Best Side Hustle Jobs Online & Off-line in 2018

Best Side Hustle Jobs

Best Side Hustle Jobs

Want side hustle jobs to complement your income? Here we have provided you in detailed the list of best side hustle jobs you can choose to make extra money in 2018. So, if you are one of those badly in need of side hustle jobs or good side jobs to make extra money, we have got you covered!

Most times, people love to have something doing aside their main work as backup source of income. It is very possible to have your dreams accomplished while you still retain your main work. We will be providing you with lists of ideas on ways to achieve your hustle dreams.

One of the great things about this side hustle jobs is that you may not require large funds or huge investments to start up this side hustles. Some of them may be just turning your passion or skills into an extra source of income.

Here are some of the ideas to get your pocket flowing from the side.

1. English tutor – This involves rendering English language lessons to students or persons probably from China who qualify to either live, work or study in the US, Canada or other speaking countries. These countries always require evidence of satisfied knowledge in English language as part of the prerequisites for entering their country. Offering these tutoring services can earn you up to $14-22 each hour.

2. Become Affiliated to sales websites – you can earn a fortune for by placing adverts for other product manufactures on your site. Then you get some commissions when customers purchases through your site link. You can actually turn this into your main stream of income because it pays off well.

Home/Guest house Reservation using Airbnb – Sites like helps you rent out the free space in your homes to visitors.

3. Credit Card Rewards – You can make good use of the sign up bonuses and cash back offers from your bank and make little cash from it. Example, using Chase Freedom Unlimited card will earn you up to 30% cash back offer of your expenses.

4. Driving – You can offer driver services to clients around town by driving them to their different destinations. You can register with sites like Ube or Lyft (With up to $250 on sign up bonus) to get connected with clients.

5.  Delivering Services – Using platforms like UberEATS will allow you make few cash while delivering take-out others to their clients.

You can join the Notary Public Service which can get you up to $75-200 for overseeing mortgage signings or other certificate/loan signing agent services. You only need to get certified with them for a fee less than $100.

6. Online Surveys –Get paid to take part in online surveys and giving out your opinions on websites, companies or products. Sites CashCrate, Mechanical Turk, Swabucks and InboxDollars offer services like this.

7. Clearing the Trash Bins – You stand to earn up to $50,000-$100,000 yearly just from clearing out waste bins on the streets or parking lots,

With companies such as Turo, making extra cash is possible through renting of cars. You can rent out your car for each day or for few hours depending on the agreement and get paid for it. One of the good things about Turo is that all car insurance will be taken care of by them and also you can make good use of the car since it’s not used for almost 22 hrs.

If you are creative or has new ideas or you are good in writing, you should consider blogging. It may be a lot of work initially, but with persistence, you can turn it to another money making avenue.

8. Babysitting – this is another way to earn extra money, by watching over other’s child when they need the services. To have your own client base, you can sign in with sites like sitteerCity.

9. Trying the caregiving services – with the growth in population, services like this continue to be o high demand. Try it out by registering with sites like and get connected with customers.

Sites like Udemy provides educative information to people round the world, irrespective of the course. Why not join them, provide educative information from your area of specialty and then give them tuition rate.

10. Become handy with pastry or baking services – supplying cookies, cakes or other pastry product to events around your area is another way to get paid. Many people are in love with desserts like this.

Online or pre-recorded lecturing as an Adjunct Professor. If you already have your degree and you are quite knowledgeable, you can decide to share with younger students you experiences and prepare them for tasks ahead of them. This is another good money making activity to try.

11. Become a TaskRabbit – this involves providing on-demand errand-running services to people around you when they need them. This will provide you with extra cash and their services can either be provided online (virtual work) such as providing online research or it can be provided remotely.

12. Register or become affiliated with Amazon. This can generate cool income for you when you sell your products through online selling sites like Amazon. Amazon also provides a platform like Amazon FBA’s site where one can find local deals, bargain and ship off your product to them.

Also, with sites like eBay, being among the world largest online market can provide you with greater deals or selling opportunities. It is true that the site can be very competitive, tough with a lower-margin, you can still consider making money through them.

13. People also love hand-crafted goods. Sites like Etsy which seems the biggest hand-crafted selling site globally provides you with opportunities to showcase your talent with crated works. So, why not share your works with them, get them sold and receive cash.

With sites like Fiverr with high global reputation, you can try completing tasks for $5. Available task can be from any sphere of life, be it legitimate, funny, micro-business or useless gags. Which not visit them at your spare time and make some cash for yourself.

You can decide to make custom-designed T-shirt and sell them on popular print-on demand T-shirt sites such as Teespring. From the podcast, you can see someone like Benny, who was able to make up to a six figure account by selling T-shirt after their start up seemed so discouraging.

14. Start up a T-Shirt printing service – Silk-screened T-shirt is always on high demand for events, companies or organization. You can decide to own a printing service and provide the T-shirt services yourself. You’ll even make more credits when you end up making the designs itself.

15. Providing Virtual Assistant Services –You can try providing administrative support services for clients right from their home. You can open a shop of your own or go into partnership with VA companies such as BELAY or Fancy Hands. This can provide extra side cash for you.

Just like before, proofreading services was offered on Fiverr which I used in making decent cash, you can also try it on your own by opening your own shop. You can then try the services of proofreading to your clients and earn much as you can. With that, you now have choice to either take bigger works or smaller ones.

16.  E-commerce business – Just like we already suggested before, you can set up online site to sell your products or you can either register or get affiliated with sites like Amazon or eBay and sell your products. You can also try finding import products that can be so profitable at the end.

17. Raw Land Flipping investment. This can earn you passive investment as well, when you invest in just buying lands. Land always appreciates, so you can purchase with one and sell it off later. That way, you won’t have to make extra expenses on repairs or deal with tenant issues.

18. Tutoring Services – you can try to earn little money by offering tutoring services to clients especially students or kids. Try registering with sites like WyzAnt (among the biggest online tutoring operators) in other to connect to larger clients globally.

19. E-book online – you can decide to publish your books and sell these books on great e-book sites like Amazon. This is an opportunity to make extra income for yourself

20. Having Investments – you can invest in things such as real estate, peer-to-peer lending, cryptocurrency or even bigger business lending and earn yourself good income percentage rates. They may require quite a lot of capital to start up but with time, the business will yield you more than invested. This can qualify for passive income opportunities and at the same time steady income opportunity.

21. Become a sperm donor – you can catch some fun while making yourself some money. Instead of having to donate blood all the time, you can also go for sperm donation and make yourself cool cash.

22. Become a Coach – If you are so good with sports and perhaps have few tips for students, you can try to become a part time coach to school teams. This is so good for making extra cash.

23. Podcasting activity – you can provide interesting activities on your podcast and have millions of followers. In return, doing that will be generating serious income like millions of dollars for you. Starting up a podcast is quite less expensive compared to what you stand to profit from it.

24. Summer breaks with Pool Cleaning –You turn pool cleaning as a hobby and also make extra cash from it especially if you reside at a warm location with lots of pools.

25. Sale of products on high demands – identify trending commodities which is needed or scarce to get, get suppliers especially from another country, bring them into the market especially if you can make yours unique. Then bring it to compete with other marketers and make your sales. You may want to apply few techniques in other to get your product selling. Also try finding courses online to guide you on the few techniques needed.

26. Truck renting – Renting your truck can fetch you up to $2000 on monthly basis. You can list you truck on the Fluid market within 10 minutes and have them bring clients to you.

27. With sites like SwagBucks and InboxDollars which offers you rewards like gift cards, cash, and so on, just to perform some activities such as playing games, surfing the net, watching videos, participating in surveys or just shopping online. Other product activities offered on these sites includes their sign up bonus, you can receive about $5 once you register with them.

If you are good with tailoring, you can try altering designs and clothing for clients and make money while doing that. You can provide services with different and affordable rates to make clients comfortable to ask for your services.

28. Book Flipping –this is another way earn money through the old books in your shelf. With the help of apps like Bookscouter app, you can scan the barcodes of these apps and see their current worth. Then you may decide to sell yours off probably at a lower price or normal price.

29. Financial Services – you provide business owners services such as bookkeeping, tax preparation or accounting services and make money doing that. You may handle that so well if you have an initial background on accounting or you studied it back in school.

30. Brand Ambassadors – Becoming a brand ambassador is another great way to get paid handsomely. You can help big brand business with on-ground marketing services which they always need.

31. Create an Authority Website –Authority websites stand better chances on Google’s algorithm when compared to Niche sites. Building authority websites can be a great income asset to you even on the long run.

32. Niche Websites – you can as well decide to have a side hustle activity like creating a niche website and get yourself affiliated with great sites like Amazon, eBay, Google Adsense so you can earn some money through either making sales or advertising products.

33. Become a car flipper – This will turn out good for you possess great negotiating skills and have good knowledge on cars. It will help you make higher sales on cars you can get for lower prices.

34. Car Washing services – this will not cost you a fortune to offer mobile detailing services to people. The most common places to get your clients include shopping malls, sporting events, schools, office r company parks and any other place with car park services.

35. Carpet cleaning – You can offer carpet cleaning services to clients and get yourself paid for that depending on your contract, whether annually, monthly or semi-annually.

36. Catering services– Most events or ceremonies always require the services of a caterer to take charge of people’s meals. When cooking is your hobby, you can simply turn it into a business. The greater part of it is that is costs much less that having to open a restaurant.

37. Cleaning Services – this will get your hands busy during most business closing hours since it is the time most businesses require the services. So go make yourself good money by offering these services to those business cooperatives or firm.

38. Computer Repairs – You may have to acquire good knowledge and skills on computers or mobile devices to be able to effectively offer this service. The opportunity is great out there because computerized devices are on the increase on daily basis.

39. Computer Tutor – Also with good knowledge and skill, you can decide to impact the knowledge to other or students by offering tutoring services on computer. There are also greater populations of people who may have lack of knowledge as to what goes on in the computer world. So, why not become useful in impacting the knowledge and earn as you do that.

40. Consulting Services – You can as well earn money by becoming a coach or as a consultant on your area of expertise no matter what it is.

41. Resume or Cover letter services – this is where basic experience in HR pays off. People seek for job opportunities on daily basis and might require the services of an expertise in writing their Curriculum Vitae or resume in other to increase their chances of being called. You can offer these services and make a fortune doing that.

42. Craigslist Arbitrage –You can take the advantage in the fluctuating prices of assets in different markets to make money for yourself.

43. Craiglists Gig – You can check out the available gigs from the Craiglist site or nearby and make your money for taking them.

44. Customer Care services – You can work part-time for companies requesting customer service agents. You may end up working from your house while

offering either live chat or phone call services.

45. Dating Sites – Women seems to be those benefiting more from these services because sites like allows women to get paid by suitors just to hang out or get on date with them.

46. Dividend/stock Investment – You can buy stock once and it turns into buying cash flow as it gives you both passive and active income. You end up earning over and over again for stocks you bought once.

47. Dog Walking – While many may be too busy to walk their dogs, you can offer them assistance and do that for them while they pay you. Sites like can help you find clients when you get registered with them or you can place adverts in your neighborhood.

You can provide Doulas services and earn up to $500-$1000 for each birth.

48. Dropshippers –you can serve as a medium by which manufactures/wholesalers gets goods to their retailers or customers.

49. Real estate sales – you can earn some money when involved in real estate sales and you don’t have to worry about the responsibilities. There are companies that are already set to handle the responsibilities of real estate management and earns some percentage in the real estate proceeds

50. DJ services –You can offer DJ services in events and ceremonies which need the services of a life DJ and make your money.

51. Focus Groups – get paid up to $100 an hour to share your opinions and ideas to companies or firms.

52. Become a Freelancer– Sites like FreeeUp or Fiverr offer freelancing services. Why not get registered and get connected to clients.

53. Furniture Production – You may need to get adequate skill in the carpentry work to get this off. Producing hand crafted work or get already made furniture and make your sales.

54. Content Writing – you can offer to write contents for bloggers or website owners in order and make money. It may be very competitive but you can become an expert as you write on.

55. GigWalking – With the Gigwalk app, you can earn money by completing tasks such as taking inside shots of a store around your location or neighborhood.

56. Graphic Design Services – These days, demand for graphic designing is on the rise and you may not get outlets that may want to showcase your design. Therefore you may wish to check out platform such as Crowdspring, DesignCrowd or other freelancing marketplaces in other to get your works noticed and sold.

57. Become Handy – If you are very good with little tasks or fixing things around the household or places, you can try extending these services to get paid. Check out platforms like TaskRabbit or Thumbtack and create a profile with them so as to get connected to clients.

58. Home Inspection – You will have to acquire a certificate for this one. This is so good especially when you get to schedule appointments according to your convenient time. What a good way to make extra cash within few hours.

59. House sitting – You may want to help owners watch over their homes/ houses while they are on the go. This can be fun as well as lets you earn extra money.

60. Hyper-Local Newspaper – You can advertise or start up a newspaper outlet around your neighborhood as a means of side income.

61. Interior Decorating – You can become an interior decorator once you have the talent and then make money while doing that.

62. Website Investment –You may decide to invest in an already existing website if you have the fund. This will provide you with steady flow of income even after a long while as far as the site have unique contents.

63. Laundry Services – Just like me who dislike the idea of having to iron all the time, I’m definitely certain that there are good number of persons who dislike it as well. Therefore deciding to provide ironing services to people can fetch you a good amount of extra cash.

64. Junk Transportation – Deciding to put your truck into good use won’t be such a bad idea. There are lots of people who will require these services or even get rid of junks in their own. It even gets better if you can also resell these junks.

65. Medical Transcription – you may want to offer this home service of helping others write out the doctors’ voice note. This could serve as a part time hustle to earn more.

66. Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) – This is an avenue to join the sales networking triangle to make little cash for yourself. People mostly start up as part-time marketers. You can decide to join some of the most popular platforms such as Amway.

67. Car Repairs – If you are very handy with car fixing, you may decide to take your services down to people’s doorstep and save them the stress. Join platforms like to get connected to clients which such needs.

68. Modeling Services – You can be paid to help photographers make a fortune by giving them that unique posing.

69. Movie Extra – Best locations to stumble into this offer is New York or LA. Earn little cash for appearing on movie shoots if you are on the location. You may want to have your Screen Actors Guild credentials ready.

70. Helping others move –You can make money while you offer humanitarian services to others. Those relocating my need assistance trying to move their properties and this you can do for them and get some side cash.

71. Mystery Shopping – You can make up to $10,000 on yearly basis while spying for a company. Mystery shoppers are people paid to evaluate and give observations on your business or other business with the aim of improving your business. This they do when they disguise themselves as ordinary customers and they get paid for providing services.

72. Organizing an online bundle sale – This involves the act of bringing different bundles of digital items together over a short period of time with the purpose of making sales. After making sales, the proceeds is shared among the different contributors while you receive greater percentage for organizing it.

73. Become a party or event planner. Make money with your skills or hobby.

74. Personalized chef service – you may decide to make meals for persons in their own kitchen and get paid for that. This is a great way of running restaurant services without actually owning one.

75. Become a personal gym instructor. You can earn extra money by offering exercise lessons for those seeking to get in shape.

76. Grooming of pet – People sometimes seek the services of a pet groomer to help them take care of the looks of their pet. It can serve as good opportunity to earn extra cash.

77. Pet sitting – Most times, people have need to go on vacation without taking their pet along. This is where you can come in, offering to pet sit for them while they are gone and have them pay you.

78. Services of a photographer – This involves taking photo shots for persons while you make cash from it.

79. Product Licensing – you can decide to earn royalties from companies by giving out your ideas to them and having them pay you once they gain from your ideas. But to do this, you have to gain your product licensing first.

80. App Development – this provides one of the heavy stream of income as it is one of the most needed services with all mobile devices. One may make cool cash from owning an app once it gets patronized by many but becoming an app developer gets you paid for every app you develop even if it doesn’t make it to the app market.

Connecting sellers and investors in the real estate business can earn you quite a fortune. You stand to gain cash which can be within your sales price and your original contract price.

81. Sports Officers – Most official posts such as referees or umpires is mostly needed by most recreational sports leagues. Offering these services can get cash into your pockets.

82. Sometimes, people get lonely and wishes to hang out with someone. Well, platform like RentaFriend is there for you. You can register and offer companionship services, platonic companionship to be precise, to people in need of this service. This can fetch you extra $20-$50 per hour.

83. You can earn some money by becoming a Business Marketer to some companies that have issues marketing their products especially on the social media platforms.

84. Building a software – This is one of the major business that can earn you both active and passive income. You get to sell the software over and over again as many times as it is needed.

85. Passion for music – Be a part-time music tutor if you have the knowledge or skill. This is one of the most commonly sought services in the homes especially for kids.

86. Licensing your lyrics – this is another great way to earn real cash, by writing songs and licensing big brands and Tv shows to make use of them.

87. Yoga lessons – With the necessary certification and level of expertise, you can decide to offer yoga lessons to people. What a great way to keep fit and make money from it.

88. Become a Tour guide –If you are close to any tourist attraction location where visitors and guests troop in to have a view, you can decide to offer them tourist guide services and make money doing that. You can as well register with sites like,, and and build your personal unique tour experience.

89. Offer interpretation services – If you have the skills of speaking multiple languages, you put it into good use by offering translation services to those in need of it. You can view sites likes Upwork to get translational offers.

90. Travelling Agent – most times, travellers prefer the services of a travel expert with the best experiences to get the insider knowledge. They end up preferring these persons to handle their travel bookings and other services as may relate to their travels.

You can also earn up to $500 for allowing companies place your adverts on your car. You can find for advertising offers on platforms like Wrapify. Note that it is necessary to have basic knowledge about what you are advertising.

In conclusion, earning extra cash can help boost your income drastically and it is always nice to have some kind of financial freedom. Feel free to make your choice from the most suitable side hustle activity you listed in this article. Also feel free to add more ideas to this list.

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