Inboxpounds Review 2018: Is Legit, Safe or Scam?

Inboxpounds Review

This Inboxpounds review shows if Inboxpounds is legit. It also reveals if Inboxpounds is safe, real or if it is scam and fake. Inboxpounds payment proofs, complaints and feedback of their members and ex members are also reviewed. This is a very true and unbiased Inboxpounds review online.

These days, people seem to live their life mostly on the internet and it’s likely they don’t get to earn any serious thing spending after spending so much time on the internet. So, instead of wasting your time on the internet without gaining much, why not find ways to make good use of your time as you surf the net.

There are many programs online that enables you to earn while you are online and one of the ways includes registering in online GPT sites. They are sites that allows you to earn while participating in several activities like completing surveys, taking up offers and tasks, watching videos, TV and listening to radio, playing games and a lot more.

There are however, quite a large number of scam sites that pose as GPT sites, but they are quite a number of legit ones as well.

In this article, we will be talking about one of the good GPT sites in details which is known as the INBOXPOUNDS.

What is Inboxpounds?

In 2012, the subsidiary of InboxDollars which is InboxPounds was created. InboxPounds became a GPT site with the strong influence in the United Kingdom as it is also operated by CotterWeb Enterprises (operators of other large GPT Sites which are DailyRewards, InboxDollars and SendEarnings). So far, InboxPounds have over millions of members and more than 200,000 Facebook Fans. They have also given out rewards worth more than $50 million to their members. They are totally legit and trustworthy.

Is Inboxpounds legit and safe?

Inboxpounds is legit and safe to use. It is owned and controlled by the same owner of Inboxdollars.  Although we are not a fan of inboxdollars and everything that associated with them. We had a very bad experience while using inboxdollars. They are only happy with you when you work hard and earn little. As soon as they discover you are earning big with the site, your account will be deleted without warning. So, if you want to earn big using this system, we will advise you to stay away from Inboxpounds and inboxdollars. Visit superpayme and swagbucks which are better and sincere website

Inboxpounds payment proofs:

No Inboxpounds payment proof was found online, as of writing this review. We will keep you updated as soon as anyone one pops up.

Basic Requirements for InboxPounds Registration

  • A PC or laptop
  • A valid email address and Phone number (optional)
  • An internet connection


Before you can be allowed to sign up and earn in this platform, you must be up to the age of 18 years and above. This GPT site is most suitable for those residing in the United Kingdom.

Upon registration, you will be regarded as a non-Gold member.

Gold Membership

Before you can become a gold member in InboxPounds, you must have received your first check payment. Once you receive it, you will automatically be upgraded to the Gold Membership level.

As a gold member of InboxPounds, you will be privileged to enjoy different benefits which will be listed as follows;

Benefits of a Gold Member

  • Rather than having your payments processed up to the usual 14 to 16 days, it will now be processed with 3 to 9 days
  • You can receive your payments within few days after processing.
  • You will be entitled to special offers on monthly basis
  • More referral bonuses
  • You can now receive payments on weekly basis.

How to Register in InboxPounds

  • First of all, visit their official site and click on the sign up/register button
  • You will be required to put a list of detail which include your name, email and password for subsequent logins
  • Accept the terms and privacy policy by checking the appropriate boxes.
  • Then click on “Sign me Up”
  • You will receive account verification link on your email
  • Click on that link to confirm your account

After registration, for you to receive your sign up bonus, you have to log into your account in other to have your account activated. Their sign up bonus is usually £1 after signing up and confirming your account with additional £0.50 for updating your profile and completing other necessary lists.

Apart from verifying your account, you can also be required to verify your phone number if you want to enjoy some of their features that uses the Text Verification Process.

To do this, there are basic requirements you need to meet up with in other to have your phone number verified.

Requirements Needed for Phone Verification

  • The number must be a UK based phone number
  • The member must have a mobile phone
  • Landlines, VOIP, Google Voice, Skype phone numbers are strictly prohibited. Only the number issued by the mobile phone provider and should be a designated number is permitted.
  • Do not use other person’s phone number.


Do not add parenthesis when writing the number and ensure that the number 1 comes before the area code.

Once you have exceeded the number of attempts for code entry, you will have to wait for another 24 hours.

Codes received can only be valid for a period of 10 minutes.

You are not permitted to open more than one account in the same household, with the same computer or using the same mailing address. This can lead to the termination of your account.

Ensure that all the information you provided are yours and are not false.

Ways To Earn With Inboxpounds

Sign Up Bonus

Upon registration, you will receive a sign up bonus of £1 and additional £0.50 to complete your profile survey.

Online Surveys

In as much as surveys are supposed to be the major source of earning in this GPT site, they kind of failed to provide this expectation. Of course they make surveys available, but majority of the surveys don’t pay as much as you’d expect. Taking up a survey in InboxPounds can leave you with just £0.70 – £0.80 after a whole hour. I guess it’s too poor. Again, there’s no compensation if you eventually get screened out during their pre-survey qualification question. So, it means you will just earn nothing after wasting so much of your time.

The best way to tackle this is to go for surveys which you feel is worth your time after much consideration. Their surveys are being provided by some of the survey routers that are present in InboxPounds such as the Peanut Labs.

This seems like a way to earn few bucks without much stress, all you have to do is just to click on the paid emails that you receive in your email. Some of these paid emails contains links to more offers that will enable you earn more money.

You can either choose to accept the offer or simply earn your £0.01 by just clicking on the confirmation link. On daily basis, you can end up receiving an average of 1 to 3 paid emails.

For you to make sure that you receive their emails, you can add their email addresses to your address book and also check your spam folder to ensure that they are not marked as spam. Also, you have the privilege of choosing where you wish to receive your emails, either in your InboxPounds Virtual Mailbox or in your personal email box.


When it comes to the offers in InboxPounds, it can serve as the major way of earning higher income and also there are two types of offers you can find here, the Paid offers and Free Offers.

Talk of offers that require you to make some certain payments before you can earn and it will be the paid offers in InboxPounds. These offers can easily be seen with Casino and Bingo Offers.

For the Casino offers, the only way to earn is by depositing £10, but at the end, you end up earning about £10 which typically means that you didn’t really earn a dime. I can only say that this measure is just a way of refunding you to gambling since your chances of winning is very low. So, I guess I cannot advice you on this.

Free Offers

This option seems quite better and lucrative than the paid offers. Here, you get to earn by simply carrying out little instructions from the companies providing the offers. You may be required to carry out different types of activities to earn which may include signing up on some of their site or subscribing to the products and services they offer by testing the or trying them out, for example, Expert Advice, Magazine, downloading some apps, entering competitions that can win you about £1000, even casino games or other games and so much others.

At the end of trying these things out, you will get paid. This is because this advertising companies sees it as a n avenue to get traffic into their site which is good for business, rather than paying to have their ads get out there.

There are also some of the Free Trail Offers which will require you to subscribe with a certain fee in other to participate. One advice for this offers is that you will have to cancel those subscriptions once you are done in other to avoid being charged frequently.
Note; it is necessary to complete the offer the moment you click on it, so as to be credited immediately. Always set your web browser to allow cookies in other not to block you out on some offer.


Once completing tasks is involved in InboxPounds, we can talk of the CrowdFlower company. This company specializes in crowdsourcing and data mining.

One thing about trying to complete this tasks is that, they do tale lots of time and still pay less, sometimes less than £1 for an hour you put in. they will first of all, examine you to ensure that you are qualified for the tasks and the process of getting qualified take a whole lot of time.

Some of the type of tasks you may be required to do include categorizing YouTube Channels, providing answers to questions, sentence analysis, giving feedbacks and so many other things.

Surfing the Net

You may decide to download the InboxPounds Search Engine and make it your default search engine in other to earn when you surf online using it. Although the search results may not be as interesting and of good quality as the Yahoo, Bing and Google Search, you can still decide to manage it and earn.

When you end up making up to 4 quality searches in one day, you get to earn about £0.02 but the maximum you can get to earn in a day is £0.70.  if you remain consistent with making up to 4 quality search a day and you remain consistent for up to a week, you will receive their weekly bonus of extra £0.05.

Since you already perform online searches on daily basis, using this option won’t be a bad idea.

Playing Games

This is more like receiving cashback on the money spent to play games. For example, you get to earn up to 4% of £1 you spend for games irrespective of how you spent it.

Referral Program

The InboxPounds referral strategy is most likely way to earn with if you are faithful enough to the process. When you refer someone in InboxPounds, you get to earn a whole lot of 10% of everything they earn. This means that if you can create way to attract many referrals to sign up through you link, you will be making quite a fortune with it.

While it might take you forever to earn up to £7, with this referral program, you can refer up to 50 people and you get to make up to £10 within a month.

The best ways to get referrals to your link is by posting this link on your Social media platforms like Facebook, through emails or probably links from your website or blog. You can as well simply tell others about it and have them sign up using your link. So, now you can see that there are other ways to earn here without having to go through their surveys, offers or tasks.

Note; do not bug those you don’t know with unwarranted emails simply because you want to refer them to this site. Also, do not carry untrue information or spread them to others in a bid to get them to sign up with the site. It is necessary to read the full terms of service so as not to enter any form of issue in this site.

Earning for Non-UK Members

If you reside outside UK, you will not be eligible for the paid emails offer. The only way for non-UK members to earn with InboxPounds is through the “CASH GAMES”

Inboxpounds Payment And Rewards

Before you can think of ever redeeming your money for cash in InboxPounds, you must have acquired up to £20 which is their minimum cashout threshold. There are just two options available for receiving your rewards with InboxPounds and that is through Check payments or eCards/ prepaid Mastercard.

You are advised to request for payments before a Wednesday because they start payment processing every first Wednesdays and it takes about 10 to 16 days for members to receive their payment. Once you make payment request, you can check out the status of the payment processing through the “My Profile” Section, then click on the “My Account” link under it.

If you have double accounts or your account has become inactive, your payment request will not be processed.

For ePayment in InboxPound, you can always redeem them eCards online or in-store. Although there may be rules attached to it.

For non-UK members, they can only be rewarded through check payments which are sent through the Royal Mail.

More About Inboxpounds

InboxPounds is a site that has England and Wales as their registration venue with their official address as 3rd Floor, 1 Ashley Road, Altrincham, Cheshire, WA14 2DT, United Kingdom. They are a part of the CotterWeb Enterprises, Inc., which is a corporation that have their registration in USA. To start up anything in InboxPounds, you can visit their official site which is

You can view the full terms and conditions guiding this site through this link; Also, you need to be sure that you are fully protected. So, just visit their privacy policy to see things for yourself; here’s the link to their privacy terms, pages/privacy.

Inboxpounds complaints and feedback:

YakGo Says:

Even though there seem to be a lot of complaints about this site by people, I have not experienced any to complain about. Since I started being active in this site in 2017, I haven’t had any issues. As a matter of fact, I have ended up earning up to £130. I always get my payment anytime I wish without much hassle. As for surveys, you get to see an estimate of how long each of them takes, so you always know what you are getting into when you choose to take any survey. I also get a way of reaching out to their customer support and they are always helpful.

At the end, I don’t have anything against them so I’ll just leave them with a 5 star rating out of 5.

Usma4 Says:

Lately, I was able to cash out my £20 check and the £5 bonus I got from their spin feature was also included. Apart from the time they consume trying to get you through the process of verifying if you are qualified for a survey, I’m cool with the InboxPounds site and every other activity. I’ll rate it 4.5 out of 5.

IamG9 Says:

When it comes to their offers, I did participate in lots of them, but free offers specifically since paid offers don’t have much to offer. Their surveys seem to be on the low reward side which I’m not so happy about. Upon that, you still have to be thoroughly screened to know if you are qualified to participate in any of them. I used to enjoy their watching videos to get rewards option, but ever since they scraped it out, I have been limited to the paid emails. This seems to be the major earning source for me in this platform.

Nevertheless, I have been able to get my payments up to 4 times now through check, a total of £89 so I can’t say that the site is scam. They really do pay. I can just rate them 3 out of 5 because they are not all round bad.

Hann Says:

I am totally disappointed with the site. After I changed my computer set up, they refused to pay me when I requested for it. And to top it all, their customer service also refused to give me any reply when I asked for an explanation. I don’t know whether it’s because I requested only £14 or the fact that my computer settings was changed. I don’t think I should recommend this site.

Sagima Says:

I don’t know what exactly is my offence in this site. First of all, it took me ages to reach their payout threshold. When I finally did, I still wasn’t able to receive payment. When I demanded for a reason, they alleged that I defiled their terms of service but I don’t have any idea how that happened. So, it was all a complete waste of my precious time. I am not recommending this site to anyone.

Pros Of Inboxpounds

  • The site is user friendly and registration totally free as well
  • You get to receive a sign up bonus for registering with them.
  • They offer good referral program up to 10% of your referral’s earnings.
  • You can enjoy more benefits once you receive your first payments

Cons Of Inboxpounds

  • It’s only form of payment is limited to check
  • It takes time to reach their minimum payout threshold of £20
  • You tend to be disqualified a lot for surveys and it takes time to rack up some significant amount with just surveys
  • They do not provide platform to interact with other members
  • There’s a lot of spam associated with cash offers.
  • Complaints seems to be on the rise lately.


It is true that InboxPounds has its ups and downs but it doesn’t stop it from being one of the best GPT sites out there for UK members. They have been in existence quite a while and has not been reported for scam or fraudulent activities. Therefore, I can say that they can be fully trusted.

Feel free to check out this GPT site especially of you are residing in the United Kingdom as I am totally recommending it for you guys.


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