QuickRewards Review: Is Legit, Safe or Scam?

QuickRewards Review

QuickRewards Review


This QuickRewards review reveal to you if QuickRewards safe, real or scam and fake. QuickRewards payment proofs, complaints and feedback also reviewed. So, if you are searching for the best and unbiased QuickRewards reviews, you have come to the right place.

If you are looking for few other ways to earn few extra bucks, you can try seeking for results online by finding some of the legit Get-Paid-To (GPT) sites. They often allow you to earn few extra bucks by providing different kind of activities to their members while they earn by taking part in them.

Below is a full detail on one of the best online GPT sites you can earn with, the QuickRewards GPT site.

What is Quickrewards?

QuickRewards is an online loyalty marketing platform which allows its members to be rewarded when they carry out their usual activities only which includes browsing the internet, shopping, completing surveys and offers, using their search engine and so much more. Since they started existing in the year 2002, they have been known to maintain a high status quo. On their social media platform, they have more than 7,000 fans on Facebook and more than 5,000 followers on twitter. This site was created and owned by Dmity Beker.

Is QuickRewards Legit

Is QuickRewards Legit

Is QuickRewards legit or Scam?

Is QuickRewards legit? Of course, QuickRewards is legit and safe to use. They have been in the reward industry for a very long time and paying without issue. You can read of the QuickRewards complaints and feedback below.

QuickRewards complaints and feedback:

QuickRewards complaints and feedback are listed below. Read through each comment to know exactly what you are most likely to encounter while working with QuickRewards.

Yaku8 Says:

One of the major things I like about this site is that their customer service agents are always ready to listen to you and help you out. Couldn’t ask for more especially since I have been able to cash out all these while.

Hwii Says:

This is simply a site with a wonderful reward program.

Kadri Says:

This site is one of the best things that happened to me as far as taking online survey is concerned. In over 4 to 5 years I have been with them, I have constantly been able to withdraw my earnings without much issue. Good site it is.

QuickRewards payment proofs:

QuickRewards payment proofs we found online are listed below. You may go through them to verify its legitimacy the more. Know that sometimes, payment proof cannot be the only tools use to measure a legit reward site because it can be easily forged or faked.

QuickRewards Payment Proofs


Basic Requirements for Registration in QuickRewards

Before you can become a member of QuickRewards, you need to have these basic requirements which includes;

  • A laptop or PC
  • An internet connection
  • Valid email address (Primary email and secondary email)
  • An account in any of the payment processor such as PayPal

Note; primary email is used for sending out regular messages and information regarding the platform and you have to keep checking up the email all the time. Secondary email is an optional choice, this is the email used in completing offers, tasks and surveys in the platform.


  • Before you can sign up in this platform, you have to reach their legal age of consent which is 18 years of age.
  • Only members residing in United Kingdom, United States and its territories as well as those residing in Canada are allowed to sign up with QuickRewards Network.
  • Your account is required to be active to show your interest. Therefore, you are expected to log in once in every month and you also need to earn even if it is just a point within that one month. If your account is not active, you will not receive any referral bonus from your referrals.
  • Also, you are not allowed to repeat an offer more than once unless otherwise stated.

Advice; you are expected to provide a secure and suitable log in password for yourself and as well protect your password from any third party personnel as QuickRewards will not be accountable for any account misconduct. Again, ensure that you are always credited with the right amount. Make sure that the details you filled in during survey preview are true and valid. Spamming in this platform leads to the termination of account. and also, do not attempt to claim rewards on offers and other activities you left uncompleted.

Elite Membership

This is a special program given to members who has attained a certain high level through the number of surveys they take and how much spent. Before you can become an elite member, you have to complete up to 75 surveys in 3 months and make purchases worth up to $50 in QuickRewards. In the purchase, the best way to go about it is to purchase about $10 worth of items for 5 different items.

They also offer bonuses for some of the purchases you make. The categories of bonuses include;

  • $1 bonus when you purchase items worth up to $500 and above
  • $0.50 bonus when you purchase items worth between $100 and $499.99
  • $0.25 bonus when you purchase items worth between $10 and $99.99

Becoming an elite member in this platform has several type of benefits attached to it which includes special offers, more unique method of redeeming your tokens, double token offers for each 3 months, extra rewards for making online purchases and so on.

Recently, it doesn’t look like this opportunity is still on the offer.

How To Register In Quickrewards

To become a member of QuickRewards, these are the few steps to follow

  • Log on to the site using their official URL which is quickrewards.net
  • Click on the Join Now button, and you will be redirected to their sign up page
  • Fill in the necessary information including your valid email ID
  • Then create your account and you will be sent a confirmation code in your mail
  • Then click on the link that has the confirmation code in your email to complete your registration
  • Once all these is completed, you are free to start taking surveys and participating in other activities.

Registration in QuickRewards is completely free of charge. And in some situations whereby you may not receive your confirmation code, you can click on the lost password or missing confirmation link which is seen at the bottom of the page, then put in your email at the appropriate place and it will be sent to you. You can also send an email straight to them requesting for your confirmation code.

Note; only one account is acceptable per individual or household or IP address. Also, you can decide to terminate your account by sending email to them.

After registration, you may be required to be a part of a minimum of one program. This is their way of helping you have a nice experience with Quick Rewards.

Quickrewards tutorial:

QuickRewards tutorial in video to help you earn with the reward site if you are new into the system.

Ways To Earn With Quickrewards


This is one of the major ways to earn in this platform. Each of the surveys differ with length. While some of the surveys will take about 5 minutes to complete, finishing up other surveys may take up to 30 minutes and above to complete. The more time you spend in surveys, the more you are expected to earn.

But it is quite unfortunate that their payout is not as high as the time you invest in the surveys. Ordinarily, you just earn about $1 to $15, but you are most likely to end up with only $1. There are surveys that can earn you up to $10 to $15 but you need to have specific knowledge of the topic and also qualify for the survey before you can be privileged to complete it. It is not so simple to land these type of surveys for yourself. You might end up spending a whole lot of time just trying to qualify for a survey, and still end up not qualified and worst still, you won’t be compensated for the time wasted.

Note that, you are required to complete your survey profile before you can receive any surveys, this is necessary because it will help them match a suitable survey to you.

Some of the types of surveys you may encounter in this platform include;

  • Profile surveys
  • Daily surveys which are available through survey routers
  • Clinical surveys
  • Targeted Surveys
  • Virtual Panel Surveys.

Watching Videos

Here you just get to earn few cents for just watching short videos, although there are longer videos which may earn you up to $5. The only problem is that you don’t get to see those kind of videos more often. The average timing for this video is 10 minutes.

Listening to Radio

Although this may sound easier and more passive, but it is not really that way. For every 10 minutes you listen to the radio, you are required to enter a captcha to assure them that you are still listening. They pay threshold for this is low, all you get to receive for the videos is $0.01 at the end of listening.

You can also earn through music by listening to them.

Online Shopping

This is an avenue for you to earn up to 25% discount when you shop online through their website. Gift cards are also available and can be bought at a very nice discount (up to 3% discount). There are more than 1000 top and popular brands that are made available to shop with.

If you are fund of shopping online, you should probably take this opportunity seriously because you have a lot to gain than loose.

Some of the good rebates offered in this site include;

4.2% at Barnes and Noble, 4.1% at Target, 3.3% at Old Navy and 2.75% at Macy’s.

PTC (Paid to Click) Sites

This is an option where you get to earn with offers and tasks provided by the advertisers. You are redirected to their sites when you click on the ads and you earn points for clicking them.

Also, you are allowed to earn by clicking on the sponsored emails which is sent to your email. But have in mind that you shouldn’t expect to earn big with this.

Sometimes, sites to click and earn are made available on daily basis and you get to earn an average of $0.01 for each ad you click.

Grocery Coupons

Here you are allowed to earn up to $0.1 when you print any Coupon and redeem them.

Groupon Daily Deals

Whenever you shop through Groupon, you stand to earn up to 3% discount on thrm.

Surfing the Web

You can install the QuickRewards search engine on your browser and perform all your internet searches from there. You get to earn points by installing the search engine and also, by surfing the web through it.


This includes some trivia games. You try to guess the right answer for the for the puzzle and then earn points when you answer correctly. These points are then converted to cash. Each of the games you successfully play can earn you up to 50 points.

You can also earn by playing the Guess My Number Game which can be played multiple times in a day.

Referral Program

Here, you only have one tier of referral to earn from which is your direct referrals. They offer 5% of all your referral earnings to you for every friend you refer.

Quickrewards Payment And Reward

QuickRewards rewards you in different ways which includes cash through PayPal payment, QR, referred to as Quick Points which can be converted with cash or tokens which can be exchanged for gift cards or other prizes.

Cash Payments

Before you can redeem your points for cash, you must have a PayPal account, if you do not have one, you can just exchange the points for gift cards.

Although it seems like there is no particular limit to withdrawal that is set, it is ok to know that they have low payout threshold which is just about $5.

United State residents who earn more than $600 yearly are required to provide their social security number which they will use to send tax form.

You get to earn cash through completing surveys, trial offers, PTC sites, trivial games as well as shopping.

Quick Points

For each 100 points you earn in QuickRewards, it is automatically converted to cash equivalent which is 1 cent ($0.01).

Not all offers reward you in cash. Some of them alongside with some paid to click ad offers points as rewards for completing them. These Quick Points can also be redeemed for gift cards to amazing places like Applebees, Amazon and Disney.


You get to receive bonuses in form of tokens when you complete some certain kind of offers. when it comes to how big your token can get, it all depends on the quantity of offers available that offers rewards as tokens. As earlier said before, these tokens cannot be converted to cash, rather, it can be exchanged for gift cards, prizes, as well as magazine subscriptions.

Apart from these methods of redeeming rewards, you can as well redeem your rewards by donating them straight to an initiative called “Project Linus”. Project Linus serves as a medium (Non-profitable organization) through which homemade and new washable quilts as well as blankets are sent to the ill, traumatized and needy children.

More About Quickrewards

QuickRewards Network Inc. is located at 2728 Arkansas Drive Brooklyn NY 11234, United States.

The QuickRewards rewards site also provides opportunities to help members reach out to their customer support agents anytime they encounter any problem or just want to make enquiries. To reach out to them, you can send out an email to support@quickrewards.net and wait to receive your response within 48 hours. When 48 hours elapses, and you didn’t receive any response from them. You can send out another email to their backup email to their email address; quickrewards@yahoo.com.

Sometimes, they require up to 72 hours to respond to your emails because of the large chunk of emails they receive on daily basis. You can as well visit their Frequently Asked Question page using this link;http://www.quickrewards.net/help/faq.htmlto enable you know if you can find the answer you seek.

Pros Of Quickrewards

  • It has a low minimum cashout threshold of $5
  • Their payments are processed as quickly as they can
  • They have good and quality support.
  • They have numerous ways of earning in this platform
  • The site is free and legitimate.
  • They have quick sign up process

Cons Of Quickrewards

  • They do not offer any sign up bonus
  • Their platform is not so neatly designed
  • Recently, it appears that the available surveys and tasks to take are limited.
  • They offer low referral bonus as when compared to other GPT sites.
  • The site can only be accessed by those residing in United Kingdom, United States and Canada.
  • The site can be time consuming most times and you earn nothing for the time wasted.


One of the best ideas to have about QuickRewards platform is that they are completely legit and trusted and so is their activities and services also. They are on the top chart when it comes to quality sites you can earn few buck with.

Finally, after few analysis, as long as you reside in the accepted countries for this site, you are recommended to join this site.

Do you have any experience with QuickRewards? Good or bad, kindly use the comment section below to give us your brief QuickRewards review.

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