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InstaGC ReviewIs Instagc legit? InstaGC review is the review of InstaGC that tells you if InstaGC legit, Safe, real or scam and fake reward site. InstaGC payment proofs, complaints and feedback from members also reviewed. If you are seriously in need of the best and unbiased InstaGC reviews, this post is for you.

When you are tired of wasting your leisure time and achieving nothing with it, you can opt to exchange this time for some online activities which can fetch you few extra bucks. This is where one of the most reputable online GPT site like InstaGC comes into play. By signing up and performing activities in this site, you get to earn for yourself points which can be converted into cash.

Below is a full insight on the InstaGC reward Site.

What is instaGC?

The name InstaGC is a short form of “Instant Gift Cards” and having been existing since the year 2011, they are noted as a GPT (Get-Paid-To) site which offers rewards to its members for completing several activities such as watching videos, taking surveys, offers and tasks. They are a property of and also operated by Day Online Solutions, LLC.  They are accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has an A+ rating, therefore, you don’t need to worry about their legitimacy.

It has been stated that the members were able to receive over 1.05 gift cards as rewards since they came into existed. Also, it is noted that the Affiliate Marketing website “SparkLeads” and Security Website “ProxStop” is under the ownership of InstaGC.

Is InstaGC Safe?

Is instaGC Safe?

As of writing this InstaGC, InstaGC is safe and sound to use. We have been using this reward site for over 3 years and earning over 4k dollars without issue. Your privacy and information is safe with InstaGC. Not just that, your money is also safe.

Is InstaGC Legit?

Is InstaGC Legit?

Is instaGC Legit?

InstaGC is legit, not just that, InstaGC is one of the most popular reward websites online and have been in existence for over 7 years, as of writing this review. They have paid out thousands of dollars in inception. Not just, we always cashout our earnings each time we reach the minimum withdrawal through Paypal.

instaGC Payment Proofs:

Here, we have gathered some of the InstaGC payment proofs online to also show one of the reasons why they are legitimate.

 InstaGC Payment Proofs


instaGC complaints and feedback:

Netr5 Says:

I may have said that this site is very helpful when it comes to earning, but that was before. As of recent, the opportunities to earn have become so little and also, their customer service support is too poor. They should probably look into that.

VanV Says:

Their fast payout options thrills me. I’ve been able to redeem my rewards through PayPal as well as through giftcards. It is really amazing, just follow the rules and you will benefit from this site. I will personally recommend the site to others.

Rasheed Says:

I’m grateful to their customer service for coming to my quick rescue. Due to some minor inconsistencies, my account was temporarily locked but after I have contacted their customer service, they were able to unlock my account. that’s a thumbs up to them.

Weenie9 Says:

After I earned about 1500 points, I tried to withdraw my earnings only to be told that my account has been blocked. I was accused of fraud. I tried contacting their customer support but they were not giving me any specific reasons. I’m not happy with the site.

instagc hack

Below is a youtube video about instagc hack. Note that this video was not made by us and you are watching it at your own discretion. We will advise you to trade with caution or rather continue your normal way of earning with Instagc.


Basic Requirements for Registration in Instagc

Before you can think of becoming a member of InstaGC, you must have these few requirements in your possession. They are;

  • PC or Laptop
  • An internet Connection
  • A valid email address
  • Account with any of the accepted payment processor, in this case, PayPal account is accepted.


  • Before you can register in InstaGC, you must be up to the age of 18 years and older or prospective members within the age of 13 to 18 are allowed, but must provide their parental or guidance consent.
  • You are free to join InstaGC as far as you reside in all the PayPal accepted countries excluding Vietnam and China.
  • InstaGC permits only one account for each member or household. You are prohibited from creating a new account if your previous account was terminated or disabled.
  • All information provided in InstaGC must be valid, accurate and true. Defaulting members stands a chance of having account terminated at any point.
  • Do not use Proxy or VPN while registering as the account will be viewed as fraud and therefore will be terminated.
  • You are prohibited from harassing, abusing, exploiting, disseminating private info or performing any related act on your fellow InstaGC member. Failure to adhere to this will also lead to the termination of your account.


To become a full member of InstaGC, you have to register and create an account. Here, are the few registration guide to follow.

  • First of all, you visit their sign up page using this link;
  • Fill in all the required details such as first name, Last name, Email,Username and password for subsequent logins.
  • Create your account and confirm your email to complete registration.
  • You can now log into the site to start earning.

You can also log in through any of their social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or Google account.

Account Privileges

  • You are free to terminate or cancel your account by creating a support ticket but this will also lead to forfeiting all your earnings and bonuses. You are allowed to reopen your account if you cancelled it but do not expect your earnings to be returned.
  • You are permitted to make corrections of any sort on your account at any given time. Examples, to make changes to your personal info, links or accounts on social media, you will go to the “manage your account option”. To privatise the activities of your account, visit the privacy settings. You are free to prevent your data from being shared by turning of consent to share. Also, if you are uncomfortable with too many emails received from this platform, you can unsubscribe through managing your “Email Alerts” but you will still be able to receive other administrative emails that may be urgent and critical.

Note; you stand to lose your account if you do not confirm your email within 7 days of registration. Also, you are bound to lose all your earnings prior to 6 months of account inactivity but you can regain your earnings when you are able to meet up with the target required of you (most times, it is either to refer someone or earn about 100 to 1000 points).

How to earn Money with Instagc


Sign up Bonus

Upon completion of your registration, you be rewarded with a 10 points bonus.

Search Engine

You can also earn few points when you make the InstaGC Search Engine your default search engine thereby performing all internet surfing through it.

They usually enable the SafeSearch which prevents you from viewing inadequate contents or inappropriate searches. Also, their system monitors the search history, if they find any form of abuse, they will deny you access and you will lose all your bonuses.

Online Shopping

Here, you have great opportunities of earning through shopping online. They offer you about 1 to 5 points for each $1 spent but it is dependent on store you make your purchase from.


Here, you are required to complete different offers that are available including trial offers and earn points. You can earn anything between $0.25 to $1 for free offers and about $5 to $10 for paid offers.

To view this offers, you can scroll to the “Clicks” button and click on the “InstaGC”logo.

InstaGC Offer Rules and Terms

  • You must provide valid and truthful data while trying to complete any offer and all your offers must be completed. At no point should you provide false information nor use another person’s information to complete any offer. Also, the use of initials is prohibited. Providing any information other than yours may lead to the termination or suspension of your account.
  • You are prohibited from providing disposable or temporary email. All email address provided must be valid. You may choose to use email different your registered email while completing these offers and you must confirm emails on offers that requires you confirming your email.
  • Any offer, task or survey that has rewards more than 225 points alongside with PPC task will be frozen for 5 or more days. Other points which are awarded from through Credit Card (CC), trial offers or from shopping stands to be frozen for about 14 or more days. These points undergo the frozen process once your account is credited and will be released anytime InstaGC deem it fit.
  • Do not attempt offers you have no interest in. it is also advisable to terminate any offer that redirects you to other sites which do not bear the name or description of the offer because those offers may have been expired and therefore you will not receive any rewards for attempting it.
  • You will get rewarded for an offer only once. Attempting an offer more than once is not necessary as you will not be rewarded when you try an offer more than once. You stand to lose your rewards on any offer you try more than once and the credit will go back to the advertiser.
  • You should note that Credit Card (CC), purchase or trial offers completion is totally at your own risk and you may not be rewarded if your use a gift or prepaid card to complete it.
  • They make use of cookies or tracking pixels which sends out reports to advertisers in other to be credited. Therefore, if InstaGC is not to be blames for any offer you do not get credited for.
  • You are not allowed to contact InstaGC direct advertisers of you were not credited in any offer, rather you are to contact those third party where the offer was completed such as Peanut Labs, Matomy Money and Radium One.


Here, you get to earn through by performing different types of activities as may be required of you. The CrowdFlower sites such as Peanut Labs, Radium One,, provides numerous task opportunities for members to earn with and your rewards will be dependent on the value attached to that particular task. Some of the types of task to expect include; dividing some list of websites according to different categories or tagging images with corresponding info.

Each new member can win about 10 coins for each task that consumes about 30 seconds of your time.


Sometimes, you will be provided with specific numbers to call. You get to earn points when you make qualifying calls to these numbers. You can decide to stay on the line for about 3 minutes with the sales agent in other to receive a bonus of about $1. However, this opportunity is not so easy to come by.

Watching Videos

Although what you may stand to earn by watching videos may not be worth it, you still get to earn by watch the videos. You get to receive just 1 point when you watch about 20 videos. Personally, I think this is just a waste of time.

Instagc Apps

They also have mobile friendly apps and software which can earn you points when you download and install. It is true that this may put you at risk of being infected with virus or other harmful software, you are advised to use Sandboxie which is a program that helps in isolating your computer to prevent it from being totally affected by harmful software. Downloading these apps can earn you about $0.05 to %0.50 or up to 200 coins if you open the app for at least 30 secs.

To download apps, you can scroll to the “Clicks” button and click on the “MatoMoney” section.

 Instagc Surveys

This is one of the major ways to earn point in InstaGC. You need to have an updated profile before you can be invited for surveys. Having this updated profile enables them to direct the right and suitable surveys to you. However, if you get disqualified up to 5 times in one day, InstaGC will offer you a compensation of 1 point.

Each survey may take an average of 10 to 30 munities depending on the length of the survey and you stand to earn between $0.10 to $2 from each of these surveys.

Instagc codes

Before you can use the points booster Instagc codes, you must be an active member of InstaGC and you also get to complete surveys. You will find these points booster codes mostly in their chatbox. You can also find these codes on their social media platform like Facebook or through other members’ personal blogs or websites all over the internet.

To redeem them, you have to type these codes on the page.

While trying to redeem these codes. You are likely to come in contact with these kind of errors as mentioned below;

  • “Sorry, but the code does not exist” – in this scenario, it is either the code spelling is incorrect or the code has already expired.
  • “The code entered is only available to members who have earned less than X points” – in this case, only members who earned a certain number of points as will be stated are allowed to redeem the code.
  • “You or one of your referrals must receive credit for at least one task in the past 5 days in other to redeem a point booster code” – this means that you cannot redeem this code unless you completed any task in the last 5 days or one of your referrals did. But the good thing is that this cannot be applicable to the points booster codes created by a member.

For any member to create any point booster code, they must start with IGC, then they create at least 5 or more uses and finally, they have to spend a 100 points or more.

You are not permitted to share other codes that are created by other people or that are found on Facebook, chat, sites or other blog. You can only share the one you created by yourself.

Weekly Bonuses

For completing different tasks or surveys on weekly basis, you stand a chance of receiving and additional 5% bonus of your points on weekly basis.

Instagc Referral Program

Sometimes, the level of bonuses and points you receive for your referrals will totally be dependent on the country of resident of those referrals.

When you refer people from Canada, Australia, United States, or United Kingdom, you will receive an extra bonus of 10 points. Referrals outside these mentioned countries as well as from the same household or that share the same internet connection as you will not earn you any extra bonus.

Also, your referrals account can be removed or terminated within 7 days after registration if it is discovered that they provided false information and you will lose that bonus as well.

Nevertheless, you still get to earn 10% of your referrals’ earning irrespective of their residing country. But these earnings do not include points or bonuses from InstaGC offers and tasks as well as points or bonuses gotten from redeemed point booster codes, surfing the internet or winnings in their contest.

One good thing is that you can receive unlimited referral bonus and sometimes InstaGC conducts weekly and monthly referral contests in other to reward the members with the highest referrals.

InstaGC Payment Methods:

In InstaGC, you are rewarded with points where one point is equivalent to $0.01. Although it seems like Gift cards (only digital and electronic gift cards are available) are the most popular reward option for InstaGC, they however, do reward in other ways which includes PayPal payment, Direct Deposit, Prepaid Card and eCheck as well as cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

You can also exchange your reward for Sweepstake entries which can cost you about $0.02 to $0.10 for each entry but you stand to earn up to $100 form it.

Gift Cards

To redeem your points for Gift Cards, you need a minimum of 100 points.Note that you will be requested to fill your phone number. Do not panic, this is just for security measures used in the verification of your account. They provide numerous gift cards to different places such as Walmart, Starbucks, Barnes, Noble Target and so much more.

So, to redeem your gift card for the first time requires that you must first scale through their verification process. The verification process involves making a phone call or sending a text to the registered phone number as well as sending a pin code which must be confirmed to continue.

There are both instant and non-instant gift cards.

The Instant gift cards are the digital gift cards which are displayed on your screen once you redeem the points and the code provided can be used online or can be used in-store if you print it.

The non-instant gift cards take about 1 to 48 hours before it can be available after redeeming it for your points.

Note; any internet based number including Google Voice cannot be used in the verification of your account since it is prohibited. You will not also be allowed to use any phone number that has been previously used by another member. You can contact the customer support if you do not have any valid phone number.

You are free to view al your gift cards in “My Gift Cards” section.

Prepaid Card

You are free to redeem you points for any prepaid card you wish for. This is done by simply clicking on the preferred prepaid card and then entering the amount of points you are redeeming. When you are redeeming for the very first time, you are required to undergo the one-time phone verification process just like you do with gift cards.

Redeeming your prepaid card for the first time may take between 1 to 7 business days but subsequently, you will can redeem up to $25 and it will be processed in about 1 or 2 business days.


Before you can receive your rewards using any the available Cryptocurrency option (Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin), you must first of all register for a Coinbase Account.

To register for the Coinbase Account, visit the Coinbase page through InstaGC referral link, and follow the processes. By following the InstaGc referral link, you are eligible to earn the free $10 Bitcoin from Coinbase anytime you are able to buy or sell more than $100 worth of digital currency.

InstaGC PayPal Payment

PayPal can be referred to as an electronic method of payment which is sent to any email address that is specified.

Before you can redeem your rewards through this option, you have to first of all ensure that you have created a PayPal account because the PayPal payment will be sent to whichever PayPal email address you provided.

For members residing in United States, Canada and United Kingdom, you must have acquired up to 5000 points which is equivalent to $50 before you can redeem your first PayPal reward. For every reward redeemed through PayPal, you will pay a fee of $0.20 (20 points) and you can expect your first PayPal payment in about 1 to 7 business days because it is manually processed.  Subsequent rewards can be redeemed with just $25 and you will receive your payment instantly. If the payment is more than $25 at a stretch, then it will be manually processed and you will receive it in about 1 to 2 business days. You are privileged to make more than one request within 24 hours. Also, note that PayPal has performs their own tax reporting separately and therefore are not included in the tac reports of InstaGC to the IRS.

For members residing in other countries not mentioned above, each PayPal payment will also be processed with a $0.20 fee and this is done manually for the first time and you get to receive your first payment in about 1 to 7 business days. Subsequent payments will be made instantly to your PayPal account.

InstaGC Direct Deposit

This method of redeeming reward in InstaGC is available to members residing in United States of America ONLY. Before you can redeem your rewards through this option, you must provide your account type, account number and your routing number. This info is vital because that is where your rewards will be processed to. Also, ensure that your InstaGC account name is valid as this reward will be processed to it. All direct deposit rewards require a fee of $0.15 to be processed. It takes about 1 to 3 business days to process a Direct Deposit and the recipient can receive it after 1 or 2 business days of being processed.

If you provide any wrong info (account type, routing number or account number), your request will not be processed and you will be charged a $5 fee.

Note that direct deposits cannot be processed during weekends or holidays.


this option is open to members residing in Australia, United States, United Kingdom and Canada. You will be charged a fee of 0.25 before it can be processed and they will make use of the name and email address you provided. It takes about 1 to 3 business days to process your eCheck request. After processing it, you will receive it after few minutes of being processed through your email. You will require a printer to print out the eCheck.

Note; once you have made request to redeem your rewards, you can no longer be refunded and therefore, there is no need to cancel after you have requested it. Be aware that all the time limits stated here are mere speculation and does not guarantee that you must receive your payment within the stated period.


The official address of InstaGC is PO Box 48 Sellersburg, Indiana 47172-0048, US. You can visit their official address through and view their terms of service using this link; To be assured of your privacy, you are free to visit their privacy page through this link;

They have professional and active support team for their members. Toreach out to their customer representatives, you can send an email through or write letter to, PO Box 48, Sellersburg, Indiana 47172-0048.

However, you have other options that can enable you reach out to other members. This is known as the chat/inbox option or sending out a support ticket to

Below are some guidelines for using their chat/inbox or support ticket.

Chat/Inbox and Support Ticket Guidelines

  • These guidelines must be adhered to in other to have access into their chatrooms
  • Once the members of any of these countries mentioned earns and redeem up to $50 in rewards, they can have access into these chat rooms. The supported countries include; Ireland, Canada, Australia, United States, New Zealand, and United Kingdom.
  • Before you can post anything in the chat, you or any of your referrals must have been credited for any completed task within the last 5 days.
  • There are chat moderators mandated to supervise the chat, to avoid the use of foul languages or inappropriate contents in the chat
  • You may be banned from accessing the chat either temporary or permanently depending on the level of crime you committed. This may also prevent you from viewing, or posting anything on the InstaGC Facebook page.
  • You are to bear all the risk of your actions in the chat/inbox as well as take responsibility of the actions of your account.
  • You are expected to be of good conduct and have decent and respectful conversation in the chat/inbox all the time.


Below are the few good things about InstaGC

  • Registration is free in InstaGC
  • It is widely available to all the countries that accepts the PayPal payment.
  • They allow you to create your own booster codes for others and earn from it.
  • Numerous varieties of gift cards are available.
  • You get to receive sign up bonus when you register
  • They have different payout option
  • They help you preserve your points for few days by freezing it.



  • Earning with this site can be a bit slow
  • You are at risk of getting disqualified half way through your survey.
  • It seems to favour some countries more than others.


Although InstaGC may not be the best online GPT site to earn tons of money with, they still provide decent and trusted means of earning few extra bucks online. They have several opportunities that can enable you earn these few extra bucks. However, they are fully legit and is recommended to all eligible prospective members.

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