyone will love. It suggests that not only will you get rewards in the site, but you’ll get them quickly. Serving persons in the US and Canada, Uniquerewards is a legit Paid Survey site that lives up to its name. It has paid out over $7 million to its members.

Like every other survey site on this list, Uniquerewards is a free membership site. Simply hit “create an account” in the website and register. The first time you sign in, you’ll be asked to join a program, which is simply asking you to choose the earning opportunity that most appeal to you.

The main way of earning on the site is by answering survey questions. There are many survey providers. Thus, Uniquerewards is able to provide plenty of surveys for its members, including Daily Surveys. Apart from taking surveys, Uniquerewards has 4 other main ways of earning money online.

The first is playing free games of luck and skill. You’ll find fun games like Trivia, Crosswords, Mahjongg, and many others. Simply play, and get paid.

The second is watching videos. You’ll find short entertaining and informational videos about news, lifestyle, pop culture, and more. Simply watch them in full and get paid.

The third is shopping. Uniquerewards partners with 100+ popular merchants which include superstores, department stores, florist, travel sites, more. Simply move from your QuickRewards account to any of these shops and make a purchase, and you’ll earn cashback rewards of up to 20%.

The fourth is signing up for offers, which includes visiting websites, trial offers, deals on products and services, and more. In addition to these main earning avenues, you can also earn passive income if you can get others to join Uniquerewards through your referral link. There’s a 5% referral commission, meaning you can earn up to 5% of what your referrals earn.

Uniquerewards offers Checks, Bitcoin and PayPal payments. If you want the former, you’ll find Amazon gift cards, as well as in-store gift cards to about 50 national retailers and restaurants (which includes Disney, Target, Home Depot, Best Buy, Domino’s Pizza, and more).

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Uniquerewards lives up to the “quick” in its name. First, there is no minimum payment amount. That is, even if you have 1 cent in your account, you can request payment.

Thus, you do not have to wait to grow your earnings up to a minimum cash-out amount before you can get your hands on them; whenever you earn anything in the site, you can pull it out. Uniquerewards is also quick when it comes to delivering payment. It pays members within 24 hours.

  • Website:
  • Year Established: 2003


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