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Fusioncash Review

Fusioncash Review

Fusioncash is one of the most popular reward and incentive websites online where you are rewarded for taking surveys as well as doing offers etc. This review tells you all you need to know about Fusioncash whether they are legit or scam and also payment proofs issues as well as Fusioncash members complaints and feedback.

What is Fusioncash? is a program that offers rewards for taking paid surveys, reading emails and completing offers. How it works is quite simple! You just register an account for free and choose your favorite way of earning money. They have paid surveys, paid to watch videos, paid to listen to radio, paid to click, paid complete tasks, cash-back shopping, paid to search the web, and more. Then, after meeting their account balance requirements, you can request for a “cashout” of your balance and get paid by your preferred payment method.

The basis of the program is trying out new services for trial periods, usually 30 days. In return you’ll be paid between $5 and $20 and all you have to do is cancel at the end of the trial period. And also complete surveys truthfully and get paid

The minimum payment threshold for FusionCash is $25, of which 15 has to be in personal not referral earnings. They have an online payment availability though PayPal which speeds up the process of getting your money.

Is Fusioncash Legit or Scam

Is Fusioncash Legit or Scam?

Is Fusioncash scam or legit?

Fusioncash is not a scam but a legit website that has been online and paying for a very long time without issues. Fusioncash is also a registered BBB company which means they are legitimate company. It is free to join anyway so you have nothing to lose.

One thing that you should keep in mind about Fusioncash is that when doing their trial offers, if you don’t cashout an offer within 90 days of it existence, it will expire and you won’t be paid. Also, when signing up for any trial offers on the website, make sure to read all agreement policies carefully to ensure you know when to cancel in time, also some may have shipping and handling fees so it will be of good interest to keep your eyes opened.

Another major downside of FusionCash is that since the majority of participating advertisers are United States based the earning opportunity is only available to USA members. Non USA residents cannot use the website.

Also FusionCash has a very particular terms of service policy and many complaints and scam accusations stem from people failing to abide by them.

In case you may wonder how can Fusioncash afford this?
Okay, this is how it goes, advertisers and market research survey providers pay Fusioncash to send them potential customers as well as survey takers. This kind of marketing is much more effective than the normal standard advertising, because they only pay for fully acquired customers. There is no wasted advertising money as there is in traditional advertising, such as TV or radio spots.

Fusioncash complaints and member feedback

While writing this Fusioncash review, we scanned through the World Wide Web and gather all their members complaints as well as feedback. You can go through them below:
Dont work for these people”
June 17, 2016 by Jason from United States

This is the worse survey site I have ever tried to earn money on. I was about ready to cash out and they requested my social security number and a I.D to be faxed to them, they said oh we suspect you are not who you are God only knows what these crooks will do with that kind of information this site needs to be investigated for fraud I spent hours of my time it took me over a month to earn the cash out requirement of $25.00 to be tossed around like a idiot avoid at all costs somebody needs to shut them down!!!

do not join this site!”
April 04, 2016 by hugh from United States

i am a senior citizen. fusioncash has a referral program. i referred my 2 unmarried sisters who live in another state. when i tried to cash out, fusioncash accused me of fraud and refused to pay me what they owe me. i have a complaint filed against them with the better business bureau that is still pending. i just want them to pay me what they owe me no one wants to work for free, slavery is illegal! save yourself a lot of heartache and dont join this site!

Great Company ”
January 27, 2016 by Christopher from United States

I’ve only been with this company for a short time, but have been pleasantly surprised.

one of the best-Fusion Cash”
November 26, 2015 by Gene from United States

I have been with this site and I average about 28 dollars per month. Their surveys are hard to qualify for but they have lots of other ways to make cash. You need 25.00 to cash out and they pay on the 20th of next month by pay pal or check. Very honest and reliable.

very good!”
June 30, 2015 by Regina from United States

This is a great site! There are surveys, videos and other things to do to earn money! The amount of time you put in is reflected in your payout. Usually, my payouts have occurred a few days ahead of the stated date!

The Best Site I Joined”
May 27, 2015 by Sharon from United States

Pro: They pay better than any PTC site. They also have the usual surveys, various sites to join, music to listen to that you get paid for, and cashouts are easy to get. They have different promos that you can earn extra cash.

Con: As with other sites, surveys are hard to qualify for, but even if DQ’d, you get paid. If you don’t keep up on it, you can lose some cash after 180 days. Due to an illness, I lost $8 when I first joined (my signup bonus and $3 in offers) but that was the only time. I am not good enough to cash out every month, but it’s better than 6 months like some sites. .

I highly recommend this site

August 13, 2016 by abby from United States

cool website recently started using it seems legit im pretty happy with it already gotten some points no rewards yet

One of the Very Best”
July 07, 2016 by Donna from United States

Seeing so many bad reviews for FC and can’t figure out why besides the fact that a lot of people, upon joining FC, never bother to read their TOS. It explains everything and FC is one of the easiest places to make some cash every month. Been a member now for quite a few years and I have no problems at all cashing out every month. I guess it pays to try it for yourself and make your own decisions as to whether it works for you or not.

Fusion Cash just restricted me”
July 05, 2016 by maryann from United States

for what ever reason I was up to about $35.00 as was going to cash out at $50.00.
They pulled a slick one and told me it’s for my own good.

They have SUCH trouble paying”
July 02, 2016 by Amy from United States

Cashing out and receiving money was never an option. They want to verify ID using phone, but the site insists that my landline is VOIP phone so it isn’t possible? Tried to verify my ID using an alternate method, they ‘didn’t receive’ the second page of fax. Tried to email them the same information, and they closed my account. All this, so they can avoid paying the trivial amount of money that I “earned” by clicking ads. What a joke! ^_~ Don’t bother with this site.

Terrible site”
June 27, 2016 by Brandon from Canada

I am enrolled in many GPT sites and only support and endorse sites that ethically manage their panelists. FusionCash is the one and only site I have dealt with that, after accumulating the 25$ cashout, and waiting approximately a month and a half for their review process, they then deny the cashout and take the money. It is SO easy to make a mistake with them, and they only notify you once you try to cashout (waste your time and money to 25$ and then deny you). It would be better if they thought you a fraud, to least notify you earlier. Anyhow, I think my mistake was doing a survey at the university while waiting for my wife. Oops.

I would strongly advise against this site, as there are many other paying sites that are easier to deal with. These guys are terrible. Don’t waste your time and surveys on this site, when these surveys can be taken on other sites that actually pay their panelists!

Fusioncash payment proofs
To make sure we give back up our research and findings in this Fusioncash review, we have posted some of the Fusioncash payment proofs we requested from their members below:

Fusioncash Payment Proofs

Fusioncash Payment Proofs



Fusioncash Cashout Payments

Fusioncash disburses payment on or before the 20th of the month after you requested for cashout. Which means, if you cashout any day of this month, your payment will be disbursed on or around September 20th. You must allow one to five business days for the electronic payment methods to be posted, and 2-10 business days for Cheque delivery via USPS First Class Mail. We know this can be a little bit complicated, so here are some examples. Request for a cashout on 1st of January, and it will be paid around February 20th. Request a cashout on 15th of January and it will be disbursed around February 20th. Same for January 20th — it also yields a February 20th disbursement. The shortest possible time that members can wait for a cashout is around 20 business days, if you withdraw on the last day of the month. A withdrawal requested on January 31st is also eligible for February 20th disbursement. Naturally, this works the same for all other months – not only January.

Do you have any experience with Good or bad, kindly use the comment section below to give us your brief Fusioncash review.

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