Swagbucks Review: Is Legit, or a Scam? | Payment Proofs

Swagbucks review answer questions such as is Swagbucks legit or a scam? Do they have payment proofs? What are Swagbucks complaints and members feedback? How does Swagbucks really work? And how can I make money with Swagbucks? In this Swagbucks review you shall learn all all you need to know about Swagbucks.com.

What is swagbucks all about?

Swagbucks is among the leading destinations for earning genuine rewards for all the things you do online or on your mobile phone. At home or even on the go, you can conveniently get points (called Swagbucks) when you: Shop on your favorite stores, Search the Internet, Answer surveys; Discover great deals, Watch videos, and Play games. Swagbucks points can be redeemed easily for money (Paypal) or various gift cards to your favorite online stores like Amazon, Walmart and also Target. With more than 15 million users, Swagbucks has awarded more than 90 million dollars in real incentives.

How much money can you make using Swagbucks?

How much you make on Swagbucks depends on how much effort you put into working on the website. There are some that make around $200 t0 $1000 each month.

Swagbucks review: Is Swagbucks Safe, legit or scam?

Swagbucks is not just a legit reward site but one of the best in the industry. They have a very good reputation online with over millions of members. Swagbucs has its payment proofs all over the web. A little Google search should be able to bring them to your few.

However, the only bad side of Swagbucks is that they only accept a few countries such as US, Canada and UK. If you are outside these countries We advise you look somewhere else.

Swabucks complaints and feedback

Below you will find the list of Swabucks complaints and feedback from their members. This will help you determine whether to give Swagbucks a try or not.

SwagBucks Review”
May 27, 2015 by Carlund from United States

SwagBucks is a reward communiity where you earn points that you exchange for gift cards. You earn points by doing searches, daily polls, NOSO’s, offers, survey’s, watch video’s, play games, and so much more. You have a daily meter and if you reach your first goal you get extra points and then you have a second goal where you makes more extra points. I love swagbuckd, especially since I am disabled and I can only sit or lay down. You can also do this on your phone or tablet. It’s a great program to earn gift cards for Christmas, birthdays, or even groceries. Just whatever you need. Referring friends also helps you earn more swagnucks. I would recommend it to any one.

GPT Review”
May 26, 2015 by Kathleen from United States

I am very happy and promote this service . AWESOME JOB!

How did they get a 4 star rating? ”
May 26, 2015 by Lloyd from United States

I have never been able to earn much less collect anything from SwagBucks!

One of the Best”
May 26, 2015 by Carolyn from United States

Swagbucks is one of the best GPT programs. They are honest, straightforward and offer some of the best rewards.

good GPT”
May 22, 2015 by ludwig from United States

i love this gpt site ,its young ,fresh,you can earn money for almost everything ,i have been member since 7 months and i work every day with them, has a lot of surveys and the famous swagcode . i really recommend this site

Low cash out”
May 22, 2015 by Jill from United States

swagbucka has tons of different ways to earn money. It isn’t a big money earner for me but if you put in some time, it won’t take long to reach cash out level. Some of the offers don’t credit but otherwise I really like this site.

Swag On ”
May 22, 2015 by John from United States

I used swagbu intensively last year for 3 consecutive months and then burned out from all the clicking. Made more in those 3 months than I did from other survey sites that I participated in all year round. Returned at the beginning of this year and have been doing SB daily for the last 4 1/2 months. SB has gotten better this year over last year. Customer support has gotten a lot better IMO. Survey issues are dealt with in a day or so most times and cash outs now often happen in 1-2 days. Times for these 2 items were much longer last year. I changed my strategy this year to focus mainly on surveys rather than clicks to avoid burn out but I still click for about 1/3 of my daily earnings. If you need/like cash (PayPal is offered) and have time on your hands this is one of the better GPT sites. Pay per hour is low for just clicking but money is money.

Swagbucks is a keeper”
May 21, 2015 by Kevin from United States

I have been doing tasks at Swagbucks for a while now and they are my favorite GPT website. There is a lot of different ways to earn and customer service is the best. Most of the cashout options have a 24 to 48 hour wait time. Even PayPal and that is impressive.

Lots of opportunities to get points”
June 05, 2015 by Steve from United Kingdom

I’ve only been a member for about 2 months but have already made more than £20 on surveys alone, so I’m very impressed with the site so far. There are lots of opportunities to accumulate survey swagger so you need to keep an eye out for bonuses on daily polls, internet searches as well as the surveys. I do get screened out of a lot of surveys, but there are so many of them that it doesn’t really matter.

I tend to steer clear of some of the special offers, though, such as for credit reference reports, on-line casinos etc, but it looks as if you could earn loads more swabucks on these if that’s your preference.

Better than most”
June 04, 2015 by Cloe from United States

I like it well enough, they payout quick and have reasonably low thresholds, many different ways to earn, just have to find what works for you.

June 03, 2015 by sagar from India


Swagbucks is fantastic”
May 30, 2015 by jeff from United States

Legit, most offers credit, variety of things to do, paid over $165 so far.

pretty good”
May 28, 2015 by marilyn from United States
one of the first I signed up for that I actually got something. I have mainly used them for surveys. Got about $50 in 2 months redeeming points for $5. You can only redeem $25 a month in $5 gc but can redeem more if you go above the $5 gc. Have not used them in a while I need to start back.

Swagbucks Payment Proof

Swagbucks Payment Proof

Swagbucks Payment Proof

Swagbucks Payment 4 May 11


Getting Started

To sign up for Swagbucks, visit swagbucks.com, click the sign-up button in the top right hand corner, and fill in the registration process. The Membership is free, and also takes seconds. You will even earn some swabbucks when you sign up!

Start Earning Points

When you login to the website for the first time, take a minute to fill out your survey profile. This will help ensure that you get invitation into all of the surveys that you are eligible for. Then, invest some time in exploring the website to familiarize yourself with the layout and also all of the earning opportunities which are available to you.

Top Ways to Earn Points on Swagbucks

What To Do If You Cannot Pay Your Students’ Loans

You can use Swagbucks’ search engine to do all of your web searches. Points will pop up from occasionally as you search. Fridays are Mega SwagBucks Days, where you can get bigger points awards for all your searches.

Check in daily to take part in any new online survey opportunities. The points pay out is very high, and the time commitment is little. Make sure to answer the daily poll while you are at it.

Print your Coupons.com coupons via the Swag Bucks website, and you’ll earn ten points for every coupon that you redeem.
Be on the look-out for hidden SwagBucks codes when you are on the website. They can show up anywhere in the website, or on their Facebook’s page or even in Twitter Tweets. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you find them.

If you by any chance have some online shopping to do, check to see wheter the store take part in SwagBuck’s rewards program. If they do, just click over to the online store from Swagbucks, and you will get a set number of points for each dollar spent. Amazon also participates in the program, so make sure to start your Amazon purchases over on Swagbucks. It is a simple way to snag 3 points per dollar.

Redeeming Points

Redeem your points for cash when you have as little as 450 points (that will earn you a $5 of Amazon gift card), or you can save them up for something much bigger. The Rewards online Store has thousands of rewards that you choose from, which includes gift cards to Amazon, Home Depots, Lowes and also several gas stations.

Make the Most of Your Points

If you scroll through the offerings in the Rewards online Store, and you will see that a $5 of Amazon cards go for 450 points, while a $15 of Amazon cards go for 1,500 points. Purchase 3 $5 cards, and you will save yourself a 150 points. These kinds of points discrepancies are usually common among online rewards programs, so make sure to do a bit of comparison shopping before you select your reward.

Swagbucks Pitfalls

Swagbucks is among the fantastic reward programs online, however not every point opportunity will definitely be right for you. Make use of Swagbucks to earn points for activities that you are already doing like printing coupons, searching the web etc.), and also don’t allow it to tempt you to do things which may not be right for you such as purchasing things that you do not need, investing time on activities that are not of interest to you, etc.).

Always ensure sure that you understand the terms of any offer which you sign-up for — especially free trial offers.

Make use of Swagbucks to Save Money

Save up your points. And then turn them into sufficient gift cards to do all of your Christmas shoppings.

You can also Cash in your points for Lowes cards or Home Depot, and then put them towards your next improvement project at home.

You may also treat your family to a dinner out, a night at the movies show or even some other treat that is not in your budget.

Prepare for your next vacation by gathering gas, restaurants, hotel as well airline gift cards.

SwagBucks is a useful website you can be able to utilize to earn points by using their search engine as well as taking online surveys, etc. Doing everyday things you normally do without pay such as searching on Swagbucks will help you to redeem prizes which includes gift cards and gaming consoles.

Get Paid to Search

Get Paid to Search

1. Searching. You can do things you usually do daily anyway like searching the web. To easily earn SwagBucks, it is advisable to use it as your homepage and use SwagBucks as your main search engine. Each time you search with SwagBucks search engine, you have an opportunity to win points that are called =SwagBucks. Make use of it wisely as a normal search engine. You will receive points every 1 or 2 hours. Point amounts differ, but are generally five – fifty points. This is one of the best ways to earn SwagBucks. However, if you try to spam, they are going to warn you. It is just exactly like Google search and usually powered by Google and Ask. Therefore, it is basically the same engine, except that it is much more rewarding!

Swagbucks Toolbars

Swagbucks Toolbars

2. SwagBucks toolbar. Downloading it is advisable. It is worth to use. You do not need visit the SwagBucks’s search page to be loaded. You can easily search with SwagBucks toolbar and earn your points. Everything is set up for you on SwagBucks pages. You do not need to go anywhere else.

Fill Out The Special Offers

Fill out the special offers

3. Complete special offers. Fill out all the offers, and most of the offers are free. Fill them out with correct info of yours. Use your secondary email address to fill out offers if you don’t want junk emails. Offers will be confirmed and credited whenever the advertisers received your completed offer. Some offers may take just 5 minutes to confirm, some take one-hour to confirm, while some even take days to confirm. Also, there’re some video clips you can watch and earn SwagBucks in the process. This is called SBTV. For each and every ten videos you watch, you will get three Swagbucks.

Fill Out Trusted Surveys.

Fill Out Trusted Surveys.

4. Take trusted online surveys. You will be able to have some online surveys to take daily. But you may not qualify for all the surveys. You will qualify to take surveys only when it matched your experience and what they need for their surveys. For example, you have experience with PS3 games, and they are searching for gamers to take their game surveys, etc. you will have a very high chance to qualify for them.

Trade In

Trade In

5 Trade in. If you have old mobile phones, iPods, or games which you are not using anymore, you can send it to SwagBuck and earn some SwagBucks. Follow the procedures on how to mail it to them on their website. There is no limitation to how many items you can trade in on swagbucks.

Invite friends.

Invite friends.

6.Invite Families and friends. You can make up to 1500 SwagBucks from each referral you referred to Swagbucks.com. Just only if they are earning by searching, and searching is the easiest and best way they can earn Swagbucks. Send invitation to all your email contacts. Put up your SwagBucks referral link on your Facebook or Twitter page. You can also get cool banners which you can put on your blog, websites or even forums you are active on. Every person that clinks on your referral link or banners and sign up will automatically become your referral. You will make as much as they make by searching up to 1,000 points per person. In addition, they still get their points, so it’s a win win!

Create A Blog

Create A Blog

7.Create a blog using Google blogger.com or WordPress.com. And then start writing articles and reviews about SwagBucks, such as how cool the website is and make sure to put up your referral banner or link on the site. So, when people read your article, they will get excited and they will feel like trying it out. Make a YouTube video about SwagBucks, explain how it works, how they can earn points, etc. Put your referral link in your video description box and urge them to click on it and sign up for free to make money.

Swag Codes

Swag Codes

8. Swag Codes. Swag Codes are usually posted few times daily in several places like social media. Follow them on their Facebook page, Twitter page, blog, toolbar, etc. You need to watch closely to be able to catch the Swag Codes. Whenever you see one, enter it into the Swag Codes redeem section named “Gimme” on your SwagBucks homepage to earn more SwagBucks.

When to use Swagbucks

When to use Swagbucks

9. When you use your SwagBucks to redeem an item, redeem it even if you don’t want that item, however, make a video of opening the box and also explain in the video that you redeemed the item from SwagBucks. Just let them that swagbuck is a legitimate website. Endorse the site with positive comments and encourage viewers to visit it and use your referral link in the description.

Swagbucks Reviews

Swagbucks reviews

We shall keep you updated more on Swagbucks so make sure to visit this page regularly. Visit Swagbucks.com to learn more and how to join.

Do you have any experience with Swagbucks? Good or bad? Kindly use the comment section below to give us your brief Swagbucks review.

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