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PTC Sites That Pay $10 Per Click, $1, $20 & $100 Per Click?

PTC Sites That Pay $10 Per Click

PTC Sites That Pay $10 Per Click?

PTC sites that pay $10 per click, $1 per click, $20 per click or even $100 per click do not exist. In fact if you see a any sentence like that, run as fast as you can, because this is a sign of scam. In case you are among those that type words like “PTC sites that pay 10$ per click”, “PTC sites that pay $1 per click” “PTC sites that pay $25 per click” or “PTC sites that pay $100 click” etc. please stop, because you will never find such PTC sites.

Have you ever asked yourself why would someone pay you up to $10 just to click and view his adverts? What kind of ad would even be so important or lucrative that just a click on it without action such as buying or subscribing to a product or service earns you such a huge amount of money?

if you are able to ask yourself these questions, you will discover that you are being deceived. Some PTC sites do this just to get hold of your email address while others want to steal your private information. So, do not fall for that.

Although you can earn money via PTC sites, you can never earn that much per click. Based on experience, you can only find PTC sites that pay $0.02, $0.1 or $0.2 per click. But this kind of ads are not regular and in some PTC sites, you must upgrade your account to be able to receive such ad. And when they come, they can only receive one of such ad in a day.

We have seen PTC sites that pay $0.02 per click with up to 4 of such ad per day but have never seen PTC sites that pay $0.2 per click with more than 2 of such ad per day. Clixsense used to pay $0.1 and $0.2 per click. Unfortunately, they no more support paid to click features. Neobux is another PTC sites that pay up to $0.1 per click but you will need to upgrade your account as well as rent their referrals to earn such.

If you actually want to earn up to that, we will suggest you sign up for reward sites that have different ways you can earn money. For example, there are sites like, Prizerebel, Offernation, etc that have other earning methods such as surveys, tasks, offers, product trials, PTC ads etc.

With these kinds of websites you are capable of earnings up to $500 per month if you put more effort into them by joining up to ten websites and doing all the work daily such as completing surveys, clicking ads and referring people. Infact, I have seen people making more than $500 per month just by referring people alone.

If you want to learn how the referral program works and earn to earn big through referrals click and visit how to get referrals and also, if you want to master how to complete surveys visit Here

Before I forget, survey pays around $1 to $20 per survey depending on the topic and the length of the surveys. If you are interested in earning more money with these kinds of reward sites, below we have listed the best in the industry for you to join:

PTC Sites That Pay $10 Per Click? It’s fake! Join these:

Superpay has a great variety of surveys and offers to complete. Each offer tells you exactly what you need to complete it. They will pay you for a lot of things that other places won’t, like following their company on Twitter and posting on their message boards. And because so many people post in the forums, they are full of useful information on which surveys and offers have been most beneficial for other members. This is by far my favorite survey site!

Prizerebel is another top reward sites with PTC features where you can earn money in different ways. The payment ways are PayPal, Direct deposit and gift cards.

Offernation is another great website to earn more taking surveys and doing other short tasks and offers. You will be able to earn money here by doing different things as well as referring people.

Swagbucks is among the most popular reward sites online. You must have heard about them. You can earn money here doing surveys, searching the web, completing tasks etc.

Mypoint is similar to swagbucks and you can also make money here by reading emails. It is very easy to earn with also.

Rewardingways has been paying it members for completing tasks and surveys. It payment are done immediately through PayPal, Bitcoin, Skril etc.

Instagc is also great place to earn with. You can earn via PTC, surveys, task etc.

Cashcrate – You get $1 bonus for signing up. They have tons of offers, coupons, and shopping opportunities, as well as a number of daily surveys to choose from. But what makes this site so unique, is that they have a great referral program. Make a commission on anyone you refer and also on anyone that your referrals refer! You also get $3 when any of your referrals make $10. Get enough referrals and you won’t even have to take surveys to make money, it starts making itself!

Of course, there are other reliable sites out there, but these are the easiest and best ways to accumulate cash. If you get started on one of these sites and feel at all discouraged about how to make money using them, please contact us and we can help you with any questions you have!

Wish you all the best! And please, there is nothing like PTC sites that pay $10 per click.

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