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Offernation Review

Offernation Review

Offernation is a new kid on the block when it comes to reward websites. Although they have been online for 2 years and. We discussed and revealed everything you need to know about Offernation on this review. So, if you are searching for real and unbiased Offernation reviews, you have come to the right place!

What is Offernation? is a website that offers to reward people for doing simple tasks which they are already doing without getting paid. It promises to give people a way to earn extra cash from home with market research companies, one of the oldest and most popular internet industries ever.

You are paid to complete surveys, click ads, shop online, and refer people etc.

Market research

Online market research is one of the webs most popular methods of earning quick cash because it is known as a passive stream of income opportunity. They promised participants that all they needed to do is offer their view on things they are already doing as well as products they are already using.

People like you and I who are interested in working with market research website just need to register with their personal details and their active email address, after they will be able to get access to all the earnings opportunities available on the website.

Some Offernation Features

Some Offernation Features

Offernation business

Rather than being a traditional market research survey company, Offernation is seen as a Get Paid To website, which means that they do not only offer surveys but also many other earning methods to their users.

Offernation, as of writing this Offernation review, offers their members exclusive paid online surveys, paid to watch videos, doing trial offers, clicking ads etc. Users can sign into their member account any time they choose and can select whichever opportunities they are most interested in.

Although the website does openly publish their withdrawal information on their FAQ section page, It is reported that once participants have accumulated 100 points, which is equal to $1.00, they can be able to request for withdrawal through the payment method of their choice such as PayPal, Payza, Skril etc.

Is Offernation Legit or Scam?

Offernation is not scam but a legitimate reward website that is owned by a popular company that also owned and They have been online and paying their members consistently without issue. You can also find Offernation payment proofs all over the net.

The fact that Offernation does not ask their members to pay for any membership fees is very important and shows they are legit, because often the first sign of an unethical market research company is the fact that they ask members to pay for opportunities available which can be found free on other reward sites.

Another good sign of legitimacy is that they appear to have realistic earnings claims for their members, showing their prospective users a list of their most recent members payouts, all Which normally are between $5.00 and above. This is really a very reasonable expectation for their new members to have – market research is not actually a way to make huge amount of cash, it is best when used as a supplemental or extra form of income.

The only problem with Offernation is that they are quick to flag your account as a cheater if they notice a change in IP address. They can banned your account if this continues after warnings.

Another one concern with Offernation, however, is that they also promote trial offers that can be a pain in the ass if you are not careful. Trial offers are not necessarily a bad way to make money online, however they can be complicated. One thing about trial offer is that if you are not organized and forget to cancel the trial offer during the prescribed period of time often ends up making you pay significantly more in fees than you make from participating in the trial.

If you decide to use Offernation for earnings’ opportunities make sure to remember this, and don’t take part in more trial offers than you can keep track of.

Offernation Complaints

Offernation Complaints

Offernation complaints and member feedback

As we write this Offernation review, we also scanned through the web to find what people are actually saying about the website, both positive and negative feedback are posted here to show you how truthful and unbiased we are. We just give it to you the way they are.

Payment proof from hieutb
9 months
Amount received : 1.03$
Hi everyone.

I have got the forth payment from,it’s $1.03. Now I want to share with all of you a bit about this legit GPT site. The best things of I found as below:
– The site is legit with high rate as you see on
– You will find many ways to earn some happy extra money. I specially love answering surveys and do the tasks in Minute Staff (money you get from Minute Staff is 20% more than in other sites)
– Low minimum cashout: only $1 for Paypal and always $1 – not increase times by times as other PTCs.
– Payment is made in very short time, about 30 minutes or some hours.

Payment proof from hieutb
10 months
Amount received : 1.04$

Hi, I have just joint to OfferNation for more than 1 weeks and already get 2 payments ($1.04 on 10/19 and $1.08 just now), many thanks to OfferNation. And you, you can earn so happy money like me, that’s nice to start at

Great, and it’s the same Rewardingways and’s owner. Elite team !
10 months

Offernation website
“Account Verification: We reserve the right to ask members for an address confirmation document to help reduce the risk of fraudulent activity on our site. Payment will be held until the member is fully verified or indefinitely if no address confirmation document is provided. All members are required to complete our automated telephone verification phone call before they can withdraw their cash or points rewards. Telephone verification only needs to be completed once. Telephone verification is required on your first withdrawal only.”

April 5, 2016 at 4:50 pm

Yes, it is very important to read Terms of Service and Help Guide for new members. OfferNation is already more than 3 years old, and i suppose it might be a good program, but there are no surveys and offers available for me … Are there any UK, USA, Canada, Australia residents nice enough to register under my referral link:

Thanks in advance, and I wish you good profits! 🙂

August 11, 2015 at 10:25 am

Scammers, they asked for verification after I pressed cashout 1$, i entered the phone and it was fine but then,
Your account is currently marked as “Verification Required – Please Send Support Ticket”. If you need any help please feel free to send us an help ticket.
What do you want ? I gave you my name address and phone number.. my passport ??

August 20, 2016 at 6:37 am

Same thing happened to me, do you know what it is?

May 16, 2013 at 8:23 pm

Offernation sent you money! This is my 2nd payment and I´ve got paid in less then 24 h:
offernation payment proof
They have few click ads but well paid 0.01-0.02$. You can also earn from offer, videos and surveys.

Offernation payment proofs

In order to back up some of the claim offernation in this Ofernation review, we have searched the whole web to find Offernation payment proofs and below are what we found:

Offernation Payment Proofs

Offernation Payment Proofs



How to make money with Offernation
OfferNation.Com – Help Guide
This Offernation guide was created to help you in understanding how operates.

It is really important that you understand how to complete offers correctly to increase your chances of getting approved by their advertisers for each offer you do.
Advertisers will only pay you when YOU do an offer correctly and also follow all of the instructions.

If you are by any chance doing the offer incorrectly, may be cheating the offer or doing the same offer or task on any other site then the advertiser will NOT pay YOU as well as will not pay Offernation either.
Please understand that Offernation only makes money only AFTER you get paid. So, each time a memebr complete an offer correctly, they will receive a basic commission from the advertisers and you get paid as well

The process for every offer crediting is quite simple
(A) You have to complete offer correctly and then submit the offer for approval.
(B) Advertiser pays Offernation ( this can take around 30 days depending on the offer you are completing! )
(C) They pay you ( Offernation pays you daily )
If you do not submit the offer then you won’t get paid.
If you do not do the offer correctly then you won’t get paid.
If you do not get paid by their advertiser then Offernation also will not get paid.

So, it is very much in their interest as well as your interest to make sure that you complete every offer EXACTLY as it is required to ensure that everybody earns money.

The most important advice we at can offer you is this;

This is an easy task however is very important and also will ensure a good significantly higher crediting rate per offer. Many of Offernaton members recommend using a programme such as ccleaner to help with this.


To begin earning points, just click on any of the top menu tabs.
Here, you will be able to see all the different kinds of free offers which includes daily paid surveys, watching of videos, paid to click ads, paid to submit offers etc they have available for members from your location.

Their offers are always updated DAILY.
So, if there are no offers for you today, there may be offers available for your tomorrow. So make sure to keep going back and checking daily.

How To Make Money With Offernation

How To Make Money With Offernation


Select an offer category – such as “Daily Surveys”
Now, click on the banner or the text so that the new offer page will open up in a new window on your browser.

You must follow all of the advertiser instructions carefully, answer the survey questions honestly and complete the offer requirements through to the end.


Whenever you complete the offer you have to click the “SUBMIT” button.
Whenever you click the “SUBMIT” button this tells their system to credit your account with cash.
Most offers credit within one hour. Some offers credit within about 24hrs and while some offers can take up to 30 business days to credit. It all depends on the advertiser’s choice.

If you have a lot of PENDING offers then it means that you are not completing their offers correctly.

– Clear your cookies after you’ve submitted every offer.
– Set your browser software to accept third party cookies.
– Some advertisers do send emails to your inbox for verificaton. Make sure to verify these emails to receive credit.
– Make sure that you complete every offer in full. You have to reach the end of the offer in order to earn credit.
– Remember to always SUBMIT the offer after you have completed it.

Offernation Reviews


All of their offers are credited in cash and points.
You can be able to convert your points to cash as soon as you reach $1.00
Cash can be received via Instant Paypal, Payza, Moneybookers & Neteller. It is your choice.

Your points can be redeemed for Amazon Gift Cards.

Offernation legit or scam


Completing offers is the best way to earn daily points on offernation.
But, they also have a lot of different contests available where their members can earn even more points each day.

All contests are FREE participate in and are available to their worldwide members.
The best way to boost your earnings is to REFER YOUR FRIENDS – they pay you a full 25% of all your referrals earn for life at Offernation.

In conclusion, Offernation is a legitimate reward website which has been paying its members since inception but that does not mean they are perfect without complaints or they can never go wrong in the future. As of writing this Offernation review, Offernation is highly legitimate. However, we will keep you updated on this very post once there is a problem.

Hope this Offernation review will be of great help to you. Wish you happy earnings.

Do you have any experience with Offernation? Use the comments section below to give us a brief Offernation review.

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