Top 20 Best PTC Sites That Really Pay High (2019 Updated)

Best PTC SitesIn this post, we reviewed 20 best ptc sites. If you are looking for the best paid to click (ptc) sites that really pay high, you have come to the right post. Here we do not only list the real best ptc sites online but also the legitimate and genuine ptc sites.

PTC sites is short for “Paid to Click” sites and these are sites that allow their members to earn some sort of income for clicking on various advertisements without having to invest any of their own money. These sites are basically advertisement companies that use their member database to increase the number of views on an Ad while paying them in return. You don’t need to be a professional to start earning on PTC sites and you also do not need to worry about making investments to gain access to your earnings. Most of these sites do not even have age restrictions and they are always very easy to use and simple to navigate.

Knowing how these sites work is a strong foundation in understanding how you will make your own money using these platforms. One thing you should bear in mind is that advertisers who want to publicize their ads buy advertising credits from PTC sites to promote their website, product or service who in turn then pay their members for clicking on and viewing the ads. These ads on these websites can be clicked on only once by a particular member in every 24 hours so members do not have the access to view an ad more than once in a day but anytime an ad is clicked on, you get paid.

There are a lot of benefits of signing up and joining up with best PTC sites, some of these benefits include being able to work from anywhere you are in the world, the user friendly nature of the Paid to Click interfaces, the allowance to make money from multiple streams of income, the lack if initial investment or any investment for that matter, the lack of requirement for technical skills and learning curves and also the opportunity to make as much you have decided to make when you want to make it.

These PTC sites basically act like middle men between companies that want to advertise their goods and services and ordinary individuals who are passionate about making money through online methods. Marketers and advertisers who use the online platform for their services need to drive a lot of human traffic to their website and blogs so that they could effectively promote their services and products. This is where the PTC sites come in as they already have a lot of registered users from different parts of the world. These sites now put up the ads from these advertisers on their platforms for their members to view and get paid after being paid by the advertisers. Every Ad to be clicked could pay anything from $0.001 to $0.01 depending on the website and the level of membership you are on. Some other times, these advertisers tend to put up their ads in the offers section where they have people try out their products and services in exchange for some form of payment.

PTC sites also have the option allowing their members to earn some more by taking part in online surveys and also taking part in completing tasks from Crowdflower and other task platforms. The more actions you complete, the more money you tend to make. Other ways to make money through these sites are by referring other people to join up with the site and make money too.

When making money on PTC sites, you need to ensure that you are not using Adblock in your web browser because this will ensure that you don’t see any Ads so you need to check and disable it if it is already installed. On the other hand, you can also install Ad Alert and Addon to your web browser which could be Chrome or Firefox because these addons will ensure that you receive notifications whenever there are available ads to click and also surveys to take. You will also get notified of available Crowdflower tasks.

TOP 20 Best PTC Sites That Really Pay:


OfferNation is a site owned by 99 Ventures. It is among the best ptc websites where you can make some money by completing some actions on their site.  99 Ventures owns a couple of other websites like SuperPay and Rewarding Ways which are also Get Paid To sites. One of the ways to make money on this site is by completing Paid Surveys. When you click on the “Make Money” tab on the site, you will be led to a page where you will be able to view all the survey routers you can use to source for surveys. The site is open to members from different parts of the world but not all features are available to all locations. OfferNation also allows their members to earn money by signing up for offers you can find the offers on their offerwall and these offers could be trying out new products or even signing up for free trials for products and services. It is important to note that some offers are paid for while others are free so be careful to note the ones that would require your credit card information so that you could cancel out the free trial before the offer ends.

You can also earn money on this site by clicking on ads. These ads are timed and you can only get paid for them when you have viewed the ad for the required period of time. The ads on this site are not so much as they are mostly ads showing the other products and sites of the company. You don’t get to earn so much using this method but then again you also do not have to do anything in the process. OfferNation also pays their members to download applications and games for their mobile phones. You get to find offers like this on your offer wall but once again be sure to read the instructions so that you know what is required of you to start earning.

Other ways to earn include referring friends and people in general and earning 25% of whatever their earnings are which means that the more people you invite, the more your earnings become. Lest I forget, every newbie gets to earn 25 cents for just signing up with the site. OfferNation does something which is very exciting. They allow put up promo codes on their social media pages like Facebook and Twitter. When you see these codes, you can enter them on their site to be able to earn more. you could also earn money from the contest which holds every quarter. The top 20 winners of this contest get to share $1000 according to the percentages assigned to a particular position.

To redeem your earnings on OfferNation, you need to have accounts with Paypal, Payza, Skrill or a Bitcoin wallet. They have a very low minimum withdrawal threshold which means that you can make your withdrawal once you have earned up to $1. If you want to withdraw via Payza, you will need to have a minimum account balance of $10 while you will need to have a balance of $100 to withdraw in form of bitcoins. You can also redeem your points as Amazon gift cards where 500 points will give you an Amazon gift card worth $5. Visit Offernation HERE


If you are into earning from PTC sites and you have not heard about Clixsense, then you have only just started as this site is one of the best and most popular and trusted PTC sites that has ever existed. In fact Clixsense is currently  the best ptc sites online. This site was launched in 2007 and has been consistently paying since then up to the point of recording a total payout of over 27 million dollars and counting. Most people say that site is the best and I think I believe it too. This site is both a GPT (Get Paid To) site and a PTC (Pay to Click) site as it fully carries out the functions of both. The site is so popular and legit that is a ranking among the top 5000 websites by Alexa Rankings. Nobody has ever complained of a missed payment or even a late payment. They have been both prompt and consistent. Over time, they have gained the trust of the general public and it is usually said that they are 100% safe.

If you work on Clixsense for an average of 7 to 8 hours daily, you can be sure of earning anything from $3 to $15 easily. You don’t have to worry about doing one thing for so long as there are a lot of ways to make money on Clixsense which I will discuss with you shortly. First of all, you should note that you do not have to make any investment at all to start earning on Clixsense, all you would need is a Gmail account, an account with Payoneer or Skrill, a normal bank account, a personal computer with active internet connection and a PAN card which is for only Indians. Whenever you earn any amount on Clixsense, the money will not be sent directly to own bank account instead it will be sent first to your payment processor which could be Payoneer or Skrill from where you could now transfer it to your bank account.

When you want to join Clixsense, all you need to do is visit their website and create a new account or sign up. You will be asked to fill in a few personal details which would be used later for identification like your email address, username and password. After that, you will also need to verify your account by clicking on the confirmation link sent to your mail. Once your account is verified, you can now successfully log in to your own dashboard with your username and password. To start earning, you can take surveys, complete tasks, be an affiliate and also view ads.

To earn money by taking surveys, all you need to do is provide your opinion on the subject of the survey. There is no limit to the number of surveys you can take per day so long as you get qualified for them. To start taking surveys, all you need to do is log in to your account and click on the “Surveys” tab on your screen. Here you will be able to see all the surveys that you could take and also different survey routers you could use to source for surveys. It is imperative to note that you will need to take a surveys profile before you become eligible to start taking surveys because this profile will be used to match you with the right surveys for you to take. The available surveys to you will always show the amount you will get paid upon completion of the survey and the estimated time for completion of that particular survey. A lot of people have issues with the fact that they are not qualified for a lot of surveys. This could be because they are not residents in tier 1 countries. These countries are the countries that have a lot of surveys available to them. examples of these countries include Australia, India, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and the United States of America. Whenever you take a survey, you get paid.

Another way to earn money on Clixsense is by taking Clixsense offers. You can find these offers on the “Offers” tab and examples of offers you could find here include playing games, watching videos, registering on different sites and also installing mobile apps. If you don’t get to earn a lot from the offers, you can always earn from the tasks available on your dashboard. It is popular knowledge that Clixsense tasks are the best ways to earn money on Clixsense. All you need to do is complete tasks every day and these tasks are mostly from CrowdFlower which means that some of them pay well while others do not pay so much. By completing tasks, you could earn as much as $2.5 every hour plus you also get awarded with an extra $5 every time you make up to $50 on Clixsense. Other ways of earning on the site include competing in the weekly contests where you could win anything from five dollars to fifty dollars immediately if you come top ten. All you need to do to start completing tasks is click on the “CrowdFlower Tasks” icon and complete the tour guide. Then you can start taking the quiz per task and completing the tasks that follow. You need to ensure that your accuracy is above 70% per task else you will be expelled from that particular task and hence not paid. The higher your accuracy, higher the level you attain.

Clixsense also pays a certain percentage off to their members for referring other people which means that you get 20% for referring your friend to the Clixsense site. You also get to earn an extra $2 whenever your direct referral makes up to $5. You can refer people by sharing your affiliate link on social media platforms and with close friends and family. Visit Clixsense HERE

3. SUPERPAY.ME is one of the easiest and simplest ways to earn money every single day online. On this website, you get paid for doing a couple of things like taking trials that you have to pay for, taking part in free paid surveys, clicking on PTC ads and also taking part in either paid offers or free offers. Registering an account with them is free and once that is done, you can start earning with them every day. If you are consistent on completing tasks, offers and working on the site, you could earn as much as $400 monthly. To start earning, you will most definitely have to create your free account with them first by signing up via Facebook or directly with your email and password. Once you are done with your account creation process, you can now start logging in and making money.

To start earning, click on the “Make Money” tab on your dashboard or on the “Offer walls” tab and you will gain access to pages where you can see all the offers available for you which include watching of online videos, quick submissions, free trial offers and also paid trial offers. The offers on these sites are always renewed every day so on some days you might get offers while on some other days, you might not get any offers. It is imperative that you always clear the cookies on your browser every time before you complete another offer to ensure that you get paid for that offer when you complete it.

When you decide to take surveys, click on the “Daily Surveys” option and always ensure to read the instruction of the advertiser before you start taking the survey so that you know what is required of you to qualify for your earnings. Every time you complete an offer or survey, make sure that you click the “Submit” button else you will not be credited at the end of the day. The payment upon completion of these offers could take up to an hour while others will take up to a full day or even 30 days depending on the advertiser. You could also be paid for those completed offers in form of cash or points once again, depending on the advertiser.

This site has a minimum withdrawal threshold of $1 and the withdrawal process is an instant one for cash via Paypal, Payza, Neteller and also Money Bookers. If you don’t want cash, you can also withdraw your earnings in form of Amazon Gift Cards. If you want to earn reasonable amounts on Paypal, then you have to be committed to completing a lot of offers. Otherwise, you can also take part in the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly contests where you could earn some extra cash when you win. Other ways include referring friends and earning 25% of their income for ever.

You should also knowthat the dollar equivalent of one point is $0.01 dollars which makes 100 points equivalent to $1. You also have to 18 years and above to become eligible for an account with them. Visit superpay HERE


Rewarding Ways is a PTC site located at that allows their members to earn rewards for completing actions and also for referring people that are active on the site. This site has been existing since 2010 and it also owned by 99 Ventures. This site has never had issues for close to 8 years now and they have also earned a couple of awards since they started existing.

This site is open for registration to potential members from all countries in different parts of the world and this membership is totally free. Another good feature they have possessed over the years is ability for a member to have as much direct referrals as possible. There are no limits to the number of referrals you can have making it possible to earn a whole lot more from your referrals. This sis great strategy to use if you are good at influencing people to do things. Rewarding Ways has a minimum withdrawal threshold of just $1 which is pretty low and very cool to work with because you can withdraw all of your earnings once you have made up to one dollar or more.

They use the points rewarding system which means that they reward their members with their own currency called points in the case and these points can be redeemed in form of cash at the exchange rate of 100 points to $1. Following these guys on their official social media platforms is also another way to earn from them vis Facebook and Twitter as they usually put up promo codes on these pages and expect to reward anyone who finds it and enters it on their website with some extra points. This was set up to promote their social media handles and also encourage community discussions. This site also has a couple of drawbacks that could be overlooked. One of them is the fact that it is a geo targeted website which means that only certain residents of certain countries could earn the most from this site. It is open to everyone from anywhere but those that are residents of the United States of America, The United Kingdom, Australia, Italy and Canada will most likely earn more. Another drawback which could be easily overlooked is the absence of a forum on their website where members get to meet and discuss. The reason why I maintain that this could be easily overlooked is because all of the discussions that you would naturally want to have on the forum can be carried out on their social media platforms. Visit the ptc site HERE

5.    GET PAID

Get Paid is a PTC site that pays its members to do a host of different activities on their website. It is completely legit and basically one of the best sites to work with if you want to make an extra income online. On Get Paid, they use the points rewarding system which means that you get paid with points which you could redeem to cash or gift cards. On this site, you can either earn these points or win them, and I will explain that shortly.

To earn coins, you will need to complete the available offers, take part in completing online paid surveys, watch online videos, complete the tasks available to you, click on websites or ads, engage in data entry by transferring the information of individuals into a separate file, referring people to sign up and become active on the site and also using the get Paid Browser Tool Bar instead of your normal tool bar. On the other hand, to win coins, you would have to play the games they have on their platform and get credited if you win or participate in their routine contests they put up ang get credited if you rank high at the end of the contest.

To get paid on Get Paid, there are a lot of ways to redeem your points so that your earnings can be converted to real-life usable form. You can redeem these points in form of cash via Payza, Paypal, WebMoney and Perfect Money or you could redeem your earnings instead in form of Bitcoin, gift cards or other exciting prizes. I would personally recommend Paypal because it is quite easy and it has a very low minimum withdrawal threshold of just one dollar. The payment processing does not take long to complete as you could receive your earnings in about 48 hours or even less. If you choose product prizes, they you will have to be a bit more patient as it could take up to 3 weeks before you receive your rewards.

Other ways to earn on this site is through their referral program where you get to earn 30% of all the earnings of your direct referrals and 10% of all the earnings of your direct referral’s referral. Other interesting features that make this site unique are the experience points they award you with to measure the levels you are qualified to be just like in a game and the higher levels you occupy, the more interesting features are available to you. Visit Getpaid HERE

6.    NEOBUX

If you are a beginner trying to earn some sort of income through PTC sites, then this is just about the best option for you to start with because it is very beginner friendly with no investment and experience needed. This site was launched in 2008 and while it is perfect for newbies, experts and professionals also get to utilize their very many options to make money on this site by clicking on ads, playing online games and also completing different micro jobs. This site has been well known to pay their members instantly since it was launched which is close to 10 years now hence, it is a legit site as they have consistently paid out to their members without raising ant cause for complaints or alarm during this 10-year period. This site is so popular with its over 30 million active users that it is generally known as the King of PTC sites. It also has a ranking of one of the top 1000 websites in the world according to Alexa Rankings.

Neobux allows anyone irrespective their job title or status to earn money from their site and they pay almost instantly with a very low minimum withdrawal threshold of $2 and the access to earn as much as you want. The only payment processors that are accepted on Neobux are Neteller, Payza and Skrill. To start earning with Neobux, there are a couple of prerequisites you need to have like a bank account, an account with Payza, Neteller or Skrill, a Gmail account, a personal computer or laptop as Neobux does not work on mobile phones, an active internet connection and a PAN card if you are an Indian.

Once you are sure that you have all these requirements, you can now proceed to creating your account. First you will need to visit their website and click on the “Register” button on the home page. Next you will be redirected to the registration page where you will need to fill in the required details and your most preferred password. Next you will be asked to confirm your email by typing in the validation code that was sent to your mail. Upon successful confirmation, you can now start earning from Neobux. It is important to note that only one Neobux account can be created per IP address and MAC address. This means that two computers connected to the same network cannot create two different Neobuxaccounts else they will both be suspended. If you have two computers and you want to create two different accounts, then you will need to connect them to two different internet connections.

Now that you have created and verified your account, you can start earning your rewards by completing micro jobs, playing online games, getting direct referrals and also clicking on adverts. Every time you complete one of these actions, you get credited into your Neobux account and since they have a minimum withdrawal threshold of $2, you can make your withdrawal request once you have accumulated up to $2.

  • To earn by viewing ads, you will first need to log in to your account and click on the “View advertisements” button. You will then be led to a page where you will be able to view all the ads that are available to you. These ads have different color codes and I would advice that you start by viewing the ones with orange color because you could earn more by viewing those ones. When you click on an ad, you could earn anything from $0.001 to $0.01, one point and also 4 chances to play their lucky game called AdPrize. The points you accumulate can be used to extend your rented referrals and also upgrade your account while AdPrize is a game on the Neobux platform that could play to earn different exciting prizes. When you are done viewing all your ads on the “View Advertisments” page, you will need to wait until the next day to get more ads to view.
  • Like I mentioned earlier, AdPrize is one of the ways to earn more money and other prizes on Neobux. It is more like a game of luck and you could win cash prizes ranging from $0.25 to $50, points ranging from 10 points to 10,000 points and also a golden membership that is worth $90 for a full year. To start winning prizes using AdPrize, you will have to view a lot of ads because for every ad you view, you get 4 chances to play the game so the more ads you view, the more your chances of winning prizes in the AdPrize game. When you want to start playing, click on the AdPrize icon at the bottom of your screen and wait for the timer to elapse and you could win any of the afore mentioned prizes.
  • You can also earn some more money by completing mini jobs. These jobs are said to be one of the best ways to earn from Neobux because you could earn anything from $2 to $10 every single day. These jobs which take just about 1 to 10 minutes are very simple to complete and they include things like categorizing different products, finding the company information of certain companies and also finding the author of a particular page online. For every job you complete, you could earn from $0.01 up to $0.10. to start earning using this method, all you need to do is log in to your account and click on the “Mini Jobs” section. Next you will be able to see all the available mini jobs for you and you can start clicking on them and completing them. Most of the mini jobs available on Neobux if not all, are jobs gotten from CrowdFlower so if you have never created an account with CrowdFlower, you will be mandated to create one so that you can successfully complete the task after passing the quiz set by CrowdFlower for that task.
  • Another way to earn more money is by engaging in completing Neobux Coin Offers. When you complete these offers, you get rewarded in form of Neobux coins which could be redeemed in form of cash at their own conversion rate.
  • By playing games on Neobux, you can also earn a little reward. All you need to do is click on the games menu and play any game you choose for up to 2 minutes and you get credited instantly but the drawback to this earning method is that the rewards are really small so if you want the earn the most out of the time spent, in would not advise you to use this method unless you love playing games.
  • Other ways to earn include referring other people and getting a certain commission off of the jobs they have completed and the ads they have clicked on.


Familybtc is a PTC (Pay to Click) website that pays its members for clicking and viewing on ads. People see this site as Indian ptc site because all its features are also available to Indians. Beyond clicking on ads though, there are other ways to make money on this site but first you will need to get registered through their website. Registration us free and open for everyone and it does not take long at all. It takes just about 5 minutes to complete the registration and verification process after which you can now log in and start earning. One of the first and major ways to earn money on this site is by viewing ads. You can view the ads on the “Earn Money” tab on your dashboard and you can find over 30 ads for you to view daily. All you need to do is click on the ads individually and wait for the timer to elapse after which you’ll confirm that you have viewed the ad and have your money credited to your account. This site pays in BTC cryptocurrency and members can earn anything from 0.00000005BTC to 0.00000010BTC for ever ad that is viewed. If you want to convert your earnings to dollars then you will have to sell your BTC for dollars the normal way.

Another way to earn money on this site is to play their game called “Coin Bet”. The game involves flipping a virtual coin and it could easily be called a gambling game because you need money to play it and there is no guarantee that you would win. Playing the game involves picking either the head of a coin or the tail and after the virtual flip, if the result is same as your choice, you get to win the bet otherwise you lose the bet. Another game you could use to earn is the ClixGrid game. This game involves having the members click the grids on a particular picture to reveal what is underneath. You get to win whatever is underneath the grid you open and sometimes there could be nothing. Other ways to earn money on this site include completing offers that could be found on Faucet, Kiwiwall, PTC wall and Personal Wall. You can also make use of the affiliate programs and invite people to sign up on the site.


You get Profit is a PTC site that pays their members for clicking on ads, completing different tasks and signing up to complete different offers. You can also earn by referring other people to the site. You Get Profit has been existing since 2013 and they have paying consistently so I can safely say that they are a legit site.  The site is totally free to join and sign up with from any where in the world and they also have a forum where all the members can meet to discuss stuff including their challenges and their successes. The amount of money that could be earned on this site is not so much so you really need to reduce the amount of investments you make like renting referrals and upgrading your account.

Another downside to this website is that they not support PayPal so you might need to find another means of making your withdrawals if the only payment processor you have is PayPal. To sign up, all you need to do is visit their website and sign up by filling in your personal details like your name, email address, phone number and password. You also get to earn commissions when you refer people to the site.


AyuWage is a PTC site that has been in existence since 2010. This site pays you for clicking on ads, viewing websites and also doing online surveys and completing paid or free offers. AyuWage pays you with credits which you can now redeem for cash via their exchange rate where one credit is equivalent to $0.0005. To earn credits by viewing different websites, you need to make sure that every website you view for at least 20 seconds and you could earn anything from 2 credits to 12 credits. The ads in the other section could earn you anything from 10 credits to 60 credits. You can also complete tasks like searching for a given item using the google search engine, an email service and so forth. Be sure to read the instructions regarding every task so that at the end of the task you won’t have an issue with your reward which in this case could be anything from 15 credits to 400 credits.

You could also earn credits on this site by listening to online radio. While you are listening, you will need to enter a captcha code at different intervals so that the providers can be sure that you are still listening as opposed to just putting on the radio and going about with your own business. For every 10 minutes to 30 minutes of listening to the online radio, you could earn anything from 3 credits to 10 credits.

AyuWage also allows their members to earn from 500 credits to 4000 credits for just completing surveys. The amount of credits you earn is completely dependent on the length and technicality of the survey. You can also refer your friends and family and also random people as you get to earn 10% off of the money they earn when they click on ads and websites.

The minimum withdrawal threshold of this site is $5 which has 10000 credits as its equivalent when you are withdrawing via Paypal and 11500 credits when you are using other methods. During your first withdrawal event, the entire processing and completion will take about 5 days to 7 days to complete then subsequently, it will take just 2 days or less to complete.

10.    OJOOO

All that Ojooo does is grant you access to use their platform to make as much money as you want by just clicking on ads. Too good to be true? Let us see a detailed review of this site in the next paragraph.

This site is located at and it totally free to join by anyone in any country in the world. The owners of this site Ojooo AG is a German company that has a lot of services to offer like mobile app creation, search engine creation and optimization and also other technical stuff. They also allow their members to get paid for clicking on ads in a PTC format like other PTC sites. Clicking on ads is not the only way to earn money on this site. You can also earn by completing offers on the site and also referring people to get registered and start earning on the site.

So, on this site, let me cut straight to the chase and inform you that you have to click on 100 ads to earn up to a dollar as they pay $0.001 for every ad that you click. If you decide to just base your entire income earning process on this ad clicking venture, you will most definitely not make a good income so you will need to supplement the clicking of ads with other methods of earning on this site which include referring people, renting referrals and also upgrading your account. It is popular opinion that renting referrals will help you earn more but you also need to look at the risk involved because you have no guarantee that these referrals will work hard enough to cover the cost of renting them before we talk about the profits involved.

I would advise that you remain consistent in clicking on all the available ads for you every day and also referring people directly as opposed to renting referrals because with normal direct referrals, you have nothing to lose. Like I mentioned earlier, other ways to earn on this site include completing the available offers which could be doing basically anything on the internet like free product trials, paid offers, watching online advert videos, viewing websites for a certain period of time, listening to online radio and even booking local flights. Most of these offers and ads come from advertisement companies that pay Ojooo to allow their members complete them.


Buxvertise located at is a Pay to Click site that pays their users in cash for viewing ads on their site. This site was launched in 2014 and it was founded by Jesse and Drew. These guys also use a point rewarding system to pay their members for all their efforts on their sites. At the end of the day, you can redeem these points for cash. There are different ways to earn money on this site and one of these ways is by clicking on ads. For every ad you click on, you get one point but then you could also earn more for clicking on an ad if you belong to a higher level of membership. Whenever you refer people to the website and they sign up using your referral link, you also get to earn a certain percentage off of their earnings too.

Buxvertise also has a lot of micro jobs awaiting completion on their site and these jobs include taking online paid surveys and also performing task online which could be watching online videos and also downloading applications for free. If you feel like it, you could also engage in spinning the wheel of bux with your one free spin per day and you could get the chance to win anything depending on where the pointer lands when the wheel stops rotating.

The different ways of cashing out on Buxvertise is vis Paypal, Neteller, Payza and Solid Trust Pay. To join in, all you need to do is visit their website and create your free account that is if you don’t want to make any prior investment. The free account comes with a limit of just 200 total referrals including direct and rented referrals. You also get to earn one point every time you click on an ad and the exchange rate at this level is 2000 points to one dollar. The next level is the Buxer level where you have to pay $5 every month and the exchange rate is 1500 points to one dollar. You also get 300 extra when it comes to your direct referral limit and an extra 1000 in terms of rented referrals making it 1500 total referrals. The final level is the Eternity level where you have to pay $35 every month and the exchange rate is 1000 points to one dollar. You also get 4500 extras when it comes to your direct referral limit and an extra 4000 in terms of rented referrals making it 5000 referrals each for both rented referrals and direct referrals in total 10,000 referrals.


Scarlet Clicks is a PTC website that has been existing since they launched in 2009. This site pays you for clicking on ads and also viewing ads for a period of time. This site is open for citizens and residents of any country to register and start earning and it is a very stable PTC site. All payments on this site are made via Paypal and you can make your withdrawals the moment you have up to $2 in your account. To earn on this site, you can view ads, get direct referrals and also rent referrals.


MyFreeShares is a PTC site owned by Multimoney Group that allows their members to earn money for clicking on ads, reading emails online and also performing other tasks online. It is a very legit site and they have promptly paid out the rewards of their members to them since inception. You only get to withdraw your rewards via Payza and PayPal and all payments are processed in 14 days. This site has about three different membership levele, the one that is free to join, the one that costs individuals $10 per month or $100 per year plus two extra free months of working on the site, the one that costs individuals $25 per month or $250 per year plus two extra free months of working on the site and the one that costs individuals $50 per month or $500 per year plus two extra free months of working on the site.

Like I always advice newbies, do not bother investing any of your personal money into this site because of the benefits of the upgrade. Just stick with the free membership and see how much you can earn from their before considering an upgrade. You can make money on this site by viewing ads and websites, reading emails, referring people and also signing up on various websites.


Optimuxbux is another PTC site that behaves the self-same way other PTC sites behave. It is owned by DImitriosKornelatos in Greece and they are also the owners of two other PTC sites that have proven to be very reliable. This goes a long way to say that this site will be reliable as well. They also have a forum on this site that allow their members to freely express themselves with their complaints and their successes. This site was launched this year on the 8th of January and they already have had a lot of sign ups and active members. The different ways to earn money on this site include viewing advertisements through AdPacks and a couple of other methods which I will discuss in detail below.

To earn by viewing advertisements, all you need to do is click on the available ads on your dashboard and get paid after you have viewed the ad for the required period of time. The number of ads you find daily on your dashboard is completely dependent on the type of membership you have with them as there are two types of membership being the Upgraded Membership and the standard membership. Members with the upgraded account get to find more surveys daily than the standard membership members that have just about 26 ads every day hence earning more.

To earn by signing up on websites, all you need to do is go to the “Paid to sign up” section and sign up on the available websites. For every website that you sign up on, you get to earn $0.05. on this site, they have quite a different a unique feature called AdPacks. You have to make an investment of $10 to purchase an ad pack and you get returns daily for 200 days where you get 120% of that investment being $12 which means this takes you about 200 days to make a measly $2.

Other ways to earn include Optimal Grid which is a game where you play by clicking on the grids in a particular picture and earning for every click you make. Every day, standard members get only 10 chances to click on the image. You also get to earn a whole lot through your direct referrals where you get to earn 50% off of their earnings if you are a standard member and 100% off of their earnings if you are an upgraded member.


With PaidVerts, all you need to make money is just click on ads and refer people. They also allow their members to take surveys and also buy ad packs that give you daily returns for a specific period of time. For every ad you click on, you could earn an average of $0.005 which is the average rate paid for clicking ads on other PTC sites. When you refer people, you get to earn 5% of all their earnings forever.


Twickers is generally known as an advertisement website but another name that would easily qualify for the things they do is PTC site. These guys pay users for clicking on the ads that they have on their site which companies paid them to advertise. They have an active forum and it is totally free to join and start earning. One major drawback that they have though is the fact that they do not use PayPal for their payments. They also have quite expensive membership levels and every time you request for withdrawals, you also get to pay payment fees for the transactions. Overall, it is a PTC site and if you are consistent, you can make a really good income with them but like I just said, you will need to put in a lot of time and effort.


Difbux is one of the best and trusted ptc sites for earning money online. They have their own system and their own unique features which are quite rare to stumble upon in other Paid to Click sites. This site is presently owned by Naxuto Technology Communication Development Joinstock and they also have their headquarters in Vietnam. Difbux was first launched on the 12th of June 2017 for testing and finally fully launched for implementation on the 16th of July 2017.

This site is not just a PTC site, it is a company that has plans and goals of engaging in electronic currency exchange services for companies that handle payment processing like PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCashand Payza. A lot of people always want to know if a site is legit before they start performing tasks on the site. This is a very good to measure to take with all PTC sites as you don’t want to waste your time on something and end up earning nothing at the end of day. That being said, Difbux has been known to promptly pay their members upon request of funds but it has not been around for up to year yet so it cannot be fully considered as legit because for a site to be considered as legit, it must have existed for more than a year with a history of prompt and regular payments.

Difbux allows everyone to earn from their platform without having to make any investment at all. They also have a lot of opportunities to make money like taking online surveys, playing their online game called DifPrize, taking offers, clicking on ads and also referring other people to their site. With Difbux, you also get to receive your earnings immediately without delay via Payeer, PerfectMoney or Payza. As a member on their site, you don’t have a limit to what you can earn, you can earn as much you choose to earn so long as you complete the required tasks. To start earning on Difbux, you will need to visit their site first and sign up by clicking on the “Sign Up” button and filling up the form for registration. Upon successful sign up, you can now start earning by viewing Ads, Renting Referrals, Direct referrals, taking surveys, completing offers and also taking part in their contest. Let us talk about these earning methods in details.

  • To earn money by viewing ads, all you need to do is log in to your own account and click on the “View ads” button at the top of your screen. This will lead you to a page where you will see all the available ads for the day which could be anything from 10 ads to 30 ads every day. Now, just click on these ads and wait on the page that it leads you to until the timer runs out. Once the timer runs out, the amount to be earned for that ad which could be anything from $0.03 to $0.04 will be credited into your account. To earn more, repeat the same process for all the ads on the “View Ads” page. It is important to note that you can only get paid for viewing an ad once.
  • To earn money by playing their game-like feature called DifPrize, you will need to keep viewing ads because the more ads you view, the more your chances of playing the game. Whenever you view an ad, you get three chances to play the game and these three chances can only be valid for two hours. to play the game, all you need to do is click on the DifPrize icon at the bottom right of your screen and wait on the page you are redirected to until the timer ends. At the end of the timer, your result will be released and you could earn anything from nothing to 10,000 points to $50. It is possible not to win anything when playing DifPrize. In such cases, all you need to do is keep playing by clicking on the “Next” button. The more you play, the greater your chances of winning great prizes.
  • To earn rewards by completing available offers, all you need to do is click on the “Offers” tab on your dashboard and you will be led to a page where you can view all the available offers which include videos to be watched, applications to be installed, sites to be registered and other simple actions to be completed. Difbux pays their members Difcoins for completing these offers. These Difcoins can be redeemed in form of cash at the rate of 1000 Difcoins to $1. Depending on the type of offer you are completing, you will be paid different amounts of Difcoins.
  • To earn rewards by completing surveys, all you need to do is click on the “Surveys” option on your dashboard which will lead you to the surveys page. Immediately you are redirected, you will receive a timed pop up message (which lasts for just 15 secs) on your screen giving you a brief description of what the page is about. After that, you will be required to fill in your preferred language and also answer a couple of personal questions. Once you are done with this process, you will now be able to see all the available surveys for you to take. DIfbux also rewards their members for taking surveys in form of Difcoins which can be redeemed for cash at the same exchange rate I mentioned earlier.
  • Remember when I mentioned earlier in this review that Difbux has a couple of features peculiar to only their platform? Well, this feature is called their achievement system where Difbux awards their members with medals which in turn yield more monetary account balances for referring people to the site, being active on their site and also clicking on a certain number of ads. This feature makes the site interesting to work with because it has this game feel of trying to level up at every point. Using their achievement system, you could win different kinds of medals like the Referrals Medals, Clicks Medals, Laboriousness Medals and also investor medals. For every medal yo9u are awarded, you also get a certain amount of extra Difcoins which could be redeemed for cash so this is another great way to earn more.
  • You can also earn a lot by referring a lot of people to the site. The more direct referrals you have, the more you get to earn because you also get to earn a certain percentage of whatever your direct referrals earn when they click ads, you could also earn a commission of 10% to 15% and even 20% of whatever these direct referrals earn when they take and complete surveys and offers. You don’t have to stop at just referring your friends and family, you can share your referral link on social media platforms and in different strategic locations to ensure that you get more direct referrals.

Have you ever heard of rented referrals? These are people whom you just hire or rent to work for you for a period of about 30 days or even more. they cost you some amount of money to rent but you also get to earn from their activity on the site.


BTC Clicks located at is a website that has its primary role as advertising. It is a PTC website that rewards it members in form of bitcoin for clicking on adverts. The site is completely free to join from any country in the world and it actually has very high referral commissions. Up until now, they are still paying out to their members so I would say that it is a legit site. The drawback though to receiving your earnings in form of bitcoin is that the dollar worth of bitcoin is constantly fluctuating so you rarely know what you are earning per time. Presently the site pays 0.00017mBTC for every click that you make on their site which now has a dollar equivalent of $0.002 which is quite small.

Since you already know that the worth of bitcoin is constantly changing both positively and negatively, then you should also be very watchful of the bitcoin trends so that you can predict when you use this site to avoid making a loss because whenever the worth of bitcoin reduces, you will most definitely make a loss. It is up to you at the end of the day to figure out what works for you. Like I mentioned earlier, the reward on $0.002 dollars for clicking on ads is very small and so you won’t be able to make a reasonable amount of money within a reasonable period. In other to earn more, you will have to also engage in referring other people to the site. This is a great way to make some more money because you get to earn anything from 40% to 80% commissions on every direct referral you have. This is just about the most generous referral program I have ever come across so utilize and you could be well on your way to making more cash. One of the ways to have a huge number of direct referrals is by sharing your own personal review and referral links on your social media platforms. That way, even [people you don’t know can sign up under you and you could earn off of them. other ways of course is by using the word of mouth method where you tell your friends and family about the site and how it pays and all of the benefits and hope that they join in.

BTC Clicks is a great way to earn bitcoins online but if you really want to make money online more quickly, then I’d suggest that you make use of another platform as there are a lot of better options that I have even mentioned in this article.

19. AD BTC

Online Advertising has grown to become a thing in recent times with countless number of Ads on the internet in need of viewing a couple of companies realized though that paying through the normal methods for clicking on ads was getting more expensive so they brought up an alternative payment method which is more cost effective. This method involves payment through cryptocurrencies and in this particular review, bitcoin.

AdBTC is a very young and new company with their headquarters in Russia. The owners of the company are not yet known but we were able to find out that it was launched in 2017. Their major role is basically acting like the middle man between advertising companies and the people who view their adverts. You get rewarded for clicking on ads and viewing the pages of most bitcoin sites in form of bitcoin. This site is new and under normal circumstances, we would have loved to wait a bit more before recommending them but thy have a huge and consistent payout from their inception up until now. These guys have paid out over 24 bitcoins to their members and that is outstanding.

Whenever you get a direct referral, you get to earn 7% of the person’s own earnings. This site also gives their members the options to sell their active referrals or even buy some more from other people. They a very low minimum withdrawal threshold which is about 0.00015 bitcoin or 15000 satoshi. Once you have up to this amount, you can easily withdraw it straight to your Bitcoin wallet. There are different ways to earn on this site and these different ways have different earnings. For example, earning through Pay Per Surf will earn you a maximum of 150 satoshi while Pay Per Direct Referral click will earn you 7.5%. other ways and their equivalent earnings include 0.000001BTC for Profit Per Click with an approximate value of over 70 available clicks each day.

Like I said earlier, this site is still very young but I think it is something you should try investing in especially if you love collecting bitcoins. Presently they have over a hundred thousand active users and that database is still growing.


Ever heard of the term “Traffic Exchange Website”? it is a term mostly used to describe sites that pay their members for viewing the ads of companies and also other websites. It is a very legit Paid to Click site but the earnings per click is very small at $0.001 or less but then again, almost all Paid to Click sites have small earnings per ad click. They also have a very low minimum cash out amount which is just about $1.

There are different ways to earn on this site. One of which is obviously by clicking on ads and viewing them for a predetermined period of time which is about 10 seconds or even less. In a day you could view up to 50 ads that are available on your dashboard. You can also earn money by playing their game called “GPT Grid”. This is a game of luck and every day you get 10 free chances to play the game. Playing it is easy. It is just like viewing ads the normal way except that this time, you don’t get to see the ad before viewing it. All you need to do is click on a square and wait until the ad’s timer elapses. At the end of viewing this ad, you could win exciting rewards but you could also win nothing that is why I mentioned earlier that it is a game of luck.

Another way to make money on this site is through PTSU which is short for Paid to Sign Up. This is just kike the offers that you can complete on other sites where they get you to sign up for different sites including survey sites and mailing lists. By completing these tasks, you get to earn anything from $0.25 to $2. Some other times, you will be asked to try out new products, services and software. You will need to pay for some of these offers, while others would be free but never the less, they also pay reasonably well as you could earn anything from $2 to $10 at once.

The minimum withdrawal threshold for GPT Planet is $1 which means that you can make your withdrawals once you have that amount or more as your account balance. You get to make your withdrawals via Payza, Paypal or even Perfect Money. These withdrawals do not take more than a week to get processed and completed. Between 5 to 7 days after you made your request, you can be sure of receiving your earnings through any of your preferred payment processors. One more thing I think I should mention is that you can take advantage of the referral program available on GPT Planet by inviting people to join the platform and earning 10% of all their earnings whenever they earn anything forever. People also get to buy referrals and even rent some too.


These sites mentioned above are the best PTC sites that really pay high you can actually invest your time with to make money in 2018. They have been paying their members really well and if you are the kind of person that would like to sit down at home and make some money while still putting on your night wear, then you should definitely give these sites a try. They are legitimate and fully verified as easy ways of making money online. All you need to do is be fully active and dedicated in performing actions like clicking on Ads and taking paid surveys and you could walk away with as much as $200 and above at the end of every month.

In recent times, they have been an emergence of PTC sites that are scamming people within a few days, weeks or months after their launch but in my own opinion, these sites listed above are legit and are not scam sites. They have already gained lots of trust in the PTC (Pay to Click) industry by paying their members instantly since the onset. Their upgrade plans and margin of profits are very well managed indicating that they have had and will continue to have a very successful long-term run.

My personal recommendation for you is to join any of these sites (you could join more than one) and be very active for few days.If you feel that the site is trustworthy. Then you can continue to work with them and earn more otherwise, you could just ignore them and move on to another PTC sites

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