Paid Surveys UK, Chicago & Canada: Online Surveys Jobs in UK, Chicago & Canada

Paid Surveys UK, Chicago & Canada

Paid Surveys UK, Chicago & Canada

Paid surveys Uk. We went through our search history recently and found searches like “paid surveys UK”, “paid surveys chicago” and “paid surveys Canada” and noticed there are people searching for these but found it nowhere on the site. So, we decided to help out them by compiling the list of all online survey jobs in UK, Chcago and Canada. At least list of survey websites that accept members from these countries.

So if you are from UK, Chicago or Canada and looking for online survey jobs in Chicago, UK or Canada then this post is for you.

How to earn big with paid surveys in UK, Chicago & Canada:

Registering with many or multiple best paid survey sites is one of the best ways to get positive results and earn more. Frankly speaking, you can only get best surveys that will give you tangible earnings either once or twice a month from best survey sites. For this reason, it is better to register in many paying survey sites so as to earn more and again try them together related reward sites. In some survey sites, you stand to earn points when you register for offers, participate in normal online activities like viewing ads, playing games, performing online searches or even responding to polls.

Always watch out for activities that gives you more points. You tend to earn more points when you perform tougher activities like carrying put heavier surveys, or online diary. But performing easier tasks like viewing ads, or responding to an online poll tends to attract few points.

Sweepstakes are also offered by majority of the paid survey sites. You can try more daring acts with your points by purchasing entries to for winning greater gift cards of about $500-$1,000 as you are not assured of winning them. Otherwise, you can simply go for exchanging your points with ordinary gift cards.

Signing up with some of the best survey sites can earn you a corresponding amount of $7 or $8 within an hour. You can say that this is quite small but it’s worth it when you consider the time factor or how convenient it was for you as you can easily take these surveys while waiting in line in the grocery store, relaxing in your garden/sitting room, drinking coffee during your break time or other things. So you see, it’s not much of a trouble to earn little while doing all this. It’s worth it.

Below are the top best survey sites in UK, Chicago and Canada you might want to check out for best results

  1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is gradually rising to the top as it is very easy to get points with them. Sometimes, participating in surveys which take time earns you points but the more easier way to earn your point with swagbucks survey site is by doing simpler activities like performing regular online searches using their search engine, watching videos, online shopping or better still, answering  some easier question. Sometimes, Swagbucks survey site give out free codes which can be used to add more SBs (Swagbuck points) to your net SBs. One nice about this Survey site is that their payout threshold is quite low paving way for you to easily earn some dollars or gift card. So you can think of them as a nice place to begin earning cash at your spare time.

  1. 2. OpinionOutpost

Once you want a survey site that will exchange your points for real cash, OpinionOutpost is one of these sites that should come to your mind. Once you have a PayPal account, you’re free to request for your cash because it’s been paid through PayPal.You can as well decide to purchase entries into the Amazon Vouchers quarterly cash draws and hope to be among the selected winners. OpinionOutpost chooses you and sends you related survey depending on your profile and client’s aims, so don’t always hope for an invitation on all their surveys. There are points attached to any of these surveys which you earn once you complete a survey.These surveys gives you some privileges such as checking out a new product even before it enters the consumer market and giving your opinions on them, watching movie ads and commercial with hope of giving your response on them. Doing all these earns you some certain points allocated to each.

  1. Pinecone Research

Pinecone research does stand out because of the sole reason that they pay cash. Once you are eligible for any online survey, upon the completion of that survey, you will get paid up to $5 for each survey you finish. This survey site offers more of cash, so you don’t expect to have much point here. Your payment can be received by you either by cheque or through PayPal. Another great feature about this casino is the ability to cash out any time you wish using your most preferred medium as they don’t have any specific minimum cashout. Nevertheless, you can request to have your payment through gift cards.

  1. Nielson Homescan

Nielson Homescan provides a more unique way to get points for doing those things which is usual to you. This program provides you with a handheld scanner for home use. With this, you are requested to scan the barcodes and prices of the products you buy during your shopping and have them sent to this organization. You can as well be allowed to have diaries and partake in surveys concerning your habit and commonly used products. Using their home scanners earns you points which can be exchanged for merchandise or gift cards and also provides you with sweepstakes prizes’ opportunities.

Additional Survey Sites

Apart from this previous mentioned survey sites, it is advised that you sign up for more survey sites to increases your chances of participation since you get chosen with your corresponding demographic.

Below are more survey sites which you can consider registering;

  • PermissionResearch

PermissionResearch is a program offering services in French Language only which profits you more by joining sweepstakes and helps on the improvement of the internet.Once you have any research software installed, you can permit PermissionResearch to follow you, this makes it simpler for you to be a part of this program. But you if you don’t want to install any software, you can just take surveys with them only. Some of the advantages of being a part of the program ranges from having them plant a tree to your name as well as having the privilege of participating in their cash prizes which can be from $100 to $100,000. There are options for surveys that can earn you instant cash or gift cards which can be sent to you byPermissionResearch.

  • Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll Online is among the best paid survey sites which allow you to earn points known as Hipoints upon completion of any survey. This Hipoints can them be exchanged with items found in their Hipoints Folios. Some of the items that can be found in this Hipoints Folios are travel size items and small electronic gadgets. You can also exchange this Hipoints with Amaon Vouchers or buy entries into the cash draws of about $10,000 which is held every 2 months. Before you can participate in their full length surveys, you will have to undergo thorough evaluation.

  • Ipsos i-Say

Are you wondering if you can earn any money while participating in online surveys? You can check out these Canadian online survey sites and see what they are up to. Ipsos i-Say is quite flexible once it is associated with earning rewards and as a result of this, is seen as one of the best paid survey site. There are points attached to each survey and you earn these points by completing the survey. Once you have these points, you can easily exchange them for Amazon Vouchers, gift cards, PayPal or buy entries into sweepstakes draws. Also, gaining entries for regular sweepstakes where you can earn cash, vacations and cars can be easier.  There are also points known as the loyalty point which is given to their active members that have reached some certain levels.

  • Web Perspectives

Web Perspectives is also amongst the online survey sites where you can earn points for participating and completing surveys. This survey site allows you to earn about 100 to 500 points in each survey which can be redeemed for different prizes like AIRMILES, gift cards/certificates and a decision to make donations to the Canadian Cancer Society. Donating to this body earns you a tax receipt that can be useful in your tax preparation. This is one of the major catching offers to new members. They also have cash prices as well as other prizes like electronic devices.

  • Mintvine

Mintvine offers you so many opportunities and tasks which can earn you point upon completion and have them exchanged for rewards. These tasks include daily mini-polls, surveys and other offers. Completing a survey rewards you with more points, but you can as well be given points when you only start a survey if you eventually end up not qualifying for it. Points offered on this survey site can be redeemed for gift cards or Amazon vouchers as well as using PayPal or Dwolla.

  • Your Insights

The mobile component of this survey site which enables you to receive mobile opportunities when you sign up with them is one of the great features that brought out Your Insights as one of the best survey sites. It gives you the opportunity of earning points or cash of about $1 to $5 irrespective of your location. Participating in focus group surveys using your desktop or laptop is also another way to earn points with this survey sites. This survey site offers your rewards as cash or entries into cash drawings.

  • MySurvey

MySurvey is a survey site which earns you about 100 to 500 points for completing any survey. These points can be used as a donation to charitable organizations or can be used to redeem cash or gift cards. Cashing out is only possible with this sites when you have accumulated up to 1100 points. They also offer you product testing privileges as well as points for making referrals and opportunities to partake in sweepstakes draws for more cash.

  • Angus Reid

Angus Reid is another survey site offering members points upon any survey completion. These points are being exchanged for cash which is either paid straight to your account or though the Prepaid Visa debit cards.  Another great thing about them is that you can actually make requests to redeem your points with Aeroplan Miles or Amazon Vouchers. Even when you are not completely eligible for a particular survey, you can be given the privilege to partake in the sweepstake draws for cash.

  • iPoll

iPoll requires for your demographic information before you can be sent surveys. Completing any survey earns you points which is exchanged for about 4 various prizes in the site such as donations to charity organizations, Amazon gift cards, magazine subscription and so on. iPoll is quite an easy site to register for and is enjoyable for some few months after your registration.

  • Toluna Canada

Toluna Canada is one sure site where you need larger number of points before talking of redeeming them for anything. Nevertheless, winning points in the site seems easy as signing-up will give you up to 500 points. Ways to receive points in this site include product testing, opinion writing, poll participation, friend referrals as well as other ways. These points can be exchanged for lots of goodies such as Amazon Gift Card, Facebook credit, Cash through PayPal or other gift cards.

  • Global Test Market

Global Test Market deals more with providing companies with information that will be useful to their product and services development. Information can be curled from opinions about restaurant, movies, entertainment and more. Being part of the online study and surveys will fetch you points which are redeemed for PayPal cash, cheque, Amazon vouchers, and gift cards once you have not less than 1000 points. You can also choose to get entries into Sweepstakes cash prizes.

  • LegerWeb

LegerWeb offers you cash or AIRMILES depending on your choice whenever you complete a survey. This survey site also allows you to earn irrespective of your location through their mobile option. Being a constant active member of their site will as well earn you points and you can make the choice of joining in their cash draws to earn more. LegerWeb also offers you money for referring your friends and having them take full part in surveys.

We shall continue to update you with paid surveys UK, Chicago and Canada

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