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EarnHoney Review

Earn Honey as the name implies is a well known online cash reward or Get-Paid-To site that came into play in the late 2014 and has already gotten an applausive membership numbering up to 1,000 per day.

This EarnHoney review, And also its app review tells you if EarnHoney is legit or a scam. It also reveals to you if EarnHoney payment proofs exist or not.

So far, Earn Honey boost of over millions of members and more than 380,000 Facebook Fans. They have also given out hooping some of rewards worth more than $34 million to their esteemed members. They are totally legit and trustworthy.

The company is under the management and leadership of Michael Sheng and Jerome Shimizu. However, the site is limited to only citizens and residents of United States, Canada as well as United Kingdom.


Basic Requirements for Earn Honey Registration

There some basic requirements to be on ground before you can think of signing up in this online reward platform, the following basic requirements are necessary to facilitate you state on the platform and they include;

  • A durable laptop or PC with at least 1024MB RAM size and 80GB HDD memory capacity
  • Any functional 3G or more internet connecting device
  • A valid email addresses and phone numbers for easy confirmation
  • As well asgetting an account with the PayPal payment system.


The online reward site is however, restricted residents as well as citizens of theUnited State, Canada as well as United Kingdom only and for you to play then you must be within the approved age of 18 years or more which is the country’s legal age of consent to register.

How to Register in Earn Honey

  • Pay a visit to their official website, locate using the cursor, their registration button and click on it.
  • Many columns are required of you to fill in the necessary information which includes a valid email, physical address and your contact mobile number.
  • You will receive a confirmation link sent to your inbox, open your email and click on it to confirm your account
  • You are now good to go.

However, you can fast track your registration process and make it easier, which means that you can as well open an account using your existing Facebook account. After you must have Completedall your registration process,a token of 30 HD$ will be given to you if only you can watch the 1-minute tutorial clip and answer 2 question from it. You can as well earn 10 more HD$ (Honey Dollars) if you can spare few minutes to complete a profile survey. Membership of this platform is absolutely free of charge.

Pointing Note; The reason why physical address is being requested is to assist them to know where to deliver your physical gift card to and the same goes to your phone number whichenables them to reach you anytime you are lucky to any gift.

Is EarnHoney Legit, or a scam?

As of writing this this review, EarnHoney is legit and not a scam. They have been paying their members since inception, based on our findings during the EarnHoney investigation.

Ways to Earn With Earnhoney

There are many ways to earn with earn honey and below are some of the available tasks, and they are stated as follows;

Sign Up Reward

Immediately you sign up, a walkthrough video starts playing and upon completion, you get to answer some few questions and a sign up reward of up to 30 HD$ will be credited to your account.


It might interest you to know that surveys are the key opportunities found in this platform and since they work in collaboration with many marketing research firms, there are a lot of surveys needed to be done. It might interest you to note that Earn Honey reserves the right to kick you out from any survey either from the beginning or the end. So, don’t be surprise when you see such surprises. There’s no compensation if you eventually get screened out during their pre-survey qualification question. So, it means you will just earn nothing after wasting so much of your time.

The best way to tackle this is to go for surveys which you feel is worth your time after much consideration.

Watch Paid Videos

The popularity of this feature has given it a name as a passive income generator. Here you just get to earn few cents for just watching short videos, although there are longer videos which may earn you up to $4 or more per day. The only problem is that you don’t get to see those kinds of videos more often. The average timing for this video is 10 minutes.

Play Games

Earn Honey offers some odd games and this includes some trivia games. You try to guess the right answer for the for the puzzle and then earn points when you answer correctly. These points are then converted to cash. Each of the games you successfully play can earn you up to 50 points. A good example of the games is 2048 and it works hand in hand with some paid ads which credits your account up to 3HD$ every 10 minutes.

You can also earn by playing the Guess My Number Game which can be played multiple times in a day.

Completing offers

Many offers are made available for you to completion and may either be paid or free offers. At the end of trying these things out, you will get paid. This is because this advertising companies sees it as a n avenue to get traffic into their site which is good for business, rather than paying to have their ads get out there.

There are also some of the Free Trail Offers which will require you to subscribe with a certain fee in other to participate. One advice for these offers is that you will have to cancel those subscriptions once you are done in other to avoid being charged frequently.

If I may advice, please steak to the tasks with safer opportunities of earning such as playing paid games as well as watching paid videos. In all your doing please be smart and you will earn for the little time you spent with Earn Honey.
Note; it is necessary to complete the offer the moment you click on it, so as to be credited immediately. Always set your web browser to allow cookies in other not to block you out on some offer.

Referral Program.

This is another interesting task;The Earn Honey referral strategy is a better and likely way to earn with if you are faithful enough to the process. When you refer someone in Earn Honey, you get to earn a whole lot of 10% of everything they earn. This means that if you can create way to attract many referrals to sign up through you link, you will be making quite a fortune with it.

While it might take you forever to earn up to $20, with this referral program, you can refer up to 70 people and you get to make up to $35 within a month.

The best ways to get referrals to your link is by posting this link on your Social media platforms like Facebook, through emails or probably links from your website or blog. You can as well simply tell others about it and have them sign up using your link. So, now you can see that there are other ways to earn here without having to go through their surveys, offers or tasks.

Caution; On no just account should you bug those you don’t know with unwarranted emails simply because you want to refer them to this site. Also, do not carry untrue information or spread them to others in a bid to get them to sign up with the site. It is necessary to read the full terms of service so as not to enter any form of issue in this site.

Earnhoney Payment and Rewards

In Earn Honey, members are reward for completing a specific task with a currency called “Honey Dollars” or HD$ and its equivalence to United States of American Dollars is 1 HD is worth $ 0.01 (a penny)Earn Honey rewards their members through the following mediums which are stated below

PayPal Payment

Having defined their payment ratio which is 100 Honey Dollars equalling to 1 US Dollar, Earn Honey has made available different payment method which deemed fit and secure for transaction with their esteemed customers. PayPal is one of the payment system that has been found to be safe and secure for online users, that is why earn honey pays its members through their payment system. However, this payment is limited to only $5 per redemption, and this offer is set aside to only residents and citizens of The United States of America only.

Card Gifts

You are advised to request for payments before a Wednesday because they start payment processing every first Wednesdays and it takes about 10 to 16 days for members to receive their payment. Once you make payment request, you can check out the status of the payment processing through the “My Profile” Section, then click on the “My Account” link under it. The minimum pay-out threshold for Amazon gift card is $2 which is 200 HD$.

If you have double accounts or your account has become inactive, your payment request will not be processed.

For ePayment in Earn Honey, you can always redeem them eCards online or in-store such as amazon stores. Although there may be rules attached to it.

More about Earnhoney

This platform was formed and founded in the early 2014 and its been managed and owned by Michael Sheng and Jerome Shimizu. They have earned a reputation in keeping to their word with an overall score sheet of 77/100.

For more information, visit their official URL Address www.earnhoney.comif you want to start up something with Earn Honey

You can view the full terms and conditions guiding this site through this link; https://www.earnhoney.com/pages/terms. Also, you need to be sure that you are fully protected. So, just visit their privacy policy to see things for yourself; here’s the link to their privacy terms, http://www.earnhoney.com/ pages/privacy

EarnHoney complaints and feedback:

Earn Honey might be a legit means of putting more money to your pocket but there are different concerns raised by active and inactive members and here are some the feedbacks gotten from random selection of members participating fully in this GPT site.

Ishiko Says

I strongly agree that content marketing is the best and one of the most lucrative business for now. Of all the GPT sites, I have participated none has shown itself to be different from all but rather, they tend to make you work like an elephant and earn like snail.  Earn Honey is not exempted from these menaces ravaging the online loyalty programmes. I have been working tirelessly in this platform and nothing yet to show for it, this however, will be so difficult to pay for the time wasted on the job and other logistics that makes working online swift and faster. To me I don’t advice anyone with high expecting spirit of earning more money online to dwell in this platform.

Lamppy says

To me it was a total surprise, when I found out that the conversion rate of reward on this platform to US Dollars is 1HD = 0.01 cent, meaning that I may not be able to get up to $1 per day because of the loyalty reward format they use. This further discourage me from engaging in these trivial assignments.

Asamo says

It’s a wonderful thing to discover Earn Honey but another different ball game to discover that my favourite task which is paid videos keeps having issues. Initially I thought its going to be addressed but, it keeps turning worse day by day. This is one of the legitimate concern I encounter in this platform which I deemed fit to raise for quick intervention. The customer support centre is in a deplorable state as every complain takes them like ages to respond and with a clear uncertain manner. Most times you don’t get to receive any reply at all to the complaints and when you manage to get any, its either you have gotten fade up with them or that they are fade up with your complaints. I don’t like what I hate and I don’t recommend what has messed up my leisure time.

Pros of EarnHoney

  • The platform is relatively 100 percent free to register
  • Playing videos is another good format to make some cool passive income per day
  • The pay-out is relatively very low with a cash out sum of just $2, which you use for an Amazon gift card

Cons of Earnhoney

  • Most of the videos does not have good playback option thereby making it to be hanging and error filled
  • It is relatively high for one to qualify for most available survey
  • Unprofessional customer support ethics and services
  • It takes time for one to redeem rewards and most a time you don’t get it
  • Most of the offers are mare hoax and does not pay as promised
  • The only countriesavailable in the platform listsareCanada, United State, and United Kingdom.


In a nut shell, I think Earn Honey is worth the stress and your time as well, however, I may advise that the pay for the task carried out is not worth killing yourself when you can’t afford the spear time. Earn Honey is a legit site under the surveillance of the BBB. Since the platform is not a scam but it pass little for more time spent, I recommend you join on your own free will and play when you know you feel that you don’t have any other thing worth trying with your time.

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