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Top 66 How To Make 100/200 Dollars in One Day Quick & Fast Online

How to Make 100 Dollars in a Day

How to Make 100 or 200 Dollars in a Day

Are you looking for how to make 100 dollars in a day or how to make quick and fast money like 200 dollars in one day online? Here are top 66 ways on how to make $100/$200 dollars in one day quick & fast online.

We will not only show you how to make 100 dollars fast online but also how to make 200 dollars in one day without investment. I have thought lots of people how to make quick money in one day and was really happy when many of them came back to thank me and revealed to me how much they make in one day after going through my article.

Note that although you can make money fast online, you will not be able to make up to 100 or 200 in on day online without putting a little bit of effort. And the fact I said i am going to show you how to make money fast online, that does not mean you can just seat down at home doing nothing while money keep flowing into your paypal or bank account. You must work hard daily to achieve the kind of result you desire.


People make use of the internet on daily, weekly, monthly, per sec, in fact at every point in time. One of the major things you see all the time when you are online is the make money advert. Ads that promise to show you ways to become rich online within few hours, from your comfort zone, irrespective of your location keeps springing up.

You can possibly be thinking that it’s not possible, that they are all scam. Fact is, in as some of them may be, it is very much realistic to earn significant amount within few hours online. It may not be in thousands, but there’s every possibility to earn up to $100 in a single day not minding where you are, as long as there’s a means to go online.

There are numerous activities to carry out online which you can make money from, and this is what we are going to look into. From this write up, we will be discussing up to 66 ways to make extra money online fast. The list will be covered from all possible aspect so that by the end of this write up, you can find one or more that will be suitable for you to carry out.

All of them do not require the same amount of energy and time, there are some that may require less work and pay more, some more work but less pay, while some can be more work and more pay. The secret to earning more is by combining most of them. You can give an hour to one and 5 minutes to another. What matters is how much you make at the end of the day and if you were able to catch your fun. This article covers brief description of each of the ways, to help you decide what’s best for you.

Below are how to make 100/200 dollars in one day online without investment:

  • Forum Posting:

Forum posting is one easy way make 100 a day online freeThere are people who have a thing for talking, well, if you are in this category, I think this Forum Posting will be the right choice for you. Webmasters or website owners have created this marketing strategy for their sites, which involves requesting for your posts, ideas or discussions on their forums. This way, they their forums tend to look very active which in return will seem very popular and finally, may be able to get more loyal or long lasting customers.

If you are to be in a forum, it is advisable to try as much as possible to be active. Among the ways you can keep yourself constantly active is either to give replies to an existing discussion and make it more interesting, or to bring up new discussion topics. You can choose captivating topics, trending topics, informative or education topics just to keep the forum alive.

Doing all this creates a lot of opportunities for you. It will become an avenue to keep yourself rich which information, you are always up to date on things happening around you or acquire more educational knowledge. Another one is that once you are always posting interesting things in a particular forum, you will get paid or earn something.

To be able to earn a significant amount, you may have to tactically follow it or apply a little technique.

Below are some tips on how to make earning in forums easy for you.

  • First of all, look out for freelancing sites like,, and and register with them.
  • The next step is to show interest in the forum posting opportunities available by applying for them
  • When you get selected and called for interview, you should be able to reply the buyer as quick as possible.
  • Take the pay per post and deadline offer
  • Ensure that you were able to deliver before the agreed deadline.

Estimated Income from Forum Posting


Generally, it is supposed that the price range for any forum post is within $0.10 to $0.50 each. With this price range in mind, you can decide to make up to 300 to 1000 posts on daily basis, if you are free and depending on your negotiating with the buyer, you can then make up to $100 within 24 hours. If you don’t want to put all your egg in one basket, you can decide to try other activities as we will be listing below and add forum posting to it.


  • Have a Template Page on Facebook Fan Pages;

If you want how to make 100 dollars fast online then facebook fan page another place to tryIn other to assist numerous companies that is on the lookout for places to advertise, you can set up templates in the Facebook pages. These companies then use your templates to place their advert. It is either you follow it up according to the rules and regulations of Facebook or you can use already created Facebook templates to simplify your work.


Tips for Making Money through the Facebook Fan page?

  • First of all, open a Facebook Fan pages for a local business around you
  • Send yourcreated templates to these business owners through email and hope for a positive response.
  • Then, you can dismiss the site.

What you stand to earn with this method

It is very possible to earn up to $200 to $500 on one site and not only about that, you can also step your game up and start charging them extra fee for maintenance per month.


  • Help Others Submit Their Links to Social Bookmarking Site

Social bookmarking site is another nice place make 100 a day with paypalWebmasters most time have difficulty in getting their site noticed, let alone remain in the competitive business. This is due to the numerous presence of websites online. These webmasters then resolve to the use of the social bookmarking sites, to increase the traffic flow of persons to their site. But, on many occasions, these webmasters do require the services of service providerto assist in getting their website links across to these social bookmaking sites in return for a small cash reward.


Nevertheless, there are few things to note down when trying to submit other’s site to a social bookmarking site;


  • First and foremost, you need to make quality research to know the most popular social bookmarking site with high flow of traffic. Best way is to do the research using Google. Search for “top or popular social bookmarking sites”
  • Choose what you wish to charge your clients and means of getting your payment
  • Deploy a marketing technique to attract as many customers as possible. You can place adverts through the social media, talk to friends, colleagues, family members or whichever way you deem fit.
  • Make these website links to be submitted early enough. Always keep the client updated, with information like number of links you generated for the customers as times goes on as well as the number of sites you were able to submit.

What you stand to earn with social bookmarking


If you are able to charge up to $10 for a set of 100 social bookmarks, then as time goes on, with more experience and expertise, you can increase your fee.

  • Writing Article

This is also another way to get yourself busy for few hours and earn your money. Here to make 200 dollars in one day is as easy as ABC if you are really good in writing. Websites are meant to be up to date at all time, to keep theirs entertaining. Since website owners rarely have the time to always write contents for their site, they do employ the services of content writers to create and write new contents for their site so as to maintain the status quo. Therefore, this can be a very big opportunity for you if you do have a flair for writing.

Steps to guide you as a content writer

  • Find Freelancing sites like, or Create your profile with them giving a detailed description of your other experiences, expertise and professionalism.
  • Check out other freelancing opportunities available and sign up to as many as you can to increase your chances of earning money
  • You can also look out for other writing offers available on other sites. You can use Google search engine
  • Lastly, inquire form any site owner that you fancy if there are writing opportunities so you will apply

What you stand to earn doing this

Depending on how good you are with the topic and your experience with writing, you may decide to charge them a bit higher. If not, generally you can earn between $1 to more than $100, it’s just a matter of your level of expertise and the length of article. Without any experience, you can still earn up to $100 for each 200 words written.


  • Become a Blogger

This cannot make you quick money in one day but it can earn you more than 1000 dollars in one day in the long run if you are consistent and know what you are doing. Being a blogger gives you the opportunity to relate what you love to your viewers, be it an educative, informative, or a funny content. All you have to do is make your write ups very interesting and captivating to be able to attract enough followers. Just make sure you blog about things you are passionate about and good in. Also, you should be able to make daily posts on your blog to keep it active.

There are many ways to earn through your blog. You can allow companies or manufactures place adverts on your blog (if you have enough traffic on your blog) and get them to pay you for it. Also, you can get affiliated with Google AdSense, this way, you get paid as someone clicks the adverts on your site

Tips on steps to help you become a good blogger

  • Make your choice about companies to blog with, top blog companies are WordPress and Blogger
  • Make a decision to either host from free account or buy and own your personal domain. From a free account, your blog address will be something like But from your personal domain which will give your blog a professional appearance, the address becomes something like Choosing to buy your personal blog requires that you get registered with a hosting company and get your domain to be routed with the hosting company. HostGator is one of the best hosting companies and they offer plans that are as low as $4.95 monthly. Don’t worry so much about routing your domain to them, it is actually simpler than you thought. You can reach out the HostGator’s customer care services and make your inquiries.
  • When your blog is all set up and ready, next step is to design your blog to your taste. Using wordpress, they refer to this as choosing “themes” while blogger refer to this as “templates”.
  • Start posting on your blog, you can post from any aspect of life, quotes, lessons, stories, events and news.
  • Make a habit of always posting contents frequently, preferably on a daily basis so as to keep your viewers/reader busy.
  • Place adverts of your blog site using any available means, be it through social media, among friends or any other way possible.


What you stand to earn as a blogger

Although it will require your patience for a while to build up your blog, blogs tend to be a source of generating huge income for yourself. Most time, you can earn up to millions from your blog and this is all dependent on the frequency of your blog contents, how captivating they can be, adverts placed on your blog and also the traffic flow in your blog.


  • Make Sales on Fiverr

Fiverr is an online platform that provides opportunities for people to market and sell their services for $5 a pop. Fiverr can make you quick money in one day if you have a quality service. Services that can be gotten from there ranges from article writing down to giving of advice and so many others. If you wish not to provide same services as others, you can decide to invent new “Gigs”. Each gig sold on Fiverr earns you $4 as the other $1 is taken by Fiverr as their commission. There are popular gigs which can give you up to $100 daily.

Tips on How to earn with Fiverr

  • Register and have an account on Fiverr
  • Tap the “Start selling” button
  • Then, tap the “create first gig” button
  • Keep following the guidelines so you can create your own gig.
  • Then you can keep waiting to see if customers can accept your gig, once they do, put in your best and deliver on time.


  • Podcasting

If you are looking for how to make 100 dollars fast without a job similar to blogging then Podcasting is for you. Podcasting, when compared with blogging, seems to be the same in all ramification except for one thing, for podcasting, it is more of voice notes while blogging involves writing/typing. Podcasting is just a medium to reach out to people who would prefer learning by listening than by reading. Essential tools need before you start your podcast include; headphone, microphone and a software for audio recording. Earning in podcast is also similar with earning in blogging. You need to draw traffic to your podcast either by placing adverts especially using Google AdSense or by advertising other companies in return for commission.

Tips on how to successfully become a podcaster

  • First of all, build your podcast website
  • The next is to have your content recorded. Audacity is one of the free recording program that can help out.
  • If your recordings are in another format apart from mp3, it is necessary that you convert it to mp3 format.
  • Then, next is to upload the mp3 recording on your podcast site with a detailed description attached to it.
  • You can now start placing adverts about it to other sites, friends and social media platforms.


  • Translation

When you have the capacity of speaking more than one language fluently, you can think of taking translation offers. There are many out there that need this translational services and you can offer to help out especially if the language in question is your specialty. Providing this services will give you the opportunity of earning more money. You can easily make 100 dollars a day online for free

Tips on how to be a good translator

  • Lookout for freelancing sites that also offer translating jobs and apply for one
  • Apart from freelancing sites, you can as well search other sites with this offer and sign up with them
  • Show interest in other sites that offer jobs that is in line with translation
  • If you have your website, you can as well advertise and create awareness about the translational offers available in your site or can build a website for that.

What you stand to gain as a translator

Depending on the number of translators available, you can charge something between $0.01 for each word if they are much or increase your fee if translators are scarce but are in demand.


If you have a thing for talking, possess good business skill and you have a talent with relating with people, below are the job opportunities for persons that have excellent human relationship skills.

  • Outsourcing middle man

Most times, companies require the services of other people to handle their online activities such as write contents for their blogs, promote their sites and make it grow bigger, among so many other things. People with good business skills and marketing strategies are often needed to pull this off. This can make you free money fast. If you have these skills, then you can make use of it and earn some money. Become a middle man between companies and their customers and help them market their products and services, then you can take up the price a little to be able to gain something from it.

Tips on how to become a good outsourcing middle man

  • Make a thorough research about freelancing sites, forums or other sites to find clients.
  • Have an online site that has a detailed description of your services including your charges and other things.
  • Create awareness for your site through social medias, friends, colleagues amongst other means.
  • Then gently build your customer base. Carry out your services with due diligence and ensure you get feedbacks of your services from these customers.

What you stand to earn as an outsourcing middle man

Earning money while providing these services is very dependent on the number of clients you can handle almost at the same time and your marketing strategies.


  • Employee Referral


There are a lot of organizations or establishments that gives out referral bonuses for people who can go as far in helping them to get the best employees in the market to suit in their organization. By using the internet, you will find probable prospects for organization. If you have a large fan base or have the contacts of employers, this will serve as an opportunity to make some money. If you even need 2000 dollars fast, this is an easy way to get it.

Tips on how to become good with employer referral

  • A lot of companies offers referral program leaving you a great opportunity to help employees seek their potential jobs. If you have doubts about the referral programs of some companies, you can place a call to them to verify. There is also a chance too for you to employ if you have a job.
  • Map out the number of potential job seekers in your area.
  • Taking out the profiles of good people and communicate them on the prospect of getting regular work by visiting freelancing sites like,,
  • Referring prospective employees to the HR of a company with recommendation for them and also get paid when they are hired.
  • Have a good relationship with outside recruiters like you so as to get more and current jobs openings from them.

What to do you stand to gain as an Employee Referral………


Thebonuses from this rises from $50 to $1000 as it depends on the type of position at stake with the company you work with, you also have to remember that the stronger the qualifications required, so is to the referral bonus.

  • By becoming a website or domain Broker

The internet today is vast as many new websites that is created today as a price tag on it. This means people who are lazy to design a website will like to go for already made website buy buying peoples websites or when they see the future of the websites is going to yield a good fortune for them. Becoming a website broker enables you to act as a middle man between website designers and their buyers. You earn money by attaching a fee for these services.

Tips on how to become a successful website broker

  • Build a website that shows the various website for sale and also keeping it up to update in order to get buyers and sellers attracted to it. Avoid putting the full details of the sites up for sale out in order to get you full commissions or being scrapped out during the transaction rather list out the general information.
  • Search for potential buyers or people who want to sell the websites on internet by looking through the sites like, and com. it doesn’t matter if they already exist in one of these sites, they can still accept your offer.
  • As it is said above, don’t give out the details of websites you intend selling to buyer unless they are ready and fill out the necessary paper work so that they won’t double-cross you.
  • Complete the deal as soon as possible and take your percentage from it.

What I stand to earn as a website broker

There is a large amount of profit you can make by being a website broker ranging from $100 to millions of dollars. The amount totally based on the effectiveness of the site or domain.

  • Buying and selling links

A lot of people go as far as possible to get higher search engine ranking on Google by having backlinks redirecting others to their sites. Backlinks is a type of links that are implanted on other people’s sites linking others to their own sites.  With this kind of process done on a website, Google gives it more preference because it only shows that their site can be worth it. So, it begins to rank higher. High search engine placement gets more views and attention to your business. This stimulates people to create backlinks to their site. In order to make money from this, you act like a middle man between people who are ready to sell and buy links.

Tips on how to earn money buying and selling links

  • Search for forums such as that has people seeking to buy and sell website links .
  • Be on alert and be knowledgeable with the selling and buying of links guidelines
  • High page rank links on Google has much market value and should be your target.
  • Create your personal website to advertise your services
  • Visit other sites in the internet to look for potential customer to buy or sell links.
  • Broadcast your website on social networks, friends or through traffic to yields more result.

What you stand to earn from buying and selling websites

The amount you can make depends on the service charge fee for connecting people. The price can range from $1 to $300 for a link as the price depends on how valuable the site is. You can as well delve into the business by buying them and reselling at your own price.

  • Resell SSL Certificates

An SSL certificate is like verification or a seal that is put on websites to ascertain that it is secured and safe for people to do business with. With the SSL certificate on a website, it allows visitor on the websites to be assured that their information or private date is secured and safe. A certificate authority digitally signs these SSL certificate which makes the website become trustworthy and authentic. SSL certificate is one of the most essential commodity of every legit website.

You can offer your services by opting to partner with companies that offers the SSL certificates. Buy from them at a discount and resell them at a higher price to earn your profit. Or you can make sales for them and have them give you some percentage commission of your sales.

Tips on how to earn from a reselling SSL certificates

  • Search and make a rundown list of companies that offers SSL Certificates
  • Have a partnership with the company or get registered
  • Map out list of trustworthy customer and make the deal done
  • Show the company your sales record for the month.
  • Take your profit or bonuses on the go

What you stand to earn by reselling SSL certificates

Dependingon the package you run, if they offer sales incentives, they revenue you will get will depends on the number of certificate you sell and the price they are offering.But if the partnership is based on discounting, the profit you will make is based on the margin you have to yourself.

  • Marketing of product (New and Unused)

eBay is a place for you to make money when you put up your items either old, unused or new items you don’t desire again for sale. As a lot of people might see the items you called trash a treasure worth to them.Why not seize the opportunity of getting rid of unwanted item to make extra cash?

Tips on how to make sales with eBay

  • Sign up on eBay as a seller.
  • Create a PayPal account to receive your payment.
  • Put up your desire items you want to sell.
  • List your items among the items for sale on eBay.

You stand to earn by selling items n eBay

To make much profit on eBay, it depends on the items you put up for sale. You stand to earn anything between dollar to thousands of dollars by selling them.

  • Buying and selling of Items on eBay

if you are a regular visitor at eBay site, you will be tempted to buy other people’s goods and resell it at a double original price. Some people made a lots of mistake selling their items for a low value and you can make use of the opportunity to get them to sell to make huge profit from it. You can choose to buy in large quantity and resell them too by putting out an advertisement to make potential sellers to get them and sell as well

Tips on how to buy and sell on eBay

  • Visit eBay site to make a list of items you need.
  • Buy items that you can sell immediately without delay
  • Get potential buyers for the items
  • You can have a website of yourself by starting your own up

You stand to earn by buying and selling on eBay

The profit you will make depends on the price margin you placed on each goods you bought and can make up a $100 from it.

  • Selling of other people’s items on eBay on their behalf

You can make some few bucks to your pocket in this category by listing out items which is not yet in your care in eBay sites, all you have to do is to obey the rules for it (eBay’s pre-sale rules). The items are not necessary to be in your care before selling it as you can make it as a demand for people to request for it. You can even sell them to others without buying them first, then buy them with the money gotten from selling it, deliver to the buyer and keep your profit. You stand to loose nothing from doing this.

Tips and guidelines for selling used items on eBay:

  • Create an account on eBay and setup the paymentmethods attached to it
  • Create a virtual store as a buyer of the items
  • List out some few items from others people page who wish to sell those items to your product page.
  • Attract potential buyers who can be able to buy the items

What are the profits to be made when selling used items on eBay?

You can get up to $1000 when you partake in this options

  • Writing of eBook on the topic (buying and selling techniques) in eBay

If you are a good writer and want to achieve success through it, make an eBook on the topic “using eBay to make a lot of money’. However, a lot of people may have known the basics of eBay but with a good write up and nice creativity in it, people will still want to get more ways to earn from eBay. A lot of profit can be made from it as long it gets a good advert and is gotten digitally with no shipping cost.

Steps to be taken if you want to write and sell an eBook:

  • Know what eBay is all about and start writing the eBook telling them how to make money from eBay.
  • Make it simple and interesting to get more buyers to it.
  • Have an attractive title to your eBook.
  • Create awareness for the eBook on eBay website.
  • Make your sales with the profit attached to it.
  • Spread the advert too on social network and with colleagues.

What you stand to earn in selling an eBook:

Whatever you can earn from selling these eBooks are totally dependent on these three factors which are; Price tag for the eBook, how many books you were able to sell and your customer feedback and reviews about the book.

If you have free time and don’ t exploit it positively, you can use your free time to get yourself engaged and make some money with it. Here are some ideas to make money online and listed below:

  • Paid Surveys

This option is mostly suitable for students since they always love the easy and quickest way to make money. Participating in these paid surveys is way for you to earn little cash after a while.

Tips that can help you before embarking on Paid Surveys:

  • Spot out legitimate paid survey sites.
  • Sign up with some of them.
  • Choose the kind of surveys you will like to participate.
  • Give your candid opinions on the products listed to you.
  • Submit you surveys on time.
  • Get a system with internet.
  • Have an idea on the product.
  • Create a time to finish up the survey before time ticks off.

What you stand to earn in Paid Surveys

The amount can be from $1 to $100 as it depends on the survey and duration of the survey.You can also get some freebies, discount coupons and lucky draws too.

  • Part-time Data Entry job

Thereare a lot of request made by company for a lot of things which can be like converting hard copy data to electronic data. With this kind of request, you can make money from it if you are good with the keyboards.

Tips to follow in order to be a part-time Data Entry operator

  • use the internet to find data entry openings in freelancing sites like,, and
  • Apply for the jobs as many as they are you can find.
  • Finish with the documents as soon as possible.
  • Ensure that the job is done accordingly.
  • Always beat the time by submitting on time.
  • Get their feedbacks and give out bonus to people who refer others.


What profit can I make out as a part-time Data Entry operator?

The amount you can get can be from $1to $5 per hour with regards to the efficiency of your speed and how hard the job is.

  • Virtual Assistant

A lot of business owners who handle their business logistics always have difficulty in planning out other activities for the business. When you take up the virtual assistant job, you will be able to schedule meetings, organize daily activities, take up phone calls on their behalf among many things. If you suit well into this position, then consider yourself lucky as you can be hired as a virtual assistant.

 Steps to be taken if you choose to become a virtual Assistant

  • Visit the web and search freelancing sites like,, and for virtual assistance opportunities.
  • Apply for the jobs, as many you can.


  • Get potential and much customers quickly. Advertise yourself on social networks, colleagues or in the internet.


What are the profits I can make by acting as a virtual assistant?

It ranges from $3 to $100 per hour depending the experience.

  • By participating in contest

With your free time you can participate in various contest offered online, your chance of winning is against the odds but you might be lucky someday and win stuffs such as movie tickets, sample product and gift items.

Tips on how to participate in contests

  • surf through the net and choose the sites which offer contests.
  • sign up in the sites and always visit them for new contests daily.
  • fill in as many contests you can lay your hands on.
  • visit search engines every time for any new contests.

What will I get by participating in contests?

Cash can be won along with other perks like gift coupons, cards and trips.

  • Editing and proofreading jobs

A lot of articlesor reports need to be edited or proofread before hitting the internet. If you are proficient in any language and a client happens to need the kind of service you render, then you can choose editing and proofreading jobs.

 Steps to be taken when choosing editing and proofreading jobs

  • Sign up in some of the freelancing sites like, and


  • Sign up to websites that shows editing/proof reading services to their customers.


  • Always check for new posted jobs on daily basis and apply for those ones you have qualifications for.


  • Take up the jobs and get paid.



What you stand to gain out of Editing Proofreading jobs

This job is very tedious and critical so people will be willing to pay for it. It is paid either by the article written or hours spent with the earning ranging from $5 to$20 per hour.


  • Email and Phone Handling

Most companies and business owners do require the services of an email and phone handler to help them manage their customers and meet up to the required customer care standard. This services have many similarities with the virtual assistance services except for the fact that no exceptional skill is needed since there would be no physical meeting with the customers. Some of the tasks expected to be carried out by the email and phone handler include; replying emails, answering queries through the phone or cold calling. Email and phone handling provides an alternative to earn extra cash.

 Tips on how to become a good email and phone handler

  • Search and register with freelancing sites such as, or
  • Search for offers that bests suits your skills and apply for them.

 What you stand to earn from as a phone and email handler

Depending on your skills and lever of expertise, providing email and phone handling services can let you earn between $3 to $10 an hour. For additional skills, you can equip yourself with knowledge on complex topics but is almost never needed.


Get paid by browsing through freebies sites

When you surf the web, you get to come across a lot of websites where you can get valuable stuff from when you register. You can get free items to resell to others too.

Tips on how to find freebies sites

  • Check through the internet to see the list of companies that offer freebies and also make research too on forums like FatWallet.
  • Apply for offers you have interest in


What you stand to earn from freebies sites


The amount you will make depends on the items you get for free which you will sell ranging from $1 to $20.


Are you fanatics of programming language? Can you have your way in any systems you lay your hands on? Below are some tangible ideas lined up for you:

  • Programming software with rights

Once you’re know your way around with programming, you can consider this a good option to make money since a lot of individuals and companies need your services. Any program you create and it solves people’s problems can also be resold (with the resale rights to program) to allow others get the commissions from it. With some ideas and knowledge put in your work can earn you a huge amount of money.

Tips on how to sell your program software:

  • You will have to ascertain the problem and needs of the buyer before writing you programs for it. You can visit sites like OnSellingSoftware for guidelines.
  • Make a general research through forums, social media or ask a potential client their basic needs for the software.
  • Make you software know in the web and also social networks to get more clients.

What stand to earn as a programmer

The profit you will get depends on how large the work is before you know what to gain from it.

  • Design and building of website for people

In this aspect, if you have knowledge in designing of website by using HTML, graphics and Photoshop, this is an avenue to make money. With the knowledge you have you can create something nice for your client and gets a handsome reward for it.

Tips on how to become a web designer

  • Surf freelancing sites like and and apply for web designing opportunities
  • Get the full details of a job and understand what is needed before taking it up
  • Always deliver the job with the way it was expected of you.
  • Create awareness for your services in forums, blogs and social networks to get more openings.

What you stand earn as web designers

Thefee can be in the region of $10 or higher per hour as well as per website too which can be in the region of $100 or more depending on the customs and designs added to it.


  • Designing of automation software with charge for service

With theglobal development going around, a lot of people feels the needs to get a work done without putting more effort or stressing themselves to it. Examples of automated software includes automated software for article rewriting, for checking spelling/grammatical errors in the articles, for article spinning, for PDF to word conversion and many more yet to be discovered. If you can spot a tangible problem around and create a program for it, then be sure of income from it.

Tips on way to ensure you make money using web components:

  • Visit the web regularly especially the administrative jobs available in freelancing sites to see updated jobs. This will enable you see the exact issues people are having and needs solution to.
  • For a high demand in the software, you can mass produce it to go round and also charge a reasonable fee from it. Also, you can have yourself create a specific software based on individual demand.
  • Always follow the trend of the market when charging for a job given to you. Charge the normal general rate for manual works and speed up the production using your software.

Whatare the profits from creation of automation software?

When mass producing any software the charge can be within the range of $5 to $1000 or less than that. For individual service, the charge is always low compared to mass production but it also depends on the nature of the work. For example, you can charge as low as $.01 for each telephone number in a telephone entry.


Modification and creating additional functionality to existing software:

Every software is made for different work but can be re-modify to suit other functions. With the little touch you add to them can fetch you some money by selling to big companies or individuals who has the need for it.

You can find out more right here.

Tips on how to make money from modifying existing software

  • Creation of your website to advertise the service rendered. You can also put them in blog social networks.


  • Sign up in sight that offer same services like you to get more job.


  • Visits regular sites like,, and to see potential client who needs the services.


What do you stand to earn from modifying software?


The amount to be expecting is $10 per hour depending on the kind of works and modification processes for a particular project


  • Application Tester

This kind of work involves thetesting of websites in different browser with operating system as well. If after undergoing the regular testing and there is need to add remove anything from it will be done accordingly.

Steps to be taken to be good application tester:

  • surf the web to get updated with recent Application Testing jobs.


  • Sign up in popular freelancing websites like Elance, Rentacoder, to seek and apply for the application tester offers.


  • Register in companies such as that offer the jobs you do and show interest.


  • Advertise yourself by creating a website.



What you stand to earn as an application tester


The amount to expect ranges from $5 – $12 per hour with regards to the time involved and how critical it is.

Answering of technical questions for a fee

You can make a living by attending or answering technical questions that are being asked. The pay can be per month or per question answered. In order to get a good fortune from this then you have to offer more and good answer to your customer. Just find an area you are very conversant with and specialize in it and also, endeavour to respond back to your clients within a short time frame. Sites like ExpertBee is an illustration for getting offers like this.

Steps to be taken in order to make money from answering questions

  • Train yourself to be an expert in writing articles, creation of blog or eBook too
  • Advertise yourself over the net both in blogs and social network or even among friends too.

What do I stand to earn from this offer?

It is in the region of $10 to $100 per question depending on how good you are it can also be monthly for a particular amount of questions answered to allow you a desire income.


  • Assisting in software installation

As much as technology is leading in this present times, still majority of people are still not conversant with how it all works. Many are unable to access their emails, nor do they now how to go about the internet as a whole. You are good with technology and internet, you can take advantage of it and earn some money by helping others install software on the computers. It is by far among the easiest ways to earn some few extra bucks.

steps to be taken to make money from installations

  • Advertise yourself over the net or create your own website and place your adverts to attract potential clients


  • Sign up in popular freelancing sites like,, and to seek for such jobs


  • Get the services done and take your money


You stand to earn from software installations

The price can be from $5 per installations which can also rise up depending on the number of offers you get

  • Provide backup storage services


Datarecovery during a disaster is an important factor which must be taken seriously in all the companies. Once you have the right tools and gadgets to offer remote storage services, making few extra bucks becomes so easy for you. All you have to do is host their files by creating a backup for them. The more storage space they consume the more you will earn from them.


Steps to take in making money by providing backup service?


  • Have a personal website to use to render your service.


  • Have a personal server set up remotely.


  • Have many clients an offer them mouth-watering deals


  • Sell out your service by meeting companies to know the services rendered.


  • Have a daily routine backup on daily basis.


  • Large space is also required as it is an advantage over others.


What do I stand to earn out of backup services?

First of all, you have to determine the charge at which you will get paid either monthly or according to space used. Then for a large storage of file it will be based on the space used which means enough money to you. You can receive your earnings within the range of $5 to hundreds of dollars in a month.


  • Setting up an online virtual store

Youcan create a virtual store by using dropshipping or reselling something already created by you like candles or scrapbooks. it is done either by mass production or via pay per order method.

Tips on how to create virtual online store:

  • Have a website for yourself and set up the virtual store with payment methods. Register as a seller on eBay or Amazon.


  • If you choose dropshipping, there will be a need to identify wholesale dealers. Surfing the web will help and can also spot out people who will supply the materials you want for your product.


  • Build a customer base and advertise your products in websites as well as social networks, and amongst your colleagues and enjoy the profit.


What do I stand to earn in an online virtual store?

This will depend on the price bargained between you and the wholesaler with the price you gave the customer. There is no fixed profit as each of the items involved has different market value.

  • Create an affiliate website

To become an affiliate is a good way to make money if you don’t want to sell products online with dropshipping or your own products. Becoming an affiliate, all you have to do is to refer other people to he buying and selling sites and get the commissions attached to it once a sale is made, you can choose stores like Target, Wal-Mart, or Amazon to be an affiliate for them.

Tips on how to have an affiliate website

  • Have a personal website of a virtual store with a payment method attached to it. You can also register at amazon and eBay site as a seller. You can also write reviews of the listed products and links them to your sites as listed out.
  • Register in some of the affiliate site like click bank and commission junction as they serve as a link to a host of merchant with affiliate programs.
  • Build your customer base and advertise the service you render in online forums and social networks.
  • Get your profit.

What are the profit you get from affiliate marketing?

The payment by most affiliate programs are either by per-leads from $.20 to $100, others can be in percentage sales or flat amount per sales.If you have passion or talent for something, here are few ideas you can use to make an income from it.


For your skills and talents, you can turn them into something useful and make money doing that. Below are some suggestions on the skills you turn into a way of making money.


  • Stock Photography

Do you have a flare or passion for photography? If so, then this opportunity is for you. Take photographs of interesting things and compile them as stock photos, give permission to the photos and have people pay you for taking them. Stock photography is all about giving out license to your photos.

Tips on ways to benefit from stock photography

  • Look out for websites that provided detailed information or guidelines on how to make money with your stock photos
  • Take quality photos and add to your collection

What I stand to earn with stock photography

With enough demand on stock photography, you can make money up to thousands of dollars with your stock photos. You can also receive payment per each purchase of your photo or if your photo is used by any organization or individual for any online activity.

  • Produce and sell your products online

You can create your own designs, crafts, or knitted wears like sweater and so on. Then you can market them online for a fee.

Tips on how to earn by selling your products online

  • Search from buying and selling sites like eBay, etsy and Amazon and sign up with them
  • Provide a list of your available products
  • Sell the products to interested buyers and earn from there

What you stand to earn by selling your products online

What you earn is totally based on the product for sale and your price tag for it.


  • Earn with mis-spellings


Most times, people often make the mistake of spelling a domain name wrongly while trying to search for them. Try purchasing those wrongly spelt domain names so you can redirect them to the right ones with your affiliate links included. Redirecting these mis-spelled domains to the right ones earns you an affiliate commission.

Tips of how to earn from mis-spellings


  • Search and join affiliate programs
  • Check out the affiliates terms and condition to ensure you can conform with them
  • Use to search for the potential domains and find their mis-spellings
  • Purchase those domains and get them directed to your affiliate links

What you stand to earn from mis-spellings

There’s no specific amount attached to it. Someone ended up making more than $2000 from a mis-spelled domain just because the domain has one missing letter from the brand name. You can buy as many mis-spelled domains as possible to increase your chances of earning higher. I would recommend buying from Namecheap since it is cheaper with a coupon code.


  • Shoot and sell interesting videos

This requires a little video editing skill and talent to pull it off. Shoot and upload any video that is highly interesting and you are good to go. Videos can be commentary, comedy, tutorials, events among others.

Tips on how to earn from video uploads

  • First of all, you need a quality camera with recording, microphone and mixing components to start off.
  • Make your own video
  • Build your own website and advertise or place adverts on people’s websites

What I stand to earn from making online videos

You can attach a fee to your online videos and have people pay either on hourly, minute basis or for a single video.

If you are skilled with the Photoshop software alongside with the tricks, then you may find this idea intriguing


  • Create and sell designs on T-shirts

You can make interesting logos, images, or catchy phrases with the Photoshop app or software. Find T-shirts and print these designs or create a customized t-shirt for someone. Then you can make some money by selling these t-shirts at your own designated price.

Tips on earning with designing t-shirts

  • Search and sign up with online selling sites like etsy, eBay or to get connected with customers
  • Create awareness for your design by telling your friends or promote them through your site or other mediums such as social medias and forums.

What you stand to earn from designing and selling t-shirts

You can sell your t-shirts for $10 and above


  • Design Banners

You can also make use of the Photoshop software or other image creation software to design and sell your banners. These banners can be customized for companies and organizations.


Tips on how to earn money by designing and selling your banners

  • Create your website where you can advertise your services
  • You can also advertise through other mediums like forums and social media platforms
  • Find freelancing sites like, sign up and apply for banner designing services
  • Also apply for Photoshop offers
  • Make interesting and quality designs and earn from it.

What you stand to earn from banner design services

Depending on the extent of the design they want, you can be paid between $10 to more than $70 for a design. Some companies get to pay you only when your banners get viewed or clicked.


  • Logo Designs

Most companies have a need to have a logo branded to them. Offering to design these logos for them can fetch you some money.

Tips on how to earn from these logo designs

  • Create your own personal websites to advertise your services
  • Also place adverts through other means like social networks, friends or forums
  • Find and register with freelancing sites like
  • Apply for Photoshop and logo design offers available on those freelancing sites
  • Create and sell quality designs

What I stand to earn from these logo design

Just like designing banners, you can also earn between $10 to hundreds of dollars all depending on the quality of logos and your expertise.


  • Create animations for websites

Some companies or website seek the services of an animator to be able to make cartoons or animations for their website. These cartoons can be in comic form or just for illustrations on the website.

Tips on how to earn by creating cartoons

  • Create your personal website for your service adverts
  • You can also create awareness through other mediums like the social media platforms
  • Search and sign up on freelancing sites like, and so on
  • Search for online sites that require your services

What you stand to earn from creating cartoons


What you earn is all dependent on the type of cartoons you create. But you can earn from $50 upwards on few designs.


  • Create templates for digital scrapbooking


Most people have a lot of passion for preserving old memories. Gone are the days when people go about storing them in photo albums which can get lost, damaged as time goes on. Recently, majority has taken to the internet as their safe refuge for storing their memories. You can decide to create them lovely templates for their digital scrapbooks and have them pay you for that.


Tips on how to earn through designing templates for digital scrapbooking

  • Create your own website to advertise your designs
  • Place adverts through other mediums like the social platforms and so on
  • Get people to purchase your designs and earn.

What you Stand to earn from digital scrapbook template designs

You can earn between $5 for ordinary templates or $20 and more for customized templates.


  • Sell ClipArt

Website owners often tend to make use of ClipArt and icons a lot since it adds color to their sites. This can be a good opportunity for you to earn some money if you design these ClipArt. The only things here is that you need to be skilled with the use of graphics.

You can either make neutral designs for many or customized designs for specific people or companies.

Tips on how to earn with ClipArt Designs

  • Create and place adverts on your site or through other mediums like forums or social medium platform
  • Have a catalogue of your designs and exhibit it on your site
  • Make your choice on the types of designs you make, whether customized or general

What you stand to ear form selling Clip Art

What you earn is all dependent on your designs, who you are designing for (customized or general) and the fee you’re willing to charge for each design.

  • Write others eBook and get Paid

Some people have the passion of having eBooks created in their name but they either don’t possess the writing skill or simply don’t have time for it. Therefore, they usually opt out to hire others with the skill to write for them and pay them. So, it is up to you to know if you are equal to the task, if you are, then you can apply to write for them with a fee attached. You can always take to the internet to make researches and acquire enough knowledge for the eBook topic you wish.


Tips on how to be a good eBook writer and earn money

  • Search and sign up on freelancing sites like, and
  • Search for eBook writing offers and apply for them. You can decide to write free samples for them
  • Once you are hired, ensure that you were able to deliver accurately and on time.

What you stand to earn by writing eBooks

eBook writing can fetch you something in within $2 (minimum) to $25 a page, depending on how good you are.


  • Editing and Restoring Old Photos

Pictures seems to fade away after a while but people would still love to hold on to them as time goes on. You can decide to restore this pictures for them in a bid to have them pay you. With a good Photoshop skill, you can add glamour to the pics and make them look better and earn more money.

Tips on ways to earn from restoring old pictures

  • Create your own websites
  • Place adverts for your services through your site and other available medium.

What you stand to earn for restoring old photos

You can set a fee at the rate of $10 to $100 for a single photo.



  • Video Montage Services

This is a nice way of creating videos out of photos. With the appropriate slides and background music, add to the photos provided by the customer, make it into a video and probably store it in a DVD format. This can serve as a good way of preserving memories for a long time. Offer this services and make money from it

Tips on how to gain from providing video montage services

  • Create your own website
  • Upload samples of your video
  • Places adverts about your video

What you stand to earn from video montage services

Each video can be made at a price between $20 to $200.


If can make good use of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), then this idea might just be for you

  • Writing SEO articles

Some people go about looking for special keywords that can draw more traffic to their site. If you have the skills and good knowledge of SEO, you can write optimizing articles and have others buy it.


Tips on how to earn by writing SEO optimized article

  • Find and register on freelancing sites like, and so on
  • Create a portfolio of all your works
  • Find article writing offers and apply
  • Use the keywords requirements to write articles and get them ready before deadline.

What you stand to earn from SEO writing

Its either you have a specific fee for the entire article, you charge with time, for example, about $4 to $15 per hour or you charge about $.01 for each word.


  • Write and sell eBooks

You can write an interesting or educative eBooks and have them sold online since most people now like online reading more than reading on paper. Try to reduce your eBook to nothing more than $100, so as not make it too bulky.

Tips on how to earn from writing an eBook

  • Design your website and attach a sales letter to it.
  • Place adverts of your books through other mediums like social media platform, friends and other available means
  • List your eBook on sites like Amazon and

What you stand to earn from writing eBooks

You can place your fee from about $5 to $100, all depend on the length of your book and the information contained in the book.



  • Rewriting eBook for others for a certain fee

When you possess a rewriting power in article writing, then there are eBook rewriting jobs available for you. For you to be exclusively good in eBook writing, you need to consider many things, which include proof reading the existing article and digest it in your intellectual acquisition, then transfer it back in your own literal words without changing its original meaning and writer’s view. If you understand the principles of article rewriting, you will agree with me that it is far better and faster than the original writing which require series of research and many other things.

Tips on rewriting eBooks and earing from it

  • Endeavor to register with any group or website for freelancers such as,,
  • Seek for any available eBook writing job and apply if you found an attractive one. For this you job hunt to be productive, you need to upload samples of the eBooks you have rewritten as to allow people to rate your ability.
  • You need to learn how to rewrite by specification of the buyer, which requires you to pay keen interest as to understand what the buyer really wants from you. However, timely submission is key to fast payment.

What do you stand to earn for rewriting eBooks?

It is an open market where you left with many payment options of how much your rewriting fee can be ranging from $2 to $20 per page as the case may be, which depends on your expertise as well as experience in the writing field.

  • Start teaching online:

This is another money-making job, if you are very good in any subject, then you can get yourself an online teaching job and make cool money. This can be achieved by contracting to teach any interested learner anywhere in the world, which include US, China and many others. Majority of US students seek online help to do assignment as well as other scholar projects. In China many of the students’ sort for an online English teacher and online computer tutor which varies from country and individual demand.

Tips on how to earn with online teaching

  • You can surf the web for e-tutor jobs and start placing your chances of securing a job. An example of such websites you can visit include and many more.
  • You can as well create your own web platform stating the subjects you can teach and why you are the best in your field of specialty.
  • For your clients to get to you faster, you have to employ the services of adverting websites, forums, social medias, via email and numerous of its kind.
  • One thing that is highly needed in this job is trust, you have to meet up with the demand and requirement of your student as you have agreed to, keeping in touch with their improvement as a mode of advertising to new students.

What do you stand to earn for online tutoring?

This kind of job can fetch you some cool money between $4-$20 per hour based on your accumulated knowledge and experience in the subject you are tutoring.

  • Pool in e-tutors and offer tutoring services

There has been an increase in the online tutoring jobs, which is a good business opportunity, which you can utilize and grow mega rich by hiring professional tutors and open up a professional tutorial to interested students. The saying goes that when you work for someone you are limited but when you work for yourself, you become limitless.

Tips on ways to earn from offering tutoring services

  • To accomplish this task, you need to seek for the services of professionals in different subjects listed in your perusal.
  • Give your tutors teaching guidelines for effective knowledge impartation and a discipline measures are required to progress in this business.
  • Create a web platform for your tutoring service, so that you expected students can hear about the services which you offer.
  • Advert is the bedrock of any upcoming service provider. They push you to the limelight and some good examples of places to place your advert include; social medias, forums or advert websites, with friends as well as other traffic generation platform.
  • Employ the use of feedback forum to get students review of your services. This will go a long way in device mode of increasing your services to them as to give them your best services.

What you can earn from tutoring services

You can make a whole lot of money from this service depending your charge and expertise. You may charge a student up to $20 and give your tutors $10 for their own services thereby making your own gain as well as keeping your workforce strong and happy.

  • Online research works

With a rapid rise in the business world, the need for the use of internet in collection of data and making researches is on the rise. Using new businesses as an illustration, the owner of the prospective new business first of all goes online to seek for information related to the business such as the risks involved in the business, strategies to make the business flourish, statistical locations of similar business and so on. After these research, the owner then enters his/her conclusion based on these effects or result of the research. Most times, they usually don’t have time to carry out these researches and get the information they need, so they end up seeking for help of others. You can decide to carry out these researches for them in return for a fee if you have a flare for learning new things.

Tips on how to make money with online researches

  • Find and register on Freelancing sites like and so in
  • Look for web research offers and apply
  • Perform a detailed research and come up with quality and useful information

What you stand to earn from performing online researches

Depending on how tedious the research is and how detailed it is, you can fix a particular price between $5 to $200. But if you work per hour, you may end up earn about $3 to $50.

  • Sale of Tutoring Videos Online

With the way things are going recently, the internet seems to be the Holy Grail for learning for majority of people. When you have a lot of potentials in a particular thing o you possess enough knowledge on a particular sill or topic, you can take to making online videos to teach others on that particular thing. This becomes a great avenue for you to make money. The simplicity of the video becomes the beauty of the whole thing. Always bear it in mind that people go for interesting and quality things, this can serve as a guideline for you so that you can be able to attach quality and very educative information on your videos.

Tips for making online instructional videos

  • Create your own website where you can post your videos as a way of developing yourself in the act.
  • Then make instructional videos and upload
  • Attach a download fee to the videos

What to stand to earn from these instructional videos

With respect to the quality of information embedded in the videos and ease of accessibility, you stand to earn between few dollars to hundreds of dollars for each video.

  • Telecommunication Jobs

These provides an opportunity for you to earn money from the comfort of your home. Sites like http://www.tjobs.comhave telecommunication offers, all you have to do is to sign up on those one that is more suitable for you and earn from it.

Tips of how to earn from telecommunication offers

  • First of all, you have to search online for telecommunication vacancy offers
  • Apply for any of the offers you see
  • Visit those sites on daily basis for new offers

What you can earn from telecommunication jobs

An hour spent there can earn you between $3 to $50.

  • Dispatch Greeting Cards on others’ Behalf

In as much as the stress of going to buy a gift card from the store and going to the post office to post it has reduced rate people present card gifting to their loved ones (They prefer to send them digital cards and wishes), it didn’t stop them from having the desire to surprise their loved ones and friends physically on their special days. Therefore, you can choose to help them make their loved ones feel good by helping them send out these cards on their behalf to them.Inquire to obtain the information needed such as the type off card, type of write up that should be on it, when they should send it and address of whom to send it to. Then charge a fee in return to help them dispatch these cards to the right person at the appropriate time. Sometimes, you can make handwritten notes inside the card to make it feel more homily.

Tips on how to earn by helping others send out cards to loved ones

  • Build your own websites
  • Create awareness for your services by placing adverts on social medias, forums, friends or any other means available.

What you stand to earn doing this

Tis job becomes fun and lucrative when you have numerous clients to yourself. Adding extra $1 to your expenses won’t be a bad idea to start with

Additional ways to earn money online, they include

  • Flipping Domains

Just like real estate business, you end up buying popular expired domain for a smaller amount and sell them off for a bigger amount. Domains are rated with respect to how old and popular it is. Domains to sites with enough contents and keywords tend to fetch you more profit than the later ones without traffic. Using s an illustration, in the year 1999, the site was able to generate more than $7.5 million. Even with what seems like scarcity of domains recently, you can still be lucky enough to get quality domains for yourself. Once you purchase any domain, you can depend on sites like DNforum and Flippa to help you flip these domains. You may not realize how important and valuable a site is until you end up seeing it elsewhere.

Tips on how to make money by Flipping Domains

  • Try purchasing domains from domain sellers such as Namecheap
  • Ensure you purchase domains with catch keywords and interesting contents.
  • Place adverts for the available domains for sale on sites and forum like and

What you stand to earn from Flipping Domains

Depending on the domain name you purchased and its demand, you can earn from few dollars to thousands of dollars.

  • Help buyers find products on eBay

It has become obvious that most people find it difficult locating items to buy from eBay because the search filters aren’t helping matters thereby leaving them confused. Browse through eBay and find the products they have in stock. You can earn a finder’s fee when you assist people in finding the products they want on eBay.

Tips on how to succeed with finding products on eBay

  • Visit Craiglist and click on their “wanted” ads, you’d see list of items needed by people. Most times, these item are hard to find, inquire to know if they are willing to pay for your services. Then, you can help them find it.
  • Advertise your services to all around you
  • Create awareness on other niches or forums like antique and record forums about your services.

What you stand to earn as a product finder

Once you can be able to deliver and people get what, you can earn tangible amount from $10 to thousands of dollars.


  • Earn from your area of expertise through your blog/website

Once you have all it takes and a certain level of expertise in a particular area, you can take to your blog and blog about these things on daily basis, passing your knowledge to people and building traffic to your site. When you have enough flow of traffic to your blog or website, you stand to earn immensely from doing that. You also decide to earn more by placing adverts on your blog or site.

Tips on how to perform well as a good writer

  • Create your own blog or website
  • Choose a topic from your area of specialty and make it interesting
  • Watch other audio or video clips for more ideas
  • Use catchy keywords for your content to help make your work rank on the top and generate traffic for you.
  • Generate more traffic to your site by promoting your sit through adverts
  • Place adverts through other mediums such as social media
  • Gary Vaynerchuk’s book titled “crush it” can be a great source of information if you read it.


What you stand to earn from sharing your knowledge in your blog or website

Whatever you are going to earn by doing this is all dependent on the traffic you were able to generate to your site.


  • Writing and Circulating newsletters

Find interesting stories which are informative and educative, use these stories and create a newsletter. Dispatch them probably free of charge initially (You may decide to set subscriber charges after you have gotten enough followers). Best way to build traffic to your site is to have a dispatching routine. If you don’t not wish to charge a subscriber’s fee, you can decide to take commission from advertisers seeking to promote themselves through your newsletter.

Tips on how to be a good newsletter writer

  • Select a befitting topic
  • Find forums that specializes on that topic
  • Participate in those forums so as to develop yourself
  • Having a registration page for interested subscribers to your newsletter
  • Have a definite routine for your newsletter publishing. It may be one per week, per month, twice a month and so on.
  • Look out for advertisers and notify them on the number of participants you have and how much they are to pay to have their products advertised.

What you stand to earn by circulating newsletter

What you earn is totally dependent on the number of subscribers you have. With up to 5000 subscribers, you shouldn’t ask for a fee up to $100.


  • Article Submitting to Article Directories

With the presence of numerous article directories online, website owners find to the fit difficult uploading their articles to all the first 100 popular article directories. But this is very necessary since it is one of the major ways web owners create traffic for their sites.

To lessen the amount of time that will be consumed uploading this, they often opt to the option of employing others to do the work for them. This is where you come in, you can offer to provide this services for them while they pay you for doing that.

Tips on how to become a good article submitter

  • Sign up on freelancing sites like, and
  • If your offer has been taken, you can then start submitting. Never forget to keep a detailed record of your work, usernames and passwords you used for each site.
  • Be able to deliver within the required time frame.

What you stand to earn as an article submitter

It’s either you have charge a particular fee for particular number of articles or you can earn within $2 to $5 an hour.


  • Link Builder

From the previous write up, you’d understand that backlinks are all about providing links to the website of others. When this is done, Google see these other websites as a site worth some headache, so there’s always a preferential treatment to it. When these sites rank among the top in search engines, it means more business for them. Therefore, to accept to post links to other websites on your site, you can decide to attach some fee for it.

 Tips on becoming a good link builder

  • Find freelancing sites like, and and get registered with them
  • Search for link building opportunities and apply for them
  • You will then follow the instructions on sites provided by the buyer to build your link. It may either require creating profiles or making blog comments
  • Begin your journey of providing quality link for the buyer once you are taken.

What you stand to earn as a link Builder

Link builder opportunities usually pay between $2 to $8 fee for an hour. It’s only a matter of how good you are.

  • Search for Expired Domains

Purchase of domains doesn’t mean it will last forever, it usually lasts for a duration of 1 to 5 years. Some people do forget or may not wish to renew theirs once it expires. If the site has an already built traffic flow, it will be wise to purchase those domains since it just retires to their database. The older the domain, the higher popularity it gets on Google. Look for sites with high ranking and either give out to others at a fee or build on them

Tips on finding and utilizing expired domains

  • Search for expired domains
  • Purchase these domains
  • Choose whether to sell them off to others for a fee or rebuild them to develop them

What you stand to earn from expired domains

What you earn from these domains do differ with respect to the domain and how you purchase it. Purchasing domains through sites like Namecheap using a coupon code (Costs $8.81) might leave you at a total loss and at the same time can let you earn up to thousands.


  • Offer Online Homework Services

Most times, student do experience some difficulties trying to carry out their assignments or a particular topic. If you are an expert on any specific subject, you can start opting to help out with the assignments related to that subject and charge a fee for your services.

Tips of how to succeed with online homework services

  • Search for “online homework assistance jobs” online and apply for them when you see them
  • Create your personal website with a detailed information of subjects you offer your services
  • Create awareness of your services through your colleagues, social media, forum, schools’ bulletin boards or friends
  • Always to make your client happy at the end so that he will coming back.

What you stand to earn from doing this services

Depending on your level of expertise, you may decide to attach a little fee for providing the services. You can earn an amount within $3 to $50 each hour.

  • Design a template and sell it to many

When you have a talent of making new designs, it can be of great advantage to you. If you create and design a single template, you can make enough money through it by sharing it with people of the same category. We can use a barbing salon as an illustration. If you design one template for any of the barbers, you can sell the same template to all the barbers. Simply attach each barbers’ name and his logo to each of the respective barber and remove the original logo on it before. Then you are good to go.

Tips on how to make money as a good template designer

  • Create your own website and attach the collection of your works alongside with customers’ feedbacks
  • Create awareness through advertising your templates through any medium possible. Be it social media, friends, forums or otherwise.
  • Reach out to other industries that are interested in your services or those without a website of their own but wants to offer this same service.

What you stand to earn as a template designer

Creating each template or website can earn you up between $50 to $250, depending on your level of expertise and influence on people



Going through this article, you will find out that we touched all aspect of business and also give details of how to go about any of them that is your choice. You can decide to carry out more than one ideas given here and earn more money. The choice is yours. Find the most suitable idea for yourself and make your money.

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