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Superpayme Review

Superpayme Review

True Superpayme review and scam or legit reports with Superpayme payment proofs tell all you must know about So, if you are searching for best Superpayme reviews, you are in the right place!

What is SuperPayMe? is the easy way to earn money online on daily basis. It is a website where you are being paid for completing Free Paid Surveys, Paid Trials, PTC ads and other Free Paid Offers. allows you to register a free account and start earning money every day. has more than 700 worldwide available offers.

Is a scam?
Superpay is not a scam. They have paid me several times. In fact, it is my favorite website among the similar sites I joined for the past 3 years. Currently, I make at least $300 per month.

Superpayme Payment Proofs

Superpayme Payment Proofs

To start earning money on please click on the “MAKE MONEY” or the “OFFER WALLS” menu items on the top menu navigation tabs. There you will see all the different types of free offers both Watching videos, CPC, Quick Submits, Trial offers and so on, they have available for members from your location.

They offers are being updated on daily basis. If there are no offers for you today, there could be offers available for you tomorrow. So you ought to be checking daily. The most important tip they gave is this – CLEAR YOUR BROWSER COOKIES, it is a simple task but very important and will ensure that you get credited 100% for every offer you complete.

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Select an offer category – like “Daily Surveys” and click on the banner or the text and the new offer page will open up in a new browser window. You must follow all of the advertiser’s instructions, answer the questions honestly and complete the offer requirements through the end.

When you complete the offer you must click the “SUBMIT” button, the submit button you click tells their system to credit your account with money. Majority of the offers credit within 1 hour, some offers credit within 24 hours and some can take up to 30 days to credit. It all depends on the advertiser.

Some of their offers are credited in cash while some are credited in points. It is the advertiser that decides on how it goes. You can withdraw your money once your account reaches their minimum payout limit of $1.00. Cash offers are paid via Instant Paypal, Payza, Moneybookers & Neteller. It’s your choice. Points offers are paid via Amazon Gift Cards.

The best way to earn daily money on is through completing offers. They have daily, weekly, monthly and yearly cash contests available where their members can earn bonus cash as well. All contests are available to their worldwide members and are free entry. The best way to boost your income is to REFER YOUR FRIENDS – pay you 25% of everything your referrals earn for life.


Can anybody join
Yes, anybody can join The website is made available to all countries. However, you must be over 18 years of age to participate.

What are points worth?
1 point is the equivalent of $0.01 (1 cents basically)100 points = $1.00

Why is my account marked as cheater?

There are many reasons why your account can be marked as cheater
(1) They fraud detection system has detected that you are using multiple accounts.
(2) They fraud detection system has detected that you are using a known cheater PROXY IP address or range of IP addresses.
(3) You have failed their telephone verification process
(4) You have changed your Internet ISP connection from one country to another country
(5) You are using OPERA web browser (this browser does not work with website and any users who operate OPERA will automatically be marked as cheater)
(6) You are using a mobile or satellite internet connection (you should not use mobile or satellite internet connection since this will not work with website)
(7) You are using an Anonymous IP address
If your account has been marked as cheater and you think this is a mistake then you should send them a support ticket and they will evaluate your request.

Why are you asking for address verification? website reserve the right to ask members for an address confirmation document to help reduce the risk of fraudulent activity on the site. Payment will be held until the members’ address is fully verified or indefinitely if no address confirmation document is provided. When a members address has been confirmed the website will then delete all address confirmation documents you may have sent to the website.
They do NOT store or archive address confirmation documentation.

Why are my offers pending?

An offer stays pending until the website receives credit for it.Pending offers can be credited almost immediately. However, some offers may take 24hrs or more to credit. Some offers will never credit because the advertiser decides that you did not complete the offer correctly.
Remember, their advertisers decide if and when to credit your account. The website has no control over pending offers. To reduce the number of pending offers you receive they suggest that you.

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What are locked offers?

In order to reduce fraudulent transactions the website apply a lock to high value transactions.
The locked funds status is automatic and will remain that way for 30 days on most high value offers. (Sometimes longer is that the website suspects fraud).They only lock high value offers. Most offers are not locked.
If you have completed your offer legitimately and the advertiser approves the offer then you will be credited with the funds within 30 days.

Why did i not receive credit?
If your offer has not been credited for you, it’s because the website haven’t received credit. If, for any reason, the website don’t receive credit from the advertiser, the site cannot credit your account. Remember that in most cases offers confirm within a couple of hours, but sometimes they can take days or weeks. Please try to be patient. There are a variety of reasons why an advertiser may not credit d site for an offer you believe you completed. Here are some of those reasons.

(1) You didn’t complete the entire offer. If you quit half way through a survey or don’t finish an offer, you won’t be credited. For example, many sites require that you confirm your email address at the end of the registration.

(2) Fake or inaccurate information was used. If you use fake information when completing an offer, you will not receive credit. Using fake or misleading information is also against their Terms of Service and will result in the termination of your account. If you’re not interested in having a company know your real information, don’t do the offer!

(3) You’ve done the offer before. Advertisers aren’t interested in paying for the same person to try their product or service multiple times. If you’ve done the offer (or possibly even an offer from the same company) outside of SuperPay.Me the site won’t receive credit for it if you do it again.

(4) You cancelled the offer immediately. If you sign-up for a product trial and then immediately cancel your trial, you won’t receive credit. The point of’s program is that you get paid to try products and services that you’re interested in. By cancelling immediately, you’re indicating that you weren’t even interested to begin with. If you’re not interested in an offer, don’t do it!
Unfortunately, sometimes certain offers will never credit for a variety of reasons and the website has no control over this.’s Offer Walls are provided by 3rd party advertisers. The website has no control over access to these offers or their crediting. If an offer wall is not available to you it may be because you cancelled a subscription with them. The advertiser will pay you points for signing up with these offers. It is VERY important that you do not cancel these subscriptions. If you cancel these offers after you have subscribed (within the first 7 days ) then you have basically cheated the advertiser.’s advertisers will not permit this

How did i reduce the risk of an offer being declined?

In your internet browser settings you need to permanently allow cookies, JavaScript, pop-ups and third party images. Set all your security settings to low. Always use the links provided by SuperPay.Me to enter a retailer’s site; do not type in offers url at the top of your browser screen. Always sign up using truthful contact information. Lying when you complete offers will cause transactions to be reversed and possible removal from’s system.

Why are there no offers for me? do try to provide offers for all it’s International members. Unfortunately the vast majority of their offers are only available to those members resident in the USA, UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, ITALY & SPAIN. work with it’s advertisers on a daily basis in an attempt to add more offers to ALL Countries around the world. Please keep checking daily to see if you can complete the new offers that the website add. Remember, just because you cannot earn money by completing offers. You can still make great money by referring your family & friends.

How do i refer members?
You refer members to SuperPay.Me using your unique referral links and banners here; You need to share your link and get people to join by clicking your link and registering with website. You should share your link with your family & friends.
It is a good idea to share your link on Facebook and other social platforms. The more people who see your link, the better chance of obtaining a lot of referrals. Many of’s top referrers create blogs and post their links there and on other money making forums. Do NOT spam. have a ZERO tolerance policy with spam and will ban and report any members found to be spamming.

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How much can i earn by referring members?
You earn 25% of any income your referral earns at for life. We shall keep you updated on any new development concerning So, make sure to visit this page regularly or bookmark for a quick visit. You may use the comment box below to tell us what you think about this review.

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