Top 30 Get Paid To Watch Videos Paypal, Gift Cards Legit (2020)

Get Paid To Watch Videos Paypal

Get Paid To Watch Videos

Do you want to get paid to watch videos? In this post, we review top 30 ways to get paid to watch videos through Paypal, gift cards, etc that are legit. So, if you want to earn money online watching videos, you have come to the right post.

Sometime last year, I spent a full week watching the entire 7 seasons of Game of Thrones. My eyes were glued to a screen almost every waking moment and once it was over, I quickly started looking for something else to watch. Now, imagine if I could make money during those hours I spent watching movies and eating popcorn. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Because I could now earn money for doing what I loved to do. So, the point is this, if you are like me and you love watching movies, videos, TV and motion pictures, then the concept of earning in the process is one of the most amazing pieces of information you could get right now. After all, who doesn’t need a little extra change here and there?

The fact remains that there are a lot of ways and opportunities that you could utilize to earn money while watching different kinds of videos online. There are a couple of media houses that routinely offer these kinds of opportunities like Netflix and also quite a number of online companies and businesses that give individuals the opportunity to make money while watching videos which might very well be their hobby.

These opportunities might allow you to earn money part time while others can even evolve to being a full-time job because of the benefits and the ease of completion.

So, if you want to know about the different ways that you could practice to earn money while watching videos, this is the best article for you because I have listed about forty different ways you could easily make money off of watching videos online.

I have also categorized them into different categories so that you can easily sort through and chose the one that works best for you from their categories. All of the methods mentioned below are totally legitimate, safe and are presently paying.

Some of them also offer alternative means of earning some income asides watching videos and I will also list those means in the description of the methods.

You should also consider the fact that these methods of earning money by watching videos are not get rich quick schemes that would turn you into a millionaire overnight but if you are diligent and consistent, you could earn quite some extra bucks every month and you would still get to watch videos legit online anyway so why not earn money off of it?

Also think about what you could do with extra change you would acquire. You could get new clothes, enjoy online shopping with the gift cards you earn, donate to charity and also save some money for the rainy days.

So, now that you know that having a job in the movie industry or TV industry is not the only way to make money from videos in general, let us move into the details of the different ways you could start earning from these opportunities available online by watching videos.

Top 30 Get Paid To Watch Videos Via Paypal, Gift Cards:

I have classified making money online via watching videos into about three (3) categories with an outline of specific examples regarding each category. There are about three ways you could make money online by watching online video and these are: working for media houses or companies, working with online advertising agencies and companies and using your smartphone by downloading mobile applications and desktop applications for your desktop as well.

Other ways could include creating your own YouTube platform for posting online videos and get paid as you get more views and subscribers. Lets us discuss these categories in detail below.


Like I mentioned earlier, this category classifies all the sites and online companies that allow their members to make money from watching videos.

These sites or companies most of the times are advertising agencies that act as middle men between the advertisers placing the ads and the people who get paid for viewing them.

This means that most of the videos you would be viewing through these companies and websites are sponsored adverts for goods, services and products as opposed to watching full movies or trailers.

The good thing about these sites is the fact that the videos are usually very short ranging from about 10 seconds to 30 seconds so below, I have listed quite a few legitimate sites that could help you achieve your goal of making money online.


Swagbucks is what anyone would gladly call a jack of all trades. This site has a plethora of different activities you could complete to make money on their site and the most exciting thing about this platform is the fact that they the actions you take through this site to earn money, are the self-same actions you would take on a normal day so you don’t even feel as though you are working when you engage in these tasks. On this platform you can legally earn gift cards and also cash for completing tasks.

Swagbucks launched their website in 2005 and over time they have become an extremely popular brand up to the point of having quite a number of Facebook fans running into millions and more than three (3) million members that are active on the member database. They have also paid out a huge sum of close to 140 million dollars to their members. This platform is open to registration to residents and citizens of different countries from different parts of the world including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ireland, Australia, India and Canada although not all of their features are applicable in every country.

These guys mean business as you would immediately notice when you visit their website. The sleek interface and simple navigation procedure is totally amazing. They also use the points rewarding system which is a system where an online company pays you in their own currency which could be redeemed to real-life usable form when you are eligible for withdrawal. On this site though, the currency used is called the Swagbuck (SB) and one SB is directly equivalent to one penny in the real world.

So Swagbucks offers a lot of ways to earn through their platform which included watching videos online. They have a special feature on their website called Swagbucks TV and using this feature, you would be able to watch tons of exciting and interesting videos and also get paid for watching. You could earn as much as 150 SB daily. Remember when I said that not all the features on this platform is open and accessible to residents of different countries? Yeah, this is one of those features so you should endeavor to check if your country of residence is allowed make use of this feature before attempting to use it. this platform is located online at and you could also earn by doing other things online like completing surveys, using their dedicated search engine as opposed to your go to search engine, engaging in online shopping via their website with online retail stores that they have affiliations with like Amazon, Best Buy, Target and Walmart, playing online games and also completing various offers. I would have loved to go into more details on all the different ways you could make money online using Swagbucks but that would mean going beyond the scope of this article. What you should bear in mind though is that Swagbucks is a huge online money-making giant and if you visit their platform, you will find a lot of ways to make money other than watching videos online especially if you are not in any of the designated countries that have this feature available to them.

Another thing you should take note of is that this site is completely safe and it has also been accredited by Better Business Bureau. This means that they have reviewed the platform and given their verdict of legitimate. Visit Swagbucks review

2.    Prizerebel

Have you ever heard of the swagbucks website or even used it before? if you have, then you should know that this site is just like it in terms of mode of operation and website interface. The two sites basically work in the self- same way and are similar in a lot of fronts like the fact that they both allow their members to earn through their website by taking part in online paid surveys, completing different tasks online, accepting and completing offers, watching online videos, earn money by watching ads paypal, and engaging in a host of other activities.

To sign up with Prizerebel, all you need to do is visit their website and create your new account by filling your email address and other details. As you probably already know, you will need to confirm your account by clicking on the activation link sent to you via mail to the email address you filled in. once you done with signing up and account confirmation, you will now be able to log in and start earning. The first thing you will notice when you log in for the first time is the links to different surveys tasks and offers that are available for you to complete. These tasks and offers also include watching videos online and the more you complete the available actions on your dashboard, the more you earn at the end of the day.

Prizerebel is very different when it comes to their mode of payment as they use the points rewarding system where they reward their members with points which could be exchanged for cash. Prizerebel pays their members also with real cash and while you might feel like you are not making much progress because the figure looks small (50 points sure does look larger than 0.5 dollars). You should also bear it in mind that the points rewarding system also requires an exchange rate which when utilized, might even land you a smaller income. With Prizerebel, all new members get to earn whooping 5 dollars just for signing up. Now that is a lot of incentive to buttress on when trying to get direct referrals. Also, immediately you are done with your sign-up process and you can now start completing tasks, you will realize that within the first 10 minutes of your account creation, you have earned some $.

Prizerebel has a lot of outlets that you could utilize to make money asides watching videos and we will discuss a couple of them in a bit but the main one that we will stress in this article is earning from watching videos online via their platform.  Every video you watch pays you about $0.01 which means that by the time you watch 10 videos, you would have made $0.1. this is not really as bad as it sounds because some of these videos only last for 10 seconds or less. Other ways to make money on this site include completing offers which could either be paid offers which need the input of your credit card details or free trials. These offers pay quite more than watching videos as you could earn as much as $2 for just signing up for different services. You can also make money by taking part in surveys, playing online games, using their search engine for your online searches, redeeming coupons and also referring people.

3.    INSTA GC

InstaGC is another website that belongs to the family of Get Paid To sites. Through this website, members are allowed to earn various rewards for completing certain specific tasks. Their brand name InstaGC is basically the short form of saying “Instant Gift cards” which goes a long way to explain why at the time of their launching in the year 2011, they only gave out gift cards to their members as their system of payment. Ever since they got established, they have paid out a lot of gift cards to their members and reliable sources say that the total gift cards amount to over 900,000 gift cards. They have become so popular even on social media to the point of having over 200,000 fans and followers on their Facebook pages. This same large number applies to their other social media pages including thier twitter handle. All the members of this website are popularly known as InstaGC’ers.

To earn rewards and points on InstaGC, you can engage in quite a number of exciting activities. I maintain that these activities are exciting because most of them are fun to do while others are enlightening. You also get to feel like your opinions matter in the large scheme of things. One of these ways, like I will explain shortly is checking out their social media pages and looking out for the promo codes which have been hidden. Another way is to take part in the available paid surveys. There are always a lot of available surveys on InstaGC but not everyone gets qualified for all of them however, every member always gets awarded with 1 point for at least putting in an effort to try them out. InstaGCalso allows their members to complete CrowdFlower tasks like online research, data entry and other similar tasks. Upon completion of these tasks, the members are rewarded with points.

The main way InstaGC encourages their members to visit their social media pages is by hiding promo codes on certain days on their pages. When you are opportune to find these codes, all you need to do is enter it into the dedicated section on their website and you could gain a few extra points. InstaGC also developed their own search engine and if you are a member of their website and you use this search engine to conduct your online searches as opposed to using your regular search engine, you also get to make some extra points. Other ways to make some more money on InstaGC are by engaging in the trial offers they have on their website for different products and services, visiting sponsored websites and clicking on sponsored ads, watching online videos and referring of different people.

The referral program on this website offers members a commission of 10% of the earnings of their direct referrals. Members also get to gain up to 10 extra bonus points immediately their referrals from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada or Australia sign up and confirms their account.

InstaGC recently added a new feature to their website where they now added cash rewards to the kind of rewards they payout to their members so you can now redeem your earnings through PayPal, e-check and also via bank transfers (you should note that bank transfers are only for residents of the Unites States of America). Otherwise, you could redeem your points in form of Amazon gift cards, Groupon gift cards, BestBuy Gift cards and also Starbucks gift cards. The minimum withdrawal limit for this website is $1 which has a point equivalent of 100 points. This website is also open to people from all over the world for registration but they have an age restriction of 18 years and below.


Quick Rewards is an online website that grants you the access to take surveys, watch online videos and perform other actions in exchange for online rewards. Recently, we noticed that whenever you log on to their website at, you immediately get redirected to This is perfectly normal and does not mean that the site is not legit. Their website does not have a very welcoming interface and it looks a bit outdated but they are still actively functioning and paying.

This website does not need any registration and all you need to get qualified to start earning is a PayPal account and you will need to fill in your PayPal details to facilitate your payment. They also have a processing and completion period of 24 hours to 72 hours for all their withdrawal and payment procedures. This means that once you are eligible for payments and you request for your withdrawal, you will get your funds in the next two to three days.

Quick Rewards is one of the websites that you should definitely try out if you are passionate about making money online. They launched their website in 2002 and ever since then they have recorded a huge payout of over 5 million dollars to their members. As the name implies, they are very quick and prompt in responding to their members with their full-fledged support system. To sign up with the Quick Rewards network, all you would need apart from the PayPal account I mentioned earlier, is to be above 18 years of age and also be a resident of Canada, the United States and The United Kingdom.  You don’t have to take too long to withdraw your earnings immediately after earning them so long as you have passed the minimum withdrawal limit.

Quick Rewards has different kinds of programs on their network and you will most definitely be expected to join at least one upon the completion of your new account creation. These programs are as follows:

  • The Quick Rewards Paid out Your Opinions Program: this is where members are allowed to take part in internet surveys and also get paid for their opinions.
  • The Quick Rewards Shop and also Save Program: this is where members can gain up to 25% cash back at over 1000 brand name online retail stores like Amazon and Walmart and also obtain exclusive discounted coupons from these retail stores.
  • The Quick Rewards Earn Cash Online Program: this is where members get paid to engage in completing offers, reading different emails, visiting online websites, playing online games and also engaging in many other different activities to earn more rewards. It is this program that encourages the watching of online videos in exchange for rewards.

To earn on this network, you can either perform online shopping in online retail stores through their website, visit sponsored websites and click on sponsored ads, watch online videos, take part in completing product surveys online, engage in completing paid or free offers, take part in playing online games and also referring friends, family and random people to the site.

When you want to make your withdrawals, members get to choose the form they want to redeem their earnings as. You get to choose between one of two options. Cash withdrawn via PayPal or gift cards from retail stores like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Target, Olive Garden and eBay.

5.    Superpay

Superpay is a GPT site that pays you when you do the same things you would do online on your average normal day to day existence. They also make use of the points rewarding system where they pay out rewards to their members using their own currency which is called Points in this scenario. Their online platform was established in the year 2011 and from then up until now, they have grown and evolved into having close to 13 million active members on their members database with over one million fans on Facebook. Their total payout since inception is over 75 million dollars and it is general information that they pay out close to 300 gift cards to their members per day. To join this platform, you must be above 14 years of age as they have an age limit restriction and you must reside in any of the following countries like the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, India, Ireland, Australia, Canada and other english speaking countries.

There are a lot of actions and tasks to complete if you want to earn rewards on Superpay. These tasks include engaging in online shopping using the Inbox Dollars platform. On their website, they have an option that allows users to shop in different online retail stores like Amazon, BestBuy, Walmart and also eBay. The more the amount of cash you spend buying products in these online stores, the more points you get to earn on the Superpay website. When you watch videos online via the Superpay platform, you also increase your earnings simultaneously. You also get to earn points for utilizing the Superpay tool bar on your bowser when browsing the net as opposed to using your regular tool bar.

On the Superpay website, you can also take part in completing online paid surveys. Every time you successfully complete any of the surveys available to you, you also get to earn more points. Once again, this is another platform that allows their members to earn more for inviting and bringing more people into their website. this is also known as a referral program where you also get to earn 10% of whatever your direct referrals earn every single time they earn something for all time.

To redeem your points, you get to choose between the payment methods available. The cash withdrawal method is an option which could be redeemed via PayPal in any amounts like $25, $50, $100 and $250. The processing and completion of this payment process takes between 5 days to 7 days. The other redeemable method is in the form of gift cards. Superpay also allows their members to withdraw their payments in the form of any of the gift cards available to dispense from online stores. The gift cards available include Facebook credits, Amazon gift cards, Restaurant gift cards, Home Depot gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, iTunes cards, Cineplex credits and also credits for different hotels. These gift cards are processed and completed in about 7 days and you could request for different gift cards equivalent of amounts ranging from 1 dollar to a hundred dollars. If you make up your mind to, you could also donate your earnings to charity through the numerous charity organizations that Superpay is affiliated with like the UNICEF, Red Cross Society, and others just like them. You can start your donations at $5.

Superpay also sets daily goals for the members of their website every day. If you always meet your designated goals daily, you get awarded with an extra point and if you achieve your daily goals consistently for up to 7 days in a row like a 7-day goal achieving streak, you also get to win extra rewards at the end of that month. Visit Superpayme Review


This category includes the different media companies that provide opportunities for people to make money online by watching videos. These media companies pay their members for engaging in certain online video watching related activities. Some of these activities could range from tagging videos to making suggestions to rating different movies, TV shows and videos in general. Two popular companies that offer these opportunities are Netflix and Nielsen.


Where are all the Netflix lovers in the house? Do you want to get paid to watch netflix? This opportunity is for you because now you have a reason to stay at home and watch Netflix all day long. You can get really good pay just by watching Netflix and you don’t even have to go anywhere out of your comfort zone or adapt to any body’s schedule as all you need to have is internet access. You can even get paid to watch netflix via application.

This job opportunity is completely legitimate and you will be working for Netflix as a Netflix Tagger. This job role previously known as “editorial analysts” entails watching the shows on Netflix, the movies and also the specials so that you can accurately tag each of these shows, movies and specials with the accurate and specific metadata that applies to it. the tagging of these videos makes Netflix a better application to use because now, users can search for videos based on the category they fall into. This job is very similar to the job of a librarian or library attendant as the only difference is while they make sure that the books in the library are appropriately tagged and classified, Netflix Taggers make sure that the videos on the Netflix platform are appropriately tagged and classified.

Point is, if you are good with content curation and understanding how to put things in order plus an undying love for watching TV shows and videos on Netflix in general, then this opportunity is something you should grab with both hands. There are a lot of job openings available on the Netflix platform now for Netflix Taggers or Editorial Analysts as the they recently put up a job posting saying “We are seeking an entertainment-savvy analyst to help categorize television series, specials, and movies for our 100+ million users.

You will be tagging, rating, researching, and enhancing title-level metadata for the Netflix Originals catalogue in a high-volume, high-quality, deadline-driven environment. The ideal candidate should have a “deep knowledge, five-plus years’ experience, and education in the film and/or television industry.” You should have a knack for distinguishing the nuances within different types of content and be able to share your findings in a concise way.” So, go check them out and apply for these positions by following the instructions given and I wish you the best of luck.


The Nielsen Company is a company that has been involved in the tracking of TV ratings from the 1950’s up until now and they have consistently paid different families for reporting on the kind and types of TV shows that they are watching presently. Presently, they now have about three different panels that help them track different things like the most visited websites, the most used groceries and other stuff. Using these sites can earn you close to $100 a year if not more. this is not enough to make you a millionaire but it is $100 that you would not have earned otherwise.

If you are a resident of the United States of America and your family gets lucky enough to be selected as a Nielsen Family, you just git a new outlet to make some more money online by watching your favorite TV shows and Movies. You should note that people do not just join up and become Nielsen Families, instead, they get chosen by the Nielsen company so this means that there is no application procedure or process.

All you need to do especially if you watch a lot of TV and you live in the Unites States of America is to keep your eyes peeled for any mail that could be sent to you from the Nielsen company. The Nielsen company pays really well for your time and efforts once you have been selected and you could also get invitations to take part in sweepstakes that are routinely held in their “Sweep” months which include February, May, July and the month of November.

Who wouldn’t want to get paid for watching TV? As for me, I would gladly glue my eyes to the screen so long as I get paid in the process. This company pays by sending bank checks to the mail boxes of their Families so you don’t even have to worry about having a PayPal account.

More From Websites and Companies:


YouCubez is a PTC site which is short for “Paid to Click” site launched in 2008 that allows their members to get paid for completing a variety of tasks. This site is quite different because instead of clicking on ads like you would normally be expected to do in a normal Paid to Click site, you will be clicking on cubes. Never mind, I will explain all of that shortly. Members of this site are expected to earn an average of about 0.02 cents to 0.5 cents daily which is quite on the low side but that is just the amount you would earn for clicking on cubes. When it comes to completing tasks, which is the category that watching online videos falls under, you could easily walk away with as much as $5 dollars daily which is pretty cool.

Like I mentioned earlier, this site has a lot of ways you could utilize to make money and each of these methods pay promptly. One of these ways is clicking on the cubes on your dashboard which have different priority levels but let us skip out on all of those technical gibberish and stick to the basics. When you click on these cubes, you would always be redirected to another page where you will be expected to view an ad for a specific period of time or watch an online video advert for a specific period of time too.

Over time, you get awarded with cube funds but you should know that these cube funds are basically meant for recharging your cubes and you cannot redeem them for cash. You can also click on ads on this website to earn money but these ads only become available to you after you have clicked on up to cubes for that day and knowing that these tasks pay a lot better, I would advise that you just click on your 10 cubes for the day and start making some real money.

You can also complete a lot offers won this site which you can source for via the offer walls they have on their site. These offers are one of the ways to earn a whole lot more than you have been earning on PTC sites and you can access these offers on their offer wall. YouCubez also has a referral program that was organized into two tiers called level 1 and level 2 where level 2 is only available to members that use a paid membership account. They also developed a portal through which all members can communicate directly with their direct referrals thereby encouraging team effort and community spirit.

You also get to rent active direct referrals from the site if you need more referrals for a small token but this is actually a big risk to take as you are not sure enough of the activity of the referral and might not be able to recover your investment before you exhaust your rent period. To make your withdrawals or receive payment, you must have accumulated up to 6 pounds as 6 pounds is their minimum withdrawal threshold and you also must have a record of consistent log in and activity for the past 14 days. These payments can be made through either PayPal or AlertPay.


Creations Rewards is another website that pays their members to complete actions on their site. These actions could be anything from taking online surveys to completing offers and also watching online videos. In fact, they have a lot of ways to earn money on this site and their rewards system is quite decent. Let us talk about the different ways you could an earn an income with Creations Rewards.

The first way I would like to stress on is by watching videos online. Like I mentioned in the introduction of this category, these videos are very short. The longest one would probably last under 2 minutes and every day, Creations Rewards puts up about 20 to 30 videos that are available for viewing on the dashboards of their members. Once each video is completely viewed, you are immediately credited with your rewards.

Apart from watching online videos, there are also a lot of other ways you could earn money from this site. One of these ways is by taking part in taking online paid surveys. Creations Rewards has a lot of survey providers on their website that you could use to source for surveys and you also get to see how long each survey is estimated to last and how much it would pay at the end of the survey. This is another good way to make money but the tweak here is that you have to qualify for every survey before you will gain the access to take it.

Other ways include exploring websites, clicking on sponsored ads, engaging in completing both free offers and paid offers. You also get to listen to online radio and earn half of a point for every 10 minutes you spend listening to the radio. When you refer your friends to sign up with Creations Rewards, you are awarded 10% of the total earnings of that person for all time. Even when you engage in online shopping through their website with their dedicated online retail stores, you also get to earn anything from 2 points to 8 points depending on how much you spent while shopping.

To request for withdrawals or accept payment for your earnings on this site, first, you have to make sure that you have accumulated up to $5. Next, you will need to determine the redeemable form you want to cash out your earnings as. The different forms available include Gift cards from different retail stores like Amazon gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, Walmart gift cards and also Target gift cards. These gift cards are only approved in amounts that are multiples of 5 like $5, $10, $15 and so on.

The higher the worth of the gift cards, the lesser the exchange rate which means that if you use 1000 points to cash out a $5 gift card, you will most likely use 1900 points to cash out a $10 gift card as opposed to using 2000 points. Apart from gift cards, you can also withdraw your earnings in form of cash which can be processed via PayPal. The only drawback to these payment processes is the fact that you will most likely have to wait for close to 8 weeks before you receive your payment. Some other times, it stretches up to 12 weeks.

Other ways to earn on this site that I did not mention include entering in the hidden promo codes found on their social media pages when you find them and earning up to 10 points from 5 points, and also achieving the daily goal set you by Creations Rewards which could land you an extra 10 points.


Fusion cash is also another site that will pay you for watching online videos. This site is located at and it is a get paid to site which is short for “Get Paid to Do” that aids its registered members earn some sort of income for taking part in completing certain activities, offers and tasks. Some of the tasks and offers you will be expected to complete include watching of online videos. Like I said earlier in this article, these videos are mostly adverts from companies showcasing their products, apps and services and they are quite short but when you complete more tasks or rather watch more videos in this case, you earn more.

The online platform for this organization is completely free to join but they have location restrictions which means that not everyone from every country is eligible to sign up on their site and can only be joined by those that reside in the United States and Canada. This site is not a new site and they have been here for quite some time but they are very particular and selective about the countries they allow their members to sign up from and presently, it just has to be from the United States of America and Canada.

On this site, apart from watching videos online, there are also a lot of other ways you could make money. You can earn cash by taking surveys, by shopping online, by accepting both paid offers and free offers, by listening to online radio, browsing the internet and also referring friends and family. Did you notice that you can earn money on this website by doing all the things you would still do every other day on the internet so since you would still do them either ways, why not earn something while doing them? to earn rewards by watching videos online via this site, you would need to sign up first and you can do that easily by visiting their website and creating your new account.

You will also need to verify the email address on that account by clicking on the confirmation link sent by Fusion Cash to your email. Once your account has been fully verified and created, you can now start completing tasks in exchange for earning rewards. When you want to watch videos, all you would have to do is check out the available tasks and offers that they have for you and sort through the ones that entail having to watch videos online. Like I said earlier, these videos do not last long and you must watch the video up until the end to get qualified to payment else you will not get paid. Always ensure that you clear your browser cookies after completing an offer before you complete another one so that you will get paid fully for the new offer.

You can choose to request for your earnings once you have accumulated more than their minimum withdrawal limit of $25 (it is imperative that you understand that $15 out of this money has to be from your personal earnings from performing tasks and completing offers and not just from the commissions from your direct referrals) in different forms which could include a bank check sent to your mail, a direct deposit in your bank account or a cash payment via the PayPal payment processor. One more thing you should note is that they approve all the eligible payouts and process the payments on the 20th of every month so be sure to make your request before that date.

11. PERK

Perk is another website that allows their members to make money online mainly for performing video related actions. This site has developed about 11 applications that will help the smart phone user to earn money using his or her smart phone or mobile device. The great news is that once you sign up and create an account on the Perk website, you won’t have to create a separate account for any of the applications as you can log in with the same log in details. Perk also has a sync feature that syncs and accumulates all your earnings in one place. This means that you can comfortably use all the 11 applications and also perform tasks on the websites without having to worry about calculating your separate earnings for each platform.

There are different ways to earn on the website. One of these ways involve completing offers. These offers could either be paid offers where you will need to put in your credit card details or they could be free offers where you would not have to spend any of your own money but either ways, completing offers will help you earn quite a bit more than other actions available on the site. You should also note that the paid offers actually pay more than the free offers. Sometimes paid offers could pay up to as much as 10 dollars upon successful completion and confirmation.

Another way to earn a few extra bucks online via is by shopping online. Every time you spend your own money making online purchases through the platform in any of the online retail stores that they are affiliated with, you also get cash back in form of points and the amount of points you get is largely dependent on the amount of dollars you spend during your shopping thrift. The range though for the earnings you could acquire while engaging in online shopping could be anything from 5 points to 25 points per dollar spent when shopping. The point is, you would still shop online any way so why not get cash back for the dollars you will still spend any ways.

Now, in the beginning of this description, I explained that Perk has quite a number of applications available to mobile users for earning money online. Let us just skim over them in a jiffy. We have the Perk TV application which is by far the most popular app in the Perk TV family. With this app, you could earn money by watching videos on your mobile smart phone. As I have mentioned countless times before, these videos are short and would not take most of your time to finish.

Other apps include the Perk TV Live application that allows you to get paid for watching live TV and the commercials that come with it. every single time you finish viewing an ad, you get credited. Other Perk apps are the Perk Scratch and Win app, the Perk Pop Quiz app, the Perk Screen app, the Perk Shopping app, the Perk Browser app, the Perk Wallet app, the Perk Prize Mob app, the Perk Search app, the Word Search app and the Jet Pack Journey application.

You can redeem your rewards in form of gift cards from retail stores, by entering into sweepstakes and by choosing the Perk Plastik option which is a debit card where you could transfer all the earnings that you have made on the Perk platform to.


If you have a YouTube channel and you want to increase the number of views you have on your videos or you do not have a YouTube Channel but you want to make money off of watching the videos of other YouTubers, then this platform is a great option for you to try out. This is a platform that was launched in 2009 that allows you to get paid for watching videos on YouTube. It also helps YouTubers get more views on their channel and also subscribers, likes and active comments. One other way to earn through Paid2YouTube is by actively referring people to the platform. One of the easiest ways to easily get referrals is to put your affiliate link on your social media pages and in strategic places like blogs and websites where you will have more access to more people.

To register on this platform is a completely free exercise but you need to meet the prerequisite of having a YouTube channel so that you can connect it to your account on Paid2YouTube to be able to view the videos of other people. To make money on this site, you will be expected to watch YouTube videos and upon completion of the video, you could get paid in cash with anything from $0.001 to $0.005. Another great feature about this application is that you do not have to finish the entire video, all that is required of you is just a few seconds of watching.

You also get paid for subscribing to different channels and this could earn you $0.15 per channel that you subscribe to. Commenting in the comment section of these videos will also earn you some extra bucks and you get to earn $0.10 for every comment that you leave under a video same way you are awarded $0.01 every time you leave a thumbs-up on the video of a YouTuber. The drawback of this site is that you do not get access to a lot of videos every day for instance I had a friend that had only three (3) videos for a particular day and all he was asked to do was just view the video for a few seconds.

They have a minimum withdrawal threshold of $10 which means you have to be dedicated and consistent to be able to cash out in good time. Another way to earn on this site is by having a lot of active direct referrals as one referral would help you earn $0.001 every time they view a video, $0.01 every time they leave a comment in the comment section of a video, $0.005 every time they leave a thumbs-up on a video and $0.05 every time they subscribe to a video. This sounds very good and will definitely tempt you to rent referrals using the “Rent Referrals” feature they have on their site. Now, let me be the first (or maybe not the first…) to tell you that you shouldn’t rent any referrals.

If you love the benefits of having direct referrals then you should put in more work to get them organically as opposed to renting them because you do not have any guarantee that this person would be really active and even if they are, you will only be able to break even on your investment as one rented referral will cost you $3.25 for 30 days while five will cost you $8.76 for the same 30 days.


Every time you want to download content from the internet, have you ever found yourself searching for a way to get it for free from the internet as opposed to paying for them? now, imagine that you are an artist and you spend a lot of money to produce and create your new single only to release it and have it downloaded for free all over the internet. How would you feel? How would you make your return on investment? But then again, we do not always have the money to pay for all of this stuff available online so how do we bridge the gap between ensuring that the owners of all the content we want for free get t heir profit while we get to still get stuff for free? This challenge above was the challenge that two people named Mrs. Sharon Peyer and Mr. Peyer tackled and eventually, they had a solution. The solution? HitBliss!

On HitBliss, you can either watch TV shows and movies fir free but get ready to be interrupted by video ads. I am sure you don’t hate ads any more than I do but HitBliss also understands this and so they tend to make sure that their ads are also entertaining and they also allow to choose the ones you would rather engage with and watch. Every time you watch an ad, you earn credits from the HitBliss platform. When you have accumulated enough credits, you can now purchase stuff from their store the same way you would purchase from Amazon or iTunes so when you look at it critically, you will realize that it more like a win-win situation for both the content creators and the consumers that want stuff for free.

The period of time a particular ad tends to take before it finishes playing is largely dependent on the video you are watching because say for instance you are watching a TV show, then you will have to put up with ads that are 2 minutes to 3 minutes long. However, if you are watching a rented movie you will need to have a bit more patience in you as you will have to wait for close to 6 minutes to 8 minutes for the ads to finish playing before you continue with your movie.

Now, not everyone registered as a free user gets to earn the same amount of credits for viewing the self-same ads for instance members that provide more information about themselves like their gender, age, demographic location, history of expenses and also retail spending tend to earn more than others who do not provide this information as they see it as a breach of their personal space and privacy. Active users also get to earn more because in the course of the ad playing, there are points where you would need to interact with the ad to ensure that you are still viewing the ad. Users who constantly view these ads and engage with them also get to earn some more than the average user.

The site has a couple of drawbacks too. One of these drawbacks is the fact that they have limited content on their site and there is an embargo as it relates to the number of videos you can watch every day which in turn affects the amount of credits you could earn too.


Success Bux is a Paid to Click website that was inspired by the almighty Neobux website. This website was launched in 2012 and it has had a huge membership database turn out over the years. What they do on this website is to charge companies and businesses for aiding in the advertisement of their products, services and websites and in turn get their members to view those ads in exchange for rewards. Remember when you have commercial breaks for adverts when watching TV at home and you have to wait for the ads to finish before you resume watching your TV show? Yeah!

Now do you also recall that you had to pay for access to watch TV from the cable company? Now what does this tell you? In short, you had to pay to watch those ads and you get nothing for spending your precious time viewing ads that you don’t want to see in exchange for nothing. On Success Bux however, your efforts are rewarded with various rewards for viewing ads and websites. One thing you will eventually figure out on this site is that most of the ads lead you to other money-making websites and it can be very tempting to quickly join up with these sites so you need to be extremely careful because Success Bux is not going to be held responsible for your decision to join up with these sites or the illegibility of those sites.

Success Bux is not selective when it comes to the countries they allow their members to register from as they allow members to register from any country situated in any part of the world. They also have a minimum payout of one dollar and all withdrawals are processed via PayPal. On this platform, you do not get the option to rent referrals like you would normally have on some other websites. All the referrals you end up having are those that you invited somehow or those that used your referral link to sign up. They also have a forum where all members can meet and discuss their progress on the site including their failures and successes too.

Once you are done with creating your site on Success Bux and you can now start earning, all you need to do to kick start the process is click on the “View ads” tab on the menu and you will be led to a page where you will be able to see all the ads available to you to click or view. You also get to see the kind and amount of rewards you would get for clicking on each one. You will need to wait for the ad timer to elapse every single time you click on an ad so that you can get paid otherwise you won’t get paid.

You can also watch videos on this site in exchange for rewards and you get paid with 50 coins at the end of e very video. These 50 coins has a dollar equivalent of $0.005 so you need to watch quite a lot of videos before you can earn something that is tangible but looking at the bright side, you get to watch interesting videos any way. You can also listen to online radio to earn if you want and you can also sign up to complete different offers.


Global Test Market is basically an online platform that was launched in 1999 for the taking of surveys. Initially, this company was owned by Global Market Institute which is commonly known as GMI but recently it was bought over by another company that also engages in taking surveys called Lightspeed Research. This platform is a genuine and legitimate establishment and it is also a very safe one at that because of the integrity of the companies held responsible for their operations. Global Test Market is also in partnership with close to fifteen hundred different companies that are situated in over 60 different countries in different parts of the world.

This survey platform is highly recognized and popular at a global scale and they are open for registration to potential members from any part of the world as opposed to a couple of other similar websites that only accept registrations from members that are from certain countries. This means that any one from anywhere has jurisdiction to register from over 200 different countries situated at different locations in the world. Presently, they have grown to having a member database of over 5.5 million active users on their platform with that number increasing exponentially every waking moment.

Beyond taking surveys on this site, one other way to make money would be to watch online video ads. These ads are placed here by different companies and you also get to see the estimated time it would take to complete the watching of the video and also how much you stand to earn. of course, it is only normal to assume that the longer the video, the more your earnings and the more videos you watch, the more money you get to make at the end of the day.

To sign up on Global Test Market, one would think that the sign-up process would be a long and boring one but on the contrary, it is one of the simplest processes I have ever seen. All that you will need to do is just provide your name and email address if you choose to do a direct sign-up or you could also sign up with your Facebook account or your twitter account if you choose to sign up with a social media account. Global Test Market is a free site to join and you don’t have to make any prior investment or pay any kind of fees to get started. All you need to do after signing up is check your mail and click on the confirmation link attached with the mail to have your account verified. Immediately after that you can start taking your surveys and watching videos in exchange for rewards.

You can redeem your earnings on this website in different forms. You can choose to redeem yours in form of cash via PayPal which by far has been the easiest and quickest method, via bank checks sent to your mail and also via gift cards from online retail stores like Amazon and Walmart. Gift cards are also pretty quick too to redeem. Some tasks pay 35 points upon completion while others could pay up to as high as 250 points depending on the length and technicality of the task. Most of the surveys available on this platform come with their own pre-survey questionnaires which has to be completed before the actual survey as this would actually determine if you are qualified to take that survey or not. If after completing the questionnaire, you do not get qualified, you still get to earn 5 points from Global Test Market for your troubles.

In Global Test Market at, they base their payments on a point rewarding system where they reward their members directly with points which could be redeemed later in real-life usable form. In this system, the equivalent of $1 is 23 points so when you get rewarded with 35 points for a completed task, it’s equivalent is $1.50 while the dollar equivalent of 250 points is 10 dollars. Global Test Market also allows their members to earn money through routinely held sweepstakes and also through referral points for referring people to the site and having them get registered and eventually become active members Global Test Market also has a minimum withdrawal threshold of the dollar equivalent of 1200 points which is $50 which means that you cannot request for withdrawals until you have made up to or more than $50.


My Survey is another site located online at I don’t know why I wanted to mention that straight away but now that I have, let us discuss this site and its functionality in a bit more detail. The site was first established as a company that held their specialty in market so what they were known for doing was collecting survey data from the various product consumers in different countries like the United Kingdom, Malaysia and France. Their offline company was launched in the 1940’s while the online version which is located at the afore mentioned address and operated by Lightspeed Online only started in 1995.

A lot of people just assume that this site only pays individuals for completing surveys because of the name but what they don’t know is that you can also make money on this site for just watching video ads. These ads do not last long at all and the range of the total time it would take to completely watch an ad could range anywhere from 5 seconds to 30 seconds. You should also know that the longer the length of the video, the more you stand a chance to earn.

The company is completely legit as they have been closely monitored over the years for scam traits all to no avail and they have also recorded a large number of successful payouts to their members up to the point where they have now become globally recognized as one of the topmost survey providers existing now. They also have their history duly recorded. My Survey has a very user-friendly website interface with extremely easy navigation features. To join the My Survey community, all you need to do is visit their website and create your account (there are different ways to create your account.

You can choose to sign up with your social media account which a lot is easier as you don’t have to start answering grueling personal questions or you could choose to sign up directly with your email address, a few personal questions and your password. Both methods are quite easy to use.) after which you will be required to answer and fill in details about your own personal profile. You will also be asked a series of about 10 questions so that they can know more about you and your preferences. As you probably already know, the answers you provide to these questions that you were asked will be used to test for your qualification in the event of any available survey.

Once you are done with the sign up and account creation process, you will now become eligible to take part in surveys and get paid for completing them. you will also be allowed to watch videos online and get paid for watching in the process. On this website, the amount of [points you will be paid for taking part and completing a survey completely depends on the length of the survey and the topic the survey is centered on but it could be anything from $0.5 to $1.25. you can request for withdrawals immediately you earn something but you will need to make sure that you have exceeded the minimum withdrawal limit in your account balance because the minimum amount that can be withdrawn is the dollar equivalent of 1200 points which can be redeemed in form of PayPal cash.

These 1200 points have a dollar equivalent of $10 while 1800 points has dollar equivalent of $15. You also get to give your earnings away to charity organization if you want to without having to leave the My Survey application because they have an option on their site where you could donate to any of the charity organization they are in partnership with.


My View is a paid survey site that is based in New York and this site is owned and operated by Authentic Response which is a Market Research company. My View is a site that rewards their members for taking part in and completing paid online surveys. They have a very large online community of different individuals who have become members of the site where they get to share their own opinions and experiences while using the platform. They use the points rewarding system where you can be paid for taking actions in form of points which you can later redeem in other more usable forms using their exchange rates as a guide.

They have a minimum withdrawal limit of 13000 points which has a dollar equivalent of … wait for it … 10 dollars. You make your redemptions in form of gift cards from online retail stores like Amazon, iTunes and Walmart and also in form of Visa Prepaid cards and if you choose to, you can withdraw your earnings by donating those earnings to charity. Donating to charity through this platform is a very easy process and does not require you leaving the website. They have integrated all the donation features into their website so that in a few clicks, you would have seamlessly made your donations to the organization of your choice. Other forms of withdrawing your earnings include retail e-vouchers, gift cards from restaurants and also in form real-life products.

You can also use your points to enter into the sweepstakes that are run routinely on the website. Entering into a sweepstake is like leaving your fate to chance as you might win big and also lose big so you need to be sure that you want to take this risk before entering into sweepstakes. The most interesting feature for me on this site is the active forum they have for interaction between members. This means that you are not alone when using this site and you can learn from the experiences of those that have joined in before you and also get to share your own experiences in the cases of challenges.

The different ways you could earn money on this site include taking part in paid online surveys both in text format and video format. You also get to earn by watching very short online video adverts. You can also earn on this site by taking part in the product trials of new products that have not yet been released into the market. To sign up on this site, all you need to do is visit their website at and click on the Sign-Up button.

As always, you will be expected to confirm you email address by clicking on the activation link sent to your email address by My View and after that, you will become eligible to start making money on this website. My View does support cash payments hence you do not need to have a PayPal account as a prerequisite for your account creation. If you eventually decide to enter into any of the monthly held sweepstakes, I think it is important for you to know that you could win up to $1000 if you come first and up to $200 if you come anywhere from 2nd to 5th.


Survey Spot is another website that pays their members for doing lots of stuff on their website. These things have a wide range from completing surveys to viewing ads and websites to watching online videos. It was launched in the year 2000 and the company is owned by Survey Sampling international. This company has obviously been existing for quite some time now and they have always paid their members once they are eligible to request for withdrawals.

They have also clearly stated that their major goal is to ensure that big manufacturing brands and companies create acceptable and quality consumer products so once again they act as the middle men, showing consumers products and getting their candid opinion about those products then relaying the information gotten from these consumers to the manufacturers to encourage innovation and maintain a standard of quality products in circulation.

Now, that’s a lot of technical grammar yeah? Let me make it easier to grasp. If for instance you have always used a particular product say it is a toothpaste but the tube easily gets worn out and the contents tend to get spilled constantly. What Survey Spot does is that with the permission of the toothpaste company, they will ask you a series of questions as it relates to what you liked about the toothpaste and what you hated and what you think they should improve on. Survey spot then takes your answers back to the toothpaste company and voila, next time they produce a new batch of toothpastes, they will ensure that the tube is made with a more durable material (that is if they are interested in the affairs of their customers).

So how you make money by watching videos on this site? It is simple. All you need to do is click on the “Offers” option and choose “watch videos”. Then you will be led to page where you can view all the available videos to be watched. Once you done with a particular video, you get credited in your Survey Spot account instantly. One thing I forgot to mention is that they also use the points rewarding system when they want to pay their members. This means that they have their own currency which in this case is called “Points” and these Points can be redeemed in form of cash or gift cards from Amazon and Walmart. The exchange rate of these points is at the rate of 100 points to one dollar.

Other ways to make money on this site include participating in their focus groups, testing new products that have not yet hit the market both offline and online and also taking online paid surveys. To sign up with this site, all you will have to do is visit their website at and click on the “Sign Up” button to create your new free account. You can choose to sign up with Facebook or do the traditional sign-up where you’ll have to fill in your email, some personal details and also your preferred password.

Sign up completion leads to confirmation and verification of account which could be done by clicking on the link sent to your email address. Once your account is verified, you can start making money off of Survey Spot by either watching online videos or doing any of the activities I mentioned earlier.


Don’t be surprised when I say that you could make money by using these desktop and mobile applications. Most of them are not even new applications and have existed for quite a while. All you would need to do is basically download the application, install it and follow the instructions which I will clearly state under each one and that is about it.


Whenever you hear the term “Couch Potato”, it is always assumed to mean laziness but what if you could earn money whilst being a couch potato, wouldn’t that be great? Well, if that is what you want, then you have great opportunity to achieve your goals with this application. Viggle is a mobile application that allows its users to earn some extra bucks while they are watching and enjoying TV. The application is available for Android users and can be downloaded from the Google Play store and also for iOS users and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. This application was first launched in 2012 by a company named Function (X) that was owned by an American Citizen named Francis Xavier Sillerman.

This mobile application allows its users to log in daily which is called “Checking in” and earn rewards by watching the TV option on the app. This is also known as “Viggling”. You can also earn by listening to the music available on the app and also streaming videos online. The more activities you take part in on this site, the more Viggle Points you get to earn and they also have provisions where they give their members bonuses for exceeding expectations or for extra efforts.

To join the Viggle Platform, you will need to download and install the Viggle application from your preferred online store and follow the instructions to properly create your new account. Once your account has been successfully created, you can now start checking in and earning Viggle points by performing any of the afore mentioned actions.

Every time you want to watch a TV show online or Stream a video online, first of all check in through the Viggle application and you will get to earn Viggle points while you watch your show or stream your video. It is imperative that you know that this application is totally powered by the Perk platform so in the event of possible redemption, your Viggle points are first of all converted to Perk points before you can now redeem them in form of gift cards or other redeemable options.

With the Viggle application, you can earn as much as 60,000 Viggle points every month if you are dedicated and consistent because for every minute you spend “Viggling”, you get to earn one Viggle point. You should also know that the application is very interactive because they need to be sure that you are watching the video or streaming the content for real so be sure to pay attention to avoid missing out on your earnings.

The exchange rate for Viggle points on the Viggle app is quite okay as 20 viggle points has a perk point equivalent of 1 perk point and 1000 perk points have a dollar equivalent of one dollar. Viggle gets to pay their users via the perk platform and the Perk platform has its own mode of rewards redemption which are as follows: You can redeem your rewards in form of gift cards from retail stores, by entering into sweepstakes and by choosing the Perk Plastik option which is a debit card where you could transfer all the earnings that you have made on the Perk platform to.


It is general knowledge that the apps that reward their members the most are the ones that pay their members for watching videos online. Watching videos online is just about the easiest thing I can think of to do and you also get to earn while ensuring the entertainment these videos offer. The AdFun application though is quite different from the other video watching applications because you don’t even get to click on the next video to begin watching it. once you have started watching a video, you can keep your hands busy and watch the video playlist resume a new video immediately the previous one finishes.

This app is available in both the Android versions on the Google Play Store and the iOS version for iPhone users on the App Store. This app not only gives their members rewards for watching videos but also for playing online games via their platform. Every single time you engage in completing any of the afore mentioned tasks and you eventually complete them, you are awarded with tokens. At the end of the day, these tokens can be redeemed in for of gift cards from online retail stores and other exciting stuff.

Presently, they have only two games on their application which are the scratch card game and the gift card bidding game. To play the scratch card game, you will be required to scratch off the surface of a lucky number to reveal what is underneath. If this number matches the number given to you, you could win a great prize of about 20,000 tokens or even more. to play the gift card bidding game, you and other members playing the game at that time get to place bids on a particular gift card. The member that has the highest bid that is unique to only him or her gets to win the gift card. All these games make the app a fun application to use and you might just end up enjoying the entire process.

You can also get cash back for engaging in online shopping when using this application. The AdFun app is affiliated to quite a number of online retail stores and so if you shop online in any of these stores, you could get back tokens in return depending on the amount you spent in the stores. You can also get discounts for products in these stores when you use the AdFun mobile application.

Watching online videos is the best way to make a lot of money from the AdFun application. All you need to do to start watching is click on the “Channels” tab that is located at the top of your screen and you will be presented with four (4) channels. To start watching videos, you can click on any of these channels and the videos would start playing. It has been discovered that for every 60 seconds (one minute) of videos watched, you get to earn 10 tokens. This means that you could earn as much as $2 every day and hence earn up to $60 per month. To earn more by watching videos, I would advise that you connect your account to multiple devices so that you could be earning money simultaneously from them.


While Perk TV has made a lot of wave as a website where you could make money watching videos, little has been said about their mobile application. This application is basically the most popular application amongst all the applications that are associated with the Perk TV family of applications. First if all, you should know that this app is available for download for both Android users via Google Play Store and also iOS users via the App Store. This mobile application basically just transits what the main website does making it easier to earn money with your mobile smart phone device.

One of the ways to make money with this application is by watching movie trailers. These movie trailers always have a 30 second ad placed in front of them which means that you only get to start watching the movie trailer after the ad has finished playing. The movie trailers also do not take too long. They are mostly any where from 1 minute to 3 minutes long and for every two movie trailers watched, you get to earn 4 points. Other kinds of videos that you get to watch include the normal kinds of videos you see every other day like how-to videos and other popular videos. The system for these videos follow the same trend as that of the movie trailers in terms of the 30 second ad in front of the videos and the payment for every two videos watched.

The Perk TV app also has another feature called the Live TV but when you click on this feature, you will get redirected to another Perk TV app called Perk TV Live where you will be expected to watch live TV including the commercials. This means that you are not allowed to fast forward through the commercials else you won’t get paid. Perk TV rewards their members with points and tokens for work done and these points and rewards can be redeemed in form of gift cards from Amazon, Target, CVS, Starbucks and also a couple of other retail stores. You don’t have to leave the application to do this exchange as there is a feature within the app that allows you to easily facilitate that exchange. The gift cards available for redemption always start at 2 dollars or 5 dollars for all the retail stores except Amazon which starts at $0.25 which has a point equivalent of 350 points.

One other way to redeem your points would be in form od entries for sweepstakes. They always have sweepstakes going on every time on this platform and it would just cost you about 25 points to 100 points to enter into one. The tweak to this is that you do not have the slightest inkling about what prize you will earn from the sweepstakes. It is more like a game of luck where you could win small prizes some times and win large prizes as big as $500 at other times. These cash payments are processed via PayPal so be sure to have a PayPal account before entering into sweepstakes. Other ways to earn include accumulating EZ points, referring other people as you get to earn a total of 500 points immediately your direct referral make his or her own first withdrawal.


App Nana is an application that helps you earn points for doing stuff via their mobile app. For every single thing you do on this site you get to earn points which are called Nanas on this mobile application. These nanas can be exchanged at a later date for cash rewards and also to buy paid applications from your preferred online application store. This application is available for both the Android devices and the iOS devices and can be downloaded via the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store respectively. Also, you can download the App Nana application for iOS devices from their website at This app for the iOS devices is named the AppNana Sync application.

Immediately your download and installation are complete, you will need to sign up and create your own account but the sign-up process is not like the regular sign up process that you are probably used to. All you need to do is put in your email address, password and also the referral code of your own upline. You also get to earn a free bonus of 2500 nanas for just signing up. To start earning on the site, you will have to start by downloading and using the applications that they ask you to download and use.

You don’t have to step outside of the app to start searching for to app to download it, all you need to do is click on the app icon from the App Nana application and you will be redirected to the app store where you can make the download. You also get to watch videos pf application adverts from this app and the more videos you watch, the more nanas you get to earn.

After you have downloaded apps as requested by App Nana, you will be expected to use those applications for a bit until your earnings are credited in your account before uninstalling them. the Nanas that you get on this application can be exchanged for applications that you would otherwise have to pay for.

Real cash that can be withdrawn via PayPal and also gift cards from online retail stores like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and Target. The app is completely free to download and ensure that the referral code that you get to share to your prospective referrals is the correct one because a mistake in one number or character means that you have lost that referral.


I know I have already done a detailed explanation of the Swagbucks website but this explanation is for the Swagbucks Watch TV App. Most people know a lot about the Swagbucks website but they know nothing about the mobile app that could be used to earn some money by just watching TV. This mobile app is just a mobile extension of the Swagbucks TV feature on their website.

The application just makes it easier to watch the TV on your mobile smart phones and using this application will immensely increase your earnings on the Swagbucks platform. This application is available both on Google play Store for android users and on the App Store for iPhone users so you will need to download it and install it before you can start using it. if you have created an account prior to now on the Swagbucks website, you will not need to create a new account, all you need to do is just log in with your email address and password. But if you have never created an account on Swagbucks before, you will most definitely be required to create a new account.

Once you have clarified your stand with both the registration and sign in process, you can now start watching videos and earning rewards in exchange for your time and effort. Every video on this platform could last for a period of anything from 30 seconds to 2 minutes and once you see the length and the amount you will be paid and you are comfortable with it, you can now click on the video to view it in your phone.

The way this mobile app runs is by suggesting new videos for you to watch as it draws close to the end of the video you are currently watching. Most times, this suggested video will start playing immediately the one you are currently viewing finishes. As you keep watching videos, you will notice that most times, you get interrupted by a video ad that could last for about 15 seconds to 30 seconds. When this happens, all you need to do is close the ad and start watching another video. This application pays their members two (2) Swagbucks (SB) for watching five videos and this has a dollar equivalent of $0.02 dollars which means that to earn $0.02, you will have to watch five (5) videos.

Every member has a daily limit of earning 10 SB so when you have watched enough to earn you 10 SB for that day, you can quit watching until the next day else you will not be paid for the extra videos you watched that day. It is imperative to note that whatever you earn on this app can also be accumulated together with whatever you have earned on the website so you can view your total earnings on the website and it would include everything you have earned on the application.

To withdraw your earnings, the application uses the same withdrawal methods as the website which include cashing out in form of gift cards from retail stores which require a minimum withdrawal of just $5 or cashing out in form of cash which can be processed via PayPal. But this cash withdrawal has a minimum withdrawal limit of $25.


App Trailers is a mobile application that allows its users to watch different kinds of video adverts about existing applications in exchange for rewards. The other kinds of videos you can find on the site include game videos, music videos and also TMZ videos. This application was launched way back in 201o by a company in San Fransisco called App Redeem Inc. over the years, in 2015 to be precise, bought over the application and it now belongs to the Perk family of applications.

This app is available in both the Android versions on the Google Play Store and the iOS version for iPhone users on the App Store. You will also need to create your account with your email address and social media personal information upon successful confirmation of your account, you can now start logging in and accumulating your own earnings by watching the different videos available to be watched on the app. Every time you watch a video, you earn 5 points and lest I forget, every new member also gets to earn a free 50 points just for signing up. This is a great incentive for new members to sign up with them as people love free stuff so it also makes your job of referring people easier.

Referring people is a very crucial activity you really want to engage in if you want to earn a bit more through this application because you will always earn an extra 100 points every time someone that you invited to the use the application signs up.

This application also has available offers that could earn you anything from 5 points to 2500 points upon completion. Note that the minimum withdrawal limit for this site is 500 points which can be exchanged to cash and withdrawn via PayPal.


Nielson Digital Voice also known as NDV is a very popular market research group in the United States of America. These guys give people access to earn some sort of passive income while doing activities that could pass for micro jobs. This application, Nielson Digital Voice, is fully operated by the parent company called Nielsen. Nielsen is a also a huge market research brand name in the industry and they completed some pretty huge projects involving the government of the United States. It was launched in 1923 and ever since then it has always had an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau platform.

To visit their online platform, go to and you will find out that they are very innovative as it is almost impossible to be existing for so long and still possess such a sleek and up to date website in terms of design, navigation and user interface. You can earn on this website by watching videos, taking surveys and also entering the sweepstakes. These sweepstakes could earn you as much as $10,000 but then you know that this is a risk that you have to make up your mind to take because you need to also consider the fact that you could walk away with nothing.


Slidejoy is a mobile application that can be downloaded from the Google Play Sitore. This app is only available to android users and it is an application that you could utilize to make more money online. The concept of this application is quite simple. It basically acts as a lock screen for you phone and all you need to do to earn money off of it is just use it. you also get the option of cashing out your earnings directly to your PayPal account in form of cash and also in other forms such as gift cards from very popular online retail stores like Amazon and Walmart.

To start earning with this application, all you need to do is download the application from the Google Play Store and create your account. The download and install process does not take any time at all as it is literally completed in a minute or less. As for signing up, you can decide to do it the traditional way by filling in all your personal details or you could also decide to sign up via Facebook which would save you the stress of trying to fill in every single required detail. You also get to choose the mode you want the application to work for you in the available modes are Hero Mode and Normal Mode. For the sake of complications, just choose the normal mode because in this mode everything happens normally.

Once you are now fully set up for use, you will realize that you now have a new lock screen for your phone and you will be guided through a series of instructions and tutorials on how the application works. Every new member gets to earn 20 slidejoy carats just for signing up with them and this brings me the point when I explain that the slidejoy carat is the currency used in this application and these carats can be exchanged to dollars when necessary. Other ways to earn money with this app apart from using the lock screen is by completing scratch offers, watching videos online and referring people to the site. You can also play slidejoy games and earn some more for playing these games.


Joining any of the two panels listed below is another method you could utilize to earn money by watching videos and TV online. These companies run panels routinely that pays their members for tracking their media usage which includes watching TV. These panels tend to pay well (not enough to make you a millionaire but a bit more to what you would earn otherwise) and you could earn a couple of hundred dollars at the end of the year.


Cross Media Panel is a market research panel that was formerly known as Screenwise Panel until it was acquired by Google and renamed in 2016. This company basically gathers and collects information and data about the ways consumers consume certain products so that they can improve on their marketing strategy and advert creation. To earn from this platform, you need to use a Chrome web browser as it has a Chrome extension that cannot be used on other browsers.

So, while you do your searches on google and live your life online, the required data is collected and you also get to earn in the process. Other ways to earn are by watching the video ads of other companies and you can only covert your earnings to gift cards from retail stores and also online vouchers.

The site is not just open for anyone to just join in but once in a while, some free spots open up and you need to be aware in time to occupy one before it closes up again.

Immediately you finish the installation of the extension, you will be awarded with a few extra bucks and depending on the number of devices you install the software on, your earnings will be different as follows:

  • With one device: you get to earn $2 immediately plus $1 every week
  • With two devices: you get to earn $4 immediately plus $2 every week
  • With three devices: you get to earn $6 immediately plus $3 every week

But you should also note that they have a minimum withdrawal limit of $25 so you need to have accumulated a total of about $25 or more before you can request for withdrawals. Once you have made your first withdrawal, you can now start withdrawing gift cards worth $5 whenever you want to request for your earnings.


National Consumer Panels a well-known website that offers their members rewards for completing surveys. This platform has been a major source of passive income for a lot of people over the years and it basically a Market Research Company that was developed by two different American companies that engage in Market research and consumer insights, Nielsen and IRi. The method they use to collect their own consumer data is quite different from the other consumer panels. What they do is use scanner devices to collect the information that they need and subsequently use this information to improve on the brand strategy and marketing of the desired company.

If and when you join the National Consumer Panel, the scanning device will be sent to you and every single time you buy a new product, you will be expected to scan these new products and eventually get paid. Recall that shopping is something we cannot do without so even though scanning these items would take a few more minutes than normal, it is a great way to get rewarded for spending your own money. Every week, you are expected to send all the data collected over the week to the collecting board for National Consumer Panel where they turn these entries into points that you could convert to cash, gift cards from retail stores and also other prizes.

Other ways you can make money in this site include watching online videos, completing different online paid surveys and also shopping online. Note that after scanning the new products, you will need to fill in some more information about the product like the exact place where you bought it from, the price you paid for the product and the method of payment as these answers will be used to predict and understand consumer behavior.

The most important drawback with this panel is that it cannot be joined. You will have to match certain criteria before they scout you and invite you to joint heir panel.



There are quite a lot of job openings available for those who can sit and watch videos. You can search for these job openings in different websites on the internet like and These sites have job listings for positions that could either be full time, part time or even remote. As a TV watcher, all you need to do is basically just watch TV and get the details that are required of you. A lot of companies are presently looking out for individuals who enjoy watching TV, different channels and can also remember different clips and scenarios that could be used at a later date to achieve a particular result.

With this job position, you could earn as much as 8 dollars per hour of TV watching and you will need to be professional enough to recommend shows and movies that could be used at certain times or shows and movies that fit into a particular category. If you don’t find any listing you like in the afore mentioned websites, you can also check out by searching for keywords like “TV Watcher” and “Content Curator”


If you want to earn money off of allowing other people to view your own videos, then you should create your own YouTube channel and work towards having a lot of active views and subscribers on your channel. You can watch other videos online and give the reviews on your own channel and as you grow in both like, views and subscribers, you could start earning from the ads YouTube places on your videos.

Having a channel though is free but creating quality content is not so free as you would need equipment like a good camera, adequate lighting and a good set up to start creating quality videos that will make people want to watch your videos and you also do not get to start seeing the rewards immediately but it is quite a good adventure to undertake.


Getting paid for watching videos online is one of the easiest ways to make money for doing the things you would still do otherwise. Everybody watches videos online these days, whether it is on YouTube, Netflix or just plain ads that pop up when you use free applications. This method of making money is completely flexible and can be done any where you go and even while in transit. You get to do things at your own pace and the best part is you get to enjoy yourself while making money. I mean, how cool is that?

The different platforms listed above are great options and are worth trying out. If you have tried out any of them, let me know your thoughts and your experiences too.

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