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Maximiles Review

Maximiles Review

Is Maximiles legit and safe? This Maximiles tells you if Maximiles is safe, legit or scam and fake. Maximiles payment proofs, members complaints and feedback are also reviewed. Looking for impartial Maximiles reviews?

If yes, you are in the right place!

Before the internet age, some companies do find conducting surveys for their products and services a necessity. They end up sending out people on the street to conduct a survey research on people in other to find out their opinions and views about their products and services. Sometimes, these surveys are conducted through the phone by a telemarketer. In the end, they pay a token to these people who conduct these surveys.

Since the inception of the internet, some online companies has decided to make these surveys easier and less stressful. These online companies are what you know as the GPT sites. They reward you to take surveys with part of the commission they earn from those companies they conduct the surveys for. Recently, they have added other activities, incentives and bonuses that can help you earn points or money when you register with them. Some of the extra activities apart from completing surveys include playing games, watching paid videos, online shopping and get cashback, opening paid emails and so on.

Now, bear in mind that there are numerous GPT sites spring up on daily basis which are fraud at the end of the day. This is the reason why we will be discussing in details, one of the legitimated GPT site in existence called Maximiles.

Now let’s view Maximiles in details.

What is Maximiles?

Maximiles which is formerly known as iPoints is an online reward site which can also be referred to as a Get-Paid-To (GPT) site. You are rewarded for doing different types of activities such as watching videos, reading emails, completing surveys and offer and so on. Maximiles is best for European residents including United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and France. They have been in existence for more than a decade now since the year 2000 and has built a community of more than 2 million members.

Maximiles is under the proprietorship of a renowned company known as Bilendi Limited. Bilendi is a company that has been in existence since the year 1999.

Is Maximiles Legit and Safe?

Maximiles is legit and also safe to use. It is a very popular reward sites you can make money on. Maximiles has been in the industry for some times now and paying without problem.

Maximiles complaints and feedback

Maximiles complaints and feedback from most of its members and former members are listed below:

Asee4 Says:

This site is simply amazing, very good if you are aiming at receiving vouchers and gift items. They have an excellent customer care services. Also, I have always gotten my rewards on time after placing my order. I don’t think I have anything bad against them. I will still give them 5 stars.

Hanji Says:

There are lots of interesting surveys to take up in this site and I don’t get disqualified that much. Spending your points can be made easy with this site and I was able to order a 25 pounds voucher the recently to M&S because it is easier for me to spend money here. I have no other problem with this site. It’s 5 out of 5 for me.

Rob55 Says:

I don’t get to receiving enough paid surveys to help me get more points. The rewards seem so little and points attached to these rewards are high, you need thousands of points. Too bad for me. I will just give them 3 stars ot of 5.

Basic Requirements for Maximiles Registration

To become a member of Maximiles, you have to have these basic things which are;

  • A laptop or PC
  • An internet connection
  • A valid email address


Before you think of becoming a member of Maximiles reward site, you must have attained the age of 18 years or more. Those below the age of 18 years, within just 16 years to 18years can sign up too but must provide parental consent. The site is open to those residing in United Kingdom especially and other countries as well.

To be able to stay as a member of this site, it is necessary that you observe some rules guiding this platform. Some of the rules are

  • You are prohibited from registering more than one account per person, household, IP address or Proxy
  • Make sure that the information provided in this platform are valid and true as you may be required to prove your identity once in a while especially if more than one account appears with the same postal code.

How to Register in Maximiles

  • First of all, visit their official site using this address;
  • You will see their sign up page, fill up the required information which include your valid email address for subsequent login, your name (first and Last name), date of birth, post code and promotion code as well as a new password for subsequent login
  • Then check the box below which says “I agree with the Terms and Conditions and Privacy and Cookie Policy”.
  • You can now click on the “Create Account” button below it to create your account
  • You will now receive an email, click on the link contained in the mail to activate your account.

With this now, you are free to start participating in the activities of Maximiles Reward Site.

Upon completion of your registration, you will be given a sign up bonus of 125 Maximiles points (100 points for registration and additional 25 points for completing your profile and subscribing to their MaxiMail).

Note; you should be able to keep your account active. If you remain inactive for about 1year (12 months), you will lose all your points but that will be after you have been contacted by them through email.

Ways To Earns With Maximiles

Sign Up Bonus

As earlier stated before, you are free to earn your 125 Maximiles points once your complete your registration and also update your profile.


Surveys in this platform seems to be the major way to earn Maximiles Points. You get to be rewarded with an average of 100 to 400 points for completing surveys but this might be considered poor when compared to the amount of time you will exhaust to complete the surveys. An average of 15 to 30 minutes is needed for each surveys. The more the length of time, the more you will earn from that survey.

The good news is that you are left empty handed if you are disqualified from the surveys. You will be compensated with 5 Maximiles points if you get disqualified.

Watching Videos

Here, you are rewarded with just 5 points to watch and rate videos. The videos here are mostly short videos which do not take more than 60 seconds (1 minute) to finish.

Reading Emails

Before you can receive emails, you must have checked the “Maximails” box when you are completing your registration. You will now be able to be receiving paid emails in your mail box. When you click on any of those paid emails, you will be rewarded with 5 Maximiles Points, which is the same with number of points awarded for watching videos.


You get to receive other offers which may include registering on other websites. When you sign up on these sites, you will receive about 100 to 300 points depending on the points attached to that particular offer.

Some of the offers may require that you upload your credit card details if you do so, never forget to cancel it at the end of that offer so that you will be charged subsequently.

You can also sign up for the Maximiles Credit Card and you will stand a chance of being rewarded with up to 5000 points. Subsequently, you will be rewarded with 1 point each time you spend up to £1. There are other incentives that comes with signing up for Maximiles Credit Card, which include using contactless payments to make up to £30 purchases and so on.

Earning Rebates/ Cashback Offer

When you shop online through their site, you will be rewarded with an average of 100 to 200 points for each 1 pound you spend. This is one of the major things Maximiles is known for, rewarding for Online Shopping.

Maximiles Mobile App

Earning points can also be easier if you have a phone that is compatible enough to accommodate the Maximiles Mobile App. With this, you will tend to have easier access to the offers, and earning opportunities available in Maximiles.          

Referral Program

The Maximiles referral program also allows you to earn points when you refer other people. For each person you refer, once they are able to earn up to 1500 points, you will be rewarded with 1500 maximiles points. You will be not rewarded from the points they earn by referring others, take note of that.

To refer a friend, visit their “refer a friend” section which can be gotten from the link beneath their page or you can find this option from their “My Account” section.Then you will be required to enter the email and name of who you want to refer. After this, they will send an email invitation to the person you wish to invite. Once the person accepts and joins, you will receive your points. To follow up your referrals, go the “My Referrals” section.

Maximiles Payment And Reward

Points in Maximiles can be redeemed for one of the numerous gifts in their catalogue. These gifts are from more than 600 merchants but they are categorized to make selection easier. You are free to make your choice from categories such as films and books, beauty, homeware, music, DVD movies electronics and so much more. You can as well redeem these points for vouchers like John Lewis, Ted Baker, Argos, Disney vouchers as well as other numerous vouchers.

This Maximiles point cannot be exchanged for any form of cash payment because they do not offer this services (rewarding with cash).

Before you can redeem any reward, you need to have up to 2000 points which is their minimum reward threshold.

Steps for Exchanging your Maximiles Points for Rewards

  • First of all, go to the “Spend Points” section on their page. A list of available rewards will be shown to you.
  • Select your desired rewards and click the “Add to Basket” box. Ensure that your points are enough to get this reward.
  • Then you will be asked to put in your log in details and password for confirmation
  • If you are confirmed, you will automatically be redirected to the “Rewards Basket Page”. Here, you are to confirm your selected rewards and you are also free to make changes on your rewards or add more rewards.
  • When you have made your choice, click on the “Complete Your Order” button.
  • A page will appear for you to confirm your deliver address
  • You will again be required to put in your login details with your password to confirm.
  • If they confirm this, you will then be redirected to the page where you can view your order details
  • If it is complete, the required points for that reward will be subtracted from your account.
  • Then you are good to go, expect your order delivered to the specified address in about 10 days.

Most time, people residing outside UK where they are based cannot enjoy this services as their rewards won’t be sent to them physically.

More About Maximiles

Their headquarters is located at Bilendi Limited Sati, The Tanneries, 55 Bermondsey Street London, SE1 3XN, United Kingdom.

They have competent and professional customer support services which is always available to attend to your problems or enquiries. You can either call them on phone using +44 (0) 207 819 2852 or send an email to

If you need extensive research on them, you can also visit their Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page through this link; because you get to see responses to most of the likely questions asked by people.  To know the rules biding this platform, you can view their terms and conditions through this link;

Also be assured that your privacy is secured in this platform.

Pros Of Maximiles

  • The site’s registration is totally free and Legit as well
  • They offer numerous ways of earning and numerous stores to shop from
  • You can also earn through their referral program.
  • They have a mobile friendly app

Cons Of Maximiles

  • Cash Rewards of any form are not offered in this platform
  • it’s accessibility and availability is only limited to some countries.


Maximiles Reward platform is a legit platform to earn with. They provide several opportunities to earn and the most lucrative aspect of them is that you will end up earning tangible points from just spending a pound on the stores affiliated to Maximiles. Why not take the chance since you are bound to shop online anyways?

For all eligible aspiring members, you are encouraged to go ahead and sign up in this platform because they are worth the stress.

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