20 Reward Sites like Swagbucks | Alternatives

Sites Like Swagbucks

Do you need apps or sites like Swagbucks? Here, we show you 20 reward sites like Swagbucks and also better Swagbucks alternatives. So, if you are looking for other sites or apps like Swagbucks, you are in the right place.

Most times, people like relaxation. Then, there’s nothing wrong when you can earn while you relax. This is what these Free “Get paid to” sites are all about. They let you earn from the comfort of your zone, during your relaxation time or free period by seeking for your opinions and views, and rewarding at the end.

Swagbucks is a multiple online Get Paid to survey site which has provided several opportunities to earn with. Operated by the Prodege LLC, they came into business since the year 2008 and has remained on top with over millions of participants all over the world.

Their official address is www.swagbucks.com and they have their headquarters to be in United States.

Now, Since Swagbucks provides wide varieties of opportunities for people, we will also look at the Swagbucks Alternative Apps which can provide us similar services just like swagbucks.

The list below will enable us to make our choices.

 List Of Reward Sites like Swagbucks:


When we talk about the shopping aspect of Swagbucks, we will surely talk about Ebates.com because their offers and rewards are all based on shopping activities. Well, they are not the main seller, but they are affiliated with lots of online stores. You get rewarded when you visit these stores through them and perhaps makes purchases. Therefore, you can regard Ebates.com as an online Cashback shopping platform.The best way Ebates.com earns their money is through the compensation made to them by affiliated stores, retailers, brands or merchants whenever anyone purchases in these sites through their link. Ebates.com now awards some percentage of this compensation as rewards to those who made these purchases in other stores through their site.

Ebates.com came into this business in the year 1999 and till date, they now have more than 10 million active members in their platform. The record has it that they have been able to offer more than one billion Dollars to their members in cashback rewards to some of their favourite stores.In the United States, ebates.com is now regarded to be among the most renowned free-membership loyalty programs and also the Better Business Bureau (BBB) gave am A+ rating to them. They are proudly one of the Rakuten Family of Companies’ member and is known to be an official Golden State Warriors’ partner.

Their official website is located at No. 160 Spear St., 19th Floor, Ebates San Francisco, California 94105, US and their official website is above.


To become a member of this great cashback site, you have to be at least up to 18 years of age and older which is their legal age consent. All you have to do is to visit their official site, click on the join now button. The page redirects you to their registration page, fill in the required information including a valid email address and password for subsequent log ins. Other things you must do when registering is to fill your physical address (helps them to know where to send your accrued cashback if you have one), then make a choice of being paid via PayPal and then put in your PayPal email address. You may also sign in through other means such as your social media platforms like Facebook, Rakuten, Google as well through your Google connect account.

There are other promotional offers that are being offered in the platform, therefore, they may end up requiring more detailed information such as your shipping address, payment card number and so on. This enables quick processing of your product purchases that occurs in Ebates properties.

Note; It is important to note that Ebates.com does not offer services to people resident in the European Economic Area. Also, note that each member is entitled to only one account. Violation of this rule leads to termination or banning of your account.

How to earn in eBates.com

Sign Up Bonus – upon completion of registration with this site, you will receive a welcome bonus of a $10 worth of gift card which can be used in any of their retail stores.

Cashback Offers–this site offers cashbacks when you make purchases in any of their retailers which are over 2,500 of them.

To receive your cashback on purchases, first of all, you have to be a registered member of Ebates.com. Then, go to any of the retailers shop you wish to purchase from and click on the “Shop Now” button that is green in colour. A tracking ticket will be issued to you for your purchases. Once you have purchased your item, your ebates account will automatically be credited with the cashback value of your purchase but you need to wait for a period of 60 days to for the holding period to be over. This helps to ensure that no cancellations or returns where made within this period. Once the holding period is over, you can now officially own your cashback.

Some examples of the numerous retailers that is in affiliation with ebates.com includes Kohl’s, Verizon, GNC, JC Penny, Gap, Amazon, Walmart, Toys R Us, Barnes & Noble, VitaCost, Eddie Bauer, Cabela’s, Sears, Home Shopping Network, Orbitz, Dicks (Pause), Expedia.com, Bed Bath and Beyond, Old Navy, Petco, Priceline. RiteAid, Drugstore.com and so much more. Your cashback values tend to be on the increase side if you make use of an EBates Cashback Visa Credit Card. You can participate in the different cash back offers present which includes In-store cashback and visiting the double cashback stores

Their Cashback exception

This cashback is what you earn when your total purchase amount is considered. This does not however include taxes, gift-wrapping, returns or cancellations, fees, extended warranties as well as credits or discounts. You are not expected to receive any cashback when you buy gift cards. Also, note that the gift cards offered varies with respect to the store in question.

Referral Program–they offer a referral program where you get to earn up to $50 when you refer two persons and also extra $5 bonus for one more person.

Other Promotional Offers –  other bonuses offered in this platform include the $10 bonus you receive on the first $25 you earned, sweepstake entries, contests, poll or surveys as well as other promotions.


Kinj Says

One of the major reasons why I have great affection for ebates is the fact that they made me feel like I’m being paid to do my own personal shopping. All the time I had encountered one issue or their other, their customer care services were able to handle the issues promptly. Kudos to them, it’s a 5/5 for me.

Lady Says

I was once cheated out of my cashback offers because I was not credited even though I ensured I followed all their rules guiding their cashback offers. This was a bad experience for.

Padre64 Says

Ebates.com platform has not only amazed me but they have also thrilled with their sound app. Since I started making use of it, I have never been disappointed.  Good site, keep it up.

Reward Options

To redeem your rewards, you don’t have to wait till you earn hundreds of dollars before you can withdraw. All you need is a minimum of $5.01 which is their minimum payout threshold. Have it in mind that Ebates is not among the fastest online site that earns you quick money because you only get to cashout quarterly, that is, once in every three (3) months. At the end of each 3rd month, if you could not earn up to the cashout threshold, don’t be afraid, you’d probably be able to do so by the next quarter since your money rolls over into the next quarter. If you are used to making online purchases, you can then maximize your profit by making these purchases through the affiliated sites on Ebates.com.

Options to available for cashing out includes Cash through PayPal, donations to charity or personal support as well as having the check sent to you through mail. Within an hour of your withdrawal request, you are likely to receive your alert coupled with the email sent over to you on your email to ensure you are alerted properly. As a result of other type of offers in the platforms, you can be rewarded with gift cards to any of their amazing stores.

Note that all payments are made in US Dollars through any of the available payment option and all your information must be correct before you can be eligible to receive payments.


  • They provide a platform where members can reach out to their representatives of they encounter any issue or has questions to ask. They can be reach through their telephone using +1-415-908-2200 or send out an email to dcampopiano@ebates.com. In general, they have an active and professional customer care services.
  • Their cashback offers is as transparent as possible.
  • Aside from the $10 gift card bonus, you also get to earn $5 upon completion of registration.
  • com does not require additional time to be spent on their site before you get to earn. Just carry out your normal purchases through their site and your cashback will be offered to you.
  • com is effective irrespective of your location. All you need to ensure is that the retail store you are purchasing from has the capacity of sending your item to your location.
  • Their referral program is superb.
  • You have the ability of cashing out directly to charitable organizations as well as to a friend.


  • They may experience system upgrade or technical issues once in a while, thus, making your cashback not to be credited. All you need to do is to contact their customer services to rectify the problem
  • A lot of complaints have been laid about them as regards to the numerous junk emails they flood their members with.
  • Avoid spending lots of money on Apple products as they do not offer cashbacks anymore.
  • Beware that only few categories of items such as Handbags, wallet and shoe have cashback offers.
  • Sometimes, payout to members may be missed and will not get to the necessary destination. Once again, if this happens to be your case, contact their customer service provider.

About CashCrate

Just like Swagbucks offers so many types of activities to help their members earn, CashCrate Site does have several offers available for their members especially cash offers.The online site started existing since the year 2002 and the community has grown with more than 2 million participants round the world. You will be lucky to earn more from this site if you reside anywhere in United States or other English Speaking countries.

You can log in to their official website using www.cashcrate.com.

You are free to contact them through by visiting their contact page from their website.


Before you become eligible to become a member of CashCrate, you must be up to the age of 13 years and above. For participants within the age of 13 to 18, parental consent is needed before they can eligibly participate in the activities. No parental consent is needed from ages of 18 and above. They have different level of membership which as listed as follows, Bronze member and Silver member.

All you have to do to sign up with them is to website and click on the “Join Now button”. When you get redirected to the sign up page, you will be required to fill in some of your details including your valid email address and new password for subsequent logins. Once this is done, you will undergo a brief examination section which is their profile survey where you get to profile update questions.

If you do not wish to go through this method, you can also choose to sign up through their social media platform using your Facebook account.

However, there are certain rules to observe when aspiring to be a member of CashCrate;

First of all, you are prohibited from transferring or selling your account to another person and also, only one account per person is allowed. Secondly, you are not allowed to place adverts or open conversations not related to CashCrate in the CashCrate forum. Avoid posting any harmful software, or file. Again, you should avoid threatening anyone or saying abusive or harmful things to them. Failure to comply to this rules may lead to the termination of your account.

Ways to Earn in CashCrate

Sign Up Bonus –  for new members, they get to receive a welcome bonus of $1 upon the completion of their registration.

Surveys – in as much as CashCrate is not fully a survey company, they still offer surveys from some companiew they are in partnership with. CashCratedoes offer some compensation to members when they share their opinions and ideas through the surveys and offers available on their site. Sometimes, taking these surveys do grant you access into their Sweepstakes and prize draws where you get to earn bigger if you get lucky. Daily, you stand a chance of being sent about two to three survey invites on your email. Then, you are free to take them as long as you qualify.

Shopping –here, members who shop on the CahsCrate affiliated stores through CashCrate receive some percentage back as cashback on their net purchases.

Watching Videos – Most times, you will get to earn about 2 cents when you click and watch some of their short movies, mostly advertising paid videos.

Games and Contests – you get to earn more with cashcrate if you play their games and interact with others on their platforms. This gives you an opportunity to be entered into their prize winning contests.

Tasks/Offers – here you get to earn money through the offers that can be seen from their “Offers Tab”. They have two types of offers which is the paid offers and the free offers. The paid offers are clearly differentiated from the free offers with the $ symbol attached to the paid offers.

TO earn form free offers, it is quite easier, all you have to do is to click on them and follow the instructions. Most of the just requires you to sign up to their website and you earn. Some may go further to request that you sign u and try out their free services before you can earn. Others might give out coupons to you upon signing on, it all differs. If you are dedicated, you will enjoy these free offers.

For paid offers, you can access highest paying offers there but they are likely going to request that you pay a small token before you can make withdrawals. Sometimes, these fees are being charged on monthly basis, failure to pay may result to you not receiving your earnings.

Referral Program –  through this, members are able to earn while they just refer this site to others. You get to earn 20% of what each and every of your referrals earn plus additional $3 when they earn their first $10. Their referral program seems to be a bit better than that of Swagbucks since Swagbucks only offer 10% bonus on referrals.  To get more referrals for yourself, you can simply advertise your referral link through social media platforms or your blog if you have one. By doing this and getting more referrals, you stand a chance of earning more just through this method.

Other Bonuses – here you get to participate in bonus surveys or bonus offers which most times let you earn higher than the normal offers and surveys.

Reward Options

In CashCrate, members are free to redeem their points or rewards through any of their available options which comprises of Cash through Check payment or gift cards to nice places like Amazon, Visa and Target. The average time required of you daily to earn tangible rewards is about 15 to 20 minutes and their Payout Threshold is a bit higher, up to $20. According to the level of the member, he/she will either receive his/her payment either at the month beginning or middle of the month.

From the Earning wall on their website, you can easily view the payment proofs uploaded by others. This assures you that this site is completely legit and do pay their members.

For more on payment details, you can visit the CashCrate Blog usingthis link;https://www.cashcrate.com/blog/announcements/cashcrate-payment-details/.


SKulBB Says

I am grateful for having come across sites such as this cashcrate. In as much as you just get to earn little, I still appreciate the good turn my life took after signing up with this site. I’m totally overwhelmed since I am a full time student, I don’t even have spare time to do menial jobs. So I took to registering to tons of online survey sites which CashCrate is among them. And they have earned me the highest so far. Therefore, I can recommend them to others.

Gree2 Says

So far, I can say that the secret of enjoying this site is to forget about becoming rich through this platform. Surely, you will earn something tangible, but it is better to leave it at that. You will enjoy it better that way.


I don’t know how to express my happiness over this site because I couldn’t believe myself with what I earned. I have been a member of this site for about one year now and so far, I spend about an hour online on daily basis. In one month, I was able to earn up $100 from them. So, being a typical teenager that I am without any job, I find this lucrative. I totally recommend that you sign up with CashCrate and enjoy like me.

Pros and Cons


  • They offer a $1 sign up bonus upon registration
  • Their online site is swift, neatly designed to ease navigation.
  • Their reward mechanism is transparent for quick understanding.
  • They have built a good reputation over these years


  • They seem to have a higher minimum payout threshold which is $20.

About Mintvine

Mintvine which is now known as Branded Surveys is also an online GPT sites ike swagbucks that allows you to earn through surveys and other online activities. Their website’s design is warm and welcoming. This is a great site which also has partnership with renowned sites like Nielsen and Harris Poll. Since they started existing from the year 2012, they have expanded and now has more than one million participants over these years. The site is being operated by the Branded Research Inc. and has many other outlets round the world. They are also well known by the Better Business Bureau
(BBB) and has a good rating with them. Also, they are a proud member of the European Society for Opinion and Market Research (ESOMAR). So you are in the right hands.


To become a member of MintVIne (Branded Surveys), you can sign up from their registration section on their website. Fill in the required info and wait for your confirmation email to be sent to you. You can complete your account registration through the link that will be forwarded to your email.

You must be up to the age of 13 years before you can sign up with this survey site. MintVine is available only to residents of specific countries which include Canada, United Kingdom and United States.

Ways to Earn with Mintvine

Sign Up Bonus – new members are offered a welcome bonus of $2 which is equivalent to 200 points upon completion of their registration and up to 510 points offered to you when you go ahead to complete and update your profile.

Cashback – you get rewarded for local shopping where you get discounts on prices of items and sometimes additional points will be added to you as bonus.

Local Deals –this is an aspect where you get rewarded for being among a local community.

Surveys –You get to be notified on surveys which you qualify for and this will be determined from your demographic. For surveys you are disqualified from, they give you a compensation of 5 points and they may make use of your responses to attach more suitable surveys to you subsequently. You can complete an average survey in this platform within a range of 10 to 20 minutes while few of the surveys tend to last a bit longer than this stipulated time.

Also, there’s an option to participate in the other type of survey known as this Mint Roll. This survey needs at least about 7 minutes to complete and you can earn up to 200 points when you complete any of them. These surveys can be accessed through their account section which is available when you must have logged in.

Focus Group – Here you can earn more, about $25 to $50 within an hour of participation. They are quite similar to surveys but you will be required to provide more responses to the questions asked or topics being discussed.

Referral Program – here you get to earn about 15% of all your referral earning as well as additional 50 points whenever your referrals participate in their first survey.

Reward Option

Their minimum payout threshold is $10 which is equivalent to 1000 points. Once you have acquired up to this minimum payout, you may decide to either redeem your earnings through gift cards which will be forwarded to your email or you can redeem it for cash through PayPal Payment.  Once you have requested to redeem your rewards, you need to exercise patience for the next 2 days before it will be properly processed.


Tory Says

Within 6 months of becoming a member of this site, I can’t believe myself because I have earned about $200 and counting. I made money through many means including my opinions which I shared with some of the music genres (about $1.10), the 30 cents I keep receiving each time I get disqualified for a survey, through daily and constant signing in, referral bonus as well as my sign up bonus and many other ways. I’m certainly going to stay a while with this survey site and I totally recommend it to other.

CamBara88 Says

I don’t think I’m coming back to this site, got disqualified in the middle of surveys severally and it sad. Out of 18 surveys I tried out, I was only able to earn $1.45. it’s too poor. This site is simply not worth my time.

Pros and Cons


  • Your safety and protection is fully assured in this site. Your personal data and private info are all shielded away from all third parties.
  • They provide varieties of ways to earn with this platform. No time for boredom.


  • Their availability is limited only to some countries
  • Their surveys seem to be limited recently too.



About Bing Rewards

This is a platform that initially started as a platform that rewards you for surfing the net through Bing. But, presently, Bing now offers different reward programs to help you earn more like Swagbucks. They launched their business in the year 2010 and has been increasing their community since they started this business. All you have to keep doing, is to ensure you are logged into your Bing account steadily and you get rewarded with credits as you perform your searches.


Bing has different levels of membership. As a new member in Bing, you will automatically belong to the first level of membership called the “Member” level. Here, all you receive is rewards from using Bing engine to perform searches and from their daily offers.

To enter the next level of membership which is the Silver level, you have to complete the “Welcome to Rewards” tour, then you redeem your first reward. Once you have up to 200 credits after these procedures, you will automatically be upgraded to the Silver Level. In this level, you will receive all the rewards of the Member level as well as a one-time 50 credit bonus.

The next and last membership level is the “Gold” level. Here, you need a minimum of 750 lifetime credits and must have performed about 150 rewardable searches with Bing monthly. Here, you are given a privilege of having a discount up to 10% whenever you wish to redeem your rewards.

Members must be up to 13 years of age and above before you can become an eligible member.

Ways to earn with Bing Rewards

App Installation – recently, you get to earn through the app. All you need to do is to download the app and install it on your device to enjoy it better. For every 2 searches you perform on your mobile device, you will receive 1 cent till you get to a maximum of 10 credits on daily basis.

Cashback – just like Swabucks, you get to earn some percentage back as cashback when you shop through them.

Active Browsing – this is where you are rewarded when you are active with the Microsoft Edge browser usage.

Tasks –here you get to perform searches and also play trivia games which in return lets you earn. Some of the available tasks can be viewed from the Bing Rewards Dashboard. Most times, you get to earn one credit for any completed task.

Referral Program – in as much as you get to receive bonuses for referring this site to others, you will also receive a whopping 150 points any time any of your referrals attains the silver status.

Reward Options

They reward their members through gift cards to places like Amazon, Hulu, Microsoft Store, Burger King, Domino’s Pizza, Groupon, IHOP, Sephora, Starbucks, iTunes, Applebee’s and so on.There are other available options which include donations to charity, Airline Miles, Prints and Photobooks from Shutterfly or sweepstakes entries. To earn daily, you are required to spend about 5 minutes of your time daily in performing any of the activities in the site. You can track your Bing Rewards from the credit counter if you have the latest version of any of these internet browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, safari or Internet Explorer. If you visit any of Bing.com page, you will view the credit counter at the top right corner of the page.

You can also view it from the Bing Bar which you can download and install for easier view.

You are only required to earn a minimum of $5 which is their minimum payout threshold before you can redeem your rewards.


Fernandi4 Says

I can say I enjoyed using Bing for a while, that was before they started to slice my credits into after I started maximizing my daily earning.

IamBett Says

I just enjoy the fact that I earn something for just performing searches which I do anyway on any normal day. It’s a great opportunity.

Pros and Cons


  • It offers you a platform to be rewarded for your usual online action which is surfing the net
  • When you compare them to other GPT sites, you can see that it is easier to receive points here than in other sites
  • They have varieties of reward options
  • Their referral program is quite lucrative
  • Once you are able to spend few minutes daily in their site, you become entitled to a gift cards reward on monthly basis.
  • Once you become a gold member, you no longer need to strive for too many points


  • The number of people you are permitted to refer are quite limited.
  • Again, you just have to adjust a new search engine that is not your original browser search engine.
  • No option is available for redeeming your credits for cash payment.

About Offernation

This is one of the renowned GPT cashback site ike Swagbucks, that gives members an opportunity to carry out variants of task and in return get rewarded for their services. They have successfully paid up to 270,000.00 Dollars to their members all over the world and have a total member force of up to 110,286 as of the time of compiling the review. This company is owned by 99 Ventures Ltd with their official office address at Suite 36, 88-90 Hatton Garden, London, EC1N 8PN, United Kingdom. The company official URL address is www.offernation.com,  they also have other affiliate sites such as www.superpay.me,  www.1rewardingways.com.


For you to become an OfferNation member, you must abide the laws of the company. The member must provide valid email as well as giving them credible information about themselves. The proposed member must be up to the age of 18+ and must be a living individual to qualify to become a full member. Members are not allowed to possess more than one account and once discovered, you will have your account blocked. OfferNation reserves the rights to deny anyone access to their account without any notice at any time. Members may be requested to provide for their contact address and their account might not receive any payment until your address is confirmed and in most cases a telephone verification may be employed. Any inactive account for a period of 90 days (3 months) will be blocked.

Ways to Earn

Referral Package: Once you refer a friend to OfferNation, you are entitled to 25% of his life earning from OfferNation. Even as it sounds, it requires a lot of consistency to make it to the top. So, what are you waiting? Start inviting your friends and families to come and join the moving train of GPT.

Paid Surveys: You tend to get some cash by completing your daily paid surveys, this in return will maximize your daily online earning.

Contest Package:OfferNation on quarterly offers up to $1000.00 to the top 20 earning members and the top earn gets up to 350 dollars. You can actually make it to this contest only if you an active participant.

Social Media: Most times OfferNation posts a promo code on their different social media handle for members to use to boost their point. So, if I were you I will spend my time where I get paid for doing little task.

Welcome Package: Newly signed up members upon their successful completion of the registration gets a reward of 25 cents. Although, the offer might not be mouthwatering, it still pushes your payout threshold to the next level.

App Download: Most times OfferNation gives you paid download which can be found in the Offerwall tab on the website. But I will advise that you read the terms and conditions before downloading any app.

Paid Click Ads: this is one among many ways to earn cool cash. Although the reward is low but take it as a mining biz and with time it grows. OfferNation only allows ads from their company.

Reward Options

OfferNation made available many payment systems to fast track the quick disbursement of funds to their members. These payment provisions include Instant PayPal = $1, Payza = $10, MoneyBookers, Skills = $1, Bitcoin = $100 as well as PayPal = $1. Points can as well be redeemed for Gift Card from Amazon. This process is there for your services once your minimum balance is up to $1.00. Payments depends on the type of task you carried out, however, you can be paid ranging from 30 minutes to 60 days as the case may be.


Here are some of the feedbacks and complaints gotten from members of OfferNation.

DonnySar Says

OfferNation is a good and reliable because it has a cool and stress-free way of making cool cash apart from your daily or monthly pay.  The Cashout threshold is fast and reliable, I was surprise when I got my first pay within few days’ notice, which is far better than most survey sites that I surveyed for. I advise anyone, who is in search for a super and fast way to make extra cash other than the usual work they do, to sign up and start survey with OfferNation and feel the vibes.

BloppyS02 Says

To me OfferNation is a wonderful survey site where you can secure a reasonable amount of extra cool cash on daily basis through a reliable and easy survey plus other attractive tasks. Another reason why I love this survey site is that they pay me what they promised to pay and I can now trust them to deliver their promises. They have loads of survey available for me to do daily, thereby making my daily earning to increase by 70%. The low minimum cash out is encouraging and it helps me to withdraw whatever I earn daily. I hereby invite and recommend this survey site to all survey lovers and to those who wish to be getting extra pay other than their monthly payment.

DangerTY Says

This platform is indeed fascinating and I must confess that I enjoy every bit of their offer, the minimum $1 cash out is amongst the features I love most in this website. The site is equipped with some easy to navigate features, which makes it fast and easy to earn site.  However, the videos are worth trusted and kind of fast played. Apart for the fact that my verification took much time to be authenticated, the payout is relatively the best and fastest site I have used.

Oburamatu Says

I’m very glad that such sites still exist and pay. Having found out the benefits, there is no going back because it’s a legit survey site and pays faster, the cash out is also easier to process. However, my account is not always credited with my points and reward, which is key in making more cool cash as soon as I have been credited. The surveys made available is little to nothing in making a living and settling your daily bills. I think, when these requests are met with, then all other features in this site will be second to none. I recommend this site to all loners and those that have extra time to spare.

Pros and Cons


  • The payout threshold is relatively low
  • You can as well get paid via PayPal
  • Anyone can join from all works of life


  • It resembles the previous company sites
  • It takes time for one to qualify for surveys and other tasks
  • The graphical user interface is not mobile friendly at all

About InstaGC

This is one of the GPT website, which offers designated tasks for you to do in exchange for cash which is redeemable through gift cards from Amazon and many more just like Swagbucks. The site is owned and operated by Day Online Solution, LLC. With official URL address www.instagc.com.  And their head office is at P.O Box 48, Sellersburg, IN 47172. Day Online Solution LLC. Obtained business accreditation from BBB which can be found on BBB website

InstaGC offers chat services to users from any of these countries such as Ireland, United Kingdom, Australia, United States as well as New Zealand once they have redeemed up to $50 or more as a reward.

Note: You are also advised to adhere strictly to the rules guiding the chat, inbox as well as the support tickets. However, there is always a chat moderator around to cut low all random or foul language and to maintain orderliness in the group.


Having signed up and completed the registration process, you have been bound to the terms and agreement guiding the running of the instaGC.com (known now as InstaGC). However, you need to read the terms and condition before you can eschew you right and obligation to the services of InstaGC. After you must have read the terms and condition, it is illegal and prohibited to continue with the registration if you don’t agree with it.

Member eligibility is open to those above 18+ and 13+ under parental guide and consent and the countries accepted by PayPal excluding China and Vietnam are the only ones allowed to participate in this the platform. Although, InstaGC reserves the right to make changes as of when they deemed it fit to do so and all you need to do is to continually checking on the terms as to acquaint thy self with the new changes if there is any. However, users within the age bracket of 13+ are under the Children policy online and InstaGC reserves the right under the (COPPA 1998) to limit some identifiable information both online or offline as the case may be. Using of proxy or attempt to reroute connection is prohibited while VPN is also not allowed.

Members are only allowed to own a single account with them and will not hesitate to block and make you as a cheat if they notice that you are using double account. However, you are allowed to invite and refer your friends, family and others to join the platform. Further, if your account has been locked/closed/deleted, you may not be allowed again to register again on the site. Accounts can in no means be transferred or shared as the case might be.

Note: Members who are inactive or not logged in to their account for over a period of 60 days will have his account blocked, unless in a special case where the member meets up to a specific required task of earning up to 100 to 1000 points or referring a certain number of friends and families. And any account that does not confirm his or her email address will as well be removed from the system.

Being a member, you are eligible to earn some certain point and reward after completing some tasks which InstaGC offers. The following tasks such as;

– Survey

-Watching Videos

-Trail Offers

-Listening to Radio


-Referring others

-Clicking links

However, the services offered by InstaGC is not certain as they have the sole right to revoke and freeze any account found wanting or deemed needed and they also reserved the right to hold members’ information and cookies in their own database. This will enable them provide effective services to their members and also to have a statistic of the amount to pay their members

Ways to Earn

Complete tasks – In this section, many tasks are being made available by InstaGC on the dashboard immediately you sign in to your account. The task which are made available include completing surveys, watching videos, shopping, ad walls, completing offers/free trails.

Social Media – InstaGC offers randomly point booster codes in the group chat of their social media such as facebook, blogs and many other internet forums. The codes are redeemable on the instagc.com/codes/ page. However, you need to check and spell the codes correctly so that you will not experience error along the line. And the code varies according to the level you have earned before.

Sign Up Bonus – InstaGC offers you the privilege of getting a reward of up to 10 points for signing up with your email, Facebook, Twitter, or Google account.

Toolbar WebSearch – If you SafeSearch tab are disabled and you search using their toolbar, then you will be reward with few points within some minutes.

Downloading Apps – Most times it is hard to find this but once you found the specified app that you want to download under the MatoMoney, complete the download and stay on the app for like few minutes and you will get up to 200 coins. This is only for countries like United States, Canada, Australia as well as United Kingdom and it can be processed within 1 to 3 working days, however only $0.25 is accessed per redemption.

Referral Program – InstaGC rewards you with a 10-point bonus for each authenticated and confirmed referral made from countries such as Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, or United States and no referral will be allotted to any referral outside these countries. However, any attempt to make or create fake referral account will be deleted within 7 days of their registration.

Reward Option

However, they made their payment system to be fast by sending most of the gift card to your email address, rather than waiting for a long time to get a delivery of the physical gift, which in most cases takes a while to be delivered. You can as well donate your money to charity or demand that they make direct deposit to your PayPal account. They also offer Countries such as Australia, Germany, United States, Canada and United Kingdom Eligibility and others has to verify their PayPal account before payment. In the same vein, payment processing can be done in different ways such as receiving a pin through a phone call or by message and two users are not allowed to use one phone number.

100 points is equal to $1 and their gift card retailers include the following Amazon.com, Target, GameStop, eBay, Walmart, Old Navy, T-Mobile, and many more.


Below are what has been in the minds of many members, based on the challenges, feedbacks and complaints, which they faced on the website.


Being a mother lonely mother and wife that stayed at home all day, InstaGC has being my source of succour when no one is at home with me. I have made a lot of money from InstaGC through diligent and consistent hard work. Although, it requires time and patience, but it kind of worth the stress. I keep withdrawing once I reach my daily $10 and I decide how they pay me, either by PayPal, direct deposit or via Amazon, Kmart and Walmart card gifts. This is the only GPT website that I have interesting and has lived up to expectations. I wish to invite and recommend this website to any mother that has extra time to join InstaGC and make cool cash.


I don’t know why many users are complaining about this site. I actually joined this site not quit long ago and in less than a month, I made up to $80.00. I think it works for me and I will continue to work and get paid. This made me to send the videos of my payment prove on Facebook for all to see that this website is not a scam and they need not to be afraid and this alone has gotten me up to 55 referrals. Therefore, I can recommend InstaGC to anyone who has a clean mind to make cool cash at his or her free time to do so without fear because InstaGC is Legit.


Having been on InstaGC for close to two years, I made close to $150 worth of gift cards, but as soon as I decided to collect it, they flagged down my account and place it on dispute and blocked it without any just reason which I am yet to understand. They refused to grant me access to the forum because they were afraid that I may say out my challenge in public. This has been a very big concern as I don’t know how to make instaGC to pay me and it’s kind of disappointing that I may leave the site as soon as I collect my gift card. When I made a complain about the delay of payment earlier, the sent me a cautioning reminder of the rules guiding the site and aside that I didn’t made any complain or broke any rule as they may have claimed. So, my advice is for you not to waste your honourable time doing what at the end they will block you or start tell you cock and bull stories. Am not recommending this site to anyone who loves his or her time.


To join PTC site is not the issue but the bone of contention is that I have come to agree with many that, most GPT website is kind sniffing on my private document, which has been the reason I don’t grant them access to most of the cookies and other pop up stuffs. However, I think InstaGC is kind of discipline to respect people’s privacy, but they need to pay than finding a slightest opportunity to block or dispute someone’s account. My own experience is a bit different because I used to use my office internet to log in most times as well as my own local area network, which makes it complicated for me and I was listed among the account on dispute and have been trying to convince the customer support unit to open my account but to no avail. To me I think I have spent several months playing on this site only to be blocked for just IP address differences but with the same mac address and the same device. If you wish to join, please don’t put all your hope incase the dash it on the ground.

Pros and Cons


  • Fast cash out
  • 100 percent free, no retreading
  • Lots of tasks to earn points on a daily basis
  • Different choice of gift items available to redeem your points
  • Only countries supported by PayPal are allowed here excluding


  • No phone no cash out
  • Poor customer support service
  • Many disqualifications from surveys



About PrizeRebel

This is yet another Swagbucks alternative site that offers different activities that you can earn from. Since the year 2007 that they came into business, they have continued to expand and now currently has more than 7.5 million participants. Over these years, members have received rewards worth up to 15 million Dollars. They have also been active on social media platform with over 200,000 fans.


To become a member of PrizeRebel, you must be up the age of 18 years and above. However, those between the ages of 13 and 18 who wishes to be part of this platform, must present their parental consent before they can be allowed to participate in the activities of the site.

Again, this platform seems to be more favourable to members who reside in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia and Canada.

Ways to Earn in PrizeRebel

Taking Survey – you can earn by participating and completing daily surveys that are available in this site. These daily surveys are made available through survey routers like Your Surveys, Cint Daily, Precision Sample Surveys, Tap Research Surveys, Samplicious Surveys, OxSample Router and so much more.

Watching Video –You can view the short videos available in this site in return for rewards

Contests and raffle draws/Games – here, you get to win through contests, raffle draws or when you play the lucky number game.

Other Offers/Tasks –this is one of the easiest ways to earn money in PrizeRebel, check out their daily points page and see the available task opportunities they have present. Some of these tasks earn you extra free bucks including surfing the internet. You can as well check out the available offers which may include joining mailing lists, signing up for trials and lots more.

Referral Program – here you can receive up to 30% bonus on your referral earnings depending on the level of your account.

There are however opportunities to upgrade your account level as you accumulate more points from participating in activities and referrals.

Account levels and the corresponding points are as follows;

  • Silver level – a minimum of 1000 points is required
  • Gold level – a minimum of 2500 points is required
  • Platinum level – a minimum of 7000 points is required.
  • Diamond level – a minimum of 12,000 points is required

Reward Option

With as low as $2, you can redeem your rewards with gift cards to more than 500 places like Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks, Target, eBay and Walmart but cash payment through PayPal or ACH bank transfer requires a minimum threshold of $10 to be processed.

It takes about 24 hours to process your withdrawal request but members who have attained the gold level can receive their payments instantly after request.


Wick5 Says

This is one of the best survey sites I came across offering almost many opportunities to earn and also they pay almost instantly, I can’t ask for more, totally recommending it for others.

Youtru Says

As a college student that I am, I find this site totally useful because I have been able to earn through this platform. I like the fact that you can get paid through PayPal and in any denomination you wish. I have paid off my textbook debts with my earnings here. So, I would totally recommend this site to others and also confirm that they are 100% legit.

Zaqui says

Within few hours I registered with them, I already earned few points which I exchanged for gift cards. The most amazing part is now that I was sent these gift cards within 24 hours. Their customer service is superb. I’m rating them 5 out of 5.

Pros and Cons.


  • Prompt Payment
  • Lots of earning opportunities
  • There are no too many complaints about PrizeRebel. This proves it is a trustworthy site.
  • Extra points are awarded for completing daily deals.


  • Mobile apps are not available in this site

About Gift Hunter Club

Gift Hunter club is an online Get-Paid-To (GPT) site like Swagbucks with neat and artistic designs which gives it a welcoming look when visited. They have been operating since the year 2003 and has more than 1 million active members in their site. Their website is available in both English and Spanish language.


You must be up to the age of 14 years and above which is their legal age of consent before you are allowed to register with them.

Ways to earn in Gift Hunter Club

Offers –  in just about 10 minutes you will be earning about 40 points when you complete offers in this platform. It is advisable that u=you make sure your credit card is not linked to your account anytime you wish to try out trial offers to avoid being debited, mostly on monthly basis.

Listening to Radio/music –Listening to your favourite station or music is another way to earn points with Gift Hunter Club. Once you listen to it fill about 30 minutes, you will automatically see a captcha code box which will pop up. Once you respond to it, you will receive 0.2 points. You can choose to relax with the music from these stations, and still get to earn from it.

Watching Videos –Here, you are rewarded for watching short videos of less than 3 minutes, including video ads. Each of the video completed earns you about 1 point after watching.

Contest –here we have the referral Contest and the Task contest. You stand to earn 3500 points which is equivalent to $35 when you become a champion in the referral contest, and the first 10 runner up gets 100 points each.

For the task contest, you get 1000 points as the winner and the 2nd and 3rd runner up wins 500 points each.

Mobile App – downloading their mobile app into your android device is another way to earn points. But this is only available for the android users and the app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store only.

Sharing – when you follow the Gift Hunter Club’s Facebook Fan Page by liking them and also liking them on Twitter, you get to earn 10 points. Also, you will receive additional 5 points for sharing their website on your media platform like Facebook and Twitter.

Tasks – here, you may be requested to perform task such as rating other websites and likes of it. Completing some of these easy to do tasks can earn you about 4 to 7 points. And you will receive extra 100 points when you earn up to 1000 points weekly from tasks.

Taking Surveys – with the site releasing about 4 to 6 surveys on daily basis, you stand a chance of earning about 60 points from each of the surveys you take. The necessary details for every survey can be accessed from the survey section.

Referral Program – you get to earn about 10% referral bonus of all your referral’s bonus as well as extra $5 of the earning of those they refer too.

Testimonial – Gift Hunter Club rewards you with additional 5 points each time you testify when you must have received your rewards.

Other Bonuses – here you get to receive 10 points if you can earn 1 points subsequently on daily basis up to one whole week.

Also, you get to receive 20 points bonus on daily basis if you earn up to 200 points within a day.

Reward Option

You can redeem your rewards in this platform through cash payment via PayPal or gift cards to varieties of places like Amazon, Best Buy Steam and so on. You require a minimum of 200 points which is equivalent of $2 before you can redeem your rewards in Gift Hunter Rewards. Just spend a minimum of 20 minutes in their site while taking up an activity to earn daily.


Heety Says

This site is one of the best I have come across, I have been receiving payments initially about 4 times and I currently just earned $10 which I have cashed.

Amor87 Says

If there’s any survey site I can refer you to, then this would definitely be it. I got my payment in less than 24 hours, totally stress free.

Pros and Cons


  • Their online site is well designed for easy navigation
  • Their mobile app feature provides easier login and earning
  • They give you the privilege of earning by just listening to radio
  • Their referral bonus allows you to earn both from your direct referrals as well as your referrals’ referral.


  • You may encounter some difficulties trying to choose the best gift cards since they have too many gift card options.

About SuperPay.me

Superpay.me is yet another reputable online site that rewards its members for their opinion and also provides earning opportunities for them. Over these years, they have been able to make over $1.6 million worth of payment to their members as rewards. you can visit their head office at Suite 36, 88-90 Hatton Garden, London, EC1N 8PN, United Kingdom. They have been highly rated with a grade of 7.8 out of 10. Relax and enjoy this amazing site.


Before you can fully sign up with this reward site, first of all, you need to attain the age of 18 years old and above before you can be allowed to become part of them. Secondly, be watching so as not to open more than one account here. Superpay.me does not give room for multiple accounts to be owned by an individual. This may lead to the termination of your account and they don’t owe you any explanation if they eventually log you out.

Again, it is important to note that you cannot share your payment account with other people. Always fill in your true and original names wherever it is necessary.

With all this in place, you can visit their official website which is www.superpay.me and find the sign up for free button. Click on this button to be automatically redirected to the sign up page. Fill in the required details and send. You will receive an email containing the link to complete your profile, click on the link and finish up your registration process.

Note that it is very important to avoid opening up or log in from the OPERA MINI browser because it is likely to be marked as fraud account. Avoid sending spam emails to your panellists as this can also get you blocked.

Ways to Earn with Superpay.me

Offer Wall – This is the section that contains more of the available offers, daily tasks, cashback offers, paid to click ads and a lot of earning opportunities. Click on any of them as you please to check out their offer. Always pay close attention to the instructions guiding how to earn on the particular available offer.

Friend Referrals –  this is another medium to earn with superpay.me. you get to receive up to 25% of all your referral earnings and your referrals too earns about $0.20 as they register.

Competitions – participate in their daily, weekly, monthly or yearly contests to win larger amount.

Promo Codes – this can be accessed through their social media platform such as Facebook or Twitter.

Payment Proof –  you are rewarded for posting your payment proof online as well as initiating a discussion about this site on the site’s forum.

Reward Options

Members are free to receive their rewards through cash payment via PayPal, Skrill, or Payza, cryptocurrency vi bitcoin or just through gift cards to places like Amazon and so on. You need to acquire a minimum of $1 before you can request for your reward and Bitcoin payment is a minimum of $50


YeeN8 Says

In my own little ways, I think that the surveys provided in this platform are too poor to keep your hope on. They should try to give out more and more surveys for us to earn more. That notwithstanding, I still think that this site is perfect and excellent. You can fully trust them to deliver and get paid in one of the easiest ways possible. I’ll totally recommend it to others

Bety Says

In less than two hours of joining this survey community, I was excited as I was already able to earn up to $4.50. As if that isn’t amazing enough, I received my payment before one hour of my withdrawal requests. I can say that this site is just superb. They have their acts together. They deserve nothing more than to be awarded the gift of excellence to them.

Kiep Says

This is a nice site because I have been able to benefit a lot from the site. They have active platform and their rate of offering services is fast. You get to receive your payment without much stress. The only issue I seem to be having here from time to time is the fact that sometimes, I don’t see my points being credited. I can only advise them to improve on their site performance so as not to deprive people of their rights.

Pros and Cons


  • Sound customer care services are provided here.
  • Their payment is swift
  • Lots of earning opportunities are presented here.


  • Complaints of not getting credited with the deserved points is fast rising.

About Point2Shop

This is among the biggest GPT sites that is well known. Members get rewarded just for performing certain types of task available in the platform especially their paid offers. Their site has been in business for more than a decade now since the year 2007 and has been listed among the Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating list. They have their official address to be located in Alpharetta GA.


The age consent for this site is 18 years of age. If you are not up to this age, you can register alongside with your parental consent as long as you have attained the age of 13 years. Again, although members from all locations are accepted but those who reside in United Kingdom, United State and Canada seem to have the best offer.

Note that your account is set to be blocked if you become inactive for a consecutive period of 4 months. Also, creation of more than one account per person leads to the termination of your account.

Ways to Earn in Point2Shop

Sign Up Bonus – upon completion of registration, new members receive a welcome bonus of 250 points which is equivalent to $2.50.

Surveys and offers– This is one of the most basic and primary way to earn with this site. You get to earn within 50 to 60 points in surveys with a duration of 15 to 25 minutes. This means that you get to earn about $0.50 to $0.60 for each survey.

Also, this site provides different types of offers to their members which are the Paid offer and the free offer.

For free offers, all you need to do is to click on the link provided, sign up and then your account will be credited with the points attached to that offer.

For paid offers, it is the same procedure as free offers but you will be required to pay a certain fee either through your credit card or allowing them subtract it from your earnings.

Watching Videos –Although you may tend to earn by watching videos, but the reward is not worth it though. Just 1 point for one video. It’s better to spend your time on other things.

Playing Games –here, you get to experience unique game features that thrills you and lets you have fun at its maximum. The only challenge here is that in some games, you will be required to attain a certain level before you get to receive your points.

Contests – you may decide to participate in their competitions to earn more.

Referral Program – here, members get to earn up to 15% of their referral earnings but will earn additional $1 when their referrals reside in either United Kingdom or United States. To earn better, ensure you have active referrals on your link. You are free to use their banners, links as well as other promotional tools available in this site to refer people to their platform.

Other ways to earn in this platform is by posting lottery tickets in their forum.

Reward Option

You can still earn without your PC present but this is possible through the app provided by this platform.


Xis Says

I’m just thankful for this great opportunity to earn with this reward site. I have been able to withdraw my earnings up to three times with this site. More good services to you guys. Thumbs up.

Grey6 Says

For me, this site is no longer as active as it was before. Their customer support is so poor nowadays and drastically going down the drain. They are recently experiencing too many technical breakdown. It will be wise if they sit up and upgrade their site.

Pros and Cons


  • Their site has been among those listed with the Better Business Bureau
  • Your privacy is assured


  • Their site is not quite attractive
  • Although listed in the Better Business Bureau Rating, they were poorly rated.

About Uniquerewards

This another GPT online loyalty site that operates like Swagbucks. They are into market research that allows their members to complete a specified task in exchange of points/money. ZoomBucks got into business in the late 2010 under the chairmanship and management of Vikas Tailor who is based in Canada. They obtained a business advertisement from Better Business Bureau (BBB). There business address is located at #142 – 757 West Hastings Street, Suite #101 Vancouver, BC V6C1A1 Canada, you can as well check the official URL web address by visiting www.uniquerewards.com or get help from


To become a member in Uniquerewards you must meet up to the following terms and condition. The member must be or above the specified legal age of 18+. Any member who has an inactive account for a duration of 60 days will have their account suspended. ZoomBucks reserves the right to review members’ location, member

Ways to Earn with Uniquerewards

Below are some of the ways by which you can make cool money with Uniquerewards. These ways include;

Sign up Reward: Every fully registered member will be rewarded with the sum of $5. This is an avenue to encourage prospective members to join and register with them.

Paid Surveys: Uniquerewards gives members up to 8 surveys per day to those who qualified to engage in the tasks. This is one of the easy way to make cool cash from the site.

Social Media: Most times Uniquerewards do send out promotional codes to their social networks and blogs as well. This is to encourage people to keep watching their growing trend and many others.

Paid emails: Although, this is not steadily available, yet Uniquerewards do send paid emails containing surveys or other tasks. However, this paid email might not be as handy as it used to be in sites like InboxDollars, but you need to grab any offer that you find appealing.

Refer a Friend: Once you refer a friend to Uniquerewards, you will gain 10% of his or her point for a life time. This can be attested to be among the best earning task, which will relatively not allow you to spend much time and yet get paid in return.

Front Page Videos: For those who love watching online videos, you should try the ones offered by Uniquerewards. The short video clips last only for 30 to 120 seconds and you can earn up to 2-3 point for each video you watch, thereby making it fun to watch video and get paid.

Web Search: This is another way to earn cool cash while you surf the net using their designated web search other than Google, yahoo, bing and many more. Each search is equal to

Win ZBucks: This is a daily package given to members immediately, once they sign in and click the Win Uniquerewards. All you need to do is to see if you have any task kept for you to complete.

Install Toolbar: This also gives you little cash if you can install the toolbar in your device and you will automatically be rewarded.

Paid Offers: In Uniquerewards, there are a lot of special tasks that you can opt in and be happy of earning a while. This include and not limited to trail version of offers and so on, these also include online stores and others.

Reward Options

Uniquerewards offers different types of payment which includes but not limits the likes of Cash Payment or Prize like Gift Cards. Once you have reached the minimum withdrawal requirement of 5 dollars which is an equivalent of 650 points. However, no given or specified number of hours or days it will take to process the payments.


Try4 Says

About a year after I became a member of this reward site, I was able to withdraw my earnings. The only thing there is that it took a while, almost 20 days before I had my earnings with me. At a time, after I lost my job, I took out time to stay with site so I can earn more, but it now seems so difficult to receive my bonus.

Pros and Cons


  • Direct referral has no limit, unlike many GPT that limits their referral numbers
  • They pay their members and it is a very big mark for them.
  • Their minimum Payout is cool with a withdrawal limit of $5
  • They accept members all over the world, thereby giving everyone equal chances of making cool cash
  • It has swagbucks characteristics


  • They don’t have a specified payout timing, which makes their withdrawal process very fishy and members who dare to talk will be blocked.
  • Many international offers were lacking in the site, many tasks are available to people living within Canada, United States as well as United Kingdom

About Treasure Trooper

This is one among many loyalty reward platforms equipped with different features, whereby members are allowed to complete some offers and in return, they get paid. The site official URL address is www.treasuretrooper.com or you can send an email to their official email address on support@treasuretrooper.com. You can as well pay them a courtesy visit at their official contact address @ PO Box 270303 Flower Mound, TX 75027-0303. The site is managed by Indiana jones feel and has been under his management since the year 2005.


To become a member with Treasure Trooper, you must be up to 18+ and must have a valid email address. By signing up with treasure trooper, you have agreed in their terms and conditions and they reserve the right to suspend, block any account they deemed fit. Any inactive account for the period of 90 days will be removed from their database. For you to be eligible to join Treasure Trooper, you must in any way share the same IP or Mac address with any current member of Treasure Trooper, if you are caught doing so, you will have your account suspended and banned with the other related culprits. Residents of Canada, UK as well as United States has upper hand in the platform.

Ways to Earn with Treasure Trooper

Friend Referral: On every referral made Treasure Trooper pays you 20% of their life earnings and 5% of their friends earning too. So, if I were you I will get started by packing my friends to come and join Treasure trooper.

Special Offers: There many special offers that you may engage to get a reward of up to $0.50 and $50. For you to make real big in this platform, you got to sit tight and start completing special offers to move to the next level.

Paid Surveys: You will receive some rewards from completing surveys in Treasure Trooper. Each member has a daily limit of 8 surveys at the price rate of $1 each. Any of these that you found interesting, feel free and explore your potentials.

Complete Tasks: You get to earn more if you can complete various degrees of task such as ads, search tools, watch paid videos and others.

Online Shopping: Hundreds of popular online retailers are waiting to pay you back some percentage of the total amount you spent on their stores. This is called cashback and on every $5 you earn from cashback, you will receive a platinum coin for gifts and prizes.

Play Mini-games: With this you tend to earn non-cash reward such as platinum coins, gems, gold coins and others which can be exchanged for prizes such as gift cards.

Reward Option

Treasure Trooper made available many payment options to fast track their services to their members


We were able to gather some of the feedbacks and complaints of members of Treasure Trooper and below are some of the randomly selected ones.

YonnySard Says

Treasure Trooper is endowed with a fast payment method and I love the easy to navigate features of the site. Having used so many survey sites, who refused to meet up with their promises, suddenly I found this survey site, I knew the difference was clear in all ramification and I love how the payment format works. The $1 minimum payout threshold is the best and I didn’t find it difficult to withdraw my money, which is the most important of the whole matter. Kudus to you guys and I recommend that you check it out yourself.

loppybS02 Says

After signing up, I decided to make a huge impact on the site, by being the first to withdrawal the largest share but it was kind of difficult for me when I reached $22($20 is the minimum payout threshold) and I wanted to collect the one that I have before they block my account. This was due the fear of stuffs I read about how their account was blocked when they must have reached a very high level. I tried withdrawing and was asked to provide my PayPal account, unfortunately my PayPal account don’t have a card linked to it and I kept trying, which I keep getting excuses of linking my account to my bank and stuffs like that. Suddenly they said I exited the required trail period and blocked my account for over three months; however, after series of plea they opened it and ask for my ID, which is a kind of surprise because the only loyalty site that requested for my ID is fishy. I did upload my ID but blurred the number because they only asked for my address, they sent me a message that I doctored the ID and I can’t be confirmed. The customer Support Unit is very terrific to work with yet they could solve any single complaints I laid. I’m beginning to understand that this site looks like a scam. A big thumb down for them.

DyammyTY Says

When you think of where to earn quick and fast cash, Treasure Trooper is the answer to your prayer about a reliable cashback site. I love the way they act as their name implies. The variants of surveys and reward system is fantastic, which anyone, who wants survey work can easily do and collect cool cash. I recommend this survey site to everyone, who has interest in making extra cash.

Obik7 Says

Treasure Trooper is very interesting and most of the surveys are given to me and the payout is within few days. The Survey Site is for real and I’m very happy to learn new things on daily basis while taking the surveys. Although, I have not gotten any withdrawal, yet I trust their website.

Pros and Cons


  • Sigh up is absolutely free
  • Offers varieties of tasks
  • Gives you access to many earning points
  • You get to make a lot of money


  • Takes time actualize your target
  • Don’t pay with check
  • Only for US citizens who are 18+
  • Payout take relatively longer period up to 6 weeks

About InboxDollars

InboxDollars can be said to be a GPT site, also known as Get Paid To, which is an online reward site that give members the platform to perform some soft tasks in exchange of point scores and you can redeem it either by cash or prize. InboxDollars was founded and managed by Daren Cotter in the early Summer of the year 2000 and by the year 2005, they have made a total payment of about $1 million and that gave birth to CotterWeb Enterprises, Inc. which has its head office situated the 1295 Northland Drive Suite 300 Mendota Heights, MN 55120 United States. According to the last known statistics InboxDollars as of middle of 2016 has paid its members a total sum of $50 million and given an Honorary Award as the Technology CEO by the Titans of Technology Award. They have an official URL address (www.inboxdollars.com) and a customer support email address support@inboxdollars where you can send an enquiry message.

They also have other affiliate sites such as SendEarnings.com, InboxPounds.co.uk and DailyRewards.com, which has been cleared for business by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).


All users, visitors as well as any other service platform are being referred to as members, therefore all members must be a living individual above the age of 18+ and must provide a valid email address prior registration so that the activation can be swift and fast. Members are mandated to comply with all bylaws guiding and regulating the smooth running of the platform. Each member is entitled to a single account and by no means will you duplicate it. However, this restriction is for members using the same email address for two account, more than one account using the same Mac address, IP as well as device and it also restricts more than one account for each household.

Having meet up with the above instructions, you may proceed to sign up for your account and make sure that you activate it within 7 days max. bonuses given to newly registered members changes as the case may be. However, members who wished to cancel their account may do so but InboxDollars reserve the right to keep exited members data for security reasons. In the same vein, members are permanently removed once they become inactive for the space of 6 months.

Ways to Earn with InboxDollars

There are relatively many chances of making cool cash with InboxDollars which include the following below

Spin and Win Wheel: By attempting a survey and not qualifying entitles you to a free spin, however you can still access the spin and win wheel by clicking Win Alert and Billy’s spin on the toolbar of member survey page. Once you press the spin bottom, you will be shown your prize which ranges from 25 cents and above.

Referral Package: once you refer a friend or family member, you are entitled to their 10 percent life earning. You can do that by submitting their emails to InboxDollars, so that immediately they sign up and complete a task, your own reward will be credited to you.

Shopping: This is actually a means of promoting online shopping, whereby you buy from their designated partners and they offer you up to 3 to 5 percent back. You can as well benefit from this by buying and using of Groupon and after, you can print and use the grocery coupons from coupons.com.

Online Video Clips:InboxDollars offers you 1 cent per each video click you have successfully watched. Many companies advertise their products via video and when you complete the task you are good to go. However, most videos give you a 404-error notice, meaning that the video might no longer be available.

Web Search:InboxDollars offers you another alternative of doing web search other than that of Bing, Google or Yahoo. By using their web search, you are rewarded with up to 15 cents per day as well as a 5 cents loyalty reward for using the web search for four consecutive days.

Cash Offers: There are a lot of free cash offers, which ranges from surveys and many others. The pay is from 10 cents up to $6.

Games: Many games are offered by InboxDollars, these include the likes of GNS/WorldWinner Games and you can make cool cash if you can an initial deposit of $10 to $20. So, if you are good with online games and you wish to compete with other players, then feel free to explore the world of games with InboxDollars.

Online Surveys: This is another interesting and easy way to earn cool cash and they are fast and easy to carry out the task. Some surveys give you up to 25 cents to 50 cents, making it easier for you to complete as many surveys as you can to earn yourself more money. The company still reserves the right to check if you are the right candidate they seek for, to do the survey.

Special Offers: It is more lucrative if you spend money to earn money. This is a special case where you need to join the Disney Movie Club to earn at least $12 or donate to save the children to earn $18. You can as well join ClubW Wine Club gives you an earning of up to $20, you don’t have any other setback to be among the threshold of the soft money makers.

Activate my List: After you must have completed the registration and sign in, there is a small pop up box tagged my list, in it are severe activities and offer, which you need to complete to earn a cool $1 bonus. This process continues till 7 days where you can refer a friend as well partake in surveys and many more.

Reward Options

Members are eligible to withdraw their money and it will be posted to a designated account and the minimum withdrawal is $30 for a fee of just $3 only or $40 or $50 without and service charge. You can receive your money either by Cash which can be paid directly to your account or PayPal or sending you gift card worth the equivalent of your money.

Note: The payment processing takes a minimum of 10 days and a maximum of 16 days to be completed for the first-time withdrawals and takes between 3 to 9 days for older members.


Among many people that has took part in this platform, many has feedbacks and complains which is necessary for every site to be made. Below are some of the selected reviews of members of InboxDollars.

GrammyASD Says

This site looks different from the other paid survey sites that I have tried. Most of their software are nothing to write home about and let the truth be told, they need a lot of upgrade and change of some certain policies to get good recommendation. I may not call it a scam site but their personality and they need to come and explain that the site doesn’t give cash the way people tag them to be.

Houton32 Says

When I initially started with InboxDollars, I heard many stories that they do not pay and when you complain, you will have your account being block for airing your opinion. Fortunately, I join them since August and I have made up to two withdrawals which has being cashed out.

NB: I found out that you can actually get $40 if when you reach the minimum cash out limit and you decided not to collect it, InboxDollars will not charge you the official $3 withdrawal fee. I have succeeded in trying this out and it worked for me and I will recommend that you do like me and enjoy the services of InboxDollars.

Broekiti18 Says

I couldn’t make any significant money from this site and my experience with them is so bad. After trying to qualify for a survey and they gave it to me and the middle of the survey, they will tell me that I am not eligible for the survey. It is high school kids who can waste their time and internet for this kind of shit.

LasgidiLAd Says

Having joined InboxDollars for quite some time, I will tag it “6 months of failure” because I couldn’t understand neither did I earn any reasonable amount of money for my time waste. Everything about the site takes longer time than necessary. And when I complained, they suspended my account, it is still part of their way to stop me from earning money, but they failed. I don’t recommend the site for anyone who values his or her precious time.

Pros and Cons


–              Easy tasks earn you quick cash

–              A sign up $5 bonus is assured

–              It’s legit and scam free

–              Register directly from InboxDollars to earn a Gold Membership


–              People outside the United States and Canada are the only ones eligible to join

–              Requires high payout of up to $30

–              A fee of 3 dollars is charged for withdrawal

–              Surveys, must times take up to thirty minutes

–              Bills your PayPal or credit card after 2 to 7 days trail until you revoke the subscription

–              Most times, there’s no payment via PayPal

–              Removes your account permanently when inactive for 6 months and above.

–              Loads of complaints about the website and their mode of operation.


About My Points

When you think about MyPoints, you will think about the online cashback website that rewards their members for completing series of tasks like Surveys, reading emails, shopping online, booking travel ticket and lots more. MyPoints pays their members in points, which can be redeemed via PayPal, Visa prepaid as well as gift cards. For more information please visit their official website on www.mypoints.com, the company is operated by Prodege, LLC. And it is situated at 44 Montgomery street suite 250 San Francisco, California CA94104 United States. You can as well call them on their office phone number 415-200-4200. They also have many affiliates to the company, which include, mygiftcardplus.com, sodahead.com, prodege.com, Comdaq Corporation, Kache Media Management LLC and many others.


Membership in MyPoints is open to all, however, there certain rules that guide them. Members are only allowed to create not more than one account. By becoming a member, you are bound by all rules and regulation governing the company. Although, MyPoints do not accept members below 18 years, there are still many requirements that will authenticate your membership in mypoints. If by any means a member become inactive for more than 60 days, there is no choice than to remove the members account.

Ways to Earn with My Points

  • Web Search:Mypoints offers you points when you use their easy points and search to earn. This however, is limited to 41 searches to earn 100 points per month. This is another way to still make cool cash while still on their web page.
  • Paid email: You will receive emails from MyPoints and you get to earn 5 points for each of the click you made from your mail box. Most times, you don’t get this mail is because some restrictions from your mail provider and you need to adjust it and enable the email subscription from your account.
  • Earn While Shopping: This is another fantastic offer from MyPoints, which they offer members an opportunity to earn while they do their normal online shopping. This can be achieved once you enter any online shop you want to shop in and search for MyPoints and a directive on how to navigate around the site and products they offer.
  • Coupons for Grocery: This a special offer given to members who do online business transactions. When you print out your coupon and use it, you will be rewarded with 10 points and once you use up to 10 coupons in a month, you will get additional 25 points extra.
  • Surveys: Although, surveys are relatively time consuming, yet you can do it at your own free space. I opt out for other interesting offers that earns me more money.
  • Register Package: My points offer you points for registering some programs through the website easy points tab.

Referral Package: For you to become richer than you can ever imagine, try and refer up to 100 active members and watch as your points grow like desert wind. You will also get more money if they use the shop and earn function, like if your referral spent 20 dollars on the shopping, you will automatically be credited with 1750 points.

Note; the taxes and video games bought from Amazon is however, not included

Reward Options

Mypoints has different ways of payment which includes;

  • Through PayPal account. This process is can only be actualized if you have reached the $25 gift card for 4550 points or $50 PayPal gift card for 8950 points.
  • Via Visa card. You can cash your money out from anywhere in the world using Visa Prepaid Card.

The also pay you with gift cards i.e. they exchange your point to dollars equivalent of the gift card. 1600 points is equal to $10 gift certificate.


Below are some of the feedbacks and complaints gathered from the reports of some member of MyPoints.


Mypoints keep denying me the privilege to survey because almost all the mails I get and after I click it, I will be informed that I’m ineligible. To me I just waste my honorable time waiting on surveys that does not exit. It is awkward for me to be on this site for over long period of time and after I made a comment, they deactivated me. I’m really disappointed with MyPoints.


Although, I just registered few months back, I found out that Mypoints keeps to their word. The number and time it takes for MyPoints to payout is relatively low to compare with other sites. I don’t have any complain but to say MyPoints rocks.


Having joined this site for over 6 years, I have not for one day had any daunt about Mypoints. Usually shopping with their partner sites and I get my points and rewards accordingly. Just last week I tried to use my PayPal to redeem my $25 and when I couldn’t link it well, I decided to use my visa card and got my money without stress. I go nowhere, other than wherever Mypoints goes I will also go with them.


I don’t have much to say again than to tell you that Mypoints once owe me but now they have finally pay me. My pro tips to you guys is that if any GPT site is owing you, just go to BBB website or sitejabber to make an official complain and all your challenges will be a thing of the past

Pros and Cons

  • Gives you rewards on daily basis
  • Pays you through PayPal, Travel Miles, Gift Cards as well as online shopping
  • The reward programs are superb


  • The withdrawal threshold is relatively high
  • Most members prefer the old platform design and programs to the current one in use
  • Survey reward is kind of low and it consumes time

There is not presence of any customer support center


About Earning Station

Earn Station is a cashback platform that offers GPT to their members in exchange of some cool money.  They have paid almost $85,932,651 to their esteemed members. The site was founded and established in the second quarter of 2011 under the management of the CEO Matt Hynes and the site is specifically for US residents. More information about the website is found at www.earningstation.com and they are ranked the 68th out of 100 among the leading cashback website. You can as well reach their office phone line with (800) 651-1981 or connect with them on live chat which is on the sites dashboard. If you wish to get things speed up, try their email responds team by creating an email ticket.


A user or member must be up to 18+ to qualify to become a member. Members must also provide valid account details or email address. Further, no user is allowed to operate more than one account and any inactive account for 90 days will be removed.

Having understood the terms of enjoying the benefits of Earn Station, you can start your registration by simply ensuring that you don’t miss any step required while completing your registration form. You can as well sign up using your Facebook account or email and create a very strong password to keep your account safe. After completing this process and confirm your email if you used one, then you are good to go by completing any task.

Ways to Earn with Earning Station

Paid Surveys: Earn Station relatively has one of the paying surveys where you can be earning up to 400 SD for 20 minutes and up to 10 dollars for an hour. If I were you I will sit tight and start hunting for surveys as to make your dream of becoming rich with Earn Station come true. For you to stay ahead of the game, you need to make research of the featured surveys under the Peanut Labs as to know how it works, so that you will not miss a single survey to ignorance.

Shop Online: When you shop on Groupon, Earn Station Pays you some cash. Depending on the amount of goods you buy, you can still from 50 to 500 SD from just shopping alone. What are you still waiting for? Make a shopping with the listed Groupon to earn some extra money.

You can as well earn some money via other online shopping such as BeFrugal, Ibotta and TopCashBack, to earn 8% of all your spending online doing shopping.

Print Coupons: Earn Station partners with coupons.com to help their members earn cool cash. You can earn some SD by using the coupons to shop online and I strongly recommend you try this out.

Watching Paid Videos: If you have the strong will to make fast and cool money, then all you need to do is sit back at your spare time and watch as many videos as you can. Although the points awarded to video is relatively low, but you can make the best out of it. When you watch 10 videos, earn station pays you 2 SD, which is kind of low in my eyes but it can still boost your payout threshold.

Friends Referral: This is on of area where you need to invest for long time dividends. Earn Station gives you up to 10% of your referral earning for life and the bigger your referrer the bigger you chance of making more money. If I were you, I will start inviting all my friends on the social media such as Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp and many more to take this golden opportunity.

Answer Questionnaires: You will be required to answer few questions within some minutes and get paid 1 SD. You can as well do this if you are the busy type and continue with your other daily activities.

Play Poll: This one of the simplest task on sight and it requires you to complete a single task daily and earn 1 SD. So, if you are the busy time like me and don’t wish to spend more time online, then use this one as payout booster.

Trail Offers: You can earn few SD from completing some tasks like free trail and ads. Although, you don’t expect much money from this section but it still worth trying out on your spare time.

Reward Option

Every time you complete a task, you will be rewarded with points called Station Dollars (SD) and 100 SD is equal to 1 dollar. You can receive you pay through Gift Cards from Amazon, PayPal and many more.


TYrappy Says

Earn Station has quite a lot of surveys to choose from and nice bonus offer. I enjoyed the sense of humor, which the customer support representative exhibits, unlike other cashback sites that employ the service of automated robots. They have offer selection as well as consistent bonuses and I must say that this site is among the best for now.

Obuyemisi Says

The graphical user interface of this platform is new and attractive, which drew me to play on this platform. I also enjoy the paid videos bonuses offered to me after watching some ads.

When I requested for cash out, my balance didn’t change after I made the request but when I played to increase the amount I requested for payout, my withdrawal request was instantly cancelled. Furthermore, I have made series of request to close my account, since they don’t want to pay me but the customer support representative keeps telling me to play more, which is kind of weird. I held this site to a high esteem and I don’t understand what’s going on.

Pros and Cons

Below are some of the good and bad found in Earning Station


  • Choice of different Gift Card
  • Many ways of earning Station Dollars
  • Presence of different Payout Threshold
  • Easy to navigate website
  • Lots of task to engage yourself with


  • Not much to gain from most surveys, just be patient
  • It has some spam features like other sites
  • Most times you may not qualify for any survey
  • There is no option of payment for check but you can opt for Visa Gift Cards
  • The site is restricted to US citizens only

About Opinion Outpost

This is a GPT sites that rewards its member for doing some market research tasks in exchange of rewards. Their office URL address is www.opinionoutpost.com and it’s ranking 30 out of 100 survey sites. The site is currently accepting all the 50 states of America only. The site was established on the 15th of August, 2013. Other affiliates of the site include; surveysport, quickthoughts, opinionworld, centro de opinion, proopinion, survey sport club, your voice, smile city, club opinion and many others. The site employs the services of SSI for encryption of members’ data and to ensure that unauthorized persons do not get hold of your information. However, the only problem is, if you happen to have any issues with your account or you get a glitch on your Opinion Outpost, you can’t really rely on customer support. Let’s just say they have a reputation for being abrupt and uninterested.


For you to qualify as a prospective member, you must be up to the required age of 18+ and must possess a valid email address as well as evidence of contact address. Opinion Outpost reserve the right to remove, block and suspend any account they deemed fit. By signing up, you agree to keep the rules and regulation of Opinion Outpost and having said so, you can sign up for free.

Ways to earn with Opinion Outpost

Paid Surveys: when you engage yourself with tasks of taking surveys, you will be rewarded with up to $3 to $10.

Reward Option

Opinion Outpost pays you through any of the following payment options, which include

  • PayPal
  • FairPrice
  • ShengSiong
  • iPad mini
  • Robinsons
  • Cold Storage
  • Amazon
  • iTunes

The minimum payout threshold is $10 for PayPal while another payout option varies from each other.


RurralOpt Says

I love this site. However, they are associated to other many low-paying survey sites, if I may suggest, then I will advise that you stick to the ones with high paying reward, which means that it may not worth taking your time. When you succeed in completing 5 or more surveys within an interval of one week and you will be eligible to earn additional cash of up to $10 – $50 per month. I don’t see anything wrong with the site.

KSKDLjan Says

Opinion Outpost bans people for no just cause. I have theory of scams always; however, I’ll keep those theories to myself. My colleague was blocked last week for absolutely no just cause. He sent multiple emails to Opinion Outpost for a resolution and answers and all of his emails were ignored. Two days ago, I sent them an email on his behalf expressing my disappointment in how they ignore these harmless and consistent users without a just concerns. This morning opinion Outpost responded by blocking me too. Opinion Outpost was fun until the powers that reign decides they want you out! And they will block you eventually. I’m kind of disappointed with them. My colleague and I were 100% honest in our walk-ins and our scans. Their faulty systems caused some sort of an issue which got my colleague banned; however, their own lack of user appreciation by completely ignoring us when problems and concerns happen is what I’m most saddened by. Their business practice of ignoring the problem and penalizing honest users is both poor business practice and bad ethics. No doubt this message will be deleted by Opinion Outpost people soon. All of you reading, remembers what I wrote when you too get banned for honest Opinion Outpost.

Bukas78 Says

To be fair and candid with you, I prefer to spend my honorable time on things worthwhile more like building an online business empire that pays me in real cash. This is why I started making money online by engaging in different cashback sites. Some has paid while others keep wasting my time but I refused to stop till I succeed. Opinion outpost is one in a million that has helped me reach my goals.

Pros and Cons


  • You have preferential option payment either by Citi gift card, a paper check as well as Amazon gift cards plus loads of other available option.
  • Easy qualification of most surveys
  • You get more survey invitation and you get to select the suitable one
  • No presence of spam in mail box
  • Chance to donate to red cross to qualify for tasks
  • Fast and responsive customer support agents


  • The graphical interface need up grading
  • Most unqualified surveys still show started on the dashboard
  • Long duration to receive paper check
  • Bigger surveys always select its target and only small pay surveys keep popping out
  • You might be told you are not qualified for most surveys

About Harris Poll

Harris Poll remains one of the most renowned and ancient companies that has been in existence since the year1963 which allows you earn for your time spent and opinion. They are affiliated with more than 100 companies which enables them to make more surveys available for you to earn. Harris Poll is also one of the survey sites that is being operated by Nielsen group under the ownership of Harris Interactive Group and they are located at No; 85 Broad Street, New York, New York 10004 United States.


Before you can actively join this survey site, you must be up to age of 18 years and above. Joining is totally free of charge and you can register through the sign up option on their page. Upon the completion of your registration, emails containing survey invitations will automatically beforwarded to you.

Ways to Earn in Harris Poll

Taking Surveys – here you are allowed to earn by providing your ideas, views, or opinions to top brands, on retail products, for non-profit organizations as well as government related issues. For each Survey you successfully complete, you are being rewarded with Harris points known as HI Points. There are short surveys which may last about 5 minutes but the long surveys may take up to 25 minutes to complete.

Apart from surveys, you can also be invited for focus group surveys (both chatroom and bulletin board style) which in returned will get you credited in cash.

Sometimes, downloading software on your PCs and mobile phones may be requested from you.

Sweepstake Entries – completing surveys allows you to entered into their bi-weekly and quarterly cash sweepstakes where you have a chance of earning larger amount which is up to $10,000. You can view the winners from their Histakes winners page as it is always updated.

Reward Option

To redeem your points in Harris poll survey, you have to obtain a minimum of 1250 points which is equivalent to $10 (their minimum payout threshold). You can redeem your rewards through retail e-vouchers, gift cards to places like Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks Home Depot and iTunes or you can donate your earnings to charitable organizations. For cashing gift cards online to be successful, you will be required to possess a credit card and some people don’t find this funny since they don’t have it already.

Sometimes it takes about 15 business days to have your rewards sent to your email account.


Ajana Says

I like the fact that good surveys can be accessed here without much technical issues, the only problem I have here is that they don’t seem to be organized about it. They keep repeating the same questions and sometimes it ends up being the same survey. They should make these basic questions a standard question, so that once you have answered them, the answers can be used for subsequent similar surveys rather than having you answer them over and over again. Apart from this problem of organization, I can say the platform is a good one. I love their reward system which I can say you get to go about it without stress. They even allow you to earn few points even as you are being disqualified for surveys. In about 4 or 5 months, i usually earn points worth $50. Well, will just have to rate them 4.5 out of 5.

Yendu Says

Initially, I did enjoy this survey site a lot and was even able to earn $100 worth of gift cards within the few years I have been with them. I also got them, of course, you all know that Amazon cards is available online. But recently, Harris Poll is gradually turning into a scam because they rarely fulfil anything they say.  I was denied my recent earnings simply because there was a slight mistake on my birth month when I filled my birth date. Then seeing that this problem is becoming a gradual problem, I have taken to the BBB to lay my complaints. Again, in the middle or almost when I’m about completing a survey, the “you did not qualify” screen suddenly pops. I guess it’s either they shut down or fix their problem is it is a technical issue. Well, I can still say they a legit company but they should put themselves together.

Sanj98 Says

For the records, I see Harris poll as one of the survey sites I find myself lucky to be in. Earning points here is so easy, just by taking few surveys, you have tangible points already. In my first 2 months of participating in this platform, I was able to earn $5 worth of gift cards. It might not seem to be much but it is quite better than not having anything. Now, the major problem I’m having with this site is that I have not received my gift cards and it is now over 4 months of my request. This means they were untruthful when they said it only takes 15 working days. I’m not taking surveys here anymore, no need exhausting my time if they won’t send my rewards.

Pros and Cons


  • They provided means of getting in touch with their customer agents. You can reach out to them either through telephone using 800.866.7655 or through their contact page on their website (https://www.harrispollonline.com/#contactus).


  • Getting qualified for surveys is now becoming an issue. People seems to be disqualified more often. With about 3 to 4 surveys you get in a month which is even low, you end up being disqualified.
  • The rate at which they accept invitations is very low.
  1. Jobs2shop

About jobs2shop

Jobs2Shop is an American reward base website were member are paid for carry out various degree of task including market research survey. The have a daily traffic of 10,000 visitors to the site and based on Alaxa Traffic Rank, they ranked 126,292 in the world. They are accredited the Better Business Bureau (BBB). You can follow them up on their social media sites for more info. You can send email support and expect reply within few days


To become a member with Jobs2Shop is free of charge and they provide you with all the needed tools to fast track you stay on their site. For you to register, you must at least be up to the age of 18+ and must have a valid means of identification and email address to complete your registration. Jobs2Shop reserves the right to revoke any account it deemed fit and may block any account liked to referral cheating, creating more than a single account and any other relating factor that may arise at any time. The only restrain to becoming a member that you must be a citizen of United State.

Ways to Earn with Jobs2Shop

Refer a friend: From time on set, every research company always pay if one refers someone to their site. Jobs2Shop offers you 10% of your referral life earning. You also get $5 each for everyone you refer.

Play Games: Play variants of games and be rewarded once completed the given instruction. You will be paid $0.10 to $0.25 for socializing, playing games as well as winning contest.

Paid Trail: Here you will be given some free trail task as well as ads to click and get paid so few points.

Paid Surveys: This gives you access to answer and complete a survey and get paid up to $2 for each of the survey.

Mystery Shopping: you can as well engage yourself shopping assignment with one of the world’s renowned trusted mystery shopping companies.

Share your Opinion: Once in a while you will receive paid emails to click and read, after completing the task, you will be asked to share your opinion to get some reward. This helps them strengthen their products and services.

Welcome Bonus: Once you sign up and complete your registration, you will be given a sign-up bonus of $5 which is really and interesting way to start your market research survey.

Reward Option

Payment in Jobs2Shop takes a period of 1 to 8 weeks to process your payment. Most times your documents might be asked of you for verification before you can be paid. If you want to Cashout your account, then you need a PayPal account and they usually send their payment on the 20th of every month, however, the minimum payout threshold for this site is $25.


For the legitimacy of any institution to be proven, it must undergo the screening and reviews of people. Here are the randomly selected complaints and feedback of members of Jobs2Shop.

Danlamin132 Says

I have been with this site since 24/8/2017 and I have never for a day regret joining. I have gotten my pay so many times that I feel comfortable although there are days they will try to mess up and I will bombard them with my ticket message until they release my money for me. Don’t give up keep pressing, keep moving.

SokkyS234 Says

This site is legit because I was having the same fear like you now but after I got my first pay, it changed my reorientation about them. Join and you will surely get your payment.

ProfAlade Says

I was BANNED for following the rules cannot access my account and still have $30.00 left in my Jobs2Shop account and just banned my account for following the rules. I started February of 2017 and by October 2017 just have this banned saying I was not following the rules. Try customer service and get no response. This is a big set back to my target

BamikeAyo34 Says

The app makes it easy for me to cash out through PayPal. Its not being long, I signed up and I’m already flexing the site. You guys rock.

Pros and Cons


  • Fast payout
  • They have variants of tasks to complete


  • Worst Customer service response team ever
  • Longer period of processing payment
  • High payout threshold
  • Limited to United States residents
  • Hard to make enough money from surveys
  1. PointsPrizes

About PointsPrizes

PointsPrize is an amazing website where members are paid for doing and completing a task. Being a European-owned Company and are under the regulation of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). The company is under the management of SAS POINTSPRIZES located at 8 Rue Des Remparts, Le Boulou 66160 France. PointsPrize was founded in the early 2016. They don’t have contact phone line as well as email, you can create a ticket if you have any challenge bothering you.


For you to become a member, you must not be up to 18+ but must have a valid email address as well as contact address. You will be given $1 upon registration, you can as well register with your Facebook or Twitter accounts to get reward. It does not require a password

Ways to Earn with PointsPrizes

Complete Surveys: In this section many brands want to understand their customers very well and that is why the pay for surveys to know how best to influence the market and improve their products. By completing short surveys, you are entitled to $0.75 up to $15 depending on the specified time of the survey.

Watch Video Ads: This is a process where advertisers want you to watch a short video clip fast than waiting until you visit the video website. They pay you some points to encourage you to continue watching for more. Further, you can as well listen to radio through the PointsPrize site

Offer Walls: You get to learn about free products and services and in return get paid for completing the task.

Daily Bonuses: Every member gets to grab the bonuses which are given out on daily basis. You can as well search for other task aside offers and survey.

Refer a Friend: this is another stronger means of making consistent cash on the PointsPrize. If I were you the best place to get referral are social groups where your audience are closer to you. You will continue to enjoy the commission for a longer duration, which is a source of steady income provided they are all active. You will get to earn 10% of what your friend earns

Reward Options

PointsPrize pays their members through the following payment options

  • Bitcoin
  • PayPal
  • Google play
  • iTunes
  • Amazon
  • And many more

The conversion rate of points in Pointsprize is 1 point is equal to $0.0066 and you will require 3,000 points to reach $20 which is the minimum Cashout threshold.


Its necessary to know what people say about a site and below are some of the selected comments of PointsPrize members.

Xamder Says

Just received my payments, I don’t have much to say than say thank you for making me believe in you.

Toolso42 Says

The graphical interface is what first admire and I grew to love everything about this site; however, it’s only the app that don’t work well. After taking part in most of the offers and I got a total of $45, I cashed out and with few moments I got my first alert from any cashback site. I am really happy with what you guys did for and I’m giving you a big thumb up.

Haggia125 Says

This site is really legit because after I finished taking survey and got to my minimum payout and requested for payout, they swiftly responded and behold my cash is in my hand.

Mark517 Says

I love this site because they paid me as they promise and the verification was quick, unlike the other sites that ate my hard earn money and blocked me too. Thanks for making my effort count.

Pros and Cons


  • They have enough Cashout options
  • Presence of variant ways to earn
  • Strong customer support system


  • High payout threshold
  • The points are kind of confusing
  • They don’t have clear terms and conditions
  • Lower reward than other sites
  • No password for your account

About Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of the ancient GPT sites that are dedicated to rewarding you for your opinion, views and ideas. They came into the business since the year 2005 and ever since then has been able to grow and have more than 3 million active panellists in their site.



Before you can become a member of this platform, you have to attain their legal age of consent which is 13 years of age. Also, members must be residents in the United States, Australia or Canada.

You either go to their register with them through their sign up option on their page or to make it easier for you, you can sign straight from your Facebook account.

Note that your account can be terminated following 12 months (1 year) of being inactive in the platform.

Ways to Earn with Survey Junkie

Sign Up Bonus – here, new members are entitled to a welcome bonus of 25 points once your profile is completed.

Survey –You have an average of 5 to 20 minutes to earn about 50 to 250 points depending on the survey.

Referral Program –

Reward Options

Members can redeem their rewards through electronic gift cards (this is only valid for United States residents) or for Cash through PayPal payment. To redeem it through this method, you have to earn at least up to 1000 points which is their minimum payout threshold for these options. All you need to do is to go to their dropdown menu found in the navigation bar, click the “My Points” button located there or you can find the “Current Points” button which can be found in the user dashboard. Follow up the instruction you see there. For E-gift cards, you may be asked to say in more information for account verification via the phone call placed to you by their customer representatives.

For PayPal payment, all you have to do is to log in to your PayPal account select a method for redeeming your reward. Then an email address of your preferred payment destination will be required of you. In some case, where you may want to put in a new email, you will also need confirmation of the email. All this protocol is simply to ensure that maximum security is observed and the money gets to the right person.

They have a low payout threshold of 1000 points which is equivalent to $10.

Once your reward redemption becomes successful, a “congratulation” pop up window appears.


Santos Says

Although some surveys seem longer than what they stated, I still made some money here. It’s a cool site.

Dragy Says

I wasn’t stressed at all while trying to earn in this site and in just 4 months of becoming a member, I already made my $10.

UTZ8 Says

Taking surveys here sometimes are completely stressful because you keep answering questions upon questions. Most times, you end up not qualifying at the end but even with that, I was able to earn and redeemed my earning which I received within 2 weeks.

Tylop Says

I’m so grateful because my first withdrawal was totally successful.

Pros and Cons


  • Joining Survey Junkie is totally free of charge
  • Once you have completed any survey, you will be automatically credited instantly
  • Rewards redemption is instant through PayPal, e-gift cards or Amazon
  • You are not charged any extra fee when you are redeeming your points
  • They still compensate you with few points when you get disqualified for a survey
  • Low cashout threshold
  • They are well recognized in the Better Business Bureau and they were highly rated (A+) with them.
  • They have a customer support system that is specially made to help and guide members.


  • A lot of members come with complaints of having their accounts terminated without any reason or prior notification.
  • Some of them however where also complaining of not receiving their payments earlier.
  • They often invite you for surveys only to tell you that you are not qualified for it.
  • It is location sensitive. Only residents of few countries like Canada, Australia, UK and New Zealand are allowed to register with them.


Before becoming a member of this online site, you must first of all view their terms and conditions for members’ eligibility. This is so because, the site does not accept anyone under the age of 13 years. Therefore, the members are now requested to make sure they are of age. Also, only members from Australia, India, France, Germany US and UK are totally acceptable.

Failure to adhere to any of these rules can lead to termination of their account. Apart from joining through their website, you can join the platform through your Facebook account.

Swagbucks Earning Opportunities

Being the Number one in the reward site companies, Swagbucks have too many options to earn with.

You can earn from Swagbuck through;

  • Installation of Swagbucks Toolbar – this is one of the ways to make money by surfing the net through the Swagbucks Toolbar. To maximize your earning with this app installation, you have to be active.
  • Swagbucks Blog – here, you get to find free codes that may be published daily,
  • BookMarked Pages. When you bookmark your most visited sites, you are likely to be chosen to be among the swagbucks weekly awards
  • Print Coupons
  • Watching Swabucks TV
  • Entertainow – another Swagbucks app that fetches you few SBs
  • Completing Special Offers
  • Participating and completing surveys
  • Playing Swagbucks Games
  • Swagbucks Cashback from Shopping.
  • Trade-In – here you can auction some of your old properties to interested buyers and earn from it.
  • Swagbucks mobile, Winning Streaks, Swagbucksencrave.

You can see that there are lots of options available to earn points called Swagbucks (SBs). These SB’s can further be redeemed either for cash through PayPal payment, for e-gift cards or you can donate them to charity. Each SB is equivalent to 1 cent.


If I’m to give my own opinion, I can say that Swagbucks still stands out as the best GPT sites. However, these Swagbucks alternative sites listed here have been tested and trusted and I can assure you that all their activities are totally legit. It will be wise to visit as much as you can during your spare time, check them out and probably sign up with them. There’s nothing wrong from opening up chances to earn bigger for yourself.

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