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SendEarnings Review

Want a true SendEarnings review? Read on! SendEarnings has been among the top GTP (Get To Paid) site that always deliver their mandate and has been in existence since the first quarter of 2000, however, the management of the company was transferred to ownership of Cotter web Enterprises Inc. (Owners of InboxDollars, Inbox Pounds, as well as Daily Rewards) in the year 2005. The platform is designed with a friendly user interface tools with a cosmic background, which enhances easy navigation.

They have partnered with variants of most trusted names in market research and retail technology to provide various earning opportunities, these has given them the courage to pay over $ 50 million to their esteemed customers for a job well done. Although, they don’t enjoy more fellowships on the social media, they still boost of millions of members.


Basic Requirements for SendEarnings Registration

If you wish to a member of SendEarnings, certain basic requirements must be made available before you can think of signing up in this online loyalty site, the following basic requirements are necessary to facilitate you state on the platform and they include;

  • A durable laptop or PC with at least 1024MB RAM size and 80GB HDD memory capacity
  • Any fast 3G or more internet connecting device can serve
  • A valid email addresses and phone numbers for easy confirmation
  • As well as getting an account with a prepaid visa card for payment processing.


Many people may not be allowed to join this site; however, the platform is restricted only to residents as well as citizens of the United State, Canada as well as some selected European countries only and for you to play then you must be within the approved age of 18 years or more which is the country’s legal age of consent to register. However, under aged prospective member will need parental or guardian aid to carry out most of the tasks online.

How to Register in SendEarnings

  • Pay a visit to their official website, locate using the cursor, their registration button and click on it.
  • Make sure that you have read and agreed the terms and conditions and that the privacy policy suites what you believe.
  • Many line space are required of you to be filled in with the necessary information which includes but not limited to a valid email address, physical address and your contact mobile number.
  • You will receive a confirmation link sent to your email, open your email and click on it to confirm your account
  • If you are sure that you have completed all the needful, you can proceed to earn more money on the platform.

However, you can fast track your registration process and make it easier, which means that you can as well open an account using your existing Facebook account. Membership of this platform cost’s you nothing but absolutely free of charge.

Caution: The main purpose why physical contact address is necessary and being requested is to assist them to know where to deliver your physical gift card to and the same goes to your phone number which enables them to reach you anytime you are lucky to any gift. It also solves the problem of using stolen credit card to play some offers where, making some payments are criterial of completing the task.

Gold Membership

There are people who through their hard work and consistency has earned themselves gold membership card, which occurred once you successfully get you first check. And with this upgrade, members will benefit so many VIP treats such as;

Gold Membership Benefits

Weekly Payments: Unlike the non-gold members, whose payout are process for two weeks, as a gold member account holder, you will be entitled to payout processing of just one week.

Better Referral Rewards: Each member that join SendEarnings on their own without any referral, as a gold member you will be entitled to some portion of the referral reward of such members.

Reserved Monthly Offers: As a gold member, you will have access to some exclusive monthly offers which will keep increasing more chances of you earning more money. The offers include; paid surveys, fun games, free offers, as well as cash back shopping.

Double Search Loyalty Reward: Every member is entitled to some bonuses once the complete the required four-days search. However, gold members earn double then their counterparts.

Is SendEarnings Legit, or a scam?

SendEarnings is legit, not a scam, but you must be careful with them because they may not like you to earn big just like their sister site, Inboxdollars. For now, SendEarnings has maintained a clear record in dealing with their members as of writing this SendEarnings review, SendEarnings having fulfilled all the requirement of BBB (Better Business Bureau) is being declared legit and scam free as of the time of filling this review. The platform is fully protected with the best security technology, which is the 128-bit encryption technology and follow suit to these, members are not worry because all their data are encrypted and cannot be access by any unauthorized third party or being cloned. They have been paying members since inception and are still paying for now, based on our findings during the intensive investigation of SendEarnings.

SendEarnings Payment Proofs:

Below are SendEarnings payment proofs we found online. We hope this payment proofs are enough to proof to you that SendEarnings actually pay.

SendEarnings Payment Proofs

SendEarnings Payment Proof

Ways to Earn with SendEarnings

Earning with SendEarnings is relatively concurrent, provided you are consistent in your quest to become a better earner. There are variants of reliable ways to make cool cash from SendEarnings, which include the followings below;

Sign Up Reward

In SendEarnings you are rewarded for signing up as a new member, and once the requirement for registering are met, the presumed would be member must have completed the sign – up process and authenticated before the bonus can be awarded to him or her. SendEarnings gives a $5 sign up bonus to their esteemed new members as to encourage them to working with them and get paid for completing any task giving to them.


Surveys are relatively the most popular task to earn in Send Earning and every member is entitled to five surveys daily. The surveys offered by SendEarnings include

Profile survey: This is a type of survey that requires you to complete your profile to enjoy an earning bonus of $0.50.

Household survey: This kind of survey require that you complete your household knowledge as to enable them ascertain that you are fit to complete the surveys. This type of survey pays you up to $0.10.

Interests survey: This survey takes you down on area of specialty which the company wants to carry out a specific task for a given set of audience. This is kind of difficult to complete because you can only qualify for this if you are the kind of member with a specific interest which they require. Once you have successfully completed this survey, you will earn up to $0.10 for each survey you do.

Big Buck Survey: This survey gives you the chance to win a $1,000 and the finale holds at every month end. This type of survey awards members up to $2.50 per survey. You can play your luck for chances to win.

Listen to Radio

You can as well earn a fortune from SendEarnings Radio, which actually plays only music and you earn up to $0.01 every ten minutes. However, you are required to remain on the page else it stops playing and you stop earning, which means you have to remain on the radio page as long as you wish to earn.

Watch Paid Videos

You can as well earn some pennies by watching some selected videos although, it might not be the ones you like to watch. If you can spear you time for this, then you are good to go with it.

My List Task Completion

In this section, SendEarnings gives you different tasks to complete such as surveys, perform a search, do an offer, confirm a paid email and lots more. Every task you complete successfully; SendEarnings pays you up to $ 0.50 for a job well done.

Web Search

When you use SendEarnings search engine to surf the web, you will be reward with one penny or two pennies when you have search up to four times daily.

Play Games

This option gives you access to play games and in return gives you cash back on in – game purchases. I may advise you not to try this if you don’t have any interest in games, else you might lose you money.

Completing offers

SendEarnings provide different kinds offers that will enhance you stay in the platform. The special offers given to their members include;

Publishers Clearing House: You get to earn up to $1.00 for every magazine you signed up for their services. By so doing, you enter a chance of winning up to $2,500 per week for life. If it is so, what are you waiting for? Register now and start making more money.

Mint Mobile: This kind of offer gives you the bonus of up to $4.50 for buying in bulk for more savings with infinite talk time, text and data plans and they sell their units quarterly, bi-annually and annually respectively. So, when you purchase your bundle, sendearnings credits you and if you cancel your order, your bonus will be reversed.

Halloween Express: This is absolutely a large online market that deals with costumes, accessories, props, home décor and decorations. When you make purchases from them, you will earn up to $3.25 from SendEarnings.

Kind Snack Club: When you join Kind Snack Club, you will receive fantastic benefits from Send Earning, such as getting up to 16% off on goods ordered. And you will have early access to many goods and also receive free shipping. In all you get to earn up to $2 from SendEarnings.

Other offers available include; The Tasting Board, Harlequin Inspirational, VIP Voice, Diabetes Bracelet Awareness as well as Babbel.

Get Cash back for Online Shopping

SendEarnings offers you some cash backs when making an online shopping with some of their partners such as JCPenny as well as Walmart. The percentage offered by SendEarnings ranges from 1.5 to 4% as the case may demand. Although, the cash back may be relatively small but if you a type that likes making most of your shopping online, then you are in for some profits.

Referral Program

SendEarnings gives their members up to 10% of every of their referral total earning, that is if your referral earns like $2, you will in return get a referral bonus of 20 cents. Imagine if you have a larger network of friends and families on your referral list, you can as well try it out now if you believe in SendEarnings.

Some convenient ways to get more referrals to your link is by posting this link on your Social media platforms like Facebook, through emails or probably links from your website or blog. You can as well simply tell others about it and have them sign up using your link. So, now you can see that there are other ways to earn here without having to go through their surveys, offers or tasks.

How to earn money with Sendearnings:

Below is a video on how to earn money online with Sendearnings found online.

SendEarnings Payment and Rewards

Before you can be eligible to be rewarded for your efforts in Send Earning reward site, you have to first of all, acquire a minimum of $30 which is their minimum cashout threshold.

All their cash payments are made in US Dollars irrespective of your location and payments are processed within two weeks of request. There is however some exceptional for the Gold members because they have their payments processed on weekly basis.

Check Payment or Prepaid Credit card

SendEarnings pays their members via check and later the member can request for change to prepaid credit card where it would be easy for you to make easy withdrawal.

Card Gifts

This payment method is available for you to get your payment via online gift card stores like Amazon and the rest.

More About SendEarnings

As earlier said, the site was established and kicked off for business in the early 2000 and later the ownership was transferred in the year 2005 to the management of Cotter Enterprises Inc. Send Earning boosts of trusted retail technology partners, such as, H & R Block, Walmat and many more. Should in any time, you wish to pay them a courtesy visit, you can locate them with their residency address at 1295 Northland Drive Suite 300 Mendota Heights, MN 55120, United States of America.

For more clear description and other options, feel free to visit the official URL Address at , should in case you want to start up something with Send Earning. However, there are certain terms and conditions to be met as to guide you on your way into the platform. The terms and conditions link are .  Furthermore, for you to ascertain that your privacy policy is fully protect, kindly visit the privacy policy link and check if their privacy terms is the same with what you believe to cope with. Here is the link . you can as well send them email to air your opinion or make a complaint on their official email address and expect responds in a jiffy.

SendEarnings Complaints and Feedback:

When there is neither feedback nor complaints in any organization, then be rest assured that things are not right. Below are some of the complaints and feedback as at the time of making this review gathered from random selection of members’ opinion about the platform.

Author45 Says:

The main issue with SendEarnings is that the earning process is very slow and before I could reach the payout threshold of about $27 after a service charge deduction of up to $3. Most of the free offers are spams and could not earn anything. I kept wasting my time online without any better results. Even at that, I just see myself still keeping this site, I just don’t know the reason.

I will still not recommend it to anyone.

Homasd Says:

I just don’t know what exactly to praise about sendearnings because I keep getting frustrated in all my efforts. They have an extreme poor reward mechanism that makes it very hard to earning anything with this platform. To worsen the case, you will even be banned from using the site by them terminating your account after 6 months of inactivity. With this, all you managed to earn will all be in vain and you will just have wasted your time here. So typically, there’s nothing to rate about this site.

JinClif 23 Says

All you require in this site is a lot of patience to get it going. It took me a whole lot of time, almost forever to earn something tangible in this site, it is better they just find what to do to this their high minimum payout and low earning strategy. Well, I will recommend this site for you only if you have enough patience and the consistency to survive in this platform.

OPresh85 Says:

As for me, this site is good with their customer care services. I did have issues with my credit when I wanted to withdraw my earnings. I immediately contacted their customer care services and I was taken care of immediately. They were also very polite with their conversations and professional. I ended up making my withdrawal smoothly without further issues. I was just happy because other reward sites usually make you stay for days before you can get your reply not to talk of fixing your problem.

It is also good that this site is one of the twin sites of the well-known InboxDollars reward site. I guess you don’t have to be afraid with having to sign up with them. It is totally a legit platform which pays and you can freely register.

The site is good and therefore I will be rating it with 4 stars out of 5.

Pros of SendEarnings

  • There are many ways to earn some cash
  • Signing up is absolutely free of charge
  • The referral system works wonders and you can earn more every month if you can double your hustle
  • Most countries are allowed but only members from United stated of American tend to earn higher and also get better opportunity

Cons of SendEarnings

  • Most times, certain completed offers won’t be credited
  • During payout a service charge of $3 is deducted as processing fee when you want to cash out your long – awaited earnings
  • Cashing out becomes a long task because it takes a lot of time to reach the require minimum payout threshold of $30
  • Its becomes extremely difficult to qualify for the available surveys and it automatically becomes a total waste of time and resources.
  • You are only allowed to present one account per household and IP address although it is almost applicable to all GPT sites.
  • Most offers are filled with bunch of spams emails that will keep bugging your mail box as well as some automated calls, so take caution on which offer you sign up for.
  • There are lots of complaints from users concerning this reward site. They should probably do something about their services and earning methods.


According to my findings, SendEarnings is a legit GPT site and the do pay their members, however, I must advice that if you have any serious thing to do with your time please do cos, it does not worth your honorable time. Most members do complain of high cash out threshold of $30 and slow earning points of up to $0.10, these is return contravenes certain laws of minimum wage regulating board. You can earn more with Send Earning by doing affiliate marketing with them and in return, will earn enough to pay your bills as well as give you much time to do other tasks at home. But always remember you need a lot of patience to achieve this. The platform is secured and members are rest assured of the confidentiality of their data. Feel free to sign up as long as you are eligible.

Do you have an experience with SendEarnings? Good or bad, kindly use the review section below to give us your brief SendEarnings review.

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