InboxDollars Review: Is Legit, Safe or Scam? | Payment Proofs

Is InboxDollars safe or scam? InboxDollars review reveals all you need to know about InboxDollars such as if InboxDollars safe, legit, real or scam and fake. InboxDollars complaints and users feedback also reviewed.

If you are looking for extra ways to earn online, you can simply sign up to GPT sites which rewards you for performing several activities online. We will be going through the in details, one of the best GPT sites out there which is known as InboxDollars.

What is Inboxdollars?

InboxDollars is an online reward site that started its online business since the year 2000 and is owned by an internet guru known as Darren Cotter. They specialize in rewarding people to participate in activities like completing surveys, playing games among other things. By the year 2005, they have expanded by launching another subsidiary called SendEarnings where they recorded to have awarded more than $25 million to its members as rewards by the year 2006.

As the years went by, they also settled in UK and opened another subsidiary in 2012 known as the InboxPoubds.

Since the inception of SendEarnings in 2005, both InboxDollars and SendEarnings changed their ownership and operation to a company called CotterWeb Enterprises Inc.

Till date, InboxDollars has offered rewards up to $50 million to its members.

Is InboxDollars legit and safe or scam?

I wont say that InboxDollars is a scam because I have gotten paid by them neither would I say they are legit because they have cheated me twice. They seemed to delete my account each time I started earning up to $150 per month. I had about 4000 referrals that earned me around $150-200 each month on inboxdollars. The just deleted my account without any reason, contacted them, they refused to respond. Open another account and begin to earn. Got to $150 again and my account was deleted for the second time.

If you want to earn real money without risk of having your account deleted when you start earn big, I will suggest you stay away from Inboxdollars and sign up with either Superpayme or Swagbucks .

Inboxdollars complaints and feedback:

Tyll3 says:

Great site to be with, I want to recommend it to anyone who is interested. I can’t think of a better reward site to join. I did have my fair share here and surveys were so easy for me.

Caret94 Says:

I’ve been with InboxDollars for over two years now, and trust me, I can assure you that they pay. I always wait till I reach up to $40 before I request for payment because I noticed they always charge a $3 fee for $30 payments. My payment requests have always been processed successfully and I always get my payments. So you can see why I’m vouching for this wonderful site.

Denny Says:

For about 2 monthsnow that I have been with InboxDollars, they have been good to me by letting me earn few bucks. The surveys I did were fast enough and entertaining. I’m yet to request for payment but with the way it is going, I can say I won’t have any issue.

Inboxdollars payment proofs:

Below are Inboxdollars payment proofs for your review

 Inboxdollars Payment Proofs

 Inboxdollars Payment Proof


Basic Requirements for InboxDollars Registration

All you need to be a member of InboxDollars Include;

  • A laptop or PC
  • An internet connection
  • A valid email adress


Aspiring members must attain the legal age of consent in your country which in most countries is the age of 18.

You have to avoid giving out false information of any sort during registration and also ensure that you do not register more than one account. In InboxDollars, there are two types of membership. It is either you are a Gold member or Non-Gold member.

Non-Gold members are the new members who have not yet made their first withdrawal.

Gold Membership

You remain as an ordinary member (Non-Gold member) until you must have cashed out your first $30. Then you will be upgraded to the Gold Membership status. As a Gold member, there are several benefits attached to you which we will be listing below;

  • Double Sweepstakes entry –as a Gold Member, you will get double winning opportunity for every Sweepstake entry you receive
  • Referral Bonus–you get to partake in the earnings of new members who registered without any referrals. They are regarded as the non-referred members.
  • Weekly Payments – you get the privilege of having your payments processed within 1 week as a Gold member
  • Special Monthly Offers –As a gold member, you will be entitled to special monthly packages made exclusively for Gold Members.
  • Double Search Bonus –when you use their search engines to make searches for about four days in one week, you will be given double of whatever bonus offered.

How to register with InboxDollars

Registering in InboxDollars is quite easy and fast and most especially, it is free of charge.

  • First of all, log on to their site using
  • Then go to their sign up button and click on it.
  • Fill in the required details including your email and new password for subsequent logins
  • Go to your email and confirm the link
  • Your account will be confirmed and you will earn your $5 bonus
  • Then take a few more surveys which includes the profile survey, then watch the “How-to” video and also complete the “to-do” list
  • Doing this will let you earn your first $6
  • You can then continue with other activities especially taking your first survey.

Sign up Bonus

Upon completion of your registration, you will be given a sign up bonus of $5. Then you will be required to update your profile survey, household survey and Interest survey. Doing this will attract additional $1 for you making it a total of $6 sign up bonus.


This is also one of the ways to earn with InboxDollars. You will be required to complete available surveys in return for a reward. Each survey may last for about 30 minutes or more and at the end, you will be paid about 25 cents to $1 or even up to $10.

Before you can be allowed to complete any survey and you earn with it, your profile must match the needed demographic for that survey. If it doesn’t, you will be disqualified for the survey. The bad news is that you might get disqualified half way through the survey and you won’t receive any compensation for the time wasted.

Offers and Tasks

Offers are also a way to earn extra few bucks with InboxDollars. They bring offers that may require you to do activities such as signing up on those websites they promote.  When you sign up with these sites, you will be rewarded according to the value of the offer.

Most times, while signing up with these sites,you may be required to register with your phone number and email thereby releasing this information to these third party sites. At the end, you may be flooded with emails and calls.

Also, you may be required to register for free trial offers sometimes and this may require your credit card information. Ensure that you cancel your card the moment you are done with the trial. If you fail to do so, you may be charged subsequently.

Note; the terms of service of these offers are different, so it is advisable to study it carefully before you proceed. You can see this terms of service through this link;

It is also advised to go only for offers you have interest for. Do not attempt offers you have zero interest for irrespective of the bonus attached to that offer.

There’s also tasks available to complete known as “My List” tasks. You are required to complete each task on the list in other to earn a bonus of $0.50.

Surfing the Internet

To make this easier, it is advised that you download the InboxDollars search engine in your browser and make it your default search engine. Ensure your conduct your online searches through it. When you search up to four times using the search engine, you will be rewarded with about 1 to 2 pennies. But you cannot earn more than 15 cents in a day.

Playing Games

For this, you only get some percentage cashback when you purchase and play games through InboxDollars. Before you can play games through InboxDollars, you will have to first of all deposit money to your InboxDollar account and then you will log in to the “Worldwinner” site and play from there. It’s more like a lottery, you spend money to earn money.

Online Shopping

This is one of the best ways for lovers of online shopping to earn some few bucks back. When you shop through InboxDollars, you will earn a small percentage cashback usually between 1.5% to 4% cashback since it is dependent on the store you purchased from. Some of the stores you can purchase from through InboxDollars include Kohl’s, Amazon and Walmart.

Watching TV

There’s also a TV version of InboxDollars. In their TV station, you are required to watch bunch of Video playlists and you earn about 1 cent when you watch some of them.

There are ads attached to these videos which makes it slow to load but the best way to make good use of these videos and earn from it is to allow it play in the background while you go ahead with other activities.

Watching Videos

Just like the InboxDollars TV, you are also required to watch some video playlists in return for 1 or 2 pennies. It seems more like a waste of time to me.

Listening to Radio

Just the way they have their own TV, there’s also a radio station for InboxDollars mainly built for playing of music. To earn with this, you need to tune to their radio station and keep listening to them for about 10 minutes before you can be credited with 1 cent. The disadvantage of this radio page is that you will not be able to do any other activity apart from listening to the radio for that specific amount of time.


There are several grocery coupons made available in InboxDollars for your use. All you have to do is to print these coupons and use them. Doing this will earn you 10 cents which will be credited in your InboxDollars account.

To use these coupons, you will be required to provide your phone number for verification.

Reading Emails

This may not earn you much but it can be worth it. All you are required to do to earn few pennies is to click on the paid emails that are forwarded to your email. You may not receive much emails in a day but you still have nothing to lose anyways.

Sweepstake Entry

This is another opportunity provided for you to earn from, but you only have to earn Sweeps before you can enter into this Sweepstakes. These sweeps are attached to some of the activities you complete in the platform. When you complete them, you will earn cash alongside with some sweeps. You can then use this sweeps to enter into their Sweepstakes in anticipation to win bigger prizes.

WinIt Codes

They also have social media platforms such as Facebook. You can follow them on those platforms so that you can be lucky enough to get their WinIt codes when uploaded. These WinIt codes can be used to earn Sweeps for Sweepstake Entries when you redeem them. Apart from winning he sweeps, you can also win small prizes if you redeem these WinIt codes.

Learn and Earn Polls

“Learn and Earn” are polls which are conducted for their members to answer and earn with it. The process is swift and doesn’t take much time but you only get to earn few cents when you answer them.

Referral Program

When you look closely at their referral scheme, you will see that you can earn tons of money from this program. The only thing here is that you may need a large network of active referrals to achieve this. You get to earn up to 10% of each of your referral’s earning. Isn’t that amazing?


Before you can think of redeeming your rewards in InboxDollars, you must have earned up to $30 which is their minimum payout threshold. Before you can process your payment, you will be charged a $3 fee thereby leaving you with $27 redeemable.  But if you earn extra $10 in a month, the $3 fee will not be applicable to you.

Payments take up to 2 weeks (10 to 16 days) after request to be processed before you can receive it unless you are already a gold member. This payment request starts its processing on Wednesdays of every week. Therefore, it is necessary to make your request before 11.59 PM CST on Sundays.

After your first payment, you are now eligible to become a Gold member. Benefits of gold membership can be seen from the member’s eligibility of this article.

There are 3 types of payment in InboxDollars, but are categorized into two, they are;

The ePayments (InboxDollarseCard and Prepaid Visa) and Check payment

  1. InboxDollarsePayment
  • Prepaid Visa

Prepaid Visa is acceptable as cash and can be used anywhere that accepts Visa Payment. However, there are some limitations to the use of the prepaid Visa cards. You can view this from the terms of fees and expiration.

  • InboxDollarseCard

This is more like the gift cards and rewards can be redeemed for them. There are many gift cards available to redeem such as Amazon gift cards, Walmart, Target, and Kohl’s gift cards.

This ePayment is powered by TANGO®and once your payment processing starts, you are likely to receive an email from the TANGO® Card. You have the choice of either creating a new account or not to select the merchant of your choice.

You can as well gift out your earning to friends and family through emails.

  1. Check Payment

Check payment is more like the normal conventional check that can be cashed or paid to your bank account. If you do not cash this check after 90 days, it will be cancelled or voided. It is sent by mail through the U.S postal service. There are different factors that helps to determine the time rate at which your check will be delivered. These include, your location, or if there’s an increase in the number of mail to be delivered. All these is determined by the US postal service.


If after 14 business days, your check fail to get to you. You can track your check processing through the “My Account” section. Then click on “My Profile” and go down to “Payment History” to view the status of the check processing.

Procedure for requesting for Payment

  • Go to the “My Account” section, and click on it
  • Then you go ahead to click on the “Request Payment”
  • Ensure that you go through your details such as your name, the mailing address on your account in other to prevent payment error or payment being sent to the wrong number.
  • The next is to choose the type of payment you wish to receive.
  • You will now wait for your request to be processed and you get your payment.

Note; once payment has been requested, it cannot be reversed irrespective of any issue that may arise. For more terms on payment, visit;

More About Inboxdollars

InboxDollars full terms of service can be viewed through this link; If you have any enquiries to make, you can either contact them through their contact page or view their Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page for more details.

InBoxDollars have three Corporate Brand Structure Subdivisions which are;

  • InboxDollars
  • SendEarnings
  • InboxPounds

To know more about InboxDollars, visit the about us page through this link;

Pros Of Inboxdollars

  • Registration is this platform is totally free of charge and simple
  • There are different opportunities provided to earn money with
  • They have been among the respected online GPT sites in existence
  • They offer good referral program

Cons Of Inboxdollars

  • They offer high minimum payout threshold ($30) which can take forever to acquire.
  • You are not permitted to register more than one account in a household
  • It is difficult to qualify for surveys
  • You may end up with spam mails and calls if you are not cautious of the kind of offers your sign up for
  • In other not to have your account terminated, you are needed to be active at least once in 10 days.
  • You cannot use special passwords during Password creating. This might make your password not to be unique.


As long as InboxDollars is concerned, it is a reputable site that is totally recommended for people who are eligible to sign in.  They have lots of opportunities to earn from and their services are professional and cool. Over these years of existence, they have not scammed people and that is why they are among the top reward sites on the chart.

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