GiftHulk Review: Is GiftHulk Legit, Safe or Scam?

GiftHulk Review

GiftHulk is one of the most influential GTP (Get To Paid) Sites to recon with and with these kind of prestigious class they belong to since its inception in the spring of 2011, they can’t afford to disappoint their fans.

This Gift Hulk review will tell you if Gift Hulk legit, or a scam. And also reveal you you whether they actually pay and have payment proofs.

They have a long stream of fans on many social media such as Pinterest, twitter, Instagram as well as Facebook, which boosts of about 45,000 fans and still counting. Gift Hulk is owned and registered by, LLC and obtained their domain name on the 30th May 2011.

GiftHulk has been in partnership with different on line digital marketers that gives them work load of surveys that keeps member busy and Gift Hulk has boost of paying their distinguished members a total sum of 1,000,300.00 dollars since inception.

So, sit tight as we unveil the rudiments behind the success story of Gift Hulk. Even though, they don’t enjoy more fellowships on the social media, they still boost of millions of members.


Basic Requirements for GiftHulk’s Registration

As someone aspiring become a prospective member, there are certain basic requirements which must be made available before you can think of signing up in this online loyalty site.

The following basic requirements are necessary to facilitate you state on the platform and they include;

  • A durable laptop or PC with at least 1024MB RAM size and up to100GB HDD memory capacity
  • Any fast 3G or more internet connecting device can serve
  • A valid email addresses and phone numbers for easy confirmation
  • As well as getting an account with a prepaid visa card for payment processing.
  • Get a payment processing account such as PayPal email, credit card details, bitcoin as the case maybe.


If you must be absolved in this platform, you have to belong to the following countries before you can be deemed fit to be taken into the platform.

Some of the few countries allowed to participate on the platform are as follows;all residents as well as citizens of the United State of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, as well as some selected European countries such as Ireland, New Zealand and Germany.Which means for you to participate, then you must be within the approved age of 18 years or more which is the country’s legal age of consent to register.

However, under aged prospective member will need parental or guardian aid to carry out most of the tasks online.  Other eligibilities include, you must not be an active account holder and will not use an already registered IP address.

Note: You have to be active on the platform at least 4 times in a week and any account that violets these terms will be blocked permanently from their database.

How to Register in GiftHulk

  • Log on to their official website, scroll round using the cursor, locate their registration button and click on it.
  • Make sure that you have read and agreed the terms and conditions and that the privacy policy suites what you believe.
  • Many line space are required of you to be filled in with the necessary information which includes but not limited to a valid email address, physical address and your contact mobile number.
  • You will receive a confirmation link sent to your inbox, open your email and click on it to confirm your account
  • After successfully completion of all the needful, you can proceed to earn more money on the platform.

Furthermore, you can fast track your registration process and make it easier, that means that you can as well sign up using any of your active social media account which has a Gift Hulk plugin links. It might interest you thatmembership on this platform cost’s you nothing but absolutely free of charge.

Caution: Major reasons behind why physical contact address is key and being requested is to assist them to know if the address on your PayPal account or pay cards corresponds and to know where to deliver your physical gift card to and the same goes to your phone number which enables them to reach you anytime you are lucky to any gift. It also solves the problem of using stolen credit card to play some offers where, making some payments are criterial of completing the task.

Membership Tree

There are people, who through their hard works and consistency online, has earned themselves different levels of grading which I termed “Membership Tree” because it’s in hierarchical format, and with this upgrade, members will benefit so many VIP treatments according to their levels. The different levels are as follows; Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum as well as Diamond levels.

Benefits Membership Tree

Bronze Level:This is where you are entitled to the basis privileges after you must have completed your registrations and your total coin is still below 1000 HC. There no better benefit in bronze, which makes you to double up to earn more.

Here the reward you get is 5 chips for guess the card game.

Silver Level:After Bronze you will get silver, meaning that the member has gotten a minimum of up to 1000 Hulk Coins yet you can’t more with this level and some privileges are still withheld from members in this level. You need to put extra measures to reach gold level.

The only benefit of this level is 10 chips for guess the card game.

Gold Level: At gold level, you will have access to some exclusive monthly offers which will keep increasing more chances of you earning more money. The offers include; paid surveys, fun games, free offers, fast delivery, prize debate as well as cash back shopping. However, it’s very hard to reach this level, due to the low earning power given to get up 10,000 Hulk Coins, which is the criteria to reach this level.

Some of the benefits of this level are 20 chips for guess card game as well as 2.5% rebate on prize purchase.

Platinum Level:When a member is in this level, he gets more than the one on Gold level. Although, lots of work are required for this level, yet you can reach here with strong will power and consistency. This level requires up to 25,000 Hulk Coins to get here.

Some of the benefits of this level includes: 40 chips for guess the card game, about 5% rebate on prize purchase, as well as fast delivery.

Diamond Level: This is the apex of them all and when a member reaches here, transaction will be made a lot easier for him or her. And you get more reward than the rest and the rewards include; 60 Chips for guess the card game, 10% rebate on prize purchase, Instant Gift Card of up to $10, Faster Prize Delivery.

You will need a minimum of 50,000 Hulk Coins to reach this level, which will keep you on the site for months, if not years.

Is GiftHulk Legit, or a scam?

GiftHulk is not a scam but legit. Although, there are tons of complaints about Gift Hulk inability to pay their members and the unresponsive nature of their customer support agents, I can still tell you that the site is legit and scam free as of the time of completing this review. Most people who succeeded in cashing out got their money without any issues and that makes them scam free. if you are in need of a quick to make it site, please don’t come close to this site because you are going to be disappointed.

Their activities are being watched by a regulatory body known as BBB (Better Business Bureau) and until they declare them fraudulent, keep calm and enjoy your stay on Gift Hulk.

Ways to Earn with Gift Hulk

For you to earn much with Gift Hulk, it requires doggedness and consistency in all your activities on the platform. Gift Hulk made variants of provision for members to earn enough bucks and the various tasks are arranged in systemic order which include the followings below;

Sign Up Reward

Immediately you sign up, Gift Hulk reward’syou up to 250 Hulk Coins once the requirement for registering are met, the presumed would be member must have completed the sign – up process and authenticated it using your email address before the bonus can be awarded to you. This sign up bonus is awarded to their esteemed new members as to encourage them to working with them and get paid for completing variants of tasks giving to them.


Surveys section are relatively the most popular task to earn in Gift Hulk and every member is entitled to few surveys daily. The surveys offered by Gift Hulk include varies from each dashboard you found yourself on. Gift Hulk made it easy for you to do another when you are disqualified from one and when you get kicked out of a survey, you will receive a compensation bonus of 10 Hulk Coins.

Watch GiftHulk TV

Every day GiftHulk loads this section with variants of programs, which will keep you entertained while you carry out other tasks. When you watch up to 5 videos, Gift rewards you with up to 25 HC.

Earn Tab

You will earn Hulk Coins for completing different company’s offers, and each task has its value.EZCoin is a tab under the earn tab and it credits you with ease. Other good walls in this section are peanut and Matomy as well as Super Reward are good for videos.

Complete List Tasks

Many tasks need to be completed and Gift Hulk pays you for doing so. Some tasks from Crowdflower and Gift Hulk can pay you more.

CrowdFlower: This side of tasks includes completing website related evaluation, although each task has different price value.Crowdflower tasks pays far better on Clixsense and instaGC although, sweepstakes don’t have better reward tag.

Gift Hulk: the tasks available in this section includes promotional tasks such as creating You Tube Videos, writing blog entries as well as creating forum thread.

However, all the tasks don’t have the same price value.

Web Search

Find and locate the Gift Hulk search box located on the first page and receive a reward of up to 4 HC per search and you get paid hourly.

Note: For you note to lose your bonus, click on results as to get your reward from the search.

Fountain of Youth Codes

This option gives you access to codes usedin playing card games and it is gotten from Gift Hulk official Facebook page. If I may advise you,rush now and login to your Facebook account and like Gift Hulk official page. Make sure you check daily for the available codes.

Card Games

This is among the funniest game to play in Gift Hulk (if I may think) and there are three versions of the game available, each of the games has standards of playing the card game. The games include;

Guess the Card:In this game, you are just required to make predictions of what card that will draw. And when your guessing matches with the expected, you get a reward of up to 50 Hulk Coins.

Guess the Rank: This is the kind of predictions where you will tell the face number or the royal figure on it and it is kind of hard to guess but when you get it, you will get a reward of up to 10 Hulk Coins.

Guess Suit: When you guess the right answer to what suit will be drawn, then you will 4 Hulk Coin if you got the answer right.

Special Tasks

You get to earn extra bucks from Gift Hulk when you complete special tasks, such as creating a forum thread about Gift Hulk, writing a blog about them, as well as creating You Tube video about your experience on Gift Hulk platform.

Refer a Friend

Once you refer a friend Gift Hulk gives you up to 100 Hulk coins automatically and you will receive up to 5 percent of every of your referral total earning, that is if your referral earns like 1000 Hulk Coins, you will in return get a referral bonus of 500 HC. Just imagine when you have a good network of friends and fans on your referral list, if I were you, I wouldn’t waste to but to use this medium to earn cool bucksfromGift Hulk.

Some convenient ways to get more referrals to your link is by posting this link on your Social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, through emails or probably links from your website or blog. You can as well simply tell others about it and have them sign up using your link. So, now you can see that there are other ways to earn here without having to go through their surveys, offers or tasks.

Gift Hulk Payment and Rewards

Gift Hulk has a special currency, which they used to reward their esteemed members and the currency is called “Hulk Coin” (HC). 1000 HC is equal to 1 Dollar. For you to be qualifiedand to be rewarded for your efforts in Gift Hulkreward base loyalty site, you have to first of all, acquire a minimum of $5 for gift cards and $10 for other pays which is their minimum payout threshold.

Every cash payments are made with US Dollars irrespective of your location and payments are processed within seven days of request.


Gift Hulk pays their members through variants of payment options made available, where it will be easy for you to make easy withdrawal. Merchandise process is another payment pattern used to buy goods online with your money and have it delivered to your door step.

PayPal Payment

For you to qualify to receive your payment through PayPal, you have to have a up to 10,000 coins which is an equivalence of $10 and you will be expecting your cash within seven business working days.

You can as well use the PayPal mobile app which synchronizes with the Gift Hulk mobile app during payment switch.

Caution: You need to verify your virtual reward as to enable your eligibility to receive any virtual rewards.

For you to activate the virtual reward you have to follow the procedure below;

–        First of all, go to your account. This can easily be done by clicking on your profile image.

–        Then, you will see the “Quick Links” section in your account

–        Hover on it and click on the Two-factor Authentication

–        You will then be redirected to the verification page, follow the instructions carefully. Ensure that you have a valid phone number

–        When you complete the required process, you will then be sent a 7-digit code on your phone.

–        Enter the code and your account will be verified.

–        At last you are good to go

Card Gifts

This payment method is available for you to get your payment via online gift card stores like Amazon (.com, ca,, Google Play, iTune, Wal-mart, Home Depot Best Buy, and the rest. The minimum payout with gift cards is 5,000 which is an equivalence of $5.


Members can as well receivetheir payment using their bitcoin account which is even a more secured way of transacting business with all these online stores.

More About GiftHulk

Gift Hulk is really a gift because it was founded when many are yearning for a rescue from the hands of social engineers who phish on people’s data and scam them. The platform was formally kicked off for business on the 30th May 2011, and the business is register GoDaddy LLC (Owners of GoDaddy, Tapporoand others at large)

In a situation, you desire to pay them a courtesy visit, you can locate them with their residency address at 14455 N. Hayden Road Scottsdale, Arizona 85260, United States of America.

For more clear description and other options, feel free to visit the official URL Address at , if you in want you want to establish something with Gift Hulk. However, there are certain terms and conditions to be met as to guide you on your way into the platform. The terms and conditions link are  Furthermore, for you to ascertain that your privacy policy is fully protect, kindly visit the privacy policy link and check if their privacy terms is the same with what you believe to cope with. Here is the link . you can as well send them email to air your opinion or make a complaint on their official email address or call their mobile number on +1.4806242599 or fax on +14806242598 and you will get quick and swift response.

GiftHulk Complaints and Feedback:

It will be wrong to know that a platform doesn’t have any feedbacks and complaints to show that it is actually a working organization. Below are some of the complaints and feedback as at the time of compiling this review, which was gotten from a random selection of members’ opinion about the platform from their point of view.

Scrad54 Says:

I join Gift Hulk three years ago and I didn’t regret doing so until few months ago when I could not earn a dime for almost three weeks of constant laboring on their platform. I think Gift Hulk is dwelling in an old glory which has been carrying them for a while, I watched the TV for a whole day, yet they could not credit to my account.

I will still not recommend it to anyone and if you have enough time to spare, my brother don’t bother waste your time.

Cov34 Says:

The bad side of gift hulk is that their customer support representatives are not replying to my complaints sent to them for a long period of time and I can’t send another one for fear of being blocked. After a while I decided to vet the site and know what I’m in for, when I finally checked the BBB (Better Business Bureau) site to know what they are saying about Gift Hulk and my chances of earning anything. It was a bad idea for me to join the platform in the first place because, BBB rated them F, meaning that they are far way behind.

The good side is that they pay if you get your points through third parties or partners, but I advise you to stay clear from easy coins, cos it’s going to ruin your chances of reaching the payout threshold.Although I’m still waiting for my first $30 payment.

Ofondu23 Says:

To me staying with Gift Hulk is cumbersome and, you have to have the survival instinct that will propel consistency to survive in this platform. I have reached my payout threshold for over three weeks and have requested for withdrawal for close to two weeks but, yet nothing is showing that the money is forth coming. I tried making contact with the customer support agents but no response too.

I’m still hope that they will answer me so that I can share good reviews soon.

Hack87 Says:

I was having problem in redeeming my points as to enable me to receive e-gift cards from Gift Hulk and when I contacted the customer service but they couldn’t respond to my emails and it really got me worried. However, I still believe that the platform is far better that the previous once that I joined in time past.

Another major concern is that it was easy for me to earn more money with this site but cashing out is the main challenge and the customer service agents are not even helping matters.

Notwithstanding, the site is good and therefore I will be rating it with 3 stars out of 5.

Pros of GiftHulk

  • There are variants of ways to earn some cash
  • Signing up is completely free of charge
  • The system has an organized dashboard where you can easily locate what you seek
  • They pay through PayPal to enhance fast payment process

Cons of GiftHulk

  • Their payment is in shamble and many members are worried about their ability to pay up gridlocks of debt owed
  • Many countries are prohibited due to some legal issues, however, only members from United stated of American, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, Australia as well as Ireland tend to earn more money and also stand better opportunity
  • Its becomes extremely difficult to qualify for the available surveys and it automatically becomes a total waste of time and resources.
  • You are only allowed to present one account per household and IP address although it is almost applicable to all GPT sites.
  • Most offers are filled with bunch of spams emails that will keep bugging your mail box as well as some automated calls, so take caution on which offer you sign up for.
  • There are lots of complaints from users concerning this reward site. They should probably do something about their services and earning methods.


After different strains of analysis, my findings are, Gift Hulk is a legit loyalty GPT site just they are having issues paying their members, however, I must advice that you don’t have to put any money in playing their games if you can’t bear the lose cos, it does not worth your honorable time. Most members do complain about the unprofessionalism of the customer support agents that will neither pick their calls nor reply to variants of complaints on their desk.And these is return contravenes certain laws of World labor congress (WLO). But always remember you need a lot of patience to achieve this. The platform is secured and members are rest assured of the confidentiality of their data. The site is backed up with firewall tools and a 128 – bit encryption power against cyber threat.You are free to sign up as long as you met the eligibility requirement.

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  • Member's Payment
  • Customer Care
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