Top 40 Ways To Get Paid To Play Games Online Paypal etc

Get Paid To Play Games

In this page, we reviewed 40 ways to get paid to play games online. Do want to make or earn money playing games and testing video games online via Paypal, Check etc? If yes, you’re in the right place! Here, we not only show you places you can earn money playing games but also how to get paid to play at home without investment.

Have you ever thought that making money can be a lot of fun? Because the popular perception is that working to make money is usually a stressful process that no one really wants to go through.

Truth is, making money can be a lot of fun and you can go as far as playing games and making money in the process and the more exciting thing about these opportunities that I am about to share with you is that you don’t have to go to a game store to start looking for game games to buy for your PlayStation or your Will or your Xbox console because most of these websites that I will be sharing with you in the course of this article are completely free to join and you can play games that are totally web based.

When you win some of these games, you could get the chance to get rewarded with real cash in the real world.

Playing these games will not make you a millionaire overnight and I doubt if this method will even make you a millionaire at all but it worth a shot at earning some extra bucks since you would still play games anyway at your leisure periods. So, why not make a little money while you are doing what you love to do? Because the income that you could get at the end of the day from playing games could pay for some bills or maybe contribute to your lunch or a drink for a friend.

Whichever way you want to look at it, it is free and a very fun way to make some extra money. These websites that I will be listing later on will basically pay you for playing games through their site, winning tournaments on their site, getting to a certain score on a particular game and so on. You could even earn money if you are lucky in some certain games where your winnings are completely dependent on chance.

The best thing for you to do with the wealth of information that you will get in this article is to look through the entire options that you will be presented with and then pick out a few sites that you will start out with so that you become familiar with the entire process and so that you can learn the ropes and what works best for you.

This will also help you not to be too overwhelmed with everything at once instead, you can easily slide in while you are still comfortable with every step and progress that you make. when you are sure that you are ready to add some more new options, you can come back and pick out some more and go through the same process so that you can ease into it.

Ensure that you don’t spread yourself too thin with different options at the same time else you will not have ample time for each one and at the end of the day, you might lose out on earning well because you really need to understand the ropes of the gaming system of a particular website before you can start earning properly so you need a lot of focus at the onset.

You also need to create a valid PayPal account if you do not have one right now because while some of the sites you will be working with offer their rewards in form of other prizes, some other options will offer to pay you in form of cash through PayPal so you would need a valid and active PayPal account t to be able to receive your funds.

Different Types Of Online Platforms That Allow You To Earn While Playing Games Online

There are different online platforms that you could utilize to make money and each of them have their different rules, regulations and mode of operation. You have to critically decide what you want to do first or what you enjoy doing before you start trying out any of the options to make money while playing games because each of them pay differently and require a different set of skills.

These different methods include Online Reward Sites and Web Based Gaming sites, Mobile applications and also Video games. Let us discuss them in a more detail below.

Online Reward Sites And Web Based Gaming Sites

These sites allow members to join their website or gaming platform for free and play games. While you play games and win them, you earn some money. Now, some of these sites require that you win the game or reach a certain score before you will be paid while other just pay you based on the number of minutes that you spend playing the game.

Each on has their own method of payment and you could do well to read the terms of payment before you start playing on the site so that you know what to expect. We will be discussing a couple of examples of these sites with specific details on how to sign up. You will also get the added bonus of knowing whether the site is legit or scam based on our own research and trial experience.

How TO Get Paid To Play Games

Mobile Application

Some mobile applications pay their users for playing games through their applications. Some of them just pay their users for downloading and installing gaming applications or for just watching the trailers of new games that are just released or about to be released. Either ways, with the help of this applications, you could make a few extra bucks for yourself.

Video Games

This category offers a lot of options that you could utilize to make some more money. You could be a game tester for video games, a blog owner, a gaming YouTube channel owner and so on but not to worry, I will be explaining all of these options and how to go about starting out if you choose to go through with any of them.


Top 40 Ways To Get Paid To Play Games Online:

Like I promised earlier, I present to you the forty different ways that you could utilize to make some extra bucks off of the internet while playing games. It is a long read so sit tight and let’s go on this journey together.

Online Reward Sites And Web Based Gaming Sites

This is probably the most common category with the majority of the examples falling under this classification. In this section, we will be discussing the major components of each site with clear directions on how to sign up for each one. At the end of each example, you will also find out there is a verdict included that spells out whether this site is a legit site or a scam site that you should not bother with.


Swagbucks is a website that pays their members to make searches using search engines on the internet, complete legitimate paid surveys and do a couple of different tasks on or through their website. It is a very popular website and money-making platform and it was launched in 2008. This website allows you to make a decent amount of money yearly that could run in to hundreds of dollars because of the different opportunities that are available to all their members. The earnings you could make on this website will obviously not be enough for you to earn a living and pay all your bills but it is worth trying considering the fact that you basically spend no extra time at all working on the site for you to get paid in return.

The Swagbucks website has its own currency that they use to directly pay their members for tasks completed and it is called the “Swagbuck” also popularly written as “SB” and at the end of the day when you want to request for your earnings, you could convert your SB to dollars at the rate of 1 SB to $0.01 which is just about a penny.

There are a lot of ways to earn money using the Swagbucks website and just like the title of this article implies, one of those options include playing games for money. This is one of the most interesting ways to earn money from the Swagbucks platform because the games really promise a lot of fun. Most of these games are like slots and you could earn up to 18 Swagbuck for every one dollar of your own money that you spend on in-game purchases. Even when you don’t spend money on in-app purchases, you can still earn some SB when you just play the Swagbucks games owned by Swagbucks. These games just take a few minutes to finish playing so you don’t have to spend all the time in the world playing games on this website to earn. just a little time can earn you some extra bucks plus it is fun! Some of these games include memory games, action games, games that require you to guide your gaming avatar or character over different pits and obstacles, pay to play games online games on GSM like Bejeweled 2, slot games and also different games that are based on tv shows like Super Plink that is based on the “The Price is Right” game show.

Other ways to earn money on this site apart from playing games include watching videos online, making searches on the internet using their search engine and also taking part in online paid surveys among other options.

You can exchange the SB you earn on this site for cash that could be redeemed via PayPal or you could choose to redeem them in form of gift cards such as amazon gift cards etc.


  1. BANANATIC is a site is heavily video game related. This means that all the rewards that you could earn from this site are also closely related to video games. It is a website where you earn some credits that are basically known as Bananas just for playing games. These Bananas can now be spent to redeem different items like games or game accessories that you would otherwise pay for from their site. To earn points, credits or bananas from this site, you have to sign up to the free games that are offered on this site and you also have to complete the objectives in each of these games. Every time you complete an objective, you get rewarded for that completed objective in form of bananas or in form of XP points. The different ways you can earn money on this site include playing games, taking part in offers and different tasks, engaging on online shopping and by buying video games online through any of their partners. You can also earn by downloading certain mobile applications and referring other users to join the Bananatic platform and start earning money.

You can redeem your earnings for skins that could be used in games, gift cards or currency from Steam, video games and gift cards from other video stores like Xbox live Gold.



Cash Crate is also a GPT site that pays individuals to do several different stuffs on or through their website. This site was developed by Patrick Clochesy and Joe Coleman and it was launched in 2006. it is a free website to join up with. The site allows their members to do different things like taking surveys, completing different paid offers, playing games and a lot of other things that could add some more money to their pocket. The site has paid a lot of individuals since they launched and it has recorded a payout of over three million to its members that number up to about five million. A couple of people earn dollars in their thousands through this site while others earn pennies. It is all dependent on you and what you want to achieve at the end of the day.

To start earning with Cash Crate, you can take part in any of the activities that they offer on their site. One of these ways is to just confirm your email and complete the profile survey that they set out for all new members to fill in. By just doing both of these activities, you could earn a free bonus of $1.5. you can also take part in paid online surveys, take part in completing both paid and free offers and also watch videos online. If you enjoy shopping online, you can engage in online shopping through their website in any of the online stores that they are affiliated with and you could earn a cash back on every dollar spent. For checking in every day on this site, you could earn some small pints and finally, when you refer people to the site, you get a chance to get involved in their referral program that has about 5 different levels of earning.

When you enter into game tournaments on this site, you could earn extra points for winning the tournament or meeting certain objectivities that was spelt out in the beginning. Even if you don’t win or meet the objectives, you still get to earn some points for entering in the first place. The Cash Crate site has a couple of about 12 different tournaments that you could enter into. These include Solitaire, Blocks and even TriPeaks and all you need to enter into any of these tournaments is just about a point or two.

Cash Crate uses a point rewarding system which means that they directly pay their members for the activities they complete on their site in form of coins which could be redeemed on withdrawal but they also pay in form of cash that has the same value as the average US Dollar.



Inbox Dollars is a GPT site that also pays their members for all the effort they put in to complete tasks and offers on their site. The different things that available to do beside playing games include completing different tasks, searching the internet and also taking part in online paid surveys. the site was launched in the year 2000 and since they got launched they have recorded a database of over fifty million dollars to their members which is a huge feat to achieve. This site was launched and is owned by Darren Cotter and you have to extremely active to be able earn enough to cash out on this site.

The different games that are available on Inbox Dollars to play to earn are offered through GSN and some of them are paid games that you have to pay for before you play while others are free games that you could just start playing to earn for free.

They also have a search engine that allows their members to earn about a penny or two pennies for every search that they complete or make on the site.

When you play games on Inbox Dollars, what you get as your rewards are not in form of cash rather you get cash back on your in-game purchases so if you already play any of the games that are available on Inbox Dollars to be played, you can just play them on Inbox Dollars so that you can get the chance to purchase your in-game purchases for free.



If you have ever been affiliated with Cash Dazzle in any way, you will realize that this website, LaLa Loot, is very similar to it in both the appearance and in the feel too. The website is totally free to join and they have a lot of games that you could play for money including virtual slot machines and also casual games too. When you initially join the website, you will be getting free tokens for the first five (5) days you spend as a new member, you will also be able to earn more tokens when you get involved in taking part in online paid surveys and also other activities from the sponsors of the LaLaLoot website and their advertisers too. The site also pays out close to $1000 in cash prizes every day and you could win if you are lucky.

The whole point of this is to play games and earn some tokens or cash depending on what you want so if you want to make money on this site, just play and be very careful when you play with money to win so that you don’t spend more than you have set aside to spend in the hopes that you will win big.



The platform that Pogo offers is spread across a wide range of platforms like PC, mobile phones and devices, Xbox, Wii and also PS3. Most of the games in their library of games are also games that you are most likely conversant with. There are two different ways to win rewards in Pogo and you could enter any of the contests to win up to $50 or even a jackpot of up to $500 every day.

When you choose to join the club that they have on the Pogo platform called “Clun Pogo” for $6.99 every month, you get the access to participate in the tournaments that they organize routinely to earn additional points and rewards and you could also gain access that is exclusive to about 40 different games. You also don’t get forced to look through the ads that the average Pogo member will be forced to look at by default.



Going to the Bingo Hall to play games does not have to be a necessity any more now that we have Bingo Zone. The game is totally free to play and there is always a round of Bingo in play so you don’t have to wait for those that are currently playing to finish playing before you can join in. they have a minimum payout of about one dollar and the prize keeps increasing until somebody wins the game. A couple of other gaming sites also offer the Bingo game but there are very few sites that allow members to just waltz in and start playing for free and also start earning without asking for a form of payment at the onset.

With this site however, you can easily visit the site and sign up for free and join a game that is already going on without having to worry about having the funds to pay for the game.



When I explained how Swagbucks functions few paragraphs before this one, I could just as well be describing this site because it is just like a Swagbucks clone. The only difference between both of them is the fact that this one has a smaller following i.e. a smaller number of followers and members. They have about 600 games available to play and all members get the opportunity to compete with their friends or other players. This website is recorded to have paid out over $250,000 daily in both cash and different prizes as rewards for the partakers and winners of the tournaments that they organize and also other activities. Other means of earning on this site include taking part in paid online surveys, reviewing of games and other products and also referring your friends and even strangers. The more direct referrals you have, the more earnings you make depending on how active they are because you earn a percentage of their earnings as commission.



Publisher’s ClearingHouse is an organization that surprises people with a knock on the door and a check for a particular amount of money. These guys also have an outlet called PCH games that allow their members to make instant wins of close to a thousand dollars in prizes. These games could be token games or even instant win games. If you are a player that is very frequent and consistent, you could get to the point where you could earn as much as 2500 bonus tokens daily for an entire week. The more games you play and the more consistent you are, the more tokens you stand a chance to earn daily.

Now the catch to this site is that you cannot just get up and redeem your tokens for the prizes that you want directly instead you will have to enter into any of the sweepstakes by purchasing the entries with your tokens and in these sweepstakes, you could win different gift cards from online retail stores, merchandise from their list of available items and also the $1000 grand prize sweepstakes.


  1. EXODUS 3000

Exodus 3000 is a very popular and well-known role-playing game (RPG) that has recorded a total payout of over sixty-five thousand dollars ($65000) since they got launched in 2006. They have a setting or the game is set in a situation where the earth is now 1000 years plus in the future from now and the earth is now so uninhabitable that all the human beings now moved to the Mars planet. In this game, the role you play is to explore the surface of the Mars planet and form different alliances and even fight with enemies so that you can survive. They have their own currency in this game called Mars Dollars and you can earn this money by taking part in mining volcanoes in the game, searching the ruins that you find in the game and by also attacking other players that are in the game too. When you join the network, you earn your first 5000 Mars Dollars which has an exchange rate of 300,000 Mars Dollars to twenty dollars in the value of the average United States Dollar ($20).

You don’t have to install the game on your device. All you have to do is just sign up and you can start playing the game and earning without having to download anything or install either.



I remember when I was addicted to playing the “The Sims” game and I loved this game it seemed like I could live my life through this people and not have any regrets. This game called “Second Life” is just like “The Sims” and it is very this game instead, you get paid in real money because you get to create a business that is digital on the Second Life platform. other players can pay you here to buy clothing, furniture and other materials or goods so you can make money by even renting and selling real estate. Anything is possible on the Second Life platform as you can even create amusement parks, clubs and even malls that could earn you cash.

Another way to make money on this platform is to get a job in the game as a salesperson in a digital store or become a DJ in a club. Like I said earlier, anything is possible on the Second life Platform so long as it is possible in real life. It was even said that some point one person became a real-life millionaire just by playing the Second Life game and selling digital goods in the game. The currency that you earn in this game is called Linden Dollars and you can even earn some more by searching for gold coins that are on the map or even fishing for coins that you could use to build your currency.



GamesVille is a website that has grown to become a leader in the online game industry. The game has been around for a very long time and it was created by Lycos. Now, it is very possible that you don’t know who Lycos is because this is very ancient internet history. The players at GamesVille get the opportunity to get paid in two different ways to be exact and the first way is to get paid through the online free tournaments that are available for any game you can think of including Bingo. Another way to earn money on this gaming site is by playing individually just by yourself in the games that you get to race against time. you have to beat the time though to be able to win and some of these games even offer progressive jackpots.

Every time you win a game, you get awarded with GV rewards and these rewards can be entered in prize drawings or contests where you could win any prize depending totally on chance.



Cash Dazzle is a website that you are sure that when you visit, you will find a lot of your favorite games. The registration on this site is free for all irrespective of where you are at and you can also play any game that you want for free. the game that is most popular on this site however is the Wheel of Cash game and the game has a progressive jackpot. You can enjoy additional rewards on this site I form of tokens and spins by taking part in online paid surveys and also viewing commercial ads. They also have daily sweepstakes that pay their members more than $1000 in cash every day.



Bingo for Money is a website that you have to pay first to be able to play. The site allows you to play games and win virtual prizes for different games like Bingo, Virtual Slots, Video Poker and also Pull tabs. All players have the opportunity to win with each hand and they have about four different jackpots available on the site. The smallest jackpot that they have available is the Desperate Housewives Jackpot which is about $4335 and the largest one is the SuperNova Jackpot which is about $931,387.

If you want to play the Bingo game, the card costs for each game could be in the range of 25 cents to $2.50 for one card. The way it works is that the more expensive the cards you buy are, the higher the payouts and the jackpots that you could win. They also have free bingo cards that could earn you prizes that are worth about 50 cents.



Virtual Slots is a kind of game that a lot of people love to play. This site offers a feature that behaves like an interactive slot machine. The conventional slot machines would have you spin and spin until you are able to match three images that are the same but interactive slot machines also known as i-slots always have a story line that tell a story. The adventure or story is being written by you as you keep playing. They also have bonus rounds that consist of the normalconventional and traditional card games like Blackjack and Poker that you could play to earn some extra bucks. This site is completely free to join and you could win a $20 prize from the jackpot games.

Another option that you could utilize to make money on this site is by taking part in the tournaments that they also organize and you could win some rewards too.



Slingo is a website that allows their members to join for free and play and also earn without having to pay anything. The site allows members to join from any where in the world as they don’t have any location restrictions. This allows you the option to meet people from anywhere in the world and play with them. The tournaments usually last for about one hour and to join in, you have to pay about 5000 coins. In the course of the tournaments, you will find out that there are about two different ways to win the prize of two different jackpots. The first way is to be the player with the highest score while the second way is to be the player with the highest cumulative score. Both of these jackpot rewards and all the rewards earned from this platform can be exchanged for cash when you want to make your withdrawals.



You know how you just know you just gather information at different times without even doing it consciously and over time, you just realize that you have a lot of knowledge about different things? Givling offers a platform where you can play trivia games that could test the use of those information that you have gathered over time and pay you in return. On this website, you are allowed to play the trivia game for free two times every day and once you have exhausted those two free allowances, you will be required to pay 50 cents for every extra round that you want to play. The average daily payout that has been recorded on this site ranges any where from one hundred dollars ($100) to one thousand dollars ($1000). This payout totally depends on the amount of money that the site was able to raise the day before from the members that played extra games.



Clip2Play is another site that organizes daily tournaments for different type of games that are flash-based. These games range from action games to puzzle games, strategy and also games that require you to drive. Not all of these games have tournament organized for them though. Another way to make money through this site is to engage in referring people to the site. When you have direct referrals that are active, you also get to earn more because for everything that they earn, you also get a commission which is about 10 points.

Other features of the site include saving high scores, meeting new friends and also creating an avatar.



Play and Win is a very popular and well-known gaming website that has different types of games available. These games cut across arcade games, puzzle games, bingo, matching games and also multiplayer games. The website also allows members to enter into tournaments and even challenges if they are interested in earning additional rewards or points.



Quick Rewards is a Get Paid To (GPT) site that allows their members to earn different rewards for participating in different activities on their site. These activities range from watching online videos, taking part ion paid surveys, visiting sponsored websites, engaging in online shopping and also completing different offers that could be both paid offers free offers. the website is a very flexible one in terms of the payouts that they give than some other sites as you get to choose what you want as your reward depending on the account balance that you have. You can redeem you rewards in form of cash if you have up to one cent in your account and you can also redeem in form of gift cards when you have up to $5.



XY Gaming is a website that allows their members to use the games that they already own on their personal computers or gaming consoles to earn through their site but the tweak to this feature is that the members of the site have to play with or challenge other gamers on the site. The rewards you can get on this site when you win tournaments could be in form of cash or other prizes. Some of these tournaments get to pay the winner at the end of the of the tournament while other tournaments get to pay their winners at the end of the week or the end of the month.

They also have different kinds of tournaments like the free tournaments that have no entry fee. This allows members to participate for free and win either cash prizes or any other available prize. The second type of tournament is the 50/50 tournament that rewards every player that finishes in the top half of the standings. The third and final type of tournament is the “Double Up” tournament that has a smaller recipient pool (this means that the number of winners is considerably smaller) but in this tournament, you get to earn the double of what you paid as your entry fee if you become a winner at the end of the tournament.

Finally, on this website, you don’t have to worry about being matched with people that are more experienced than you are because the site matches people of similar skill level.



If you want to win cash while playing online game tournaments, World Winner is the website for you. The tournaments that are available on this site cut across arcade games, casino games, strategy games, game show games and also word games. It does not matter what your strengths or weaknesses are in gaming, you will always have a tournament that you can participate in on this website. Even if you don’t want to play in the tournaments yet, you can always play each individual game for free until you feel more relaxed and comfortable to play in the tournaments. You also do not have to worry about not meeting up with the skill of the person that you are matched with as World Winner will always match you with members that have the same skill level as you do.



Corporation Master is an online game that has their members or players simulating a real economy. The entire game is based on the internet so you don’t have to worry about downloading or installing additional programs on your computer. There are different actions that you can take in this web-based game to earn rewards and these actions include investing in companies in the game, selling stocks and also buying stocks, working a job and also entering a war. The game is a very strategic one so it requires a lot of brain power to play as opposed to normal casual games but you will have fun while playing the game too. The game has some areas that will prompt you to invest your real cash so that you can make some profits but it is not compulsory and to reduce risk, you can play the entire game without having to spend any of your money.



GSN cash games is a gaming platform that provides different kinds of games from card games to arcade games to strategy and a lot of other kinds to their players. To earn from playing these games, GSN expects you to be able to play with opponents and beat them but you don’t have to be under any kind of pressure because you are allowed to try the games out on your own if you want to before playing with a real-life opponent. The matching of opponents for each game is very fair as GSN matches opponents of the same skill level so you also do not have to be afraid of playing with people that have more skill than you do.

They do have an age restriction for this website though and it is set at 13 years of age.



Like I mentioned earlier, you could also earn some rewards by playing games via mobile applications installed on your mobile devices. In this section, we will be discussing the different mobile applications that offer this kind of opportunity, where to find them and how to download and install them. you will also find out at the end of every application, I gave my own verdict in my own opinion after extensive research as to whether the application is a legit one or a scam one so that you would know the corresponding action to take.


Lucktastic is a scratch card mobile application that can be downloaded on any mobile device because they have both Android and iOS versions of the app available to the general public. The app however, is mostly useful to users that are in the United States of America and it free to download and install. To play the game to start earning, you have to watch a few ads and these ads always come up before you play any scratch card game so it is not a one-time thing.

To start earning, you could play scratch card games, refer your friends to the site and also enter into the contests that they organize routinely to earn these money tokens. They also have ads that you could watch to get paid and also surveys that you can take part in to be able to receive some reward upon completion. Some scratch card games that you would play could reward you with cash rewards while other scratch card games would reward you with money tokens.

Your earnings from this site can be withdrawn in different forms. You could do that by requesting for it via a bank check sent to your mail or with Dwolla. You can also redeem your earnings in form of a Visa gift card, an AMEX gift card or a Walmart gift card. The tokens can also be redeemed in form of gift cards from restaurants and online retails stores.



This application caught my attention because the users of this application stand a chance to win up to 1 bitcoin every time they accumulate up to 10,000 coins in the game. The game is a free game for everyone to play where you get to control a rabbit named Bandit and navigate him to collect coins while avoiding the bees in the game. They have their tournaments carried out every week and so long as you have an android device, you can play the game and if you are among the top 10 players of that week’s tournament, you get to win a bonus prize that is redeemed in form of cash.



Dollar Candy is more like a Puzzle game that allows their users to earn as much as $300 in one game and all the tournaments that they host are always made up of not more than four players. The fees for each tournament is really low costing about 9 cents for one round and if you get into tournaments with higher levels of difficulty and larger entry fees, you could earn higher prizes.



Long Game is actually a new startup company that is based in San Francisco. This application was developed to encourage their users and basically any individual that is interested to save some more money. The way they are able to achieve this goal is by making a game out of the entire process and saving experience. Normally, when you go to a bank to save your money by opening a savings account, you are rewarded with some interest rates and stuff like that but with this “Long Game” application, you are rewarded with the savings interest rates plus some coins as rewards for saving your money and your account balance up. The coins you get as rewards can now be used to play different games that are in an instant win style. They also have lotteries that they organize every week where you could enter with your coins and stand a chance to win up to one million dollars. If you win, it means that your coins are easily converted to huge amounts of cash that you could add to your savings. So, you see the motivation and incentive to save, Yeah?

The most interesting and amazing part of this application and the whole idea behind the application is that the money you are saving with them is completely untouched and you cannot use them to gamble for games. This idea is very interesting and brilliant and the target users for this application are residents of the United States of America that have a hard time saving their money and also gamblers that like to put up money to play games in the hope that they will win some more money than they put up.

This application when used well can help you save more money and enjoy your saving experience in the process as you could even save some more money than you envisaged to saves as you might win any of the games or lotteries.

After you open your account with Long Game, you will be prompted to fund your account with either $5 which is the initial amount or minimum balance and you can now start earning coins to start playing the games that are available to you. When you open an account, you get about 300 extra coins as a reward for opening a new account with Long Game and when you use a promo code, you could earn as much as 500 coins or even more.



App cent is an application that pays people to download mobile apps and play their games using their application. The application offers a lot of featured app and if you get to download any one of these applications that are free to download, you get to earn digital coins as your reward and you could redeem these digital coins in form of gift cards or paid applications from your application store. Not all apps that you download will pay you the same thing. Some apps pay more and you never k ow the one that will pay more so the next time you are thing of downloading a new game to play on your phone, just open your App Cent application and choose one from their featured list so that you don’t have to pay when you need to download a paid app from your store.

How To Download This Application

To start playing games and making some extra bucks by playing games with this application, you will have to download it first. Remember that you will need to have a mobile device as it is a mobile application. If you use an Android smart phone or mobile device, you will have to visit the Google Play Store, search for the application and download it for free. you can install it immediately after successful download. Once you are through with the installation and download, you can now open the app and follow the instructions given to enable you with your earning. If on the other hand, you are using an iPhone or iOS device, you will need to visit the iOS App Store to search for the application, download and install it once you are done with both, you are now free to start making money via the application by following the directions on what to do to start earning.

Be sure to ensure that you have enough space on your device before downloading the application so that it can work properly.



Like I mentioned earlier, there are a lot of ways you could earn money through video games. Video games offer different opportunities that cut across a wide range of activities that you could utilize to earn some money and that is what we will be discussing in detail in this section. The different ways you could earn money online by playing video games.


Game Testers are people that get paid to test games that were just developed before they are released into the market. the basic aim is to help the developers of the game create quality games that are interesting to play and exciting too. it is not just about checking whether the game is boring or not, it has different aspects and to become a game tester for a particular game, you have to pass some tests. These tests require a small amount of work to complete because the hiring bodies need to be sure that you are the right person for the Job but at the end pf the day, if you pass the test, you could land the job. In the world of game testing, there are different positions that could be occupied as there are different aspects of the game to be tested as you need to be a specialist in any of these areas to be able to carry out the task effectively.

Examples of the different aspects that need to be tested in any of these games include the language aspect where the testers are expected to look through the overall language of the game to ensure that there are no errors in the spelling or grammar and they are also expected to correct any of these mistakes if they exist. The testers that carry this out are called the language testers and obviously, you have to be very good and fluent with that particular language. Another kind of game tester that exists is called the QA tester. The job description of this tester is to look through the entire game and ensure that there is no bug existing in the gaming software. To be able to do this, you have to be an experienced gamer because only gamers with experience can easily sort out the bugs in a game that they have never played before. The next type of testers that exist are called compatibility testers and these guys basically reveal the computer characteristics of the video game and also report it so that the developer can tell which computer specification the video game is compatible with and which of those specifications it is not compatible with.

As you can clearly see, this job is not quick job to complete and it certainly very time demanding as ion some cases, it could take up to a couple of hours, a couple of days and even a couple of weeks before the entire game testing is done and the video game is marked as perfect for release and play.

To gain access to games testing jobs, there are different sites that you could work with. Examples are, and a couple of other job sites. On, you will find out that there are different job openings in different private companies for game testers. You can also go to google and type in “game tester jobs” and browse through the results available. To start testing games on, you will have to sign up with them and this you can do by visiting their website and filling in the required details. You will now have access to a lot of game testing jobs but as always, you will have to pass the test for the one you are applying for before you are given the job. These jobs could pay as much as thirty thousand dollars ($30,000) to ninety thousand dollars ($90,000) per year which is an amazing pay for playing the video games that you love.


The Razer Cortex library is a full library of video games and if you own a game that is in this library, you can get paid every time you play that video game. Razer Cortex has their own currency which is known as zSilver and even though you cannot redeem this currency for real cash, you can use it to purchase stuff like head gear and a couple of other accessories that are available as Razer Cortex merchandise. Razer Cortex will allow you to earn as much as 900 zSilver in a day as they pay you three zSilver for every minute that you play which means that you could play for as much as 300 minutes in a day which is equivalent to 5 hours. All you need to do to start earning with this site, is to visit their official; website and get registered. You will need to verify your account by clicking on the confirmation link sent to your email address by Razer Cortex. Once you do that, you can now log in to the website with your log in details and start going through the library of games that are available there to see if there is any one you already own or you can easily purchase so that you can start playing and earning in the process.

This method of earning via playing video games is very legit and even though they don’t let you redeem your earnings in form of paper cash, it is a lot better than other websites that have their members play games that rely solely on chance to win and the payment from those websites are not usually guaranteed for sure. On this site, everything you earn is given to you and you can use them at will to purchase what you can afford from the list of available zSilver merchandise.


Gaming Jobs Online is a gaming jobs website where you can get paid for playing games in different ways and for different reasons. The website was launched in 2008 and even while trying out new games, you could earn as much as $30 in one hour. They also have other options for individuals to make money and these options include watching movie trailers, watching game trailers, taking part in paid online surveys and also taking part in focus groups. They have their official website at and it owned by Glen Anderson.

The website basically acts as a middle man between the game testers and the companies that are involved in the market research. So, basically, Gaming Jobs Online goes out to look out for different job offers that are gaming related and then they put them up on the members area of the website. All that you need to do to get a job on their website is click on any of the links that they have placed as a job offer on their website and then apply for the job. Once you are able to complete any of the offers that are listed there and they get approved, you get paid. Members of this site can earn as much as $39,000 in a year just for playing video games.

To start accessing the jobs that are available on the website, you will have to pay a membership fee and this membership fee costs $27 but for the first three days, they run a membership promo of $5 which means that you can pay for their premium membership for only $5 per month. On this site, there are a couple of jobs that you could hope to take part in and these include playing new games and games that are upcoming, taking part in online paid surveys and these could earn you anything from $5 to $75 per survey that you complete. You could also participate in focus groups that could earn you anything from $150 and above for an hour of your time. other things you could do to earn money on this site include trying new games, gaming consoles, new controllers and also other gaming products. You could take part in previewing new movie trailers or game trailers for about $4 to $25 for one hour. Reviewing new games through this site could earn you up to $30 for just one hour.

To land any of these jobs, you need to pass the qualifications that are required and you need to carefully look through them and ensure that you have what it takes before applying.


Watching YouTube videos can be very interesting but do you know that you could also earn money through YouTube? In fact, what if I told you that by watching those videos you watch on YouTube and liking and subscribing, you basically help the owners of those channels make more money. Yeah! So, the question remains how do I make money through YouTube by playing video games? To do this, you really have to be an experienced gamer and know your turf because you will need to create videos of your prowess when it comes to playing games so that other people that have not reached the level where you are at and are finding it difficult to get there, can watch your videos and know what to do next. So basically, you will be teaching different people in different parts of the world how to play that game or how to get better at playing the game.

First of all, you would need to create your own YouTube channel, then create your video and put them on your channel. Next, you will need to promote your channel so that more people that can view your videos because the more people you have viewing your videos, the more money you could earn. eventually, you can now start setting up your account to receive ads from YouTube and the more ads your viewers watch, the more money you could earn too. You could choose to just share your playtime on YouTube or you could also choose to put up instructional videos that teach people how to advance from one level to the next.

Making money from YouTube is a very legit experience and a lot of people have made a lot of money from YouTube and are still making money. It does not matter what you kind of videos you share so long as it is within the rules of allowed content on the YouTube platform and it has a lot of engagement. Once these criteria are checked, you could be on your way to making a lot of money on YouTube.


Twitch is just like YouTube, in fact it is commonly referred to as the YouTube alternative but then it is only dedicated to videos that are about video games. So, in essence you create a video of you playing video games and other gamers have to watch you do your thing. They can also watch you play live and talk with you if they want to. When you become a partner with Twitch, you could earn money from different ads and the amount of money that you get to earn is dependent on how long your videos are and the number of views that they have. If other members of the Twitch platform choose to buy a monthly subscription to your Twitch channel, you also get paid a certain percentage of that subscription money. This is one of the reasons why you have to make your videos very engaging and relevant. The sound quality and the video quality must be really good so that you don’t get to chase away the people that might be interested in your content.


You know the way I just explained that you could create video content related to playing video games and put them up on YouTube and twitch and make money? That is the same way you could create a blog and put up content about the video games that you have played, how to play these video games, game walkthroughs, gaming gear and basically anything game related and have people visit your page and get access to this content. The more viewers and subscribers you have to your blog, the more you could earn because you could get into collaborations, partner with Google to place ads on your site and get paid when people click on them and so on. The benefits of having a blog is endless but you have to be really committed to doing everything to ensure that you keep your audience enlightened and on the lookout for more content from you. This content could include game reviews, video tutorials on how to beat certain levels and also guides on how to play a particular game.

You can also include an eCommerce platform to your website or blog where you could easily sell your own gaming related products.


Armory Bids is another website that allows you to put up your gaming information up for sale. It is just like Player Auctions and they actually turn in a lot of income from the transactions that go on, on their site. Before now, gamers could sell their gaming information and account and accessories on eBay but that does not happen anymore because eBay disallowed it. So, to sell your gaming account, you can sign up with Armory Bids and start putting up this information for sale.

You also have to be a skilled gamer that is willing to devote time to level up these accounts and characters so that you can sell it to players that are interested in buying them. you could also sell unwanted items and accessories that you get in the course of the game as some of these items in some games are designed for player profits like in the game Second Life. You also need to be sure that you are checking in with the terms and conditions of the game so that you don’t break any rules and get into trouble.


Another way to make money by playing video games is by selling the information of your gaming account online. There are dedicated sites that allow gamers to sell their gaming information online. One of these sites is Player Auctions and this site was launched in 1999. Many people do not have the patience or diligence to play games until they unlock most of the most coveted characters and gaming equipment and also upgrades so when you take out the time to do play the game until you unlock all the badges and icons and upgraded characters, you can now sell this gaming information to other players. In most cases, which is the case with this site, a lot of gamers get to bid for your gaming information if you are really good and you could sell out to the highest bidder. You can play different types of games in different genres like sport games, action games and even RPG franchises like Final Fantasy and RuneScape and sell these different accounts to gamers on Player Auctions.

To start selling on Player Auctions, all you have to do is visit the website and create your own account. Then you can start putting up the accounts that you want to sell for sale. Ensure that your description is enticing enough to attract buyers so that you can stand out from the competition.


PlayerUp is a player to player market place for video game accounts. This company is basically the first company that is devoted to protecting the transactions of player to player account transactions legally. They have a lot payment protection guarantees so you can feel totally safe selling the gaming information that you want to sell without fear of being scammed at the endo of the day. You can be rest assured that you will get paid for all the time you spent and devoted playing that game.

If you have any gaming information to sell that is highly coveted, you can also put up the ad on this website and you could sell to the highest bidder at the end of the day. To start selling with these guys, all you need to do is visit their official website and create your free account. Once the account is verified you can start selling and making money off your video playing efforts. Also ensure that you read through the terms and conditions so that you that you don’t end up making mistakes that might put you in trouble.


If you have the money to host a game server like Minecraft, Clan or Guild from Enjin, you can make a lot of money when players play the game online with you. They have free hosting and they also have hosting that could cost as much as $30 per month depending on what you want. The price that you get to pay monthly for hosting on Enjin is totally dependent on what you want to achieve at the end of the day. If you have enough money to fund this hosting package, you can make money off of the players that belong to your server and at the end of the month, you can use some of that money to pay for the hosting fee and then use the rest as your profit. You can even get sponsors, advertisers and promotors to promote your server so that you can get more players join up with your server and make more money.

When you want to start monetizing your server, take out a moment to read the guidelines from the game manufacturer so that you don’t go against the rules. In general, though, you cannot accept donations or payments in other words that compromise the integrity of the game. You can charge server fees though so long as they are same cost for all the players that belong to your server and so long as you don’t offer add-ons that affect the gameplay because you cannot tamper with the gameplay of the game.


Being a Mystery Shopper means that you act as a second eye for a particular company. It means that for that moment, you are a spy that was sent to spy on and report on certain predetermined parameters based on the operations of the company. Son as a mystery shopper for games, you could be sent to visit a game store and see if they would let an underage buy a certain game that has age restrictions. The basic aim is to ensure that the rules and regulations guiding each game is duly followed and adhered to. Each of these jobs could earn you as much as $50 and even more excluding the reimbursements that come with the offer because you will be reimbursed at the end of the day for whatever you spend in the course of the assignments.

Finding jobs like this is pretty easy because all you have to do is look out for gaming companies that are hiring mystery shoppers and apply for it. you will be passed through a series of interviews to ensure that you are actually the right person for the job and even after that, you will also be passed through a couple of trainings so that you will know what is expected of you. You will also send in reports based on what you were asked to observe and report on at the end of the assignment. It is important that you pay attention to all the details and instructions that you were given so that you don’t have issues with your payment. Most times, if you don’t send in your report the right way, you will be asked to prepare another one and resend it. all of these things can reduce your value in the eyes of a company hiring mystery shoppers so ensure that you follow everything down to the last instruction that you were given so that you can avoid challenges like this.


Before now, I am positive that a lot of people just thought that playing games was stuff that could be done during leisure periods for entertainment, fun and also to pass time. the different opportunities listed above are different ways that you make some money while enjoying your leisure period. Have you tried out any of them prior to now? Let me know your experience in the comment section below.

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