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TreasureTrooper Review – Is Legit, Safe or Scam?


Treasuretrooper Review

Treasuretrooper Review

In this Treasuretrooper review, we will show you if Treasuretrooper is legit, safe, real. Or if it is scam and fake. Treasuretrooper payment proofs as well as members complaints and feedback are also reviewed. It you are looking for the best and unbiased Treasuretrooper reviews, you are welcome.

One of the amazing things with the internet world these days is that they now provide you with so many earning opportunities since we all tend to spend more time using it. But even with this, you have to be very cautious in other not to fall prey to the Fraudulent activities going on in a bid to earn online.

However, there are several sites known as Reward Sites or Get-Paid-To (GPT) sites which now provide ways to earn few bucks online by providing different opportunities to earn with such as watching videos, playing games, completing surveys, offers or tasks and so much more. As some of them may also be fraudulent, there are thousands of legit ones out there.

One of the legit GPT site out there is called TreasureTrooper reward site and we will go into details to talk about them as shown below.

What is Treasuretrooper?

TreasureTrooper is an online GPT site that came alive since the year 2005. It has rewarded its members with more than $7 million to complete different types of tasks, offers, surveys, play games, shop online, watch videos and so on.

Also, in TreasureTrooper, you will get access to their famous forum having more than 500,000 posts and chat rooms where you get information of their contests and treasure hunts held by the site.

With the Indiana Jones theme of this platform, you might mistake the site for a casino site or game site but it is really a GPT site. And also, most of their conversations with you comes in a comic designed fun which makes you think it’s all about playing games or catching fun. Well, you can enjoy the site if you are eligible enough. Most of the activities of this site is mostly enjoyed by the members who are residing in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada, although members worldwide are free to join.

Is TreasureTrooper legit and Safe?

TreasureTrooper is legit not a scam. A legitimate reward websites that have been online since 2005. Before writing this TreasureTrooper review, we decided to test the site to know if they actually pay and got paid. You can also find TreasureTrooper payment proofs all over the web.

The only problem with TreasureTrooper is that they have preferential treatment to all their USA members. If you are not from USA then you may find yourself earning very little with the website.

Although you can still earn big if you know how to refer members through their referral program. We have seen people make over $300 per month just on referrals.

TreasureTrooper Payment Proofs

Below are some of the TreasureTrooper payment proofs. If you need more, you may need to search the web.

TreasureTrooper payment proofs

TreasureTrooper payment proofs


TreasureTrooper Payment Proofs

TreasureTrooper Payment Proofs


Basic Requirements for TreasureTrooper Membership

  • A laptop or PC
  • An internet Connection
  • A valid email address
  • An account with the PayPal payment processor.


To use the TreasureTrooper reward site, you must have attained the age of 13 years or older.

However, there are different levels of membership in TreasureTrooper. They include;

  • Bronze Members
  • Silver Members
  • Gold Members
  • Diamond Members

Requirements for this membership levels are explained in the referral program section.

They also have a VIP club for their loyal members. But you must have earned up to $500 before you can become their member. As a VIP club member, you are entitled to receive different benefits which include; 5 free platinum coins and 10 pearls on monthly basis and you can also have access to their VIP forum where they hold their giveaways and special contests.

How to Register in TreasureTrooper

To become a member of the TreasureTrooper reward site, you are to follow these steps;

  • Visit their website or go to their registration page using this link;
  • Fill in the necessary details which include; your name, email address and password for subsequent logins, your physical address, Zip code, city and state and also select your country of resident.
  • Check the circle of your preferred payment method, either by check payment or PayPal.
  • Click to agree the terms of service and privacy policy by check the appropriate box
  • Then click on “Join Now” button
  • You will receive an account confirmation link on your email.
  • Click on that link to confirm your account
  • You will be required to update your profile with your necessary demographic to increase your chances of getting surveys, tasks and offers.

To get your registration bonus, you will be required to log into your TreasureTrooper account.

Note; you are not permitted to have more than one account nor invite any of your household member as your referrals. But they are allowed to complete some offers and tasks through your account but you will be fully responsible for any activity of your account.

Ways To Earn In Treasuretrooper

There are several options provided in this platform to earn with and they will be listed below;

Sign Up Bonus

Once you have successfully registered in the site, and you log in for the very first time, you will be rewarded with $3 instantly.

Completing Cash Surveys

Surveys in this platform are pretty lucrative but only for the US, UK and Canadian residents (they are the only ones that are permitted to take the survey). About 6 cash surveys appears on their site on daily basis and if you are able to complete the 6 of them, you will be rewarded with $4.25. Doing this on daily basis will let you earn up to $127.50 within a month. So you can see it is really worth it. On the average side, most surveys pay between $0.35 to $3 each.

There are some of the daily surveys which may require you to take risky actions like downloading unknown software into your computer. You have to be watchful for these kind of surveys although they are not all bad.

Taking offers

There are always plenty of offers to choose from and majority of these offers pay rewards between $0.50 to $1.

How to complete Offers

The good thing is these offers is that they are transparent enough because you get to see the exact value of any offer you wish to take part in. when you finish an offer, there is a “Done” button that usually appears before it, click on it to confirm that you are through with the offer.

After confirming, it is now sent to the Pending section of your account where it stays for a period of 3 days to some weeks for it to be approved. Once it is approved, you will be credited in your TreasureTrooper account.

Most of the offers redirects you to sign up in the website offering them.

Also be careful while taking offers that require your personal info and Credit Card details. Do not forget to cancel your credit card from the offer the moment you complete these offers.

Completing Tasks

Before you can complete any task in TreasureTrooper, you will first of all be examined to determine how qualified you are for the task. This examination involves a competency test with 8 articles which you will be required to complete. If you successfully complete them all, you will be qualified for the task, and vice versa. These articles also earn you few cents, about $0.08 if you successfully complete them all.

Listening to Radio

With the TreasureTrooper Radio Loyalty program, you can earn about 1 Arrowhead for every 10 minutes you listen to the radio.

TreasureTrooper Search

To earn more with this, you have to install the TreasureTrooper Search engine on your browser to enable you search the easier with it. Although the search results might not be as strong as that of Google, it will still be worth something to get rewarded for the usual online search you perform on daily basis.

TreasureTrooper search engine reward comes in another form other than dollars. You will be rewarded with the “Arrow Heads” (about 3 of them) when you make about 3 valid searches in a day.

If you go further to perform up to 100 valid searches, you will now be rewarded with “Golden Egg” but since they count max of 3 searches a day, you will not be able to get to the “Golden Egg” reward in a month. It will require few months before you can acquire it.

Cashback on Shopping

With the TreasureTrooper Shopping opportunity, you will be privileged to receive some percentage cashback on your online purchases made through TreasureTrooper. This cashback offer can range from anything between 2.5% to 6% cashback but gift cards are not inclusive. You can purchase with over 134 merchants available through their site.

You can also receive cashbacks when your friends and family make purchases through your shopping links. You can share your shopping links with them to receive this offer by using the “Share” button.

Playing Games/Trading hut

When you play games in this platform, you will be rewarded with their digitally with their digital pears, gold and platinum coins.

To redeem this coins, you have to visit their Mabutu’s Trading Hut to exchange them.

You can exchange this digital rewards as follows;

  • 20 platinum coins gets you a $20 Amazon gift card for Amazon purchases or a $50 gift card you can use at so many cool restaurants.
  • 200 Platinum coins earns you a brand new kindle Fire tablet with WI-FI inclusive and it has a 16GB memory inbuilt.
  • 20 Gold coins earns you their Bumper Sticker with an Inscription “Treasure Earn Easy Money Online”. The irony of this inscription is that the sticker is constructed to make you careful to know that online money is not made so easily.

Referral Program

The rewards you receive for your referrals is dependent on the level of your membership. Before you can be allowed to invite anyone, you must have earned up to $5 in the platform which might be easy because you will already be credited with your $3 registration bonus. This means that you only need to acquire an extra $2 to be qualified. This should be a piece of cake for you.

Different Referral Benefits according to your Membership include;

Bronze Member

This is the lowest and he first membership level that has no requirements to attain. As a Bronze member, when you refer someone, you will receive about 20% of their cash offer earnings. Then, you also get to receive 5% bonus of the earnings from your direct referrals’ referral.

Silver Member

To get to this level of membership, you need to have at least 5 active referrals. Then you get to receive all the bonuses of the Bronze member and extra 5 cents when your referrals complete their daily surveys.

Gold Member

This is the 3rd membership level that requires up to 50 active referrals to attain. You will also receive all the benefits of the bronze member, increased bonus of 7 cents when your referrals complete their daily survey as well as extra $1 for every referral you refer.

Diamond Member

This is the highest of the membership level that needs 300 active referrals to attain. In this level, you get to earn all the incentives of the lower levels plus extra $5 anytime your referrals cash out successfully and your commission when they complete their daily surveys will be increased to $10. Also, you will be able to receive a $300 cash bonus.

You can try to get more referrals by posting your link on your social media handles, website or blogs as well as tell your friends about it.

Treasuretrooper Rewards And Payment

The minimum payout threshold of TreasureTrooper is $20. You are either rewarded with cash or with virtual currency.

Cash Rewards

Members get their rewards paid either through PayPal or by Check. When you request for payments, you have to wait till the 15th of the next month for it to be processed and your payments will be sent to you by the 20th of that month (after 5 days of processing).

However, if you reside in the US and you have a Valid and Verified PayPal account, you are free to request for Instant Payment as long as you have reached the Payout threshold.

Virtual Currency

The virtual currency in this site includes getting rewarded with the Gold or platinum coins, arrowheads or Dragon Scales.

Gold coins

Gold coins are a type of Virtual currency used in their Mabutu’s Trading Hut to make purchases. Some of the items you can purchase in their Trading Hut include; journal pages, map pieces, gift cards, electronics and so on.

Gold coins can be earned through completing cash offers. You to earn 1 gold coin from offers that rewards you with less than $3, 2 gold coins for offers that rewards you with about $3 to $8, 3 gold coins for offers that reward you with about $8 to $15, 4 gold coins for offers that rewards you with about $15 to $20 and 5 gold coins for offers about $20.

Platinum Coins

This is also a form of virtual currency earned through completing of offers and daily deals. It can also be used in the Mabutu’s Trading Hut for the purchase of electronics and gift cards.


This can be earned by using their search engine, Dig Site or other Cash search features. You can use their currency converter to change Arrowheads into Dragon Scales of Platinum coins.

Dragon Scales

Dragon Scales can be used to enhance Dragons and Dragon liar by purchasing the necessary items from the Cogg’s Coop. when your dragons are matured enough, you can exchange them for cash.

More About Treasuretrooper

TreasureTrooper has its official site as and be reached physically through this address; PO Box 270303 Flower Mound, TX 75027-0303. In cases of enquiries or issues, you can either check out their well-detailed Frequency Asked Question (FAQ) page or send an email to

However, you can also check out the TreasureTrooper forums and Chat rooms. Let’s throw more light on the TreasureTrooper Chat room

TreasureTrooper Chatroom

To participate in the chatroom, you will be required to log in using your Nickname and a password. But there are rules and regulations guiding the use of the TreasureTrooper chatroom. Below are the few things to note before joining the chat room.

  • Ensure that you are not less than 13 years in age
  • You are not permitted to use vulgar language or any bad language at all, neither are you allowed to disrespect your fellow members, admins and moderators in the chatroom. Therefore, you are advised to chat responsibly.
  • You are not permitted to bring discussions about other similar reward sites on TreasureTrooper
  • Do not post your referral links or any other personal links like the egg touch banner links in the chatroom.
  • Do not give out information such as contact info, emails, social media handles and so on.
  • You are not permitted to discuss about your disqualification from offers, tasks or surveys
  • Do not spam in the chatroom

For more details on the rules of the chat room, visit

Through the TreasureTrooper privacy policy, you can be assured that the information you provided on their site are fully secured and protected, although there are conditions which may warrant them to share some of your info. You can view their full privacy policy using this link; Also, the full terms of service in TreasureTrooper can be viewed using this link;

Treasuretrooper complaints and feedback:

Babi8 Says:

I am loving this site, I joined this wonderful site about 7 years ago and since then, I have not had any major issues with them. For these seven years, I have also been able to cash out up to $2000 without any issue. It’s a 5 out of 5 rating for me and I totally recommend this site.

IamCoug Says:

Since I joined treasureTrooper towards the ending of Dec 2013, I have been able to earn back to back with the site. They have pretty amazing offers going on and I have earned more than $2000 with them. Cashing out wasn’t also a problem here and their customer service were great with response. They also have a very moderate and matured chatroom and I always find great joy providing assistance to the newbies of TreasureTropper. I guess I can give this site a 4 star rating out of 5 and I will recommend it to everyone interested.

GregY Says:

I enjoyed nothing with this site. They just have too many requirements in the name of security check before you can cash out. When I earned my $20 and decided to cash out, they required that I connect a valid PayPal account to my TreasureTrooper account, which I did successfully but was still denied my payment. Next they required an ID which I provided but still they couldn’t confirm me simply because I blurred my ID number as they only need address and name. I tried reaching out to their customer service, but they were so rude and unprofessional. Really? Please don’t sign up here.

GnTio Says:

This site just keeps confusing me all the time with the so many activities they have at the same time. They don’t seem so organized.

Pros Of Treasuretrooper

  • Their site is free to register in
  • Their chat room and forum is very active and you can get your inquiries answered there.
  • They have good earning opportunities
  • The site is user friendly thereby making navigation very simple.
  • They offer good referral scheme.
  • They provide multiple payment options and rewards.
  • They are purely legit and reputable site.

Cons Of Treasuretrooper

  • Their site design barely portrays that of GPT site
  • This earning opportunities is limited mostly to only 3 countries (US, UK and Canada)
  • Your emails tend to be flooded with spam emails from them
  • It may take a while to rack up some tangible cash here.
  • You get to go through a lot of pre-qualification process before taking a survey
  • Their offers may be confusing sometimes thereby leading you to lose your money if care is not taken.


Since TreasureTrooper reward site has been in existence for more than a decade now, and so far has been able to keep up with rewarding their members, you can be rest assured that the site is trusted and legitimate. It may not be a full source of income but you can sure earn few bucks with the site if you are dedicated with the activities in the site.

The good thing is that they provide many options to earn from but it may require you investing quality time to earn with them. Although they seem to be available worldwide, you get to enjoy most of the offers and earning options only if you reside in the US, UK or Canada.

Nevertheless, you can be pretty sure this site pays and can be worth it. Therefore, it is my pleasure to recommend this great GPT site for you out there.

Do you have any kind of experience with TreasureTrooper? Kindly use the comment section below to give us a brief TreasureTrooper review

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